So... Yes I do know that Ritsuka's birthday was YESTERDAY, but I forgot to upload this DX I was really busy with getting ready for the holidays, family, and I even went to see the second Hobbit movie with my girlfriend. (It was amazing, better than the first in my opinion.) I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE ;w;

Happy birthday Ritsuka-kun! Let's hope Kouga Yun lets you have a good one ;w;

Ritsuka stared at the pictures in front of them, each one showing glasses and blond hair, and sighed sadly. He had wrapped himself up in his favorite blanket and snuggled himself into the corner his bed made with the wall. It was almost 10:30 at night and on a regular night Ritsuka would have already been asleep, but tonight sleep just wouldn't come. Ritsuka had found himself taking the box which held all of the memories he hadn't hung on the wall out form under his bed.

Yuiko had thrown her friend a birthday party earlier for her friend, and no matter how much Ritsuka appreciated everyone who had come, (Yayoi, Shinonome-sensei, and even the male zeros had come celebrate Ritsuka turning thirteen.) but it still didn't fix that gaping hole Soubi had filled.
It had been nearly a year since Soubi had disappeared with Seimei and left Ritsuka in the graveyard, and Ritsuka was beginning to fear for the worst. It was thoughts like these that had made it impossible to sleep for the neko.
Ritsuka felt tears pricking at the corner of his eyes as he looked at pictures of his sweet, blond fighter. He drew his knees up to his chest and hugged them tightly, burying his face in the fabric of his jeans.

Suddenly he heard something rapping on his balcony door. Ritsuka looked up slowly, not daring to hope. When his eyes met soft blue ones they filled with more tears and he ran to the door.
"Soubi!" Exclaimed Ritsuka as he flungIn open the sliding door. The small boy flund his arms around Soubi's muddle and held him tightly. The blond wrapped his arms around Ritsuka's narrow shoulder blade a brought him closer.
"Hello Ritsuka." Soubi smiled and Ritsuka nuzzled into his shirt. "Please tell me I'm not dreaming..." Ritsuka breathed into the lavender fabric. The cat-eared boy felt himself being picked up by strong arms and he looked up questioningly. His upturned face was surrounded by golden silk as lip met lips and Ritsuka's eyes fluttered closed. Soubi broke the kiss first, but he didn't draw away. He let his lips hover a few millimeters above Ritsuka's a whispered in a affectionate tone "You're not dreaming, Ritsuka." But Ritsuka already knew this, even his dreams couldn't replicate the beauty of the blond and the warmth of his arms.
"Soubi where were-" Soubi gently cut him off with another kiss. "Not now, my love." putting the boy down, Soubi stroked a soft cat ear. "Where's your coat?" Ritsuka, too overwhelmed too talk properly, mutely pointed to where it lay on the wooden floor. Once Soubi had retrieved it he put the garment around Ritsuka's shoulders. The neko boy put his arms through the sleeves and his blond fighter got on his knees to button it with deft, slender fingers.

"Now, my Ritsuka," Soubi said as he stood up and extended a hand, "Will you allow me to take you on a date this evening?" A bright blush bloomed across Ritsuka's cheeks and he took the hand being offered to him. "Yes!" Ritsuka squeaked as his little fingers interlaced with Soubi's fingers. Soubi smiled widely. It was worth sneaking away and facing Seimei's wrath when got back. Soubi was ready to do anything to get Ritsuka to smile on his birthday. "Let's go, Ritsuka..."

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