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Unified Races Pt.2

"So…", a female Ghost said to a Dark Templar, "What's it like without a mouth?"

The Dark Templar just looked at her in a weird way. "By that, what do you mean?"

"I mean, how do you breathe, or eat, heck, do you guys even know what a kiss is?"

The Dark Templar only mentally laughed at her. "Terran, my body system is much more complicated than yours. If I explained it to a Terran, it'd be hours until they can reach the concept of Protoss anatomy. Oh and no, I don't know what a kiss is, nor do the Protoss who show that much gratitude to another."

The female in the ghost suit only sighed. Taking off her mask, she revealed to be the Unified's Spec Ops Commander Sara. "If Protoss don't show appreciation towards each other, than… why are you even here? Helping a group of Terran and Zerg while they don't even know what love is! And if you ask me, the Protoss are a complicated species, even without knowing the immune –whatever- system of theirs."

The Dark Templar only sighed, switching on and off his scythe blade to check if it works.

"Um… are you going to-"

"Attention! All units enter the mission dropship at once! Attention! All units enter the mission deck! Attention! All units enter the mission dropship at once! Thank you!", the adjutant was loud and clear about the Mission Dropship, so Sara and her Spec Ops team entered the small dropship. As the dropship was about to leave, the adjutant did a mission rebriefing on their mission.

"Your first objective is to locate all enemy leader locations. After securing them, the fleet will attack directly, causing a distraction for the pirates. While distracted, you'll need to take out as many supply depots as you can to hinder the pirates' productions. Your third objective is to take out all the leaders you have located. Good luck, commander!"

Sara sighed. She hasn't had a mission like this since three years ago, and that mission three years ago was a disaster. The Dark Templar looked at her once again. "You know, the Terran race is a mystery as well."

|||||||||||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\On the Dropship*?/

"Hold on tight boys and girls! We're going in for a landing!", the dropship pilot said. They entered atmosphere, and everything shook. The Terran were used to it, of course, but some, if not most, Protoss never entered the atmosphere before, always relying heavily on teleportation. They reached to a point in the atmosphere that the shaking was steadily slowing, until it was once again the soft shaking of a dropship. Looking at the area, the pilot sighed, knowing that this wasn't the area.

"Um… Command?", she said, "Yeah, I landed on a different area than expected… again."

Jaevuex sighed, "adjutant, I told you to point the dropship to the right area! Why do you always point the dropship off a course by one area!?"

Jaevuex sighed again, "Alright, get back on course and find the LZ, just make sure your stealthed in."

"Copy that, Captain!", the pilot responded, and she veered east.


After an hour of dodging the enemy, the dropship finally found the landing zone.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found the drop zone and are landing now! Get ready and don't forget your stuff on the way out!"

The dropship landed, opening the door for a way out.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen!", Sara stood up first, "you know the mission, stay as silent as you can and do your objectives! Move out!"

Sara moved out, along with the rest of the crew, and the first thing they saw was a lush jungle and a wooden pathway in front of them. The dropship turned invisible, waiting there until the invasion begins. Sara and her crew moved out along the path, ready for anything to attack. Looking at her men, she hadn't realized what her crew looked like. She had group of five ghosts, and the best of the ghosts in the Unified (whom known each other for a long time), four Dark Templar, and a fellow old man with a suit case and lab coat.

"Dad", Sara said, "can you use a makeshift scanner sweep?"

The old man nodded, and opened up his bracers to reveal a high tech watch. "And just to tell you, Sara, I won't be able to run around like you, so don't expect too much from your father."

Sara's father pressed a few buttons on his watch, and suddenly high tech gadgets appeared all over him. "There's a Missile Turret on top of a ramp up ahead, along with some Marines and a Siege Tank, who's right next to the turret."

"Copy that. Men! Move out!", Sara and her crew moved out, preparing their weapons for safety. "Dad, is there any other way?"

"Um… Nope. You're going to have fight this one through."

"Ugh… great…"

"Um, Sara? Problem!", Her dad said.

"More? What is it?"

"Here, I'll send it to you", Sara got a photo from her dad. On the photo was what he described exactly, but there was holes on the bottom of the ramp, along with heads of Zerg Hydralisks, Zerglings and even a Queen. But they were all out of eye-shot of the turret.

