I do not Know Familiar of Zero

"How could this have happened. Kirche thought as she stared at the young man she summoned today. Thinking of the the one in her room brought back memories of earlier this morning.

Flashback spell

"Has everyone preformed there summoning?" asked Professor Colbert a balding man teacher at the Tristain Academy of Magic. A rumored Square Class Fire Mage this year he was in charge of overseeing this years summonings.

"Vallière and I haven't Mr. Colbert." said a voice in the back of the crowd. The voice belonged to one Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst a tall busty, dark skinned, red haired girl next to her was another girl was trying to hide in the back of the crowd of students. This student was Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière a short, pink haired peach skin girl.

"Like Louise the Zero can summon anything!" a random student shouted

"Hey it'll just explode again!" another student shouted in.

"No it won't I will summon the most amazing Familiar ever!" shouted the once quite girl.

"Go right ahead Vallière lets see this amazing Familiar of your in fact I'll even summon with you maybe that way you might actually summon something half way decent." Kirche joked.

"Gee thanks Zerbst." Louise said sarcastically.

Professor Colbert signed and immediately got in between the two, Girls theres no reason to fight Miiss. Valliere, Miss. Zerbst since we are short on time why don't you both do your summonings at the same time.

"Fine." they both said while getting into position 3 feet apart. Raising there wands they began there chant "I Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière/ I Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers, following my fate, summon my familiar. Suddenly there was the bright lights of summoning circle then a loud explosion over took the area with a shockwave that knock over both Louise and Kirche. Getting up they were in for the shock of there lives for when the smoke cleared instead of a dragon, salamander or even a cat instead to young men both around 17 stood before them.

One of the boys was a unimpressive young man who were nothing but blue. The other seemed far more impressive seeing as he wore a gold-trimmed long sleeved black overcoat with black gloves. He wore this over a red sleeveless shirt with the symbol for fire in black. He also had the same type of pants the other boy had and red-soled black sneakers that had red tongues. (not that anyone else knew what they were.) On his back was some kind of bag with a strap on each shoulder. He had dark blue hair almost black with a ponytail that goes down to his shoulders. Despite all of that the most stunning thing about him were his eyes a gold color which seemed to cause all the girls that looked into them to get lost in.

"Hahaha look Louise the Zero summoned a commoner just what you'd expect from someone with a zero percent success rate with magic." A random girl said causing the other students to join in the laughter.

"What's so funny if you haven't noticed Kirche also summoned a commoner! Louise shouted back to her peers who promptly ceased laughing.

The reason for this is because while the young mages had no complication making fun of Louise the Zero they knew damn well then to make fun of Kirche the Ardent. "Enough of this everyone now Miss. Valliere, Miss Zerbert continue with the ritual." Professor Colbert said in a tone that left no room for argument. The two young mages obeyed there teachers turning away from there peers they turn towards there summonings only to find only one standing there.

"Woah where the hell am I one minute I'm walking down the street the next I'm in Hogwarts oh well might as well look around. Glad everyone else is to distracted notice me though. " thought the one in black as he began looking around the academy grounds. Looking back he notices the boy in blue was still in his own little world while sitting there like an idiot. He examined the area and surveyed the students with there summonings in said area while coming to a few conclusions "Okay either I'm on the biggest drug trip in history or I'm not in Japan any more." Turning back to the crowd he notices a balding man standing near the students. "Maybe he can help." and with that he strolled over to the man.

"Hi." the one in black simply said.

"Oh um hello." Colbert responded.

"Can I ask you were I am right now?" he asked

"Tristain Academy of Magic."

"Where is that?"


"And that is where?"


"Okay guess I'm not on Earth anymore."


"Never mind it's nothing so what is this ritual those two are suppose to finish." the one in black asked while pointing to the two mages in training over by the boy in blue.

"Well there names are Louise and Kirche and they are about to preform the binding ritual of the mage the familiars with you and that young man over there.

"What does the familiar usually do during the binding."

"Once the beast has been summoned, the summoner will bind it to a lifelong contract of servitude and loyalty that is broken only when either the summoner or summoned dies."

"So I'm a slave."

"No you will simply be her eternal companion."

"A slave."

"No your not getting it to work for a noble is a great...

"No no no lets not pussy foot around I'm a slave the words servitude and lifelong kinda proves that so quit trying to sugar coat it."

Colbert sighs knowing the one before him wouldn't be swayed or sweet talk so he simply decided to tell the truth. "Yes in a simple way you are a slave."

"Thank you. You finally told the truth so if you would be so kind as to send me home that'll be great." he said with a smile.

The balding man started to sweat as he had to drop another bomb on the young man. "I'm afraid that is not possible, sir. Once the mage has summoned you for the ritual, there is no way for you to go back to where it was you came from."

"And why is that." he said in a choose your next words wisely tone.

Despite being a square fire mage and even known as the fire serpent Colbert was scared. Not for his personal safety mind you but for the safety of Kirche because he wasn't sure how the one in black would react.

