Everything was chaos inside the watchtower. What had started out as a fairly normal day for the Justice League (or as normal as days can get in the superhero business) had quickly turned to a high level emergency the moment they had received an urgent call from Amanda Waller. Apparently, General Eiling had broken into Cadmus' high security prison, and helped several of the prisoners escape. Among them were the few remaining Ultimen clones, a failed, weaker first attempt for Doomsday, several other unfinished mutant projects, and Supergirl's clone. The prisoners had quickly gone in different directions, and tried to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the League.

The League had quickly sent teams after each of the prisoners, but with GL, Wonder Woman, J'onn and Superman off planet for a top priority mission, and Supergirl dealing with an earthquake near San Francisco, the League was missing some of its strongest fighters, and had had to resort to any heroes available to handle the situation.

After a few hours of tough battles, and quite some property damage, almost all of the prisoners were back in their cells, but that had cost a price. Many of the strongest heroes were injured to some degree, and the medical bay was getting crowded.

Mr. Terrific surveyed the situation from the monitoring station while he waited to hear from the last team. Shayera, Atom Smasher, Dr. Light, Green Arrow and Elongated Man had cornered Supergirl's clone in the Great Canyon, and had been fighting her for the past 15 minutes. Suddenly, a computer beeped signaling a transmission from Green Arrow.

"Green Arrow, this is the Watchtower. Have you managed to neutralize Supergirl's clone?"

Terrific's blood ran cold when he heard a female voice answer "First of all, my name is Galatea. Second, if you really wanted me 'neutralized' you should have sent a stronger team, not the pathetic excuses for superheroes that you sent. And third, you better tell that brat Supergirl to come and face me herself before I get bored and take it out on your little friends here. She has 15 minutes." Then the line went dead as she no doubt crushed the communicator she had taken from Arrow.

With sweat running down his forehead, Mr. Terrific set a timer for 15 minutes and opened a new communication line to inform Supergirl of the situation.


Down on Earth, Batman had just arrived into the Batcave after dealing with Joker's newest evil plan, which had kept him from helping the League with the prison break. He found Batgirl on the computer, apparently looking into some files on the Penguin. He walked over to the computer and, sensing his urgency, Batgirl wordlessly stood up and went to "check" on her motorcycle in order to give him access to the machine and some sort of privacy, while she was still close enough to listen in.

Batman lost no time in calling the watchtower to check on the situation, which should be taken care of by now.

"Watchtower, this is Batman. I want a report on the Cadmus situation."

"Batman, this is Terrific. We have a problem. Exactly two and a half minutes ago, we got a call from Supergirl's clone. She managed to defeat and capture the team of Leaguers that we sent after her. She demanded Supergirl to go and face her within the next 15 minutes, now 12, or she would start hurting the Leaguers. I already called Kara, but she was dealing with that earthquake in San Francisco, and still needs a couple of minutes to wrap things up. I'm arming a team to back her up, but most of the Leaguers are hurt from earlier. And Superman and the others are still not back from their mission. Flash has a concussion and a sprained ankle, and Shayera was with the team sent after the clone. That makes you the only founder left. Please, tell me you have some sort of plan", Mr. Terrific all but begged.

Batman opened his mouth to answer, but Batgirl beat him to it.

"I do"


Several drivers hit their brakes and cursed loudly when Batgirl's Batcycle sped past them and ran a red light. Batgirl, however, didn't really care at the moment. There were other things in her mind, such as her destination and the timer in her wrist reading 8:30 and counting backwards.

She could see her destination now. The Wayne Tech assembly line facility was getting closer.


She ran another light.


Dani Hope was assembling something that looked a lot like a plane engine. She didn't even know that WT made planes, but then again, was there something WT didn't make? It certainly didn't look that way.

She was jolted out of her thoughts when a batarang flew through the open window and impaled itself in the table next to her. Looking around to make sure no one was watching her, she picked up the batarang and looked it over. It was one of Batgirl's. Attached to it was a short note. "Meet me outside NOW"


A homeless man walked into the alley that was behind one of the many Wayne owned buildings in the city, hoping to find a quiet place to eat the sandwich that a kind old lady had just given him. What he found instead was a very unusual scene. Batgirl, looking nervous and impatient, was tapping her foot and looking around herself, as if waiting for someone. The next moment, a blue-eyed, raven-haired girl appeared out of nowhere. Batgirl rushed at her immediately and started talking in quick, frantic whispers. The man, unnoticed by both girls, witnessed how the newcomer's face changed as she heard whatever it was Batgirl was telling her. First she seemed confused, then worried, then surprised, then angry, before finally settling for a look of determination.

That determination only increased when Batgirl showed her a timer in her wrist. One that only had 4:05 minutes left. The blue-eyed girl stood straighter, squared her shoulders, and said, loud enough for the man to hear "I'm in".

Batgirl then nodded and brought a hand to her ear, saying something else right before both girls where engulfed in the bluish white light of the Watchtower´s teleporter. In the second right before they disappeared, the man could've sworn he saw two glowing white rings appear around the black-haired girl's waist, and start moving up and down her body.

In his hasty retreat, the man almost dropped the sandwich.