"DIE!" Rage infusioned shout

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A massive blast of energy was released launching everyone in the area away.

"KIrche I think we're the ones that need rescuing." Daichi grunted out as he landed. "OUCH!" Only to groan in pain as said redhead landed on him.

This was the scene Kirche's group found themselves in when they went to Kingdom of Gallia in hopes of resucing Tabitha. After sneaking into the locked down Kingdom they came face to face with one of the strongest enemies any of them have ever faced.

Standing before them was an elf by the name of Bidashal who proceeded to beat the literal shit out of the group.

Before Kirche could respond Saito came skidding next to them Derflinger, clanging beside him. "Daichi.." he groaned out rolling over. "any ideas?"

"Nah..damn he hits hard. Can't say Joseph is lax in security." Getting to his feet Daichi threw his sword. "Everyone together, mages attack from all angles, Saito your with me!"

"Valkyrie charge!" three armor clad warriors charged forward.

"Air Bolt!" a bullet of wind zipped through the sky.

"Water Pulse." a beach ball sized ball of water blasted a torrent of water out of the ball a second stream circled around it.

Kirche waved her wand above her head in a circular motion. "Fire Tornado!" out came a burning tornado the Zerbst's height rocketed toward the elf.

Even Seista shot off a few bolts with her cross bow.

As the mages attacked Daichi and Saito charged in weaving between each other attempting a double sword slash.

With a wave of his hand a colunm of light surrounded Bidashal absorbing all the attacks before another waved blasted them away.

"It's the Void Partner." Derflinger chirped recalling a past memory. "A Void mage have a unique spell Dispel she the only one that can turn the tide of this battle!" the talking sword explained much to everyone's especially Louise's shock and awe.

Nodding her head Louise raised her wand. "Ful blisars ansul ken." as the chanting began Bidashal waved his hand causing a storm of stones to pelt the group.

"Everyone keep him busy!" Daichi ordered as he cut through a few stones before extending it 20 feet slamming into the elf's magic shield harmlessly bouncing off.

"Earth Dome!" A massive chuck of rock slowly rose from the ground surrounding the elf.

"Bubble Bomb Barrage!"/"Fire Javelin/Air strike!" Just as Guiche casted his spell Montmorency, Malicorne and Kirche released a massive bombardment of explosive bubbles, a sharp thin beam of fire and a wind blast for good measure shot out to the elf just as the dome closed.

No one could do anything a massive explosion overtook the area engulf everyone in a blinding light.

As the light died downed died much to everyones surprise the combo moved didn't leave a scratch on he's magical shield.

As the group reemgaged the elf Louise was entering the final touch of her spell. "Elpeo Y's!" She shouted casting her spell on Saito's sword.

"RRRRAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Saito roared to the heavens as he brought it down on Bidashal's shield shattering much to his shock giving him no time to prepare for Saito pointing his sword at his throat.

"Saito Stop!" the shout came from the only one in the group who didn't attack Tiffa. "Please no more."

"Oh now you do something where was all this energy when he was kicking our asses. In fact what the hell were you doing the whole fight, and don't give that "I'm not a fighter." bullshit Siesta has no special skills what so ever and she still threw down." Daichi interupted.

He unfortunately missed the mile wide smile on the maids face.

"Yeah he attacked Louise and the others!" Saito growled.

"My mother told me stories "Elves do not fight by choice." Tiffa pleaded as she looked to her elven brethren.

"Oh sure blame the humans all the powerful magic this guy has but he gets strong armed by a magically inferior foe."

Walking up Louise looked like she was on her last leg. "Saito stop, we're here to save Tabitha. If he's no longer in our way, there's no need for us to hurt him."

Hearing this Kirche shifted her eyes in suspicion. "What's stopping him from attacking us when our backs are turned?" Not that she wanted to kill anyone she just wanted to save her best friend without worrying about being struck from behind.

There was no rebuttal as exhaustion finally hit Louise sending her into the arms of the top-heavy elf.

Knowing he's lost Bidashal decides to reveal the truth.

"The girl is in the north tower, but the door is locked by the power of a spirits, but I have it unlocked."

"North tower lets go." Kirche ordered as the group ran to the castle.

"Let me warn you of one thing, Joseph the King of Gallia, is a heartless man. He allow you to end this well." Bidashal said making a silent prayer hoping for the groups safety. "Magical Madness I wonder."

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This was it one last night by this time tomorrow the same potion that took her mother away from her mentally will do the same to her. She spent what was left of her time with her free will reading to her sleeping mother. While reading she could help recall her life the multiple missions her uncle sent her on hoping for her death. Her time at the academy and the friends she made.

