Danny: So, can we get my end going?

Luna: Hang on! I'm getting the story portal fixed.

Riku Replica: How did it get broken? :/

Danny: Yeah, did you spill soda on it or something?

Luna : *glares* No, I hate soda. But I'll give you a hint, boxed fury.

Danny: *face palm* Great him.

Riku Replica: Who?

Danny: An annoying ghost I know. Has power over boxes and doesn't shut up. Luna where is he?

Luna: Eh, I yelled at him before getting my toolbox. I think he's trying to take the boxes from my garage.

Danny: Fenton thermos please.

Luna: *points* It's on the nightstand.

Danny: *grabs thermos* I'll be back. *goes ghost & flies off*

Riku Replica: So... How much longer until you can get it fixed?

Luna: *groans* I think I'm going to need a professional. Know anybody?

Riku Replica: I could get Vexen, but you'd have to come with me.

Luna: Forget it. Terranort!

Terranort: *teleports in my room* What!?

Luna: I need you to do your part in the story now.

Terranort: All right. *teleports into the story*

"How dare you! I had the element of surprise and you messed it up! You-"

"You what? May I remind you of what you did? One way or another, you will die. Even if I have to go as well."

"How can you fight if you don't have your-"

"That's what I'm going to get next."

Some where, outside the black void, yet very close, a hand shakily rose to summon a Dark Corridor.


"That's right, I've had enough of what you've been doing. And I believe it's time for you to go soon."

"I will ensure that you'll pay dearly for this."

A figure walked into the Dark Corridor and vanished.

"Your end is coming... Isn't it?" A figure said as it stood in a dead landscape.

In fact, within this land, it was believed to be the place of a coming destiny. And the passing of an old one. But the old and new will one day meet. Be it face to face. Or side to side.

"Who are you?" The amine chick asked.

"I'm Danielle, Who are you?"

"I'm Aqua."

"Aqua... Where are we?"

"The Realm of Darkness."

Then more of the dark creatures appear.

"Get down!"

- Danny's POV -

Then the unthinkable happened.

Large cracks began spreading across the ground as parts of the earth were lifted into the dark ball thing in the air. Causing the ball to grow bigger and make strong winds blow.

Screams filled the air as people looked outside and began panicking.

The wind began picking up as more and more people went into a frenzy.

A pink blast rammed against the black creature and I knew just who showed up.

"Daniel, would you be so kind as to tell me what is going on?"

"Your guess is as good as mine Vlad."

Important author's note here!

You know when you have a good idea but then as time goes on it doesn't seem that great? Well, I've decided to drop this story.

I might come back later to it, but for right now, I've lost inspiration for this.

I'm sorry guys. :(