Issue 2: Armored Warrior?

Currently our heroes were back at their base. Going over the information Baymax was able to recover they creature had no other history on this planet. At least on their records.

"What do you have for me heroes?" Their commander questioned as they were giving him a briefing about their encounter.

"Minus the stuff Baymax was able to get. Not that much Commander, whatever they're, they're fast." Hiro said as he usually spoke for the team when it came to briefings.

"I tried slicing and dicing him sir but nothing seemed to work." Wasabi added saying the role he did in the mission.

"Same, but we were able to hit him once." Aiko said as their Commander nodded in response at the information.

"I did nothing, too fast for me to do anything." Fred commented as that earned the Commanders attention.

"How goes the project Fred?" The Commander asked as the rest of the team didn't know what that project was.

"It's going good, I still need to work on it. Speaking of which, I'm going to do that now chief, so later." Fred said before leaving the briefing room.

"Fred won't be with you for a while, I have him doing something for me. Heroes, go back to the-." The Commander started off before an alert started to come in. Typing a few keys, a video image of the person calling appeared. It was one of the many people who worked with the Big Hero Six.

"Sir, there appears to be trouble, it's that monster wreaking havoc down time. So far everyone is alive." The person informed the group who were happy to hear some good news.

"Big Hero Six, move out, get to that location and stop this thing." The Commander ordered as the group was taking their land vehicle which would get them there in no time.

With Tendou


The man was visiting the house he used to live in. He felt a bit of nostalgia while looking at the household. Tendou went on to reminiscing about the old days before he moved on with his life.

I still can't believe the public still calls us "Armored Warriors". Tendou started off while remembering the label. We're a race of people who stumble or are given these mystical armors to fight against our "rogues". Then again there have been a few people to acknowledge the "fan" term. As a few of his fellow warriors came to mind. Oh well, I just hope Wizard is able to handle whatever her monsters throw at her. Maybe she will be the one to end this cycle between our races and there's. Tendou said before a red beetle came towards him. Since it was a hassle to put the armor on piece by their race came up with a way to store the armor in unique ways. His was in the form of a red beetle.

"Trouble?" He asked the sentient armor which nodded in response. "Well let's go." As the duo started to go towards the scene of the crime that was going on.

With Big Hero Six

Our group of five were currently doing damage control. Aiko with her tracking bullets and Wasabi trying to connect with a Qi wave energy. It seemed like they needed to switch tactics.

"Baymax, you have a strategy?" Hiro asked as his mind was going a mile per minute trying to formulate a plan.

"Indeed, we should try trapping the creature in some sort of container." Baymax answered as Hiro nodded at the information.

"Okay, maybe the plan I came up with to catch Gogo could work." Hiro said as he had thought of a way to capture Gogo if her powers were to ever go out of control.

"RAAARRRR." Their current opponent shouted in defiance. Before it took off in a blur.

"It's getting away." Aiko cried out as she continued to unload her blaster with hopes that they would hit their mark. The bullets missed but they all noticed something had come and knocked the creature back.

"Who's there?" Wasabi asked preparing his blades once more in case this was a foe and not an enemy.

"Leave, you're no match for this worm." A male voice called out as the team tried to find where they were coming from only to be looking around aimlessly. They focused back on the battle to see the worm knock whoever they were fighting back.

"Like hell, we're Big Hero Six, which means we defend this city." Aiko said before hearing a chuckle in the wind. As they saw the creature get knocked back a few feet again once more.

"Why do you defend this city?" As for a brief second they saw the male who was talking to them. "Is it because you're told too or because you have too?" As they saw the male become a blur once more.

As that question halted our heroes, someone was questioning their resolve, something no villain let alone hero had ever done before.

"Grrrrr." The creature said as the creatures skin started to "shed" to reveal its true form which looked like some sort of bee alien hybrid. Seeing their form the creature apparently decided to cut its loss and leave.

"Speechless huh? I guess you aren't Japan's number one team then." Tendou said before everyone saw a large shadow was coming down towards them. Taking a closer look they saw it was Fred who apparently was going to stomp on the man for that insult.

"How's this for an answer." Fred shouted as his foot connected with Tendou.

"What the heck was that Fred?" Aiko shouted as Fred just stomped on their mystery man.

"You know how my anger is Honey Lemon." Fred said using that as an excuse for his action. "Besides he had it coming, talking about us not being heroes."

"You're right, your childish heroes." Tendou claimed as everyone was shocked to see him lift Fred in his monster form.

"What are you?!" Fred asked as he found himself on the ground.

"My race never really came up with a name as to what we should call ourselves. The people of Japan call us "Armored Warriors" so I guess you can label me a "Armored Warrior" then." Tendou said before taking off in a blur of speed once more.

"Armored Warrior?" Hiro muttered to himself as those things were myths. Stories people told their kids before they went to bed at night. There was no way that they were actually real.

"So our mystery guy is from an alien race calling themselves "Armored Warriors." Aiko summarized as she was processing this information.

"Let's clean up guys, we might be stepping into something bigger than just Japan." Wasabi said earning nods from the rest of his team as they started to clean up the area of wreckage.


Again, sorry for the chapters being so short. I have to pull back as to how much I put into them but since they're on here. You won't have to worry about that anymore. Also if anyone could let me know how I'm doing in terms of how characters sounds like. I'm referencing the Big Hero Six's appearance in the "Spider-Man Ends of The Earth" issue and that's not a lot to go on. I know there's wiki's and Comicvine but none of them really let you know how they sound as a character.