The many hours she spent awake were finally catching up with her, her eyelids slowly drooping. "I wonder if they'll remember me when I'm gone." she whispered to herself as sleep over took her.

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"Tabitha...Tabitha...Tabitha!" a voice came followed by more each time her name is call more voices are added.

"TABITHA WAKE UP!" a very familiar voice shouted along with a tap on her head.

Opening her eyes Tabitha looks up seeing all her friends each smiling back at her, this caused the usual stoic Tabitha to burst into tears.

"Were here to take you home!" Kirche chirped in delight seeing her best friend in good health.

"Well not your home but way better then here!" Montmorency interupted.

"Yes," Much to everyones surprise Tabitha spoke with emotion. "Let's go home." she reached under her sleeping mother's bed grabbing a cloak.

All of them missing the butterfly perched on the window.

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From the top of the castle Sheffield watched as the group made there way out the mansion only seeing the tail of the cloak jumping into the carriage.

Knowing the mission her master sent her on, Sheffield smirked as a massive bundle soared through the sky toward the retreating carriage. "For my master." she took off after the group.

FOZ! #$%

As Sheffield began her search for the group a figure looked around the corner. "Finally she gone I thought she never leave." Coming around the corner was Daichi. "Who just stands in a hallway like that."

"Who knows darling she's clearly lost it a long time ago." Kirche whispered coming from the same corner. "Do you know were to go?" she asked that same corner as none other then Tabitha appeared.

"Castle Basement." The bluette said as the trio walked the halls.

As the three walked Daichi turned to the stoic mage. "You do know what we stayed here to do right?" nod was given in return. "I mean if you want to sit this out we ca," he didn't get to finish as Tabitha trudged forward.

"No, this has to end." the mage girl said with conviction. The three silently made there way through castle until they arrived at a specifc door.

Daichi had a thoughtful expresion on his face as they walked the halls. "In hindsight I probably should have brought Killala. Oh well what can you do." Daichi said actually prefering to go in without the commentary once in a while.

With a mutual nod the three made it to the basement well not basement more like a forge, dungeon of death.

Yes once they arrived they saw several lava pits in a circle surrounding a stone platform along with several hanging cages and chains.

And standing in the middle of the platform was none other then Joseph de Gallia King of Gallia and Void Mage.

Without looking from where he was Joseph spoke. "So you've choosen to comfort me rather then run. I would question your sanity but considering your situation I can at least see your motives." Turning to his neice and her companions he looked at them with his usual empty tone. "I'm surprised to see a member of Germania I believe you allied yourself with Tristain. (1)"

"Oh you know me I'll do anything for the ones I love, it's more then I can say for you." Kirche shotback smirk covering her face.

Ignoring the tan girl Joseph looked to his niece. "So I can assume since you've chosen to confront me I then flee, I can assume you know only one of use will leave this room alive?" Getting a nod in response Joseph drew his wand.

"Good that saves me the trouble of hunting you down at a later time." With that he raised his wand before chanting a very familiar spell. "Explosion. (2)"

KABOOOOMMMMMM! the explosion erupted near the trio seperating them as the smoke clouded their vision.

"Fire Javelin!"

"Ice Javelin!"

As the twin attacks homed in on the King Daichi charged sword drawn.

"Acceleration." with that Joseph began moving faster then even Saito's top speed. With this enhanced speed he weaved through the spell before getting behind Daichi. "Explosion."

Daichi went soaring through the air crashing into a pillar.

"Darling! You bastard! Fireball Barrage!" a purely massive ball of fire blasted through the air before coming to a complete stop. The then burst into fireballs the size of basketballs each one aiming for the King.

She wasn't alone raising her crooked wand Tabitha started her own spell. Windy Icicle! as a small light show of elemental energy blasted at her uncle.

Waving his wand Joseph casts Levitation on the cages blocking both attacks. He again uses Levitation this time on the chains surrounding him sending the two girls.

Kirche and Tabitha went back to back blasting one after another. This was fruitless however as with each chain destroyed two more appeared slowly surrounding the girls. Unbeknownst to the girls one of the chain slithered over to Kirche.

"Threeway FlaAAAH!" as three identical streams of fire formed on her wand only to come up short as a chain wrapped around her leg throwing her through the air.

"Burning Bullet." five bullets of fire shot at the rouge king clipping him in the shoulder as Daichi took to the air catching Kirche in his arms.

"Air Hammer." Tabitha slammed her wand into the ground causing a vortex of wind blowing chains away. "Ice Javelin!" In the same moment she aimed her wand at her Uncle another javelin soared through the air again clipping the distract mage the ice doing it's job on the wound.

