Big Hero Six

Issue 1: Velocity

Tokyo Dome

November 20th 9:00am TST(Tokyo Standard Time)

Currently a press junket was going on for the Prime Minister of Japan. Currently he was speaking out about the recent monster attacks that as of lately were getting more coverage by news and media outlets.

"Mister Prime Minister." A news reporter called out gaining the man's attention. "Do you believe that the government team Big Hero Six can stop this threat?"

"Oh of course, regardless of being down a member. I put my faith in that team that they can and will get the job done." The Prime Minister known as Shinzo Abe stated while noting how many people were writing down the comment.

"Mister Prime Minister over here." Another news reporter called out earning Shinzo's attention. "Does your cabinet knows about who might be in charge of these monsters?"

"We have some leads but rather keep them to ourselves at the time." Shinzo answered back earning a few nods of approval while others shook their head in disapproval.

"I have a...OH GOD!" A news reporter had started off before horror swept through the press junket. Everyone saw one of the Prime Ministers cabinet members on the ground dead. It all happened so fast in a flash.

"Prime Minister with me." One of his security detail ordered as the group led the rest of the cabinet out of the dome. It looked like it was time for Big Hero Six to get in action.

Tokyo Dome

10:00am TST

"Alright Hiro, what are we dealing with?" Fred asked as he wasn't too good with the brain part of these operations. He had the ability to turn into a "Godzilla" type person. So thinking wasn't apart of his normal "stick" you could say.

"I'm trying to figure that out Fredzilla." Hiro answered back earning a growl from Fred. Hiro was the brains of the team. Super genius level smarts but still no street smarts.

"What's there to figure out? Dude died...badly." Fred replied back not really getting the whole point of investigating a crime scene. The persons dead and the killer was still out there. So why were they wasting time here.

"You can always learn something Fred, even from a crime scene." Wasabi-No Ginger answered this time. He was the teams swordsman.

"Hey Honey Lemon, can you get me a energy reader?" Hiro said asking the only woman on the team now.

"Sure, just a second." Aiko replied back before reaching into what appeared to be a purse and pulled out the object Hiro was asking for. Honey Lemon otherwise known as Aiko's power was that she access what a "Unknown Dimension" that was inside of her "Power Purse" and pull an object from anywhere in the world.

"Thank you." Hiro said before turning the machine on as he started to scan the crime scene.

"Was the scan successful?" The robotic member of the team asked. Their name was Baymax, his personality was based on Hiro's father.

"It was and the readings I'm getting is that it's some sort of speedster." Hiro informed the group.

"Should we call Leiko in? The best way to catch a speedster is with a speedster." Aiko said as the former speedster left the team to be a "Champion" or something like that.

"We should be able to capture whoever this person is on our own. I'm sure our commander should have a plan and if not I can think of one. It shouldn't be too difficult." Hiro replied back before the energy reader started to go off.

"That's not supposed to happen right?" Fred asked as Hiro's and Wasabi-No Gingers eyes narrowed.

"We have company." Wasabi-No Ginger announced while pulling out his swords and getting into his swordsman stance.

"Yeah, it seems like the monster is back for more." Hiro added on as everyone went on guard.

"There!" Wasabi-No Ginger stated as he slashed the air with his blades which was charged with his Qi energy. The blue waves of energy hit apart of the dome.

"What was that?" Fred said not getting the point of Wasabi's attack.

"The monster." Wasabi started off before charging his blades. "He was right there but was able to move out of the way."

"Man why can't it grow fifty feet or something." Fred complained as his powers were a bit useless in this situation.

"If it did that we would be a worse situation." Aiko chimed in as she was holding what appeared to be two high tech pistols. "Besides all it has it speed, no power."

"We shouldn't make such assumptions about an unknown opponent." Baymax stated before the robot found himself flying back a few feet.

"Baymax!" Hiro cried out seeing the robot blown back.

"Take that back, the monster has power." Aiko cried before firing out a few bullets that seemed to be able to hone in on the monster.

"I gotcha covered." Wasabi said before slashing the air once more as two waves of Qi energy came out of his blade and went towards the monster who seemed to get hit.

"What is that thing." Hiro commented while noticing the monster was all green. Looking at it's form, it seemed like it was in some sort of shell.

"Analyzing." Was all Baymax could say now that he recovered from the blow he received earlier. As the monster roared in response before it ran away once again.

"Were you able to get anything Baymax?" Hiro questioned wanting to know if he had some data that he could use for to help them.

"Yes, I was able to get an image and I'm still running the creature through my database. So I'm not getting any results." Baymax explained to the team.

"Well let's get back to base and regroup. Maybe we can figure out where this monster came from." Fred said earning nods of approval from his teammates as Big Hero Six were about to embark on a villain organization that's been running for decades.

Unknown Location Outside of Tokyo, Japan


A male was looking into the Capital of Japan with a look of nostalgia on his face. It had been a long time since he had last visited Japan. As a matter of fact it's been eight years since he lived in the capital area. He had moved to Paris, France to become a chef in his own restaurant which he had to admit was doing quite well. The reason as to why he was here was because a former group of his enemies were active once more.

I would leave it to Wizard but I know she's busy with her Phantoms. Hopefully the worms aren't becoming a problem once more. That was the inner thoughts of one Tendou Souji as he made his way into the city. The man who was known to the world as "Kamen Rider Kabuto" was back home once again.

How will the Big Hero Six deal with the worms? Just who or what is "Kamen Rider Kabuto". It looks like you'll have to read issue two to find out huh.