Starcraft Story Ideas

Unified Races:

Hating the wars that their races rage amongst each other, Captain Jaevuex Ding, Executor Shal'hem'zah, and Cerebrate 033 form an Union and head to an supposed remote planet with millions of their people whom feel the same way. They all hope for peace, but something, or someone, is lurking around the planet, waiting for some prey...

Black Ghost:

After being mysteriously freed from the mind-control affects of infestation, former Protectorate Ghost Ryres Pri sets off to find his long lost friend last seen on a small planet. He must hurry, however, as the planet is infected with the Zerg as well...

Lost Science Vessel:

Developing some of the most powerful weapons ever existed in the Koprulu Sector,

Dr. Heldat and his two SCV driving companions, Barnes and Beans, are looking for the most safest place to make their weapons peacefully. But, they are being hunted by the Dominion, Zerg Swarm and Pirates at the same time. Will they find the perfect place?

The Savage Queen Killers:

Mercenaries... Pirates... Bounty Hunters... They all look for the same price. And the Savage Queen Killers have it, by three times. But when they get called by the Moebius Foundation for an extermination job, they get shot down and crash land on an small planet, infested with large amounts of Zerg...

Spies Inside:

Three Dominion captains are sent to the Tal'darim planet of Bel'shir to find a secret Protoss artifact that seems very valuable in technology. But they've been warned; there's an vengeful spy on board the Battlecruisers, and he's recruiting...

Mother Brood:

After somehow losing her connection with the Queen of Blades, Brood Queen

Naz'hel-ma and her brood run freely on an small remote planet. But there are hunters everywhere, even in the most abandoned place such as this one. Now she must band her friends together, to exterminate the exterminators...

In the Shadows, There's a Heart:

A lost renegade Dark Templar has no where to go anymore. Until the day he meets an small Terran girl in her now disconnected colony, which is now under food shortage and disease. He decides to stay there for an hiding spot for now, but instead gets a change of heart. One decision is clear on his mind, however; will he stay, or will he leave?

Tempests of Freedom:

The new Tempest ship from the Protoss are mass-produced since the start of it's success. Melzun, Gulzeem, and Fundar are three Protoss aces that are selected to try out an new model of the Tempest, in which it may turn invisible. But on an running course, they soon detect an Terran colony in need of help. Should they go?