Do not eat of Faerie food

And do not drink of Faerie wine

Or when you leave Faerie at last

The home you seek's no longer thine.

Do not step in Faerie rings

Do not enter the Faerie Mound

Or when rescue comes for thee

Your sanity will ne'er be found.

Do not lie to Faerie folk

But don't insult the Faerie Queen

Or for all of eternity

You and yours will not be seen.

Don't buy from Faerie markets

And do not walk the Faerie trod

Or, though you come back to hearth,

Your heart will ne'er again be thawed.

Don't listen when Faeries sing

And ignore the Banshee wail

Or you will have the dubious fame

Of becoming a Faerie tale.

Do not look through Faerie stones

That you find on the Faerie ground

Or they will put out your eye

So you can't see when they're around.

Do not enter Faerieland

But if you do, don't leave the path

Of you'll be lost for ever more

In darkness where the monsters laugh.

Do not ask for Faerie help

If it comes take care how you pay

Some want clothes or milk for it

Some are insulted and betray.

Do not accept Faerie gold

From captured elf or leprechaun

For it will turn to moss and leaves

And when you look up they'll be gone.

Don't swim in the Faerie stream

Where nixies and kelpie play

Banshee wash dead men's bloody clothes

Int that water, so stay away.

Do not believe what Faeries say

Though it's true that they cannot lie

They never say quite what they mean

Honestly they will truth deny.

Don't even taste Faerie repast

No goblin fruits from elven trees

They're addictive beyond belief

A wise man offered such food flees.