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Sawada Iemitsu, leader of the CDEF, was thrilled when Nana gave birth to a beautiful daughter with beautiful golden spun hair, and crystal blue eyes that looked like the sky she was meant to be. The hair was obviously his, but the eyes.. Luckily his subordinates didn't raise an eyebrow when he surreptitiously tested her dna against his own; and to his relief it matched. He didn't think that Nana would have cheated on him, but within the mafia there were underhanded ways of going about things, and Nana would have been oblivious to it all, an easy target.

Iemitsu named her, with hope, Tsunamichi, The Leader of the Righteous Path.

Iemitsu stayed close to home for her first few most important years, not only to develop a relationship with his daughter, but also to protect her from the other heirs of the Vongola, and to keep an eye out for any developing talent.

She was a strange child, but incredibly sweet. Her strangeness came in many forms, though. No matter how many times they cut her hair, it would always be grown the next day, trailing below her feet and causing her to trip. They finally had to put her hair up in buns, double buns, because one was far too heavy for her to balance.

That gained the little girl the nickname "Bunny", and which made the little girl smile adorably at the nickname. She was clever in some ways, including how quickly she picked up Japanese, but how clumsy she was in some ways and the mixture of seriously hard working and childishly lazy she was in other things.

Timoteo , the ninth generation Vongola leader, had recently had to imprison his son. It was an unfortunate foregone conclusion he would have to, especially after the other Vongola heirs had been violently murdered, and his son had attempted to kill him. So for him, this trip to Japan to visit the Sawada family was as much about business as it was pleasure.

To be parted from the stress of his job in Italy for a few weeks, and to distance himself from the scene of the loss of his sons, was a relief of burden, and a vacation for him, in a way. To situate himself in a comfortable, calm household would be healing. But the sad truth of the matter was that he had to test the last heir for potential, and bring the Young Lion of Vongola back into the fold, away from his loving family.

Iemitsu and Timoteo had discovered another talent of Tsunayoshi's in a strange way. Timoteo had not really interacted with the sweet three year old yet, and while Nana was in the kitchen cooking supper Iemitsu and his boss discussed in quiet tones about the child's position as heir and Iemitsu's leaving.

They didn't mind conversing about that, sitting on the porch with Bunny watching the serious men from her daddy's lap. After all, there was no way she could understand Italian.

"I want my daughter to have a normal life," Iemitsu said firmly. "Vongola may be upstanding compared to others, but the mafia is no place for a little girl." A frown crossed Bunny's face, unnoticed by the two.

"The dangers are just as severe if you leave her here, you are aware of that," Timoteo countered. Bunny's brow furrowed.

"Papa," Bunny said, pulling on his shirt. He looked down at her with a big smile. "What is it, Usako?" he said, putting on his foolish mask.

"I think I gotta learn to defend myself Papa, so the bad mafia can't get Mama and me," she said, shocking them into silence.

"I wasn't aware your daughter could speak perfect Italian," Timoteo said with narrowed eyes. Iemitsu glanced over at Nono, perplexed and confused. "What are you talking about? She's speaking Japanese!" Timoteo grew perplexed himself. "I'm hearing Italian."

Iemitsu turned to his daughter. "Sweetie, what's going on..?" Bunny looked oddly solemn. "I dunno, but I've always been able to understand everything, even the next door neighbor's dog." And Bunny really didn't know. She had known, of course, that her brooch had worked as a universal translator, but the brooch was a part of her now.. she grew introspective.

"Well," Timoteo said carefully. "How much did you really understand about what we were saying?" She turned far too wise eyes on him.

"Papa leaves books out, you know, and I'm pretty good with reading," she said simply. "I thought they were just stories, but I guess Giotto-san's vigilante group turned into Vongola, right?" Her eyes drifted from the men's stunned gazes and to the crystal clear full moon, which she seemed to bask in. She rested her eyes under its glow. Her ancient memories overwhelmed her, forcing into her personality, her childishness wiped away for the moment, and she was compelled to respond.

A flicker of light appeared on her brow, and she opened her eyes again, that seemed to glow. A single orange flamed finger touched her brow where the glowing is, and a white flame erupted from her forehead.

