Macduff will be played by ANAKIN SKYWALKER who in this scene is lying in bed (which is at the front left corner of the stage), dreaming (which is more like a vision of the future) of EMPEROR PALPATINE's encounter with the GUNGANS. He is dressed for bed.

First, Second & Third witches and Hecate will be played by GUNGANS, aquatic dragon-looking creatures (Episodes 1 & 2). They wear simple clothing that is slightly tattered. They don't wear brightly colored clothing, mostly just natural and earthy tones. They talk sort of strangely and dance weird.

Macbeth will be played by EMPEROR PALPATINE, a creepy old man in a black cloak. He is supposed to be a "good" guy but is actually the leader of the "bad" guys. Often, he drapes his hood over his eyes so his true identity is unknown. He speaks slowly with impending doom lurking in his voice.

Lennox will be played by DOOKU. He is loyal to EMPEROR PALPATINE. In this scene, he is dressed very similarly to his master except his hood will remain down.

The apparitions will be as follows:

The armed Head will be played by JABBA THE HUT.

The bloody Child will be played by YOUNG ANAKIN.

The Child crowned with a tree in his hand will be played by YODA.

The eight kings will be played by JEDI.

Banquo's Ghost will be played by QUI-GON GIN.

Set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. More specifically, this is set in the dark and rainy Kamino (the place where the clones were created). ANAKIN SKYWALKER is asleep, dreaming of the events that will unfold. He is clearly visible in the left corner of the stage. His dream is the scene's main action. The claps of thunder have yet to be graced with the presence of lightning.

Enter THREE GUNGANS around a dinner pot.

FIRST GUNGAN Me-sa gathered some food and [points to THIRD GUNGAN] she-sa mixed it mui good! You-sa doen nutten [gestures to SECOND GUNGAN]! You-sa! Pass da spice to me-sa!

The SECOND GUNGAN does as she's instructed


FIRST GUNGAN Yes. We-sa eat. Afta da chant.

The GUNGANS start to circle the pot when their mother enters

MOTHER GUNGAN [she tastes their creation] You-sa done good! Dance!

The MOTHER GUNGAN joins her children, dancing and chanting around the pot before taking a little from the pot and resting opposite from ANAKIN on the stage.

SECOND GUNGAN [notices the EMPEROR coming toward them] Uh-oh. Me-sa not feeling so good.

Attention is drawn to ANAKIN who is now fidgeting in his bed and mutters something about being a traitor.

EMPEROR Good evening, creatures. I have come to trouble you for your talents. You used them before and correct they proved to be. Help me, please. Tell me my fate.

FIRST GUNGAN What you-sa want, so should you-sa get! Dey-sa tell you. We-sa keep it shut! [speaks something under her breath and the pot starts to shake]

JABBA THE HUT emerges from the pot, speaking pure English

EMPEROR What on Tatooine is going on?!

THIRD GUNGAN You-sa no talk! Listen!

JABBA THE HUT Beware Anakin Skywalker! [Exit.]

EMPEROR Kind of worried right now, but I think I'll be oka—

FIRST GUNGAN You-sa not done yet!

YOUNG ANAKIN emerges from the pot and ANAKIN continues to fidget until he's wrapped in his blanket.


EMPEROR [turns to the FIRST GUNGAN] Who the heck is this kid?

SECOND GUNGAN You-sa shut your mouth!

YOUNG ANAKIN [looks sincerely at the EMPEROR] Only he not born of a woman will harm you. [Exit.]

EMPEROR That's not very reassuring. [turns to SECOND GUNGAN] do you know how many creatures there are in this galaxy alone that weren't born of a woman?!

YODA appears suddenly from the pot. ANAKIN relaxes a bit, but still fidgets.

EMPEROR Now, I can believe that Master Yoda fit in that pot.

ALL GUNGANS You-sa no speak!

YODA Watch out, you must. Dangerous very much trees are. Come against you they will, Emperor. [Exit.]

EMPEROR I never know what he says!

THIRD GUNGAN You-sa watch out for da trees!

EMPEROR [sarcastic tone] Riiiiiiight. Got it. Bad trees! What else does your silly little pot have left for me?

FIRST GUNGAN You-sa mock da pot? [the pot starts to rumble] Oh! You-sa in for it!

The pot shoots out eight Jedi Knights with Qui-gon Gin following

EMPEROR Why are you showing this to me?! Why must Qui-gon smile at me? WHAT IS GOING ON? [Apparitions vanish]

FIRST GUNGAN You-sa sad? Me-sa make it better!

All of the GUNGANS begin to dance around the pot then suddenly vanish with MOTHER GUNGAN.

EMPEROR Gungans? [he looks around, lifting various items] Oh, where have they gone?

Enter DOOKU.

EMPEROR Did you happen to see some crazy looking Gungans on your way in here?

DOOKU um, no.

EMPEROR Are you sure?

DOOKU Yes, Master.

EMPEROR Damn, I must be crazy.

DOOKU [changes the subject] I came with word that Anakin has fled Corescant.

EMPEROR [angry] Where to?

DOOKU We aren't sure. We believe that he seeks assistance in his plot to overthrow you, Master.

EMPEROR Sounds like Padme may be receiving an unexpected visitor.

At this, ANAKIN suddenly springs awake and begins gasping for air. [Exeunt]



Lady Macduff will be played by PADME who is pregnant. She wears light colored, flowing gowns and is very sweet. She's very smart from her years as a senator.

Ross will be played by OBI-WAN who is a kind friend. He wears earthy tones and tries to reason with PADME.

The messenger will be played by a CLONE who is wearing full body armor with marks showing where his loyalty lies. He's very brief.