"Okay listen don't over react but the magic that drives that of the summoning ritual is mysterious and not easily understood by many mages. Even if we did, it would not be easy to send you back to wherever it was you come from."

What happened next could only be described as shocking for in an instant the man in black had lifted Colbert off the ground by his collar and shaking him around shouting "What kind of fucking idiot does a technique with knowing how it works!" this was weird consider he was shorter then Colbert.

"Levitate!" shouted a voice lifting the one in black of the ground and releasing his grip on Colbert. Turning his head he sees Kirche pointing her wand at him with a smile on her face. " You put on quite a show my soon a be familiar."

"Like I care. He said while looking at Kirche. Now that he got a good look at Kirche he couldn't say he didn't like what he saw "Those can't be real." he thought even biting his thumb until it started to bleed in order to confirm he wasn't hallucinating.

Kirche stared at her familiar for a minute before turning her head to Louise to see not only had she completed the binding the one she summoned had fallin unconscious. Deciding to get it over with Kirche looked the one in black in the eyes and pointed her wand at him and chanted "My name is Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst. Pentagon of the five elemental powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar." And then, nonchalantly kissed the boy on the lips.

At first the kiss surprised him before putting his hands on her waist getting into the kiss. "Oh so someone likes to play lets see about that." Kirche thought while wrapping her hands around his neck. But before the battle of tongues could begin the one in black felt excruciating pain on his right shoulder taking off his jacket he sees glowing runes engraving themselves on him. In order to help deal with the he grabbed his shoulder with the hand that was still slightly bloody.

Then the strangest thing happened for when the blood smeared on the glowing runes they began to change. While the original runes were for fire, another set of runes appeared right next to them with the runes for blood, then slowly the two runes started merging together to form a new rune which formed Bloody Fire.

Kirche watched as her familiar grunted due to multiple engravings placed on him. " This one's tough." Kirche grinned, seeing the boy grunted in frustration. "He didn't faint like Valliere's at any rate, but what was up with the runes changing." she thought.

After examining the man in boy who was confirmed to be Saito. Colbert was speechless as he stared at the phenomena that occurred before him. After the engraving was complete he quickly cataloged the runes knowing full well he had some research to do for two familiars today.

"What does this mean?" the one in black asked while pointing at his runes.

"When a familiar is put through the binding ritual they gain a power in order to better protect their master for example your first runes were fire so before all of that you should have fire powers." Colbert explained.

"Sure so if I just what snap my fingers I'll make a small fire." He said with sarcasm. But the moment he snapped his fingers a small fire appeared on his thumb. "I stand corrected."

"Now that this is over everyone return to class!" Colbert shouted causing the student to all levitate back to the academy leaving only Louise, Saito, Kirche and the man in black.

"Alright lets go back to class um um what's is your name.?" Kirche asked realizing she had never actually gotten her own familiar's name.

Folding his arms he answers "My name is Daichi. Daichi Shattersoul."

Flashback Ends

After that meeting Kirche came to realize that her new familiar Daichi was it fact not from there world for the moment they got to the room they would now be sharing he assaulted her with a barrage of question about Halkeginia. Kirche felt like a teacher as she explain the geography of the land, the money system, the 5 nations, and last but not least the noble man over commoner system. Despite not changing his facial expression Kirche could just tell that one upset he more then anything.

"And that about it." Kirche said ending her explaination.

"Cool so what about you?"

"What about me?" she questioned"

"I mean what are you all about, you know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc?" Daichi simply asked

This had taken Kirche back mainly because even though she had many admirers none of them had ever taken the time to truly get to know her it was always her body they wanted never her miind. And so she began to tell Daichi about herself like how despite her looks and admires she preferred to hang out with friends or do jigsaw puzzles. And despite her love of flirting with anyone that struck her interest she often grew tired of how men only stared at her breasts and ass and never tried to get to know her as a person. Not to mention of how her father had the nerve to engage her to a man decades older then herself.

"Kirche if I ever meet your dad I'm gonna punch him."

This shocked Kirche by how blunt he was. "Why would you do that?"

"Because," he said while looking her in the eyes causing her to blush, "Everyone deserves a choose concerning there future."

After shaking out her stupor Kirche if he had any profession before he came here. He admitted yes but before he could tell her an unknown voice interrupted him.

"Kirche my love so this is where you've been?" asked the voice coming from the window. Floating outside the window was a young man of average height, with green hair and black eyes. with a lecherous grin on his face as he ogled her breast. Noticing where his eyes were darting Kirche attempted to cover herself with her cloak.

Not bothering to hide her disgust for the man before her "What do you want Leo." Despite having so many admirers Kirche knew enough about some of them to know why she spent time with that particulate person sadly Leo was not one them.

"You didn't show up for our nightly meeting so I came to check up on you." he said in a cocky tone while inviting himself in. Once inside he attempted to hug her only to hug air as Kirche had stepped back out of his range.

