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Starcraft: Unified Races

"God, where the hell are they?", Jaevuex said to no one in particular. He checked his watch again. "9:17. They were supposed to be here 3 hours ago-"

"Captain!", his adjutant interrupted, "Incoming Protoss! Due Galactic-East!"

After the warning, eight Protoss Carriers entered though warp speed.

"Captain, the Protoss are calling", his adjutant announced.

"Patch it through."

"Yes, Captain", a screen turned on in front of the captain. In the screen was a Protoss.

"En taro Adun, Protoss leader", Jaevuex greeted with a smile.

"En taro Adun, Terran leader", the Protoss greeted as well, "I am Executor Shal'hem'zah. I have heard of your inciting for peace, and I have answered the call!"

"Thank you, Shal'hem, for answering. Believe me, you were the only Protoss leader whom believed in peace the way me and my fleet see it. But I didn't expect this much Protoss to be here", eight was a small number, but the Protoss were dying out, meaning it was a large number of Protoss beings within those Carriers. "Now we must wait for our other ally."

"Yes. My fleet stands ready!"

Somewhere in another part of space.*


Battle was incited. A Zerg Brood was engaged with Terrans. The sounds of explosions within the ships can be heard, with millions of Zerg beings squashed and millions of Terrans being destroyed.

"Hold out, my Brood! We must escape to our allies!", the Cerebrate screamed to his minions from inside a Leviathan.

"Cerebrate!", his mutate comrade telepathically spoke from inside another Leviathan, "Warp drives inside the Leviathans are ready! Shall we take aim for our course?"

"We shall", the Cerebrate answered back. The Leviathans moved, all pointing in the same direction. Mutalisks and other fliers were sent back to any surrounding Leviathans, and they all prepared warp drive. Than, the Terran fleet also pointed that way, recalling any fighters out in battle.

"That can't be good", the mutate commander said. "Prepare warp drive!"

The Leviathans' back tentacles began moving, and suddenly all the Zerg disappeared. Than, the Terrans followed.

Back with the Unified Fleet*

"Incoming Zerg!", the adjutant informed her captain. The captain looked at the executor through the screen.

"Prepare all fighters and guns", he simply said. The Zerg entered, and soon enough fliers were out of the draw. The Terrans that followed the Zerg found themselves surrounded. "Fire!"

The cannons were fired. And the enemy's ships were torn apart. Soon enough, the enemy was all gone and now debris.

"Contact our allies", Jaevuex said to both his adjutant and the executor. They both nodded, and a another screen opened up next to the Protoss. Jaevuex smirked at his ally, "Looks like you made it here, alive."

"With your help, we did", the Zerg Cerebrate said. "I have heard of your word. And I shall follow you. For I have seen what the galaxy is like without being trapped in a shell and being forced to work for the Overmind."

"Than indeed you will be a worthy ally", the Executor said. "Now please, what code Cerebrate are you?"

"I am Cerebrate 033. One of the last surviving Cerebrates of this time. I was able to hide from the Queen of Blades and made sure my commanders would help me in doing."

"How?", Jaevuex asked.

"I have birthed a mutate and a brood mother, along with an 'Monster Overlord', and they helped maintain my presence as non-existent. Best of all, they have minds of there own, but they are pure servants of mine", the Cerebrate answered. "Now, shall we head to our objectives, or shall we talk our stories of past?"

"Ahem, of course, yes", Jaevuex said. "I'll explain the plan: We shall head over to an unnamed planet that belongs to Terran Pirates. We could either talk them into buying the planet or mass attacking them. After taking the planet, we will be able to build our civilization there. The Protoss and the Terrans will be able to build up their cities and the Zerg shall be able to build their Hives and infest any abandoned areas. Than we shall talk political and military means."

"If that is our plan, than I shall do this in political means", Shal'hem said.

"As much as I hate not doing combat, my brood is weak right now and doing political means would do efficient work", 033 said.

"Than we shall buy the planet", Jaevuex said. "But to do so, we will need the Zerg and Protoss to stay here or hide on the moons of the planet until we contact you."

"Of course", 033 said.

"Fine", Shal'hem said.

