Once again, I'd like to apologize for making all of you wait so long for an update to this story. I also want to let you all know that this story is set in 2015, which explains why the characters are two years older. I hope that you'll enjoy the third and final chapter for this story. Last, but not least, I'd like to thank those of you who've stuck with this story ever since I published the first chapter back in 2013.

The Third & Final Part

All of a sudden, M.K. walked ahead of the others to stand in front of them, because she wanted to say something important.

"So, guys, I think it's best for all of us to stay in a group, so that way, we don't lose each other, and since none of us have been to this place before, we can simply use the pamphlet to help us out with going to a specific area." M.K. advised, while unfolding the pamphlet with both of her hands.

She was about to keep on talking when Arrietty raised her hand, meaning she had something important to say as well.

"M.K., is there a bathroom nearby, because I really need to use one." Arrietty said, while crossing her knees together.

The redhead's eyes widened from what she just heard before she looked down at the pamphlet's map for the bathroom's location.

"Yes, there's a bathroom, and luckily, it's not so far off from where we're standing right now, so please follow me!" M.K. declared.

With both of the boys and Arrietty following her, and the map's help, M.K. successfully led all of them to where the bathrooms were.

"We should all use the bathroom, so that we don't need to take a break from checking out the food trucks and vendors." M.K. suggested.

Everyone else nodded before Arrietty followed M.K. into the women's bathroom, while Nod went behind Shawn in the men's bathroom. Obviously, the boys were the first to come out, and before they did, Shawn helped Nod with using the faucet to wash his hands. Nod decided to strike up a conversation with Shawn, since he thought it would be awkward to stay quiet before the girls came out.

"Hey, Shawn, I know it's probably none of my business, but are you and Arrietty dating, or are you two just friends?" Nod asked.

"Arrietty and I are just friends, and I'm still grateful to have met her, because if it wasn't for Arrietty's courage, then I wouldn't have gone through with that operation for my heart, even though it needed to be done, so what about you and M.K., how long have you guy's been dating?" Shawn inquired.

"For a couple of weeks after what happened in Moonhaven, and by the way, everything she said in the taxi was true." Nod answered.

"Oh, I believe her, and she did tell me all of that over the phone already, but it was still nice to hear it a second time." Shawn replied.

"You should come visit Moonhaven sometime, because it's a pretty place, and I'm sure that you'd enjoy it there." Nod recommended.

"I'd like that, but obviously, it has to happen on another night, and I'd like to take Arrietty so she can see more." Shawn responded.

"How about we shake on it, so that way, not only will we have made an agreement, but it will be an official one." Nod suggested.

Shawn gave a nod of his head before bringing a hand out for Nod to shake, and right after they shook hands, the girls came out.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long, but when nature calls, a girl can't just ignore the feeling." M.K. said, while fixing her hair.

M.K.'s eyes widened, as she believed that she gave too much information, but relaxed when she saw both of the boys smiling.

"You don't have to apologize, M.K., and it was a good idea for us to go to the bathroom so we don't have to later." Shawn replied.

"Thanks, Shawn, but sadly, we can't stay here for too long, because I still planned for us to see a movie tonight." M.K. reminded.

"All of us must have a favorite food in particular, so we should be able to find a food truck or vendor that has them." Nod suggested.

M.K. agreed with her boyfriend, and she thought the best way to do that was for each of them to tell what food they loved the most.

"I enjoy lots of food that's healthy, like if it's low in carbs and fat, so what kind of food do you guys prefer to have?" M.K. inquired.

"Honey brittle, and anything else that has seeds, nuts, fruits, and berries, but that's only what Moonhaven has for the winter." Nod answered.

"I grew up eating mainly Chinese food, such as rice, noodles, and vegetables, along with sauces and seasonings too." Shawn added.

"I don't think that I have a favorite food, but I eat soup and bread a lot, so I wouldn't mind a meal that includes those two." Arrietty said.

