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Chapter 1

It's been a couple of months since the war had ended, and today Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna are now ready to leave for a much deserved break. They needs to get away from everything, the reporters, the fame, the celebrations, the ministry and the witches and fangirls who had offered themselves and even marriage contracts for the boys, especially for Harry, in which he had declined them politely and some not so politely. Neville refused to accept any marriage proposals, and as for Ron, if he isn't currently dating his girlfriend he might have accepted them, the one without the marriage proposals, of course.

All of them had been packed their belonging since two days ago, which is unusual for both Harry and Ron knowing how much they love to do their packing the very last minutes. But as for Harry, he already got someone helped with his packing, yup Hermione that is, and she makes sure that he had everything they needs for the holiday ready. And as for Ron, he reluctantly did it after a long nagging and almost hex from Ginny. Neville got his house elf to do it for him while Luna, she just used her magic, as easy as that.

Though, one thing that the purebloods still had in mind, except for Luna, is that they are going to travel by muggle transport, the aeroplane, as Hermione and Harry told them. They were pretty much reluctant because they are not used to anything muggles while Luna seems to be eager of it. Hermione told them to try and experience something new, so she suggested the aeroplane and Harry agreed with her, of course he is. This is going to be his first experience going on a flight on a plane; he's been yearning for that since he was young, when he was still with the Dursley.

"Are you sure your parents are okay with this, Hermione dear?"

Harry almost let out a grunt as he heard Molly Weasley asked the same old question again and again and he knew that Hermione tries her best not to roll her eyes at the Weasley matriarch. This is getting very much tiring especially for the both of them.

"Yes, Mrs Weasley, I am very much positive about it, my parents already knew and they already gave us…me their permission to go…and they trust that we…me can look after our…myself while we…I was there," Hermione responded and she was thankful that Molly didn't asked nor noticed much about the slipped up and choose to mumble about the too much freedom for the youngsters as she walks away. Harry walked towards her and wrapped his arm around her waist as she leaned closer to him.

"I can't wait to get out from here, we hardly got the chance to spend some times together while we were here," Hermione mumbled as Harry kissed her temple.

"I know love, don't worry we'll be leaving here in less than an hour," Harry replied as he tightened his arm around her.

"Why can't we leave earlier, we can just sit and wait there till the time for us to get onboard the plane," Hermione spoke again as Harry silently agreed, he too had been keen to leave here, not because he no longer wanted to be here, he loved the Burrow very much, but under the watchful eyes of one Molly Weasley, he felt that his freedom had been taken away from him and he cannot even make his own decision regarding of everything in his life. This never happened when he was with the Grangers, whom he and Hermione went to retrieve a week after the war had ended and stayed there for a few weeks after their memories returned and both parents decided to stayed there instead. John and Ella-Jean might be protective parents, but they do not treated him like Molly does and they welcomed him with open arms now that he's with Hermione. And that's one thing that a few of the Weasley did not noticed much, as Molly still thought that Harry is single and she had been hinted him with marriage and family with her own daughter and even mentioned grandchildren, and Harry knew that Hermione had been dreading to hex Molly every time she reminded him about it. And the same goes to Hermione where Molly had hinted her of how wonderful she is if she ends up with Ron, making the redhead blushed and grumbled about already having his own girlfriend while Hermione seethed with much controlled anger and embarrassment. Both Harry and Hermione knew that Ron is currently dating Lavender Brown again after the war and they had been busy snogging and even shagging ever since. And they too noticed that Ginny and Luna had been closer to each other and the two girls often spent their times together.

"Hey you two, ready to leave?"

Both Harry and Hermione startled as Ginny and Luna approached them from behind. Hermione knew that the girls can't wait to leave, Ginny especially. She too felt like what Harry does, Molly is a good, loving mother, but she controlled her family too much since after the war that no one can stand it.

"Yeah, we do, what about you two?" Harry asked as Luna just simply smiled at them.

"We can't wait, I know that Vegas are calling my name right now," Ginny replied with much confident as both Hermione and Luna giggled while Harry just smirked at the redhead.