Griting his teeth Joseph drew his wand pointing it skyward.

"Smokescreen!" Kirche quickly shouted as a thick smoke surrounded the Mad King.

"Hmph I don't need to see you. "Blizzard.(3)" A dark cloud appeared high above his head before a severe snowstorm made of needle thin icicles descended on the trio forcing them to take cover.

"AH SHit!" Daichi shouted swinging his flaming sword around blocking all the icicles in Kirche's direction taking a few hits himself.

Kirche turned toward her familiar locking eyes with him as they nodded in silent understandng.

Ignoring the attacks pricking him Daichi raised his sword with both hands. "Salamandra!" the massive dragon flew into the air before opening it's mouth as it ate the storm cloud this had the unsuspecting affect of an explosion blinding everyone while dong there best to stay on there feet from the force of the blast.

Still at a loss of sight Kirche was still able to ask a question. "Daichi what was that?" the red head asked staying low while covering her eyes. "You were suppose to cut it in half!"

"Cut a cloud... in half, what kind of sense does that make?!" Daichi shouted back it didn't help he was currently bleeding from most of his body thanks to the ice needles. Reaching into his pocket drawing a potion up to his lips.

"Do you truly believe I'd give you that chance."


Was the only sound heard as a single tiny explosion blew up the jar.

Turning to the source of the explosion they see Joseph cruel smirk plastered on his face. "Ice Tornado." A mixture of snow, ice and wind formed a raging vortex knocking the two back.

Before the spell could take full affect Joseph was forced to withdraw as a trio of ice spears slammed into where he once stood.

"Blades of Blood!" a barrage of crescent-shaped blades came soaring through the air.

"Ice Barrier." Despite the speed of the attack due to the distance gave Joseph just enough time to raise a barrier. The blades lodged itself in the ice as Joseph moved out of cover aiming his wand. "Air Bolt." three bolts were released shooting at each of the three.

The trio quickly countered with a fire, wind and sword slash respectively.

Distracted Tabitha missed the chains slicking toward her before wrapping around her.

With a sinister grin on his face Joseph pointed his wand at his niece. "To kind after all the missions and assassination attempts it is I who will actually finish you. Be a good girl and finally die will you."

Knowing what was coming Daichi took running. "Kirche!" Said red haid casted Levitation on him sending him flying through the sky, drawing his sword Daichi extended his blade with a spin cutting down chains hanging overhead. This caused the cages above to rain down one even blocking the Air Bolt.

Using his own Chain Daichi swung over to Tabitha removing the chains around her. "So any ideas?"

Daichi asked as Joseph ducked under a small fireball.

"He has low will power. He's fighting three people so it must be getting low."

"Got it. Kirche keep up the presure!" Daichi shouted as he swung his sword arc of fire coming in it's wake.

Raising another ice shield Joseph merely chuckled as he tapped the shield causing it to burst from all angles, shards of ice went everywhere actually hitting the three.

Daichi layed on the ground after the attack of the three he took more damage then anyone this fight. "Am I they only one finding it weird we're surrounded by lava yet these ice attacks are still doing full damage."

This complaint went on death ears as Tabitha and Kiche charged in attacking Joseph from both side with fire and ice.

With the grin of a tyrant Joseph continued to block and dodge the spells thrown at him. "Do you believe you can defeat me through exhaustion, you clearly are ignorant to the willpower of a fully realized void mage." a clearly winded Joseph sneered with a wave of his wand.

"Ice Tornado." A mixture of snow, ice and wind formed a raging vortex winging Tabitha's shoulder knocking her back.

"Tabitha!" Kirche shouted with a glare just to jump back as a barrage of icicles instantly appeared above her.

"Kirche fast alot." Daichi ordered as he got to his feet charging in at the king.

"Flame Burst!" a literal burst of fire shot out her wand only to collide with a shard of ice. This did nothing to stop her as she shot burst after burst of fire only for each one to crash into more ice.

Jumping off the steps Daichi came at the king with a round house that the king ducked under. Sword put away Daichi's fists and feet lit up as he threw punches and kicks that Joesph could barely block using Acceleration to evade.

Doubling the spell Joseph moved faster getting behind Daichi. "Air Shot." blasting him in the back sending him through the last bit of the ice wall.

"Air Hammer." a down but not out Tabitha called out as the wind spell blasted her uncle.

"Flame Burst!" came a shout came beaming him in the chest.

Before Joseph could do anything else a figure appeared before him. "DIE!" Daichi shouted as he ran the king through with his sword. As if emtionless ran in the family Joseph didn't scream nor did his face change in shock merely his eyes closed as he fell to the ground.