"We should find a truck or vendor that have the food M.K. and Arrietty like, because the girls should get what they want first." Nod suggested.

"Well, Nod, aren't you such a gentleman," M.K. responded, while walking much closer to him, which led Nod to assume that she would kiss him.

He quickly closed his eyes, and waited for M.K.'s lips to press against his own, but the only thing M.K. did next was whisper something in his ear.

"I appreciate your kindness, but I'm still not kissing you." M.K. spoke softly, before taking a few steps back and looked down at the pamphlet's map.

Nod let out a groan in disappointment and M.K. pretended not to hear it as she looked for a section that served food which was very healthful.

"Hey, Arrietty, do you mind if I get some food to eat and you can get your food after, or would you like to get some food first?" M.K. asked.

"It was you that planned this night out for all of us, M.K., so you should be the one to get your food first. I really don't mind." Arrietty answered.

"Thanks, Arrietty," M.K. said, as she gave the auburn-haired girl a quick hug before walking to her chosen section as everyone else followed her.

M.K. didn't feel the need to rush through finding the food that she wanted, since they had plenty of time before heading off to the movie theater. It certainly helped that all the cuisine was sorted in six categories which were new, local, vegetarian, seafood, gluten free, and containing nuts. The four teenagers took this time to take a glimpse at all the food trucks and vendors they passed by, but doing this only caused their stomachs to have a stronger feeling of hunger, and Nod felt like mentioning this to the others, but he didn't want to think he was complaining, so he kept himself quiet.

Nod decided to focus on something else, but as hard as he tried, all that he could think about was food, and it just made him feel more hungry. In spite of that, Nod still thought it was fair for M.K. and Arrietty to get their food first, since it was the polite and courteous thing for him to do. Thinking about that caused Nod to bring his mind to his girlfriend, particularly her lips, and the last time that he felt them press against his own.

Even though their first kiss had lasted only a few seconds, it really felt much longer for Nod, which is why he wanted to kiss M.K. so badly. He was willing to stay patient until the night was over and the magic that the queen of Moonhaven used on him and Arrietty wore off. Once that happened, they would go back to their normal sizes, and Nod believed that M.K. wouldn't let him leave without giving a kiss first.

All these thoughts swirling around in Nod's head were forgotten about when Nod realized that the others weren't in front of them anymore. The boy must have thought so hard about getting to kiss M.K. that he completely forgotten to focus on staying with M.K., Shawn, and Arrietty. Nod's eyes widened and he started to feel his hear his heart beat faster as he looked around to see where his girlfriend and friends could be.

He already begun to think of how upset M.K. was feeling right now from the fact that her boyfriend couldn't pay attention and stick by her side. It didn't seem like Nod would be given any kiss on the lips at all, and he probably won't get a peck on the cheek, a hug, or even a handshake. However, thinking about all of this lovey-dovey stuff wasn't going to help Nod any further in finding M.K. and the others and reuniting with them.

What he did first was push those thoughts far from his mind before thinking of the last place that he was with his girlfriend, Shawn, and Arrietty. Nod also believed that it was a good idea to stay calm, so he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to feel more relaxed and concentrate. Unfortunately, it didn't stay that way for long when Nod remembered that M.K. carried a map of this place but he had no clue of where she was.

The Leafman tried to think of a new plan until he decided to stay right where he was standing and wait until his fellow teens found him instead. If there was a hummingbird nearby, then Nod would've happily climbed on top of the bird and flown it around to search for the others all on his own.

Nod had been known to take lots of risks and always convinced himself that he didn't need help with anything, but it was different this time. This wasn't Moonhaven that he was in right now, but a world in which the only way that he could learn more knowledge about was with M.K.

"Hey, Nod!" A voice called out, and it's a voice that Nod knew quite well, but he thought it was in his head, and there was one way to know for sure.

He turned around to find himself face to face with Arrietty, M.K., and Shawn, and he could see the two girls were both carrying a small bowl of food. From the looks on their faces, it didn't seem any of them were upset with Nod, as if they knew that the three of them would find Nod eventually.