"Yes you are," Hermione responded and then looked around as if she's trying to look for something, or someone.

"Where are Ron and Neville?" Hermione asked.

"Neville is on his way, and as for Ron, well let's just say that he is saying his goodbye to Lavender, in dad's workshop, if you know what I mean," Ginny spoke as she rolled her eyes while both Harry and Hermione slightly blushed and Luna just smiled at it. Then they saw the fireplace flare with green flame as Neville come out with his luggage and he was followed by his grandmother, Madam Augusta Longbottom. The Longbottom matriarch then goes to the living room to join the rest of the adults, leaving the teenagers in the kitchen.

"Hey everyone, seems that we all are eager to leave…hey, where is Ron?" Neville asked as the male redhead was nowhere in sight while the rest of the teenagers, or young adults, looked at each other.

"He's busy, for now," Luna answered in a very Luna-ish way.

"Busy, is he coming or not?" Neville asked while looking at them.

"Of course he is, don't worry about it Neville," Harry answered, making the scion of the Longbottom to feel slightly relief. He knew of the relationship between Harry and Hermione, and if Ron did not able to join them, he might feel a little bit awkward because he knew that Harry and Hermione will not going to leave each other's side, and they definitely going to stay together in one room, and Neville knew that he is not familiar with the muggle world to stay alone in a room. Besides, Hermione and Harry already reserved three rooms for them in a hotel in Vegas, she already told them about that earlier.

Not long after that Ron joined them with a very much satisfied look written in his face, his hair and shirt looked pretty dishevelled and Harry and them could saw a couple of big reddish spots near his neck, must be some wild sex the male redhead had been having earlier.

"Ron, wipe that smirk off your face, make me want to puke," Ginny teased him whilst pretended to gagged at her brother. Ron just glared at her as the rest of them smirking like a bunch of idiots at him.

"Where's Lavender?"

"She already left, she told me she can't wait for me to come back from our holidays," Ron spoke. Ginny and Hermione rolled their eyes as they left the kitchen to the living room, as it is time for them to leave.

"Are you ready kids?" Mr Weasley asked. The teenagers simply nodded their heads as they gives the adults hugs while some of the adults, Mrs Weasley especially, keeping on nagging about them going far away and still young and responsibility and everything as they are ready to apparate to Heathrow airport.

"Yes, yes mum, okay goodbye," said Ginny lazily and in hurry as she and Luna were the last one to apparate side-along with Kingsley as Ron and Neville had apparated with Tonks as the boys and girls are not very much familiar with the airport.


Harry and Hermione lead the group of wizards and witches to where their flight is and along the way the purebloods had been looking around in awe, they had never seen such environment before and had been amused with some of the things that they are not familiar with, especially the modern technologies that the airport had been offered for them to see.

They go onboard and Hermione let Harry to sit next to the window so that he will have the chance to see the view outside. And same goes to the rest of the wizards and witches as this is their first time on plane. Luna and Ginny are very much eager and can't wait for the flight to depart from the airport.

And after the instructions given by the captain and flight attendants as they are ready to take off, everyone can't wait to reach Vegas.

The flight to Vegas had taken pretty long hours before reaching the destination and everyone had suffered a slight sore and stiff back, but somehow had a great time during the flight, especially with all the foods and snacks that they can get, though Ron had slightly complained that the food wasn't that good compared to his mum's cooking, he wisely kept his mouth shut when Ginny had enough of his childish whining and threatened to hex him right then and there without the care of being surround by muggles.

After retrieving their belongings, the six of them left the airport with two taxis that took them to their hotel. Upon arrival, Harry and Hermione lead their friends for the check-in and then to their hotel's rooms where they are staying for a week before leaving to another places in the States. When they get into their respective hotel rooms, they are mesmerizes with the view serves upon them, it was magnificent to say and they loves it very much. Harry is sharing a room with Hermione while Ron is with Neville and Ginny with Luna, not that they complained about it, especially since Harry had been paying for it, being one of the richest wizard in the world has his perk.

