This is a challenge is about a Darker, more sinster version of Issei crossing over into the canon universe

The Dark Issei comes from a much, much different world than what is depicted in the Highschool DxD universe. However, not only is the world different, but so is this version Issei. He lacks the perverted tendencies and the hot-headed nature of his counterpart, and instead has a more calm, collected nature but is also prone to psychotic tendencies when things don't go his ways or when his true nature is revealed. Think of him as more of a mixture of Freed and Kirei (from the Fate series)

Unlike his counterpart, Dark Issei is Human and therefore lacks any demonic abilities. Although, he isn't exactly defenseless. Armed with a sharp intellect, near picture-perfect charisma, a cruel scheming nature, and a holy sword of his own dimension, Dark Issei cuts through the world around him. It won't be long before the town is painted red.

How did he get that way? Maybe he was mistreated as a child. Maybe he was born that way. It's hard to say and that is up to you, the writer to decide. Regardless of what is decided, this Issei joined the Church as an Exorcist. However, unlike the others, he is not above recruiting demons to further his causes.

His goal? It's a simple one really. His only worldly desire is to prove he is the best. He will not stop until he has made this world cower before his might. He faces angels, demons, and even God himself to do this. However, it's not fun unless it's a challenge.

In his world, Dark Issei is known as Phineas, and is regardless as "The Faceless One" a being that strives for nothing other than to be the best there is regardless of who...or what is in his way. Hated and hunted, Phineas/Dark Issei, flees until the fateful moment he is transported to his new dimension.

This Story can be either harem or not harem or the Part Timer(Two Timer or more).

His enemies and allies can be varied largely. Almost anyone can be considered a friend or a foe.

Author Note:

This Is a Idea that came to me when I saw certain Image of DxD and Watching the Movie Justice League Crisis on Two Earths I always have this Idea the only problem was that I couldn't put what I think into words and that I have a extremely bad but very bad Grammar to create a story so here I post it to share my idea.

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