"That is not a sky flame," Timoteo gasped. The clarity of it was stunning, but a white flame had never existed before. She turned her glowing eyes on Timoteo.

"The sky is simply the beginning. Beyond the wall lay the cosmos. Just as the sun is only part of the greater stars, and the rain is part of the greater ocean. Just as the storm is part of the greater wind, and just as the cloud is part of the greater ice. The mist is deceptive in its simplicity, but the world between worlds is where it lay. Lightning might seem straightforward, but is truly the flame that drives all energy. Do not create limitations where there are none," she scolded, standing. She looked somehow distant from herself. "I am not only sky, I am Cosmos, protector of all things." An image of a goddess was superimposed over her briefly, Timoteo's hyper intuition seeing beyond that.

The white flame grew from her back, like wings, wrapping around her in a cocoon of flame feathers. When they receded her hair was bleached, and so was her eyes, to a pale white and ice blue respectively. There was an eight pointed star on her forehead, each point faintly glowing a different flame. Sky, lightning, storm, cloud, rain, mist, sun. Even night. And in the center was a glowing white flame forming a single crescent moon. The flames faded and she wobbled, and fell.

Quickly her father caught her, giving her a shadowed look. "Bunny.." The girl in question gave him a sheepish smile. "Something weird happened, didn't it?" The pain on her father's face cracked at that everyday comment.

"Yeah, sweetie," he said, pulling her into a hug. "I was scared for a moment."

"Eeeh Papa I can't breathe!" she cried, flailing. He let her go with his own sheepish smile. "Sorry, sorry." He hadn't lost his little girl, then.

Timoteo cleared his throat. "Son, why don't you check on your wife for a few minutes," he said in a friendly manner. Iemitsu hadn't seen the vision of the goddess, only the flames enveloping her and the words she had said.

Iemitsu nodded, and ran in calling out "NAAANNAA MY LOOVEE!"

Timoteo gave a long look at the girl who had sat beside his feet, staring up at the moon. Her skin seemed to glimmer in the moonlight, as if it were bathed in little crystals. "Can I call you Grandpa?" she asked, startling him from his contemplation. She had turned her silvery blue eyes up at him, as she ran her hands through her hair nervously.

Timoteo focused his hyper intuition on her, and only found honesty. This was truly someone who wanted to love and be loved, mixed with a deep loneliness and despair hidden deep in her soul, one that he felt many times since the falling of his sons. Someone who had lost loved ones, pieces of their heart.

"Yes, child," he said. "You may call me that, as long as I can call you granddaughter." 'But you aren't really a child,' the Nono Vongola thought. 'Still, I can trust you.'

"I would like to be your granddaughter," she replied with a purely joyful smile. Her hyper intuition told her, however, that some things had to be revealed. "You saw who I used to be, didn't you?" she asked in a quiet tone. "I was a guardian, just as I will be in this life. The Vongola will be secure." Bunny turned her eyes back to the moon with a touch of remorse in them.

She knew the Vongola would sometimes have to kill to protect, just as the Outers had to protect them, and later, Cosmos had to, to protect the universe. But that didn't mean that when she was in charge she would accept things such as prostitution or drug dealing. From what the books had said, the Vongola had been the most powerful mafia group. If it still was, this could become a major influence in decreasing the underworlds hatefulness in general.

"Primo wanted to protect the everyday person," Bunny murmured, just barely audible to Timoteo's ears. "He was a humanitarian." Timoteo looked down at the child who seemed lost in memories. He began to have faith about Bunny's chances at restoring Vongola to its previous glory. The true purpose of the Vongola.

Iemitsu returned, and plans were made. Bunny would accompany them to Italy, and meet the current Chivalone heir. Dino was being trained by Reborn, and if Bunny and Dino got along, and Reborn thought Bunny was acceptable to be trained, they would return to Namimori together.

Dino had begun to rely heavily on his responsibility to his men to outweigh his clumsy behaviors, and separating him from his men might be the only chance to truly get him up to par. It was a last ditch effort, and one that had not even occurred to the even the genius Reborn until circumstances had fallen into place with Bunny's mental maturity and awoken flames that needed to be tamed.

One plane trip later would bring a most entertaining meeting.