After putting their belongings and everything they went to the lobby and head out to the city, it was early in the afternoon when they arrived and right now they are going to check on what's the nearest to their hotel before venturing to other places in the area. Harry and the purebloods are stunned with the view and the number of people there, they had never been in this large crowd of people before and everywhere they go there'll be some entertainment for them to watch. Hermione, on the other hand, had been here before when she was still young, following her parents to one of their convention and had stayed here for a week, though she had to admit that there are a lot of changes happened in the city since then.

The six of them brazen themselves in the city, entering games arcade and even a casino, and then enjoys the evening with some nice dinner from a nearby restaurant and then a walk around the area, viewing the nightlife of the city. And as they had enough for the first day, they goes back to their hotel as all of them are pretty much tired from all the activities that they had for today.


Upon entering their hotel room, Harry quickly cast the locking and silencing charms as Hermione take a good look of their hotel room whilst Harry goes to the bathroom to take a nice shower. After he is done, he only had himself wrapped in a towel and he is not surprise to see Hermione waiting outside the door in nothing but her bra and knicker, smiling at him sexily. He smiles back, pulling her closer and kissing her hard. His hands wandering softly to her back before he unclasp her bra and slowly pulled it off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor as both of them moaned in their kiss when her breasts pressed against his bare chest. As Hermione wrapped her arms around his waist she slowly turned them around so that her back facing the bathroom doorway. Hermione moaned in their kiss when she felt Harry groped her perfect arse, as Harry would often said it, and she can felt him smirking in their kiss. Hermione replies back by slowly stroking his now hard and aroused manhood, making him groan before she surprised him by suddenly pulling away from their intense kiss, but not before she snatched his towel and quickly closed the bathroom door and laughed from inside of the bathroom, leaving a stunned Harry who stood there in stark naked, before the Boy, or Man-Who-Conquered snapped from his daze and snorted and shook his head amused as he goes to the bed and lay down in naked.

Not long after that Hermione comes out from the bathroom in nothing but towel, looking at Harry with love, desire and lust and she is aroused by the view of him lying naked in bed, waiting for her. Harry just simply smiles at her, inviting her to join him in bed. Hermione walks slowly towards him, letting her towel fell to the floor, revealing a luscious naked body for him. Harry watched her with hunger and lust as she joined him in bed, crawling towards him making him growl at the sight of her nakedness as she's seducing him sexually. Harry feel shivers running through his body as Hermione softly caress and kiss his tights and then softly and sensually stroking his hardened manhood with her soft hand. She then kiss, lick, and suck him lightly with her warm mouth and tongue, teasing him making him shudder as his body begins to feel tense at her touch and his hips jerked.

Could no longer hold on his desire and lust, Harry pulled Hermione on her arms towards him and kissed her hard as his tongue thrusting inside. She wraps her hands around his head whilst his arm wraps around her waist and the other cupped her sex and slowly stroking her folds and clit, making her moans in their kiss. He could feel her wetness and warm and knew that she is ready for him. He then turned them around, pressing her back on the bed, never break their kisses. Hermione slightly squirms when she felt Harry's fingers entered her and started pumping as the pressure is steadily built inside her.

He breaks their kiss but continues to kiss the corner of her lips, then her jaw and down to her neck before softly kissing and sucking her pulse point then down to her chest as he stopped and started sucking on her left nipple as she moaned loudly as her back arched and pushed her breast deeper into his mouth. Hermione knows how much Harry loved her nipples, he would suckles on them for hour like a hungry baby and she would just allows him as she too loved the feeling of his warm mouth and lips and teeth on her breasts, how he could make them hard like a diamond and how this could make her wet, in which one lead to another. He continued on sucking on her left nipples as his fingers keeps on pumping slowly in and out of her as she spread her legs wider for him as she lets him ravished her body as he wished. The pressure built inside her was intense as Hermione moaned and slightly groaned when Harry turned to suckle on the other nipple as her left one is now slightly sore and hard and felt so wonderful.