At first, Nod wasn't sure of whether to run up to them because he didn't want to make a scene, or walk to them since they were at a far distance. In the end, he decided to walk but in a brisk pace, so Nod was both running and walking, and it wasn't long before he stood face to face with them.

"Guys, I'm so sorry that I didn't stay with you, I was just thinking about. . .certain things, and that made me forget about everything else." Nod said.

Shawn, Arrietty, and M.K. all stayed silent and looked at each other before laughing, which caused Nod to simply raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"You don't have to apologize, Nod, and to be honest, we didn't really think we'd lost you because this place isn't really that large." M.K. replied.

"Wait a minute, were you not only panicking about not sticking close to us, but actually worried that we'd be angry with you?" Arrietty asked.

A frown slowly made its way onto Nod's face as he gave a nod of his head, and seeing this led to everyone else having a look of sympathy. Nod had brought his head down after nodding his head, but then he looked up to see each of the teens coming forward to give him a hug.

Receiving this physical contact from all of them at once was making Nod feel a lot better and relieved that he didn't ruin the night for them. Nod didn't like to shed tears, and so he wasn't going to weep now, but he did happen to cry for a long time after his parents passed away.

"Thanks, guys," Nod said, right before they all pulled back from each other. "Looks like you girls got some food, what did you get?" He asked.

"I got a nice penne pasta salad that's filled with cherry tomatoes, mild peppers and covered in a classic vinaigrette dressing." M.K. explained.

Hearing his girlfriend talk about her food obviously made Nod feel a lot more hungry, but he still wanted to know what Arrietty's food was too.

"I have vegetable soup, which has carrots and potatoes, along with garlic and parsley, and I also got a fresh loaf of bread with butter." Arrietty said.

Before he could say something, Nod's stomach made a growling sound, which caused Nod's eyes to widen and everyone else to laugh for a while.

"I think it's time you got something to eat, Nod, and we should find something soon before your stomach makes that sound again." M.K. suggested.

"If I remember correctly, you said earlier that you like to eat honey brittle, and other food that have nuts, seeds, berries, and fruit." Shawn mentioned.

"Yeah, that's right, and I don't need to get something that has all of those things, but I'd be happy if it does have one or two of them." Nod responded.

M.K. smiled before using one hand to take the pamphlet out of her sweater pocket and unfolded it while holding the bowl of food with the other hand.

"Good news, Nod, I believe that I've found the right place that has what you're interested in, and to make sure that you don't lose us. . ." M.K. trailed off.

She put the pamphlet back into her sweater pocket before linking arms with Nod, who obviously approved of his girlfriend's idea to keep him in sight. Arrietty and Shawn did the exact same thing, and even though they've already done a good job sticking together, they didn't want to risk losing each other.

They were familiar with type of this closeness, but the last time it was happening, Arrietty wasn't Shawn's size, and she always stood on his left shoulder. The reason for this had been so they could rescue Arrietty's mother, Homily, after she was captured by Hara, the nurse maid for Shawn's maternal Great Aunt Jessica.

Even after Shawn destroyed all traces of the Borrowers' presence from his aunt's home, Arrietty and her family still moved away to avoid being discovered again. It wasn't until a year after his operation when Shawn heard rumors of objects disappearing in his neighbors' homes and that made Shawn feel very happy.

Shawn felt much happier one night when he found Arrietty in the kitchen of his own home, and he wanted her to stay with him instead of move again. Although it took a while to convince her parents, Arrietty reminded them that if it wasn't for Shawn, then they all probably wouldn't still be alive today.

Ever since Shawn and Arrietty had reunited, she and her family stayed under the floorboards, and Arrietty had Shawn to thank for giving them a home. The feelings that were between the boy and Borrower have always been platonic, and neither of them had seen any reason for that to change soon.

When they saw each other for the very first time, Shawn called Arrietty "beautiful", but he was only being nice and didn't start to have a crush on her. They never bothered to tell this to one another, but Arrietty and Shawn didn't think having a romantic relationship could work out for them in the long run.

