I'm sorry guys, this has been a long time in coming.

First off I have NOT forgotten you guys What happened with my original quit, is that I had NO idea how many lurkers I had. I expected just the people who priorly reviewed and a few more to send pms and reviews and I'd send th the info individually. I really wanted to hand craft replies to everyone, because you all mean a lot to me.

I burnt out about 4,000 replies in. I still have triple that in my inbox. If you got a reply, I'm so glad I could get to you, if you didn't, my molehill turned into a mountain and I had a meltdown.

So if you don't care what I'm up to or doing, and just need the redirect message, I'll put it here.

I'll be under Mz_Mere and Gelasia_Kidd on Ao3.

You don't know what Ao3 is? Google it. This vagueness is an attempt to not have the trolls follow me. If you want to see my work, it's a quick search.

Onto the health matters. So, it started that winter, and continued. After getting out of a bad relationship, I was forced into a too big apartment by my parents cosigning for me, and paying my rent. A cat, a roommate, and a hurricane later, my parents had disowned me.

My mother did not believe I was actually sick, despite the fact I was in severe pain and falling a lot. I moved to TX and managed to get to the doctors doctors she hadn't told I was just making it up because I was lazy. They found two things.

Costochondritis , which is inflammation between the ribs. It is normally temporary, and treatable, so of course I've had it slowly get worse for ten years and the medicine made me sick. Because my luck is fantastic.

Dysautonomia that's basically all your automatic nerve controlled systems misfire at random. Includes breathing, steady heart rate, tp, even the need to bathroom or sweating.

I've been falling A LOT and walk mostly with a cane now. I'm turning 32 next month and normally this doesn't hit people till they are in their 50s if that so the doctors were like WTF you are an anomaly.

Besides that, I'm in another bad household and desperately trying to apply for disability housing. But I got to keep my cat so it's still a win.

That being said, anyone who sent me a personal message on here, feel free to throw me a copy paste after this post. That way I've whittled down the people who just want br br Note I'm struggling with mental clarity right now. My fanfictions will either be Co-Authored work, backdated chapters (largely Undertale ) or reposts from here. I'll probably do art sporadically to try not to lose it completely.

My biggest project is a Co-Authored fic with a writer on who is rewriting and posting there.

We have gone much further, and all his writing now is made with my world building involved. And flair for the dramatic lol.

You can see his account here under ' Required Idiocy ' which will be in my favorite author list. It will ultimately be the largest project I've ever worked on, and I hope you enjoy the show.

This Note will be moved to my Bio and deleted in two months.