Issue 3: Nest

Currently we find out heroes back at their base. With the words Tendou said still ringing in their heads. Our heroes thoughts are currently elsewhere.

"So." The Commander called out getting the heroes attention. "How did it go? Were you able to get some more information?"

"Yeah Commander, the monster is called a worm." Hiro said speaking for the team.

"Good information, who was that mysterious man you encountered? Sensor showed he was moving at the same speed as that "Worm."

"Yeah, turns out the guy is an alien of some sorts." Aiko answered back earning a look of interest from the Commander.

"An alien who looks human?" The Commander questioned as it never occurred to him that other life forms out there could look like humans.

"Yes, he said he was a "Armored Warrior"." Wasabi stated as the Commander face for a split second was one of shock.

"If that's the case, I'm taking Big Hero Six off the case." The Commander replied back earning a look of shock and in some cases anger.

"What!" Fred roared out not liking that one bit. "Why the hell are you doing that?"

"Nothing good comes from hanging around "Armored Warriors". They're in a league of their own and honestly you five would only be in the way." The Commander answered back leaving little to no room for an argument.

"That's not a good enough answer Commander." Aiko said not liking that reply one bit. "What do you know about these "Armored Warriors" that we don't?"

"I don't answer to you, you should know that by now but I will humor you." The Commander started off while making the first part of his sentence very clear he didn't have to put up with this attitude. "Armored Warriors have the ability to reach "god" like levels when it comes to those armors. They're monsters in disguise and given your skill levels. You would lose to them in a heartbeat."

"Oh, so you're questioning our heroism as well?" Fred asked earning a look of confusion from The Commander.

"Clearly you five have something else on your mind. You're off the active roster until tomorrow morning. Dismissed!" The Commander informed the team who left the briefing room.

"I'm going to train." Wasabi informed the group as he wanted to blow off some steam.

"Right behind ya." Fred said as he too was holding in some anger he wanted to release.

"I'm in my room if you need me." Hiro said as he wanted some time to think.

"Shall I accompany you?" Baymax asked as he had the battle data in his brain.

"Take a break Baymax, you need to go through your standard systems update." Hiro answered back as Baymax seemed to have forgotten that.

"I'll go with you Baymax, I need to go by the tech department anyway." Aiko said as she wanted to pick up a few weapons from the armory. It seems like Tendou's words has gotten to the team more than they wanted to admit.

With Tendou

2:00pm, TST

Currently the man of the hour was doing some thinking. To be more specific he was analyzing his fight with the Worm from earlier and it just wasn't clicking.

That worm was acting weird, worms never attack humans. I mean they usually impersonate the person and from their they drive the real person insane through their intimidation of them. Tendou said recalling how Worms were in the past. Also it should have shedded it's skin earlier if it's been on the loose for so long. It's just not adding up, it's like the Worms either evolved or something worse has happened.

As Tendou continued his stroll he saw his "Partner in Crime" approach him. The red beetle started to fly beside him.

"What have you learned from the natives?" Tendou asked as the Natives were worms who just wanted to live a normal life.

"They're shocked." The beetle started off, probably shocking anyone who didn't see the beetle talking coming. "That worm and a few more aren't "natural".

"That doesn't bode well with me." Tendou said as it seemed like someone was experimenting with Worms. Something that usually went south.

"Agreed, do you think we should ask her for help?" The beetle questioned as Tendou sighed at that question.

"It pains me but if we're truly going to get to the bottom of this then yes." Tendou admitted as he really didn't want it to go that way but given how this situation could potentially harm not only the people he protected but "her" people as well.

"Should I get in contact with the others?" Beetle asked referring to Tendou's allies.

"I'll call them myself." Tendou said as the Beetle decided to take off as he knew preparations for this meeting had to be made.

Better start with Kagami, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of this one. Was all Tendou could say before he made his way to the downtown police station. Kagami had become an inspector during the seven years they were apart.

With Big Hero Six

8:00pm, TST

We find our team eating a late dinner as the group had been in their own thoughts for a good chunk of the day.

"So, what's the plan Hiro?" Aiko asked wanting to know the teams next move.

"Plan?" Hiro said as that sounded foreign to him. "I don't have a plan."

"Come on man, you know you want to stop the Worms just as much as we do." Fred stated as Aiko nodded in agreement.

"We know you by now Hiro, what's our move?" Wasabi said knowing that the super genius of the team had to have a plan.

"Okay, I do have a plan but we have to be careful as to how we pull it off." Hiro answered back as the alarm which meant the Big Hero Six was ringing. Quickly, the team ran to the the briefing room where the commander was.

"It's not the worms." The Commander started off putting a cap to that. "It's a forest fire that needs to be contained. Now move!"

Forest Location

8:30pm, TST

It wasn't too hard to put out the forest fire. The team was able to keep it from spreading while allowing the fire department to do their job. Overall, it was an easy task and it felt good for the team to get a "Win" for once.

"I guess this is where my plan comes in huh?" Hiro asked as the team was briefed about it while they were being transported to the site.

"Okay, you say that it lives near here." Wasabi said as Baymax had put a tracer on the Worm.

"Yes indeed, as a matter of fact we're close to its location." Baymax said while pointing in the direction they needed to go too.

"Let's move then." Aiko said taking out a saber and a pistol she picked up from the armory.

"Agreed." The rest of the team said as they made their way towards the cave.

"You sure about this Baymax?" Fred said not really sensing anything.

"Affirmative, we're on top of the creature as we speak." Baymax stated as that had the team worried.

"On top?" Hiro questioned before the ground below them started to shake as five Worms appeared and started to surround them.

"Oh goody, they're five of them." Fred said as red energy started to flow around him.

"Let's capture one so we can at least study it." Hiro suggested earning nods from the combat members of the team.

"Big Hero Six, take your positions." Wasabi ordered while unsheathing his blades.

"Let's go." Aiko roared charing at her opponent who let out a primal roar in response.


I wanted to put the heroes through a arc that questioned their resolve. Big Hero Six as a team doesn't have too many stories about them. So what I want to accomplish is giving them some stories that showcases this team. Anyway Big Hero Six fans, let me know what you think.