It was unlikely that Arrietty's parents would ever approve of their daughter dating a boy who wasn't born the same size as them, and couldn't be either. Not to mention the fact Shawn had parents living in the house and if they knew about Arrietty and her family, then his parents would probably get rid of them.

In spite of that, Shawn's parents hardly noticed when an object in particular went missing, because it was usually just food that Arrietty and her family took, and Shawn helped them out by letting them know of the time when his parents went to bed.

All in all, Arrietty's parents didn't mind staying with Shawn, and he was grateful that they decided to trust him and not move away to another house. Shawn and Arrietty stuck to each other and stayed close to M.K. as she took Nod to the exact same vendor where she got her penne pasta salad.

"Hey, Nod, I'm sure they must have a salad here which has most or even all the food that you like to eat." M.K. said, as she looked at the pamphlet.

Eventually, a smile came onto M.K.'s face, and Nod obviously knew that meant his girlfriend found a salad that she believed would be perfect for him.

"Excuse me?" M.K. asked, then she patiently waited before somebody came to the counter. "Could I please have this salad made for my boyfriend?

Nod's face quickly became flushed from M.K. saying the word 'boyfriend' out loud and in public, but he brought his head down so nobody could notice. It made Nod feel better to know that M.K. wasn't afraid to acknowledge that she had a boyfriend and didn't mind with letting people know it as well.

Not even five minutes had gone by before M.K. turned around with a bright smile on her face to present Nod with the salad that she ordered for him. Obviously, the salad did have the usual ingredient of fresh green lettuce, but it also included different types of nuts, fruit, and berries on top of the lettuce.

"Thanks, M.K.," Nod said as he gently took the salad from the girl's hands. "Wow, this salad looks good, but could you tell what's in it first?" He asked.

"With the nuts, there's almonds and cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts, and with the berries, there's raspberries and blackberries, and finally, with the fruit, there's apples, oranges, and grapes, but I hope that's not too much for you." M.K. explained.

"No, M.K., it isn't too much for me," Nod replied, before bringing his head up from the salad to face his girlfriend. "I know I've said this already, but thanks again."

"Your welcome, and before I forget, you can't eat your salad without this." M.K. declared, as she held up a plastic fork, which Nod quickly took from her fingers.

M.K., as well as Arrietty and Shawn could clearly tell that Nod was hungry, especially from he was taking bites of his salad without bothering to slow down.

"You shouldn't eat your salad too fast, Nod, because I've read that if you have food too quickly, then you're likely to get stomach gas and bloating." M.K. explained.

Right after he heard M.K. say that, Nod began to eat his salad in a much slower pace, and M.K. was glad to know that her boyfriend took her advice to heart.

"So, now that I have my food, and Arrietty has hers, and Nod has his now, the only person left who has to get their food is you, Shawn." M.K. announced.

"You said not long ago that you usually eat Chinese food," M.K. asked, and Shawn nodded his head. "Okay, so that shouldn't be too hard for us to find."

Once again, M.K. got her pamphlet out of her pocket and she took a moment to search the map for the location of where the Chinese food was being served.

"I found it," M.K. said, as she brought her head up to face everyone else. "Now then, please follow me, and I'm sure that we'll be there in no time!" She added.

Shawn, Arrietty, and Nod all followed M.K. for a while as she led them past a few fast trucks until they arrived at the vendor dishing out the food Shawn wanted.

"I'm not exactly sure of what items you'd like to eat, Shawn, so I'll let you make the order." M.K. told Shawn and stood by as he walked to the vendor's counter.

The others stayed quiet even as Shawn waited patiently for somebody to come to the counter so he could order his food, and fortunately, it didn't take long for that to happen. Less than ten minutes had passed before Shawn was eventually given a plate of food and he turned around so that his friends could see what it was he ordered.