The two of them loved and enjoyed having a long oral sex before proceed to having a long sex or love making. They enjoyed, worshipped and appreciated each other's body so much that they didn't care of what others are saying about them. During Hogwarts, Harry would often heard from the boys about girls and what they would like to do with them, especially his own classmates and even boys from upper years and the girls they often talked about were mostly famous for being quidditch players, girls with big breasts or big arse or beautiful, but Hermione's name was never mentioned because for them, except for Harry, she is just their famous resident's bookworm and often hid her body behind the big Hogwarts robe, but they don't know how wrong they were. He had seen her grown from the famous bushy haired, bucktooth, know-it-all bookworm, to a true beauty with the right curves at the right places, they were both almost had the same height, him being in the average height. She had her buckteeth fixed on their fourth year, her hair became soft and slightly wavy, and she had become beautiful in his eyes. She might not have large breasts, but her size is perfect for him. The first time he saw her naked had almost taken his breath away and how that had turned him on, she was just perfect for him, and he didn't planned on letting her go.

"Ohhhh….Harry….ohhh….," Hermione moaned loudly as she arched her back, pushing her breast further inside his mouth as he begins to suck harder, making her nipple hard and sore. With a soft pop, he let it go and could see how hard and dark her breasts were due to his sucking, but he is satisfied, and he knows that she is too.

Both Harry and Hermione had their eyes locked on each other, she is softly panting whilst his fingers are still pumping and he could see her chest raised up and down due to her breathing. He smiles at her before he licked her hard and sore nipples with his wet tongue, making her hissed, and then he kissed the sides of her breasts before continues trailing his lips down to her stomach. Hermione groaned loudly when his fingers left her womanhood but screamed when his lips and tongue kissed her folds as he started sucking on her clit and ravished her hungrily with his mouth.

"Ohhhh…Harry…ohhh….ohhhh….don't…don't stop….ohhhh…..please…Harry…," Hermione screamed and moaned as her breathing getting slightly heavier. One of her hands grasped the mattress while the other is clutching his head deeper into her womanhood. She could feel his stubbles tickle her womanhood as the pressure inside her is almost reaching its peak. His hands are spreading her legs wider as he sucks hungrily on her clit. Hermione cried out as she climaxed and she could felt her body trembled, she could see stars on the inside of her eyelids, and her mind is slightly empty before she leisurely regains her breathing. She felt slightly exhausted but she is not yet satisfies, she needs Harry inside her.

Harry is lapping her juice when he felt Hermione pulled him on top of her and kissed him hard, tasting her in his mouth whereas he kissed her back. He groans when her hand stroking and pumping his cock, making it harder and arousal built within him. He grabs her hands and pressed her on the bed and looked at her with lust filled his eyes, as he aligned and adjusted his hips and pushed himself deep into her in one smooth stroke. Hermione gasped and slightly stiffened from the feeling of him buried deep inside her as Harry let out a strangled groan. The moment he is inside her, they both feel perfect, complete, and more importantly they are one.

"Are you okay love?" Harry asked her with concern.

"Yeah, I'm okay, please move love," Hermione replied with a blush. She missed having him inside her the last couple of weeks when they were at the Burrow because one Molly Weasley was busy trying to separate them from each other. She didn't allowed them to go back to Grimmauld Place as the place was under renovation, and at the same time she tried to paired them with her own children, much to their dismays, which included both Ron and Ginny as their mother tried to controlled their lives and told them of what they should've do or whom they should've end up with.

"Before that there's something that we should do since the beginning," Harry spoke as he took his wand from the nightstand next to their bed and cast a Disillusionment charm on their fingers which revealed a pair of gold bands on their ring fingers.

"After this no more hiding the truth from them, especially Mrs Weasley, she needs to know that we already been married so that she will stop her daydream of having her 'dream family'," Harry said as Hermione looked at her husband lovingly. She pulled him towards her and starts kissing him again and wraps her legs around his waist, indicates that he should have start moving.

