Hello my dear readers, sorry to inform you that I had to put this story on hold and most importantly I am looking for a beta that could help me with my story, especially with my grammar. But don't worry for I am in the middle of writing chapter 4 but at the moment I do really needs some help to revise and rewrite chapter 1 – 3.

I do hope that anyone out there who could help to be my beta send me PM and I am very much appreciate it. And also I would like to thank all of you who had reviewed and gave some constructive criticisms, favourite and also followed the story, you are the best.

Also, for anyone who had been wondering, I will not going to have Harry and Hermione getting with another girl and Kara will be the only DC girl that got stuck with the gang, especially Ginny and Luna because I think that it is quite fun to see these three girls together XD but I would likely to introduce some of the DC characters in the story but only as side characters. And as fair warning the characters might slightly be OOC especially the trio so don't be surprised if you read the unexpected and there's going to be plenty of smutness/lemon/NC-17/sex scene (especially Harry/Hermione) and such.

Anyway enough of my chatty explanation, so there you go and I am apologizing once again for not updating the story soon, but I will try as soon as possible.

Once again, if anyone interested to be my beta please PM me, I am very much appreciate it XD