"So, guys, I got a meal that I consider to be a favorite, and it's ramen noodles with sliced pork and green onions." Shawn explained with a happy tone of voice.

"Now that we all have our food, we should go find a table, so that way, we'll be able to give our legs some rest from walking so much." M.K. suggested.

For what would be the last time, M.K. reached into her pocket and took out the pamphlet to look for the area where all the tables had been arranged.

"We know that we're supposed to follow you, M.K., since it's you who has the map and all, so you don't need to tell us another time." Arrietty mentioned.

M.K. felt glad that she didn't have to remind the others to follow her, as she had done a few times already, and M.K. brought all of them to the tables. Each of the teenagers sat down on a chair before they ate their food at a slow pace, remembering what M.K. said about the dangers of eating too fast. Not one of them decided to start a conversation, because it would've been displaying such bad manners for somebody to talk and eat at the same time.

They actually found the silence between each other to be relaxing, since they all thought a break from talking was necessary, especially for M.K. herself. During this time, it really felt nice to put food in her mouth instead of have words come out, but M.K. knew that would change when they were done eating. She couldn't help but think about what Larry must be doing right now to keep himself busy while he waited for her and the others to return to his taxi.

M.K. believed that Larry wasn't feeling so bored, since he could listen to the radio and hear any kind of music he wanted, not to mention eat his sandwich. All of a sudden, M.K. remembered she was supposed to get Larry a sandwich, but she decided that could wait after they were all finished with their meal. Larry had recently given M.K. a piece of paper which contained a list of all the specific food and condiments in a sandwich that he didn't want to be cold either.

M.K took a break from eating her food to check if she still had the piece of paper in her pocket, and the girl sighed in relief to see it again after pulling it out. To make sure that she wouldn't forget about it, M.K. put the piece of paper on the table in front of her, and had it flattened out since it was a little crumpled. She returned to eating the rest of her food, and once M.K. was finally finished, she kept quiet while waiting patiently for the others to finish their food too.

M.K. had to admit she felt a little bored, but the only thing she could think of to keep herself busy was look at the list of food Larry wanted in his sandwich. Even now, it still amazed M.K. of how much Larry had requested, because she honestly never took him for a big eater, although she didn't bother asking him. She was hoping that after he got the sandwich, Larry would take small bites of it, much like in the same way M.K. and the others had been eating their food. M.K.'s train of thought about Larry and his sandwich came to a stop when she noticed that Nod, as well as Arrietty and Shawn, were all done with their meal. Before any of the three stood up from their seat, M.K. had already got herself up and picked up not only her empty plate, but also everyone else's plate too.

"You guys don't have to get up just yet," M.K. said, while holding the plates. "I need to get Larry a sandwich, and then we can all head back for the taxi."

The girl waited until each of them nodded their head before leaving to find the vendor which would be able to make the kind of sandwich Larry requested. Instead of having the piece of paper in one of her hands like earlier, M.K. decided to keep it safe in her pocket, so that way, she wouldn't end up losing it. When she finally reached the vendor, M.K. handed over the piece of paper to somebody behind the counter, so they could personally know what she wanted.

M.K. figured it was much better than to read out the list of edible items one by one, because it didn't hurt to give her voice a break every now and then. Despite the fact she had to wait longer than usual, M.K. didn't find that to be a problem, since it hadn't been the first time she waited for something tonight.

"Miss, your sandwich is ready, but you'll need to carry it with both hands." The worker advised, and M.K. quickly made sure each of her hands were available.

As soon as Larry's sandwich appeared on the counter, M.K.'s eyes widened of how big it was, and she couldn't believe this was actually what Larry wanted. This wasn't the kind of sandwich M.K. could carry with her hands underneath, it was the kind she'll need to have one hand on top to keep it from falling apart.

That's exactly how M.K. decided to carry Larry's sandwich once the worker carefully brought it over to her, and she walked slowly to get back to the other teens. Just like with M.K., everyone quickly got a wide-eyed expression on their face right when they saw the sandwich she was holding very tightly with her hands.

