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Its is a beautiful Thursday afternoon...for now.


"Good afternoon Kagami-kun." Kuroko Tetsuya the former sixth man of Teikou stood beside Seirin's tiger Kagami Taiga who is currently changing clothes for the afternoon's practice. "Kyaaaaa!" Kagami screamed in a not-so-manly way "Oi Bakagami quit screaming!" Hyuuga said feeling irritated "Good afternoon Hyuuga-sempai." "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah goodaf-" Hyuuga blinked and "Kyaaaaa!" Hyuuga also screamed but in a more manly manner than Kagami "Kuroko you bastard are you trying to kill me?! Huh?!" Hyuuga shouted on his junior's face as he whacked his head. "No I am not trying to kill sempai I was just giving my greetings." Kuroko replied calmly while massaging the spot where Hyuuga whacked him. "Oi do you plan to stay in here forever?" Riko asked as she entered the changing room "Kyaaaa! Mitobe cover meee!" Koganei screamed "Idiot! Do you have anything to hide anyway?!" On the other hand Riko just stood in the door sighing and face-palming. 'Maybe I should triple their training menu.' Riko thought as she smirks.


"Oi Kise stop fooling around or I'll hit you!" Kasamatsu Yukio Kaijou's captain yelled as he kicked Kise "Ouch! But Kasamatsu-sempai you already hitted me!" Kise whined as he stood up wobbling a little "I didn't hit you, you dumbass!" Kasamatsu spat "But what do you call that?! Oh hi girls!" Kise spat back and waved at the girls in the gym "I didn't hit you! I kicked you!" Kasamatsu yelled as he smackeed Kise's head and it earned a few cries of protests from the blond. Conteted with the result Kasamatsu said "Now that's what you call hitting." "Waaah Kasamatsu-sempai is being mean to meee! Waaaaah Moriyama-sempai!" "What the?! Kise leave me out of your arguments!" "Waaaaah!" "Stop whining doubled training menu!" "B-but sempai!" "Tripled!" "Waaaaah!" (A/N= I really looove bullying Kise~~~ :3)


"Wow Shin-chan looks seriuos today." Takao Kazunari commented as he watch Midorima filing his nails." "Shut up Takao." "Meanie!" And Takao pouted childishly and Midorima just sighs "Oi quit slacking off!" Miyaji Kiyoshi yelled from the other side off the court . Midorima adjusted his glasses and said "I am not slacking off its Takao who is slacking off." Takao enthusiastically nodded his head and it finally clicked "Yeah Shin-chan's ri- Wait I ain't slacking off! Its Shin-chan who is slacking off look!" And he snatched Midorima's nail file "Look he is filing his nail!" "I need to take good care of my nails because my shots depends on them." On the other side of the court Miyaji grunted and whispered to Kimura "Get me 10 pineapples I'm murdering someone." Kimura's eyes widened at the statement and Miyaji just smirks like a lunatic.


"Wakamatsu-sempai have you seen Aomine-kun?" Momoi Satsuki Touo baskeyball club manager asked Wakamatsu Kosuke "That jerk ditching practice again?!" "I'm sorry! I'm in his class and didn't stop him! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sakurai Ryou apologized and bowed his head continuously (A/N= Woooh head bang! Rock 'n Roll Sakurai!) "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" And everyone who is present in the gym just sweat dropped and Aomine was forgotten.


"Thirty laps now!" Araki Masako Yosen's coach yelled as she held her shinai (bamboo sword) in one hand a silver whistle around her neck and holding a clipboard onto another hand. "Murasakibara no eating during practice!" Their captain, Okamura Kenichi yelled "Eh~ but I'm leading anyway~~" Murasakibara replied as a lollipop sticks out his mouth. "Atsushi no snacks." Himuro Tatsuya, the team's shooting guard commanded Murasakibara "Eh~ if Muro-chin says so~ I'd be more than happy to oblige~" And being true to his word he thre the lollipop stick away. "What the?! Oi Himuro how did you make Murasakibara stop snacking?!" Okamura yelled "I simply told him to...?" Himuro replied confused by his sempai's action. "Oi double time!" Araki yelled from the sidelines.

-=AT RAKUZAN HIGH=- (A/N=Okay goodluck to me...)

"Now mind explaining what happened?"Akashi Seijuuro, Rakuzan High's basketball club said with a stern tone while holding a red scissors on his right hand. Currently the other 4 regulars of the basketball team is sitting on the floor sweating buckets and shaking like mad and some is starting to pale. No answer and that angered Akashi further but he must stay put and as the next succesor of the Akashi family he must learn to maintain his cool. "Reo." "A-Ah Sei-chan!" "Explain. Now." and the others get more paler and paler (if that was possible) "You see it happened this way..." Reo finished explaining what happened and everyone held their breaths and Akashi...smiled?! More over INNOCENTLY! "I see." and Reo nodded his head. The scissors that Akashi holds shone dangerously SNIP SNIP... "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" And a scream of 4 males can be heard all throughout Japan. "What happened?" Shirogane Eiji, their coach said as he entered the gym "Nothing. I'm just teaching them a lesson." Akashi replied smoothly and Shirogane only nodded his head "I see. However ydon't go too rough on them we'll need them on the next game." "Understood." and Akashi smirked evilly.


A figure smirked as it watches the Miracles doing their activities in a pool of crystal clear water "I guess its time to make my move."


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