"Huff... Puff... Gasp." Daichi panted as he eyed the downed King. "So is it over?"

Kirche looked to her best friend recieving a shrug in return. "I think so, but with this guy who knows."

Without another word Daichi fell to the ground.

The mages quickly ignore the king as the rushed to the downed familiar both missing said king's eyes shot open.

"Oh Darling you were wonderful out there. Are you okay?" Kirche asked as she and Tabitha help the fire familair to his feet.

"Uhg! Not really that was my only potion." Daichi grunted as he glared at Kirche.

Kirche had the decency to look sheepish. "Well everyone needed them after the fight with the elf."

"Yeah it's a real shame it's not like they have a healer with them. OH WAIT THEY DO!" Daichi argued. "Screw it let's get out of here." he said the two nodding their heads in agreement.

"So should we start calling you Queen Tabitha?" Kirche asked as they began walking. "Should I contact Germania about forming relation with Gallia, since Daichi's a knight and I'm the heir to the Zerbst family we could act as the ambassadors." Kirche squealed excited at the prospect already.

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"M-Master?" Sheffield stammered as a hand went to her heart holding it as if struck. Her eyes darting to the castle were her master was, she want to go to him hoping seeing him will resolve the ache in her heart. But first she had a job to do capture the void mage once that was done she could return where her love awaited her.

FOZ! #$%


Before anyone could respond a plethora of explosions engulf the pillars holding up the basement/dungeon/cave.

Still where here originally layed King Joseph now on his feet a deranged look covered his face. "Like said before dear Tabitha kindly send your father my regards!"

The trio watched as the mad king continued to blast at the support beams holding that part of the castle up. Massve boulders began falling from the roof one almost hitting the group if not for a slash of Daichi's sword cutting it in two.

"Come on we have to get out of here!" Kirche shouted covering her head from dubris.

As they made there trek up the stairs Tabitha lingered behind watching as her barely standing Uncle continued to cause explosions as boulders slowly began surrounding him.

"Tabitha we need to go." Kirche pull the bluentte along.

In his final moment Joseph saw a figure the ghostly figure of Charles looking down with shame at his brother.

"B-Brother?" was all Joseph could say as a giant boulder fell upon him.

FOZ! #$%

While not entirely destroyed the castle of the Kingdom of Gallia was partially destroyed as parts imploded where Jopeph started his suicide bombing.

"Well that happened." Daichi said seeing the ruins of the castle. "I mean that really got out of hand." Daichi looked to Tabitha who as usual was silent. "Evil or not I know that was really personal?"

Tabitha said nothing as she stared at the ruins that was once her home. So many memories some good but mostly bad a constant reminder of the dark path the desire for power can lead people. But then she thought back to the people she cared for and who cared about her mother, her familiar and her friends.

The bluenette merely nodded before leaning her head on Daichi's shoulder. Life was hard now but things would get better so long as she had those people as long as they kept moving forward together.

This moment of emtional clarity was ruined as Kirche pushed forward latching her arms around the two. "Group Hug! Warm fuzzies all round, now let's go home." Kirche said only to notice Daichi looking around. "What's going darling?"

"Looking for the treasure room."

"What! Your really trying to rob Tabitha's family after everything we just went through!" Kirche growled out angry over her familiar's behaviors.

"Yeah if were going to get our own place, I dont know about you but I know can't live at the school once you all graduate. And I doubt anyone wants to live on the ship forever." he explained much to the duo's shock.

Despite hearing this Kirche lip trembled at the question that's bothered her since Tabitha's capture. "About Colbert?"
"Look Kirche I was upset that day. Yeah I was pissed but you two have saved my life more times then I can recall so we're good."

"Besides don't really like or trust any nobles but I'm stuck with you Kirche, Seista works for me, Montmorency is my healer who keeps nagging me, and I don't know about you but I'm not leaving Tabitha alone.

A small smile etched itself on Tabitha's at the news that while her old family is gone her new one will always stick by her. Raising a dainty hand in a direction of the ruined castle.

"Over there."

The End

Author's Notes

That the end of the series I deeply hated season 4 and since I focused more on the anime then the manga that's the plot I follow. Anyone asking Tabitha is the new Queen Gallia since Joseph is dead and her mother is classified as legally insane. And before anyone asks the supporters of Joseph can't really complain since she is the only member of the royal family left (Yes I know about her sister but no one else knows). I'll probably make an epilogue for this later.

(1) In this universe thanks to all her fighting Kirche is also a square mage however Tabitha still has more combat experience.

(2) It seems like standard issue for all void mages.

(3) Void mages can actally use other spells and his he's related to Tabitha I gave him the Ice element.