"Whoa, that's the sandwich Larry wanted," Nod asked in disbelief, while pointing a finger at the sandwich. "That thing is huge, M.K., so what's in it anyway?"

M.K. took a deep breath before saying all of the ingredients. "Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ham, turkey, beef, chicken, ketchup, mustard, and relish."

"I've never thought of Larry to be a big eater, but that's probably because I haven't seen his entire body, and I'm not really sure I want to." Nod answered.

"It doesn't really matter, so now that I have his sandwich, we can all head back to the taxi." M.K. declared, before seeing everyone else nod in agreement.

Even though M.K. didn't think it was necessary for them to do that, Nod, Shawn, and Arrietty all kept an eye on her as she continued to carry the sandwich. Although she thought it was nice they were looking out for her, none of them had to worry too much, since their walk to the taxi only took a few minutes.

When the four teenagers finally saw Larry's taxi in the distance, M.K. felt tempted to shout out his name to get his attention, but she decided not to do that. Larry had been listening to the radio at a very high volume, but when he noticed the teens approaching, Larry turned down the radio so it wasn't too loud.

"Hey, guys, you're back, and I see that you got what I wanted." Larry said, while looking at the sandwich. "I was kinda worried you wouldn't get it for me."

"Larry, you actually thought after bringing us here, we would let you starve?" M.K. asked, before she carefully gave the sandwich over to the taxi driver.

"Thanks, M.K., I really appreciate this," Larry answered, and then he took a bite of his sandwich as the teenagers got themselves into the taxi, one by one.

"Just to let you guys know, I won't be driving until I've finished my sandwich, because I don't think it's right to eat and drive at the same time." Larry said.

"That's good to know, Larry, but don't worry, we're not in a rush, so please take your time." M.K. replied, as she assumed they wouldn't have to wait long.

M.K. and the rest of the teenagers didn't bother to start a conversation, since they were sure the only thing it would do is delay Larry from eating his food. The only sound that they could hear at the moment wasn't from the radio, but Larry himself, as he chomped on his sandwich as if there was no tomorrow.

All of a sudden, Arrietty couldn't help but giggle at the noises Larry was making, as she found them to be funny, but tried to be quiet so he wouldn't hear. She didn't care if Nod, M.K., and Shawn all heard her giggling, but when they did, it took each of them a few seconds to realize why Arrietty was giggling. It wasn't long until they were all joining in with Arrietty‚ and for a short time‚ they let themselves enjoy the sound of their musical giggles in unison.

"What are you kids laughing about?" Larry asked, and hearing that question caused the four teens to stop giggling and come up with a good answer.

Obviously, they weren't going to tell Larry that he was the reason they had been giggling in the first place, since none of them wanted to hurt his feelings. If that were to happen, then Larry probably wouldn't take them to the movie theater and back to M.K.'s house, and they'd end up having to walk instead.

"It's the way I'm eating my sandwich, isn't it?" Larry guessed, and the teenagers weren't sure of whether to be relieved or scared he knew the reason.

"If it's because you didn't want to hurt my feelings, then you can relax, I've heard a lot of people laugh over how I eat in the past." Larry revealed.

Larry couldn't help but chuckle when he heard all of his passengers let out a sigh of relief, since they didn't have to go through with lying to him.

"Hey, Larry, I have to ask because I'm curious," M.K. said. "Do you eat like that only to make people laugh or is it just how you always eat?" She asked.

"It usually depends on what I'm eating, M.K., if it's something small, then I take small bites, but if it's something big, then I take big bites." Larry explained.

M.K. was about to respond when Larry started up the taxi, which meant he finished his sandwich, and M.K. wondered how he managed to eat it so quickly. She had to have given that sandwich to Larry like ten minutes ago, but it didn't really matter, considering he was now taking them to the movie theater. Both M.K. and Shawn made sure to put on their seat belt and they helped Arrietty and Nod put on theirs as well, so they would all be safe in the taxi.