"Hold up!", Sara ordered. She looked more carefully at the photo, observing every corner of the photo. Suddenly, there was a rumbling. And the hiding Zerg erupted, and charged towards the enemy pirates. Firing also erupted, and the Zerglings used the dead Marines' armor to smash against the missile turret. The Zerg smashed the Terran defense, only losing one Hydralisk and a few Zerglings. After chewing up the meats of the Terrans, the Zerg burrowed once more. Horrified, the Ghosts and Dark Templar thought about their mission.

"Alright than, let's move out!"

"Are you crazy!?", Sara's father screamed, "You're going to die in there!"

"Dad, it's something called stealth."

"But… You're not a Ghost, though…", It was true. She didn't have psionic powers, but was wearing a Ghost's suit. "Wait… don't tell me… you're using my prototype stealth suit?"

"Um, hehehe… Maybe…"

Sara's father sighed. "Okay, but how about me?"

"We'll worry about that later, move out men!"

"And get your old man killed?"

"Get back to the ship, we'll see to it later."

"Fine, whatever, Sara, be safe out there."

"Yeah, whatever…"

Sara and her men moved out, being careful near the ramp. They approached the ramp slowly, turning invisible before getting on the top of the ramp. They crossed the ramp, leaving a trail of blood and ruin there.

"Dad, scanner sweep!"

"Uploading to you now!"

Another picture appeared, and it was a huge Terran base, heavily fortified. But there was ways in. "I got it dad, thanks."

"No problem."

Sara and her men moved out, already seeing what base defenses there were.

"Alright, according to the sweep, there's a point of entry to the left of the base defenses, in a sewer system."

The team nodded, moving in that direction, careful not to be seen by the guards. They moved in between rocks and trees. The Dark Templar was there first, and opened the sewage system. They entered, and the Ghosts followed. Going inside the dry sewer system, Sara knew that there was some sort of security system down there (Zerg or Robotic) and loaded her gun.

"Alright troops!", she whispered, "Listen up! We're inside the enemy's base and we have an important mission right now! Of course, I don't need to give this speech, but I'm giving it because I want to. Rules:

1: Stay with your assigned team or partner.

2: Be smart, think about the consequences.

3: As always, stay silent!

"I don't know why I'm giving this to you, but I'm did it anyways. Got that?", her team nodded, "Okay, good. Here's the plan: we'll separate into 2 groups, I'll lead one group and Evan will lead the other. Evan's team will go down the southern corridors, under the defences, where the power plant's located. He'll cut it off, meanwhile-"

"Wait", one of the Ghosts interrupted, "Aren't we only supposed to look for the leaders and assassinate them?"

"We're also going to have to pull the cords out of this base after. We're doing it early to get the job done early", the Ghost nodded, "Anyways…"

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Somewhere on one of the moons of the planet*-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

"Cerebrate!", the Mutate mentally shouted from another Leviathan, "Our Swarm has reached the Hive level! Our Brood Lords are being birthed!"

"Good news", the Cerebrate responded, "How about the new Acid construct I have wished for you to create? Is it being created?"

"We require more minerals!", the Queen answered. The Cerebrate snorted.

"Find any Minerals you can harvest on this planet! We need that creature developed soon!"

"Of course, master!", the Mutate and Queen both did as told.

"Construct?", the Cerebrate didn't realize the Protoss Executor was behind him the whole time.

"Why are you here, Protoss? What on my ship is fascinating to you?", the Cerebrate asked.

"There is no need of conflict, Cerebrate, we are on the same side, after all", the Protoss said, "I am here to study the metamorphosis of your race, in particular the Leviathan's construct, since it is the largest of all Zerg creatures. But… What is this about a new construct?"

"It is of none of your business, Protoss", The Zerg answered, "But if you want, I could showcase to you when it is finished. How is that?"

"This better not be one of the Zerg's tricks. I've been in battle with Zerg before and even have attacked the Queen of Blades herself! I've countered all her moves! I know of every-"

"Now, now! There is no need of conflict, Executor, we are on the same side, after all", the Cerebrate mocked. The Protoss sighed and started toward the door.

"Your intellect is of level Terran, from what of I have understanding", the Protoss said before leaving to the Tentacles of the Leviathan. The Cerebrate sighed himself.

"When are the Protoss going to take a joke easily?"

"And when have you ever taken a joke easily?", the Mutate asked, mentally smirking.

"That is of none your business, Mutate, now get back to work before I send Mutant Hunter Killers after you!"

