Issei Hyoudou is just a regular highschool boy who for some strange reasons feels like something is missing in his life

And he knows what it is and in fact is something he is usually frustrated enough to say it out loud every time at the end of the day "Why Can't I get a girlfriend!?" he says. But all of that will change when he frustrated shouts is heard by the ears of a man, whose name is epitome of winning a war without declaring it a man who take many roles all for one simple thing... to enchant the ladies bringing them what they wanted the attention they desired. Yes Giacomo Casanova renewed Lady Killer and one of the most wanted stray devils of all the underworld, will he or will he not take this buffoon of a boy mold him to a fine gentlemen for the cause of making happy the ladies even if he have to beat it inside his skull.

The story is most likely a slice of life seeing how Issei start maturing in the art of seducing the female by each lecture his mentor Casanova offers. He will know that if he wants a girl to fall he has to master the discipline of understanding.

The story must start before the end of his 1st highschool year