"So what movie are you kids gonna see?" Larry asked, because he didn't want to have any awkward silence between him and his passengers.

"Actually, we haven't really decided on a movie yet, Larry," Shawn confessed. "We're going to see what's showing before we do choose one."

"Okay, then what kind of movie are you interested in seeing, and I'm going to be a gentleman and let the ladies answer first." Larry replied.

Arrietty and M.K. took a moment to look at each other for a few seconds before Arrietty motioned for M.K. to go ahead in giving her answer.

"I'm hoping to see a movie that can make me laugh a lot, and in my opinion, you can't go wrong with seeing a funny movie." M.K. responded.

Larry gave a nod of his head in agreement, as he couldn't argue with what M.K. just told him, and then he waited patiently for Arrietty's reply.

"I'd like to see a movie with an exciting adventure, and I wouldn't mind if there's a love story between the lead characters." Arrietty revealed.

Instead of nodding like he did a few seconds ago, Larry kept his head still, which probably meant he wasn't such a fan of romance in movies.

"Alright, boys! It's your turn now!" Larry announced, and then Nod and Shawn looked briefly at one another, wondering who should go first.

It wasn't long until Nod decided to let Shawn give his answer before him, especially since Shawn had more knowledge of movies like M.K. did.

"I'll be happy with any movie that has great drama, like raw emotional moments caused by the decisions the characters make." Shawn said.

Larry nodded his head again, but this time, he did it in a slow motion, meaning he found what he heard from Shawn to be very unexpected. Shawn, M.K., and Arrietty all turned to face Nod, as they were quite curious to know his answer, especially since Nod's never seen a movie.

"I'd like to see a movie that's a mix of what the others said, and I mean a movie with comedy, romance, drama, and adventure." Nod told Larry.

What the Leafman rookie didn't know was that everyone else in the taxi was impressed by his answer, since they had a small grin on their face.

"I wish I could suggest a movie that's perfect for all of you, but I can't help because I haven't been to the movies for a while." Larry confessed.

"That's okay, Larry, I'm sure we'll find a good movie, and luckily, because it's Toonie Tuesday, the prices for tickets will be cheap." M.K. replied.

"Well, if the prices are cheap, then it's probably gonna be very busy," Larry informed. "Let's hope it's not, so you'll get to be a movie." He added.

"Yes, that's a good idea," M.K. said, before turning to face the others. "Guys, if there's a big crowd, then we have to stick together." M.K. advised.

Nod obviously agreed with his girlfriend, as he was thinking about how he'd lost them when they were around the food trucks and vendors earlier. The last thing Nod wanted to happen was lose sight of them again, or they wouldn't have enough time to see a movie and return to M.K.'s house.

Another thing that Nod worried about was if they could manage to choose a movie that would satisfy everyone and leave none of them disappointed. It was obviously going to be a little hard, considering the other teens told Larry that they'd wanted to see a movie with a completely different genre. Hopefully, all these differences wouldn't lead to an argument between the four of them and their double date wouldn't be cut short as a result too.

"All right, kids, we're almost there!" Larry announced, and the teenagers looked out the window to see they were approaching the movie theater.

M.K. glanced at her watch to know what time it was now. 'It's past six o'clock, so that gives us plenty of time to decide on a movie.' She thought.

"Hey, Larry, am I crazy, or are you really a fast driver, because you got us to the theater in what, less than half an hour?" Nod asked curiously.

"Less than twenty minutes, actually, and it helps when there's not much traffic, and you know a few good shortcuts as well." Larry explained.

Hearing this made Nod think of the time when he won a flying race back in Moonhaven, even though he'd made a bet with a bullfrog to lose. There were often times when Nod would miss the fun of racing, but he knew that his father wouldn't be proud of him if he wasn't a Leafman. Nod recalled that Ronin had described his father as a respected and experienced fellow soldier, so Nod wanted to acquire that status for himself.