"Y-yes, sir!"

The action begins!*-_-_-_

Sara and her team walked casually down the sewers, but not unprepared, checking everywhere for any signs of contact.

"Sir", a Ghost said nervously for some reason, "I feel a strong Psionic energy that doesn't belong to us. And it's stalking us."

Sara nodded, walking forward like the Ghost have said nothing, but had her weapon ready anyways. The Ghost was right, as well. Something in the shadows of the dimly lighted sewers was indeed following them. And everybody knew.

Suddenly, in a seconds act Sara turned around and fired at her own shadow, penetrating the armor of whatever was in there. The thing screamed a high-pitched scream, and started to squirm. Sara shot it again, and the scream became louder. Sara shot it 2-3 more times and walked towards it. The Ghost kept shooting it until it stopped squirming. By then, Sara was standing next to it. She kneeled down and grabbed where ever its neck was and brought it up to the sunlight. It was revealed to be a Zergling, and it had wings.

"A Zergling with wings can mean that there isn't one full threat, but two threats", Sara said. Her team nodded. Another sound came by, and it sounded like a Hydralisk and another Zergling. Sara stood back up and reloaded her gun. "Prepare to combat enemy Zerg forces!"

In another part of the sewers*

At the exact same time, Evan and his team were under combat against enemy Marines. But it wasn't combat like before, more of a stealth-to-man combat. The Marines were trenched in, prepared to deal with anyone in the area, even horning in a Goliath walker in there. There was movement in the shadows, and the Marines were prepared. Then, a Dark Templar appeared out of nowhere and swiped one Marine cleaned before disappearing again.

"Max!", a Marine shouted, "Okay, all of you are going down!"

Suddenly, three Ghosts, using bodies of dead Marines as cover, opened fire against the Marines. The Marines and Goliath exchanged fire, decimating the old body-bag cover, but the Ghosts have disappeared.

"Come out! NOW!"

"Why so mad?", a Dark Templar taunted. He was moving about, with the Dark Templar of his group, scaring the Marines, "All we ever wanted to do was get through without hurting anybody."

"Well, you killed my brother! And those Marines over there are dead!', the Marine scoffed.

"Oh, that's not hurting somebody", the Dark Templar appeared upside down in front of the Marine, "That's killing somebody."

The Dark Templar disappeared before anybody can fire. "There's a total difference."

"Oh yeah, killing somebody and hurting somebody is a total difference! And what about the people whom care about them? Aren't they hurt?"

The Dark Templar laughed, "Pathetic little Terran, we Protoss do not know of this, so called, emotion anymore. We lost relatives ourselves, and we do not care about them anymore. And we do not care if you lost relatives."

"You scum! All you Protoss ever think about is your own race's survival! You are-are-scum!"

"How fair", the Dark Templar smirked (if he had a mouth). He appeared from the pipes above and swiped the Marine clean. The other Dark Templar did the same and swiped the other two Marines next to him. The Ghosts appeared again and sniped the remaining Marines.

The Goliath turned around, and fired its Gatling guns at the Dark Templar. The three Dark Templar dodged the incoming fired and all ducked for cover. The Ghosts fired EMP Bullets, but it only slowed the Gatling rotation down. The first Dark Templar jumped and attacked the Goliath, swiping at the left Gatling gun, only doing a small cut against it. The same Dark Templar jumped, landing on the right Gatling gun and cutting open the missile launcher, jamming it. The Dark Templar kept smashing it, and the second ran up right in front of the Goliath. He jumped smashing the glass and doing it all over again. The Goliath finally fell, and it literally burst into flames. The Ghosts and Dark Templar walked forward, but knew something was going to come up.

Back with Sara*

"Keep running!", Sara commanded. She fired backwards, but it only killed two of the twenty Zerg chasing them.

"Yeah, like we have nothing better to do!", a Ghost said, running next to Sara. The Dark Templar of the group slowed, going at the same pace of the two Ghosts.

"Negative, we can hold off this much Zerg easily", the Dark Templar explained. Sara nodded, but the Ghost next to her screamed.

"No way I'm going to fight those things!", an Ghost ran faster, but two other Ghosts stopped and fired their C-10 Canister Rifles while the Dark Templar Turned his Warp Blade on.

"Okay! Hold out!", Sara commanded. She turned around and attacked the Zerg herself. The Ghosts fired as well, and Dark Templar jumped in the middle of the action.