On the backwater planet*

The Terran fleet arrived at the atmosphere of the planet. The planet had many lush jungles and vast seas. It was basically nature's beauty.

"Ah, it reminds me of Earth", a Terran commander thought out loud. "It has many traits like Earth. Except the cities with flying cars. God, I miss my planet."

"You look down", another commander said, "More like it, you sound down."

"Please, leave me be, will ya? I'm just thinking right now", the first commander said.

"Aw, come on, Walks. Soon enough we'll be living there ourselves"

"Cut it out, Sara. It's not just my home planet. It's my family", Sara looked at him weirdly.

"I thought you said your parents died when you were sixteen. And plus you don't have a wife."

"You don't know life like I do. I knew this girl ever since childhood. She was beautiful. Magnificent. With beautiful ocean-blue eyes. And a gorgeous personality", a tear ran down his face. "She had no one, either. Her parents abandoned her at the same age. Her brother suicided because of that. She thought about her parents too much. She didn't go to school by than. Than she turned to me..."

"Beautiful story", Sara said. "I just wished I had a story like that. For me, I was just raised on Korhal, like any other girl. Than I heard about the Dominion Commander Academy. And than this. My stories is just plain old. Your story... well, you're now an orphan, you have a friend waiting for you billions of light-years away, your now an ex-UED Commander working for the Unified, and now your here."

"You could have a story, too. If you stay on this path, you might end up somewhere greater. For me, I just want to go home", Walks wiped away his two tears from his cheek. "Maybe you could have a family of your own. Or your own rep. Or maybe just the basic; staying on this path for freedom."

Sara sighed, "Yeah. But can I tell you something?"

Walks nodded, "I came for a normal discussion, not this destiny talk. So let's get back to work, shall we?"

"Hehe, yeah sure."

"Oh, and one more thing. No more crying, okay?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

"Attention! Attention! All commanders on deck! Prepare for mission briefing!"

"Huh, let's go!", Sara said.

On bridge*

People were coming in as fast as possible, all taking seats on a board table.

"Please, come in, take a seat", Jaevuex said to them. There was about 20 of the crew there, each with different defining roles. The screen than turned on. On the screen was man with a beard and brown eyes. He was of blackish-greenish skin, a sign of inhumanity. He was wearing what appears to be an old classic pirate captain's hat with an Battlecruiser captain uniform. Behind him can be seen an Marine with a green colour instead of blue, red, white or black.

"What do you want?", he said in a very deep tone.

"Nice to meet you, too", Jaevuex said unsteadily. "I have come here in search for a planet. You see, we have heard rumours about an, um..."

Jaevuex looked at one his crew members, whom was the tactical medic.

"About some sort of rare illness that can make you stronger, but kills you in the end. And-"

"You mean stim?", the pirate asked.

"What? No, no, no, no, no, no! It's much more contagious! It comes in all three forms of matter! "You could breath it in, drink it and even eat it! Sure it makes you more powerful, but-"

"Wait a minute! It makes you stronger? Why didn't you mention that before?"

"Yes but, what about buying the planet?"

"Hmm? Oh, no, no, no, no! It's my planet! And all that stuff is mine! Besides, imagine all the money I could make by selling this stuff to the Mobius Foundation! Adjutant, prepare the SCVs!"

"Wait, no! That illness is fake and!-

"Bye now!", then the screen shut off, leaving the Captain to sigh and look down in shame. He turned around to look at his crew.

"Well, it looks like were going to use conventional means", Sara said. Jaevuex shook his head.

"We're going to use stealthy means. Sara, I'm sending you and your best Spec Op team down there to eliminate these targets", Jaevuex looked at the adjutant and the robot nodded. The screen turned on again, showing three different photos; an man inside a Goliath, another within a Wraith and the last being inside a Marine suit. "Take them out, and we'll than assault them from in front. Meanwhile, you take out as many operation areas as you can, but these are your primary targets for facilities: automated factories, barracks and starports. We'll either make them retreat or burn to death."

"Yes, captain", Sara said. And with that, they left the bridge and prepared for battle stations.

So yeah guys, that's it for chapter one of this story. And the main characters are the leaders of the Unified, but the commanders have a big role in this story, too. So yeah... Oh, and yes, the next chapter is an action chapter!