Harry begins to move in and out of his wife, met her thrust to thrust. It is slowly at first and he wanted to take the time to feel the warmth of his wife on him. He reluctantly pulled away from their kisses and locked their eyes on each other lovingly. One of his hands cupped her breast while the other holds him on the mattress. They don't know how long they had this slow sex before Hermione tells him to start moving faster and harder. He begins to pump faster, harder and deeper but he wanted to make sure that they will have a long sex tonight. He wanted them to have as many orgasms as they possibly could until they are fully sated and satisfies, all because of the times that had lost while they were at the Burrow.

Hermione could feel the pressure in her stomach is reaching its peak again and her fingers are digging into his back. She moaned loudly, calling his name as she reached her second orgasm for tonight and could hear Harry groan as he could feel her muscle clenched his cock as he too had reached his climax and calling her name out as he spilled his seeds deep inside her. He fell on top of her and his arms draws her closer to him as the both of them tries to catch on their breaths.

"I love you darling, but I've not done yet," Harry spoke as he panted slowly. Hermione just giggles, she knew her husband too well that he won't be settled on having just one orgasm for every time they have sex.

"I know love, and I love you too," Hermione replied as she kissed him softly.

Harry and Hermione had been married for more than seven months already. They were both married on Christmas Eve in a church nearby the Godric Hollow and they had transfigured their wedding rings from grasses, the night before they were both attacked by Nagini. They were both had been in love with each other for quite a long time, Harry had fell for Hermione during their fourth year during the Yule Ball, while Hermione had a crush on Harry when he saved her from the troll during their first year and the crush grew into love during their third year when both Harry and Hermione went to save Sirius while riding on Buckbeak. But they were both were pretty much afraid of rejections, so they try to settled on what was easy. They finally admitted about their true feelings for each when they were abandoned by Ron while on the run and knowing how much they have loved each other for quite a long time and for being stupid for ignoring their true feelings, Harry finally proposed to Hermione and she immediately agreed to marry him. The first time Harry accidently stumbled upon Hermione being naked was when she was having her bath in the stream not far from their campsite, and from there he could saw how beautiful his Hermione was and how this had turned him on. The first time they had made love was the next night after the attack at the house of Bathilda Bagshot, despite being newly married Hermione was afraid of Harry after she accidently broke his wand, and how angry he was the morning after the attack, but later that night he dragged her inside as he apologized to her. Later they started undressing each other and with slight shyness they began touching each other's naked body. He kissed her hard before he finally entered her, consummated their marriage. They were quite clumsy at first and also the pain, being each other's first but somehow they've both feel completed and felt so right with each other. And after their first try they've learnt pretty fast and since then Harry and Hermione had made love as many as possible during the time when they were together on the tent. They've kept their marriage in secret when Ron returned but somehow when they were rescued from the Malfoy Manor Luna had found out and she promised that she would tell no one about it.

After the war had ended Harry and Hermione still kept their marriage a secret because of the events that happened after the war, the funerals, the celebrations, the overbearing Molly Weasley, and lots more in which they had found it hard to reveals about their marriage to everyone, especially when one Rita Skeeter is the blasted reporter. Neville knew that there was something between them, but he couldn't tell what. Hermione had broken off her romantic relationship with Ron when he returned to them while on the run, but not stating the reason why. And right after the war the youngest male Weasley immediately sought out for his former girlfriend, Lavender Brown.

When they were in Australia and after Hermione had returned her parents' memories, both John and Ella-Jean Granger were pretty angry at first but they slowly accepted her reasoning, and they had accepted Harry into their family with open arms, and how much they were thankful that Hermione had chosen the right man to be her husband, having heard of Harry too many time in her letters since her first year as Hogwarts' student. They had their second wedding in Australia, this time with Hermione's parents being there for them and they had bought the real wedding rings, but still kept their transfigured rings with them. John and Ella were being open about their daughter and her husband's sexual activities, as long as they didn't forget their locking and silencing charms before they were engaged in their love making.