Snorting Kirche flipped her hair while saying "Like I'd ever go for a meeting with you. You are the worst kind of person you think you think your just the greatest just because you come from a wealthy family. Your a pervert that preys on freshman girls then leaves them. You have no respect for anybody your an embarrassment to your self and your people. Now get out of my room." As she turned to leave Leo grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"Now listen to me you li- aaaaaahh." He didn't get to finish as a fist hit his face with enough force to send him into the wall next to the window. Looking up Leo looking into the angry gold eyes of Daichi. Snaring Leo pulls out his wand but before he could cast a spell he felt a sharp pain on his hand looking at his hand he sees Daichi foot knocking the wand on to the floor.

"Now what were you about to say to her." Daichi said while standing above him.

"You miserable commoner you will feel my aaaahhhh." Like earlier he didn't get to finish as Daichi had punch him in the face. Before Leo could say anything Daichi stepped on his wand smashing it and lifted him eye level by his collar. Daichi then spoke in a dark tone "

"Now listen to me you little shit cause I'm only going to tell you this once your going to apologize to Kirche and then leave you got that."

"Like I will do as you say your a worthless commoner you have no value I'm a mage I control your fate you filth!" Leo shouted seeming to forget the position he was in.

"Oh I'm glad you asked." Daichi said as he proceeded to beat up Leo.

Kirche could only watch in shock as Daichi the familiar she had just summoned not only beat a noble with ease but do it without getting a scratch on him. "Wow I didn't know someones arm bent that way."

"I usually doesn't." Daichi said while dragging the unconscious and throughly beaten body of Leo out of Kirch's room and into the hallway for someone else to find. "Well that happened he said while looking at a bewildered Kirche who continued to stare at him. "What?"

"Dddoo you always fight like that?" she stuttered out.

"Only when I'm mad." he said while walking to the window looking out at the moon. Sighing he continued "Well seeing as I'm stuck here I might as well learn the language you know anyone that could help no offense but you don't seem like the teaching type you know."

Calming down a bit Kirche puts her finger on her chin thinking "Hhhmmm I like my friend Tabitha might but I doubt you would be able to get her to help you she's kinda different."

"You let me worry about that I'm great with people." he said with a big grin.

"Sure." she said sarcastically

"Yaaawwnn So where do I sleep?" he asked with a yawn.

"Well I made a small bed over there but since your well...you I guess you can sleep in my bed."

"Okay." Daichi said while taking off his jacket and then removing his shirt.

Kirche stared in shock at the chiseled body of her familiar. Despite being a master seductress Kirche has never seen a man with a body like this. Do to the general lack of physical labor involved in the practice of magic few if any mages had any muscle tone. They were either scrawny or fat so compared to them Daichi was a gift sent from heaven in the muscle department. "Alright stay calm so what if he has any amazing body, lives with me and is taking off his close not a mention really hot that doesn't mean you need go gaga over him." Kirche thought while fighting off a nose bleed. It was when Daichi removed his pants showing off his large bulge in his boxers that Kirche completely lost contol over her bloody nose.

After removing his cloths holding them on the chair at the table Daichi walked over to his bag and pulled out a pair of white and blue basketball shorts. Putting them on he asks without turning around "I sleep without a shirt on is that okay?"

"Sure." was the response which came out in a fast and slightly slurred tone.

"Okay well I guess I'll go to bed good night." was all Daichi said for the moment he laid on the bed he was out like a light.

Kirche stared at her familiar while wiping the blood off her face. My thought were going through her head at the moment but one stood above all others who is the person she had summoned. "I'll figure it out later." she said while changing out of her uniform she had to remember to get a new one thanks to all of the blood on it through out the day. Laying down on the bed she continues looking at her familiar while sliding over to him and laying on his chest. "Sleep while Daichi for tomorrow I will begin cracking the safe of your secrets." she tought before going to sleep not knowing the new adventure that has just unfolded.

Authors Notes- that the end of chapter one but before I really get started I want you all to know something... I don't like Saito. He is the dumbest person I've ever seen as the main character in an anime and I've seen Naruto. This is the difference between Daichi and Saito for Daichi will actually learn and when mean learn I mean every thing , how to read and write, what his seal does, and about the world around him. I mean Saito has the power to master any weapon and all he carries is a sword. I mean how stupid can you be if you have the power to master any weapon but you don't carry something with long range and don't give me that crap "oh but he used a gun in season 4" because that season was stupid as helll I mean it took 4 season for someone to ever truly mention the elves and Saito got married the dude had a mansion with hot girls all round him but he gets married. Not to mention Saito knows nothing about the world around him I mean how many time did he have to have someone explain to him whats going one answer all the fucking time. But could forgive all of that if he wasn't such a hypocrite. The whole first season he was talking all this bullshit about how everyones free in his world but when Louise shows up he becomes this like bitch that does what she says.