Kami POV

Kami looked at her newborn child and smiled with joy, she had dirty blond hair and piercing green eyes, she was just so adorable, but there was something off about her soul, using her soul perception she looked at her child's soul and frowned, somehow her soul was part cat... she started to weep

baby Maka POV

She looked up at her caretaker, and seeing her upset she started to cry. Why was this person upset?

Kami POV

Seeing her child cry brought her back to reality. Shhh quite now Maka mama's here, no need to cry Mama's her mama loves you. She gently rocked and soothed Maka until she heard her cute light snoring. She then laid back in her bed and fell asleep with her little bundle of joy in her hands.

Time Jump

Normal? POV

They had discovered that Maka had inherited some of Kami's witch-blood, and that she would never be able to fully control it. She would for example turn into a kitten in times of extreme stress, and for all her life she would would have some catlike instincts.

Kami POV

MAKA! DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOW! "Do I Have to mama?" said Maka MAKA, if you don't do your homework I'll takeaway Mr. Cuddles. Mama please don't take away Mr. Cuddles. Then do your homework. "Yes mama."

Maka POV

Mama yelled at me and told me to do my homework, but I didn't want to, I just wanted to play with my favorite stuffed animal Mr. Cuddles. I asked mama if I had to, but this only made her more mad, then she threatened to take Mr. Cuddles away from me, so I had grumbled and told mommy I would finish

my homework. I didn't want to have Mr. Cuddles taken away from me, I liked Mr. Cuddles. Well I better do my homework like I promised mommy I would.

Kami POV

Sometimes I don't know why we bought her that little cat toy, well at least she's doing her homework now.

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