After their fourth weeks in Australia, Harry and Hermione returned to England, while John and Ella choose to remain there. Both young husband and wife had returned to Grimmauld Place and took over the house and stayed there for a few weeks. But since the house was in bad conditions, they needed to renovate it and Mr and Mrs Weasley had asked the two of them to stay at the Burrow while waiting for house to be repair, though Mrs Weasley had no idea why Hermione would want to lived with Harry. And with everyone was being busy both Harry and Hermione did not have the time to announce about their marital status as their wedding rings was still hidden by the Disillusionment charm as they both needed a calm situation before telling everyone about it. Among the Weasley, Ron and Ginny knew that there's something going on between Hermione and Harry, as Ron thought that Harry and Hermione were in a relationship in which he had no idea since when that had happened. Ginny, on the other hand, simply gave them her blessing, knowing that she had been in love with someone else. But then, the Weasley's matriarch wanted to have it her ways that was until they had to request a getaway for themselves. And here they are with their freedom in Vegas.

Harry pulls Hermione so that she lay on her side whilst he lay behind her. He kiss her shoulder and neck as he spread her leg and put it on his tight and adjust his manhood in position before he enters her again from behind and started pumping. Hermione moans, this one feels so good and she could feel him completely inside her. One of his arms goes under the pillow while the other grasp and squeezing her breasts. Hermione whimpers as her hand trail down to his arse and lightly squeeze it, making Harry to groan and begins to thrust faster and harder into her.


Ginny and Luna are snogging heavily; Ginny is in nothing but her knicker and as for Luna, she is completely stark naked. Both girls had realizes of their feelings for each other before the beginning of the war when Luna had came back from Shell Cottage after her captures and Ginny realizes how much she needed her and how much she had fallen in love with the slightly eccentric yet brave Ravenclaw girl.

Ginny's hands are wandering down to Luna's bum as the blonde pulls the redhead's knicker down to her feet before she kick it away, joining the rest of the clothes on the floor.

Later, both the girls are panting as they lay down on the bed, wondering how wonderful their lives are and how much they could enjoy being with each other while they are here, and as for Ginny, away from her nagging mother.

Despite that, both girls had the same feeling of having something else missing in their lives, something important that would complete them, but they both had no idea what is it.

As lust and love filled them, the girls begins to engage in another snogging, this time more sensuous with the involvement of groping, touching, teasing, sucking, licking, before both of them end up having sex and not long after that both girls screamed for the climaxes. Luckily they had remembered having some silencing and locking charms on their room.

After having their intense love making, both girls are sleeping soundly in each other's arms.


Ron and Neville lied down in their own respective beds, separated by a small nightstand in between the beds. Both are having quite a boring time, since they had no more topics to talk about for tonight. But both young men had been talking about their plan while they are here. Ron wanted to check out all the girls and fun activities. Neville wanted to know about any local or exotic plants that he could study, in which earned him a snort from Ron, ever the idiot.

They had talked about many things, though Neville is not interested much to talk about the opposite gender, but he is willing to hear as Ron keep on bragging about the girls they have met earlier when the six of them had walked around the area, and he could felt himself aroused at the sight of some sexy, gorgeous babes with nice arse and big tits. But as much as he would want to keep on staring at them, Harry had told them that they needs to get back to the hotel since that they needs some rest for tonight. Neville knew Ron wanted to protest about it earlier, but Ginny had this deadly glint in her eyes that made Ron cowered at the sight of his angry sister.

When they get back into their room, Ron couldn't stop talking about the girls and all the unknown types of drinks and foods that they had earlier, something that will never change, ever. Later he changed the topic of their conversation about quidditch, something that Neville could talk about.

After having nothing else to talk about, they wish each other a goodnight before they go to sleep, and not long a loud snore that could put a dragon's roar to shame is heard around the room.


Not far from the hotel where they are staying, a 16-year old gorgeous blond haired girl with slightly big breasts who had just arrives is about to have her own solo adventure in Vegas.

"Welcome to Vegas, Kara."

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