Sara screamed a cry of war, and the other Ghost who ran away heard it, knowing it was a sign of victory. He turned around, but heard something in the distance.

"That can't be good", he said. He took out his rifle and fired. Smashing several heads of Zerg. The Ghost thought that he killed whatever was in there, but only made them mad. The Hydralisks in there screamed, charging forward towards the Ghost.

"Well…", a Ghost said, "We're screwed."

Somewhere, on another moon*

The clock ticked. And the Battlecruisers waited. They were all anxious for battle. Except for Jaevuex. He waited. He knew he had to wait.

"Captain", his adjutant said, "Is it not time to launch our mission?"

Jaevuex sighed, "I'm afraid not, adjutant. We just have to wait."

"Of course, captain", the adjutant went back to other Battlecruisers, but two Battlecruisers spotted something. "Captain?"

"I just told you adjutant, we are not to engage in combat with the pirates yet."

"Of course, Captain. However, two of our Battlecruisers have spotted something mysterious."

"What?", Jaevuex looked over to where the other Battlecruisers. Keeping his eye at large, he spotted the problem. "Oh no…"

"Adjutant!", the captain quickly turned around. "Warn the others! Zerg are approaching us from the atmosphere!"

"They have been acknowledge!"

"Good!", he turned towards the invading Zerg. "Prepare our ships and the Protoss to engage in combat!"

"As you wish, captain."

Back in the sewers*

"Sara! What's happening in there!?", Sara's father screamed through his com.

"Not now, dad!", Sara kept blasting incoming Zerg with her team, but the Zerg kept going.

"Run!", the Ghost who ran away came back, but when he got there, he turned around.

"Glad your back!", the Ghost Elite Leader said, "I was about to find you and feed you to the Zerg after!"

"Um, Ethan?", the other Ghost asked, "The Zerg's that way."

"Nope, there that way, too", the Ghost pointed. Suddenly, Hydralisks cornered and attacked. The other Ghosts blasted, but it didn't do much.

"Your an idiot!", a Ghost said turning around.

"You are in so much trouble!", the Elite said launching an EMP at an Infestor.

The Dark Templar kept swinging at the Zerglings, but more kept on coming.

"How the hell do these guys keep coming!?", Sara shouted.

The Dark Templar slashed again, "Hold your ground, my friends! Though it could be our last fight, it doesn't mean we won't go down easily!"

"Easy for you to say!", Sara took cover from an Hydralisk Missile, "You could be put in a walking shell with guns and still live!"

"Damn it, Sara! What's happening down there!?", her dad screamed again.

"Not now dad!"

With Evan*

"Hmm…", Evan just kept looking around. "Command, this is Ghost team! We've split up to get the job done faster! But that's not what I'm here to tell you."

Jaevuex sighed. Well that's Sara alright, he thought, Every time she does this…

"This is Jaevuex to Spec Op team! We are in combat ourselves and can't support you!"

Evan looked confused. "Command, we don't need support. I contacted you because we believe that a Zerg's nest is actually planted here!"

"Evan, we are already in contact with Zerg forces! I need you to take it out!"

"That's what I'm saying command! We take the Zerg here and use it for our good!"

"Evan, that's insane!'


"That's enough! We are not going to control the Zerg planted here-!"

"Actually, captain", Sara contacted them, even under heavy fire. "The Cerebrate /\/\ control the Hive /\/\/\ use them to swarm the enemy fortification /\/\/\!"

"Hmm… I'll contact you later about it. In the meantime, Evan you shut down that power plant, Sara, do as you were told!"

"We are already on it, sir!", Evan responded.

"Good. Find the leaders, take them out, and contact us by then. Captain out!", Jaevuex signed out. The Ghost with him sighed.

"You'll ever think that we'll get this job done, you know, alive?", he asked. Evan sighed as well.

"Hopefully, we do."

"Evan! The power plant's in the next corner! But I could feel something in the next corner… like a Psionic being…", a Dark Templar warned.

"That, can't be good", Evan said, "It might be an enemy Ghost!"

"But pirates can't employ Ghosts or even Spectres! It might as well be a leader", the other Ghost said.

"If it is…", Evan reloaded, "Might as well get ready."

Thmepongmwipngwipgngwpoaweffwfw The end of this chapter hpmhpmapoaewmgipangengaewgwg

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