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Akashi sat comfortably in a recliner, he closed his eyes and crossed his legs. "EHEM!" someone cleared his/her throat. Akashi opened his eyes and was looking for someone who cleared his/her throat just now. "EHEM! EHEM! EHEM!" And Akashi's eyes finally landed on a man on his mid-40s by the door "I'd appreciate if you were not to sleep, Mr. Kise Ryouta." the man said emphasizing Kise's name. "I am not sleeping I'm just relaxing and making myself comfortable." Akashi replied "Heh, feeling so relaxed in the principal's office. So what did you do this time?" the man which turned out to be the principal asked. "Mr. Takano accused me of being a cheater." Akashi replied

"Paging Mr. Takano of the faculty please proceed at the principal's office right now." the speaker went off. "Oi Takano you're just been paged ya know." one of the faculty said "Must be that kiddo." Takano said as he lit a cigarette "Hey stop that!" the faculty said as he snatched the cigarette from Takano's mouth. "Aaaww c'mon Furukuwo." Takano smirked "Cigarettes are forbidden here!" Furukuwo hissed while whispering to Takano "Like I would be caught~" Takano said with a bored expression "What if you're caught?" "Well only what if~ you're so paranoid ya know. Besides I would be able to stop Kise fuc*ing Ryouta play basketball" and Takano stood from his sit and left the faculty room.

"What is is Principal Yukoji?" Takano said as he entered the principal's office. "Mr. Kise here is accusing you of something." and Yukoji directed his gaze on Akashi. "That's right Mr. Yukoji, I believe that I am not suppose to be here." Akashi interjected making Takano's eyebrow twitch. "Heh, how come you can answer all the questions correctly, knowing you're an idiot." Takano answered with a mocking look.


Ooohhh, I really wanna stab him with scissors right now! Keep it together Seijuuro, you are not to lose yourself infront of this bastard. "B-but every student has the right to improve!" I replied teary eyed *RYOUTA MODE ON...* The principal and Takano was taken aback, I turned to Takano and smirked at him making him irked "Look Yukoji! He's smirking!" Takano said while pointing at me. I turned to Yukoji with a pleading expression "Ahem, Takano mind some manners."


H-how... "Mr. Kise you are forbidden to play basketball for 1 month and have to write an apology letter to Mr. Takano." Principal Yukoji's voice echoed in my head. I walked in the empty hallways in silence. I passed by an empty classroom and in its corridor stood Takano "Well, well if it is Kise Ryouta, of Kiseki no Sedai." I turned to glare at him "Woah, y'know it does not look good when you glare. C'mon smile.~" I ignored him and walked away.

When I reached Ryouta's house, and locked myself on his room. And I dialed someone's number, after a few ring he picked up.



"Ah! Akashicchi!"

"Order Takada to call for a private investigator."

"Huh? Why?"

"I want you to investigate about someone." and I hanged up. Just you wait Takano, I'll soon have my revenge on you.


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