The first murderer will be played by JANGO FETT. He's a bounty hunter who is dressed similarly to the clones as far as full body armor, but has different markings on his suit.

The son will be an interesting part of this, as he is imaginary. PADME will be talking to her baby, just trying to make sense of life.

Set in the home of PADME and ANAKIN. Enter PADME and OBI-WAN.

PADME What did he do that was so terrible that he had to flee Corescant?

OBI-WAN Be patient, Padme.

PADME He didn't have a reason, did he? He's surely gone crazy! I feel… betrayed! He left here without me. Surely he loves us not. [When she said "us", she ran her hand over her belly.]

OBI-WAN Padme, please remember that Anakin knows what he's doing. Now, I must go. I'll be back soon. [Exit]

PADME Luke, your father is dead. [the baby kicks] Oh! [pause] I don't know what we'll do next. [rubs her belly] How will we live? [the baby kicks again] I know that your father isn't dead. But what will you do for a father, if he's not around? What will I do for a husband? [she tries to soothe the infant by rubbing little circles into her belly] he is a traitor, I know. But I still love him. I know, I know. I would cry if something bad happened to him. Oh Luke! You're so smart!


CLONE You're in danger! Please! Save yourself! Run away! [Exit]

PADME Why should I have to go? I've done nothing wrong! [Enter JANGO FETT] Who are you?

JANGO FETT Where's Anakin?

PADME I hope that it's nowhere bad.

JANGO FETT He's a traitor.

PADME LIAR! [she clamps her hand over her mouth]

JANGO FETT stabs her stomach. She hears an internal voice saying "Run, Mom, Run"! She runs but not fast enough. Her baby is being lost and she's on the way out the door when JANGO FETT finally catches up to her. Exeunt



Malcolm is played by MACE WINDU who is the "saving grace". He wears light and earthy color tones.

Macduff is played by ANAKIN who is trying to get MALCOLM to help him. He wears the same thing that MACE WINDU does.

Ross is played by OBI-WAN KENOBI and he is a nice guy. All of the Jedi's have slightly different robes but in end they're one in the same.

Set at Master Jenna's place of dwelling. Enter MACE WINDU and ANAKIN

MACE Let's find a nice and shady spot under a tree so we can talk.

ANAKIN um, okay. I didn't really come here for tea parties or picnics. I came to talk to you about how much Corescant sucks because of Palpatine.

MACE Yeah, he used to be a nice guy. Hey, aren't you friends with him?

ANAKIN I used to be… Hey! Come on! I see what you're doing! I DON'T SUCK!

MACE Yeah, but Palpatine does! I'm still not sure that you can be trusted!

ANAKIN Now I have no hope.

MACE I'm suspicious of you. You left your wife and child unprotected!

ANAKIN You wouldn't feel this way if you saw how bad it was!

MACE Don't be offended. I agree with you. I know how bad Corescant sucks right now but if I was king, things would be a lot worse.

ANAKIN What are you talking about?

MACE Compared to me, Palpatine is gonna be like a day at the Dagobah Waterpark!

ANAKIN That isn't even possible.

MACE I am so lustful that all the women you know couldn't quench my desire.

ANAKIN That won't be a problem! When you're king, you'll have all the girls lining up at your door anyway.

MACE It gets worse. All I care about is money and I don't even care where I get it from.

ANAKIN It's okay! That's actually normal! Plus we've gotten so much money to fill up your need anyway…

MACE No, you don't understand. I suck so bad that Hell is gonna look like a better option than Corescant by the time that I'm done with it.

ANAKIN Oh My Yoda…

MACE If you think you want this [he gestures to himself] to run the country, then speak up.

ANAKIN I'm not even sure that your existence is a good idea! You could have the throne right now if you wanted it because you're the rightful heir! But you're too busy doing horrible things to care about the great name your parents built for you!

MACE Oh My— Anakin! I was TOTALLY kidding! I know I can trust you now. Let's borrow some soldiers from here and attack Palpatine!

ANAKIN You're freakin' crazy!


DOCTOR More people are here seeking Master Jenna's assistance

MACE Thank you, Doctor. Carry on. [Exit DOCTOR]

ANAKIN Assistance doing what?

MACE I don't even know. She just has this healing power and it's super weird.


ANAKIN Who's here?

MACE A messenger from Corescant.

ANAKIN Oh. Come here, cousin! Does Corescant still suck?

OBI-WAN The number of Palpatine's victims is too high to count and the people are becoming more and more upset with each passing day.

MACE What's the latest tragedy?

OBI-WAN There are so many deaths occurring that even if you're dead for only an hour, it's considered old news.

ANAKIN What about Padme?


ANAKIN and my baby?

OBI-WAN Just as well

ANAKIN Palpatine hasn't broken their peace?

OBI-WAN They were all at peace when I left them.

ANAKIN What's actually going on?

OBI-WAN Some are planning to revolt.

MACE We have ten thousand men, we should be fine.

[OBI-WAN has a slight mental breakdown]

ANAKIN If this is about me, you can at least tell me what it is.

OBI-WAN Promise you won't shoot the messenger?


OBI-WAN Padme was murdered.

MACE OH MY JABBA! You must be SO sad!

ANAKIN Neither of my babies made it?

OBI-WAN Unfortunately not.

ANAKIN Oh My Goodness! Padme got killed?

OBI-WAN Yeah… I already said that.

MACE We could always get revenge…?

ANAKIN Padme's dead… and my baby too!

MACE Try not to be sad.

ANAKIN Why did I leave them defenseless?!

MACE Turn your grief to anger and get ready to exact your revenge!