He used to think that Ronin was smothering him, but Nod knew that Ronin was trying to take care of him after promising his father that he would. Nod's father was very close with Ronin before he fell in battle to the Boggans, so it made sense why Ronin chose to look after his best friend's son. The boy almost felt like shedding a tear from thinking of his father, but Nod was going to see a movie, so he couldn't let his emotions get in the way.

If the movie they see happened to be a tearjerker, then Nod might allow himself to cry, but he didn't want to embarrass himself for a second time. To everyone's surprise, there were a lot of empty spaces in the parking lot, but Larry was planning to drive his taxi all the way to the front entrance. Larry figured that the four teens had done more than enough walking, from getting something to eat then having to walk back to his taxi after that.

Fortunately, there wasn't a law that prevented Larry from parking his taxi so close to the building, so Larry was perfectly comfortable with his spot. Once they saw that Larry had parked, each of the teens got themselves out of the taxi, with M.K. being the last and she closed the door behind her.

"Thanks for parking at the front, Larry," M.K. said, while facing him. "Aren't you going to see a movie too, or is it wrong to leave your taxi unattended?"

"As much as I want to, M.K., I can't leave this car until I come home, although I'll probably go inside if I have to use the restroom." Larry answered.

"Yes, it would be bad if you ignored the call of nature," M.K. replied in agreement before she burst out laughing, and Larry didn't hesitate to join her.

Arrietty couldn't help but giggle, since she was close enough to hear M.K. just said, and it wasn't long before Shawn and Nod were laughing too.

"Thanks for the joke," Larry responded, after taking a deep breath to calm down from laughing so much. "Now go see a movie before it's too late."

M.K. simply gave a nod of her head before walking away from the taxi to join the others, and Larry didn't hesitate to turn the radio on a high volume. Once they were inside, any theater employees who weren't behind a counter, as well as customers had begun to take notice of Nod and his clothes.

From the looks on their faces, they had never seen this kind of clothing before, from the short-sleeved scruffy white tunic to the boots made of leaves. Nod wasn't aware of all this attention toward him since he was looking up at the movie posters and banners that hung from the walls of the theater.

M.K. didn't notice either because she was deciding on whether they should get candy or popcorn, even though they had a meal a half-hour ago. Ultimately, M.K. felt it was better to hold back on making that decision, at least until she found out if the others had any room left in their stomach.

"Hey, guys, can I ask you a question?" M.K. asked, and she waited for everyone else to face her before speaking again. "Are you still hungry?"

"I'm not hungry, M.K., but I wouldn't mind getting a drink." Shawn replied, before turning to look at Nod and Arrietty. "So what about you two?"

"I'd like to have just a drink for myself." Arrietty answered, and she kept quiet so that Nod could give his answer. "A drink and nothing else."

"I'm rather full from my meal too, so it's decided, we'll all have only a drink, but first, let's choose what movie we're going to watch." M.K. said.

After saying that, M.K. led the others to a couple of big screens which displayed the movies playing, and also all of their showtimes and ratings. What M.K. and Shawn didn't notice was that both Nod's eyes and Arrietty's eyes had widened from the exact total of movies, which was sixteen.

"Hey, guys," Nod spoke, causing the rest of the teens to look in his direction. "How are we supposed to choose a movie if there's so many to choose from?" He asked.

"Actually, Nod, it's not so hard. We just have to find a movie with a rating that's suitable for all of us." M.K. responded, before walking closer to the screens.

M.K. was no stranger to movies, as her parents used to take her to see them since she was a kid, but that stopped when M.K.'s mother, Susan, passed away, and her father became fully engrossed in his studies of the Leafmen. Even though it's been a while since M.K.'s seen a movie in a theater, the redhead took this as an opportunity to explain the ratings for Arrietty and Nod, considering they were obviously new to this experience.

"'G' is short for general viewing, so if a movie has that rating, it means anyone can see it, and it doesn't matter how old you are, but if a movie's rated 'PG', which means parental guidance, then there might be scenes in the movie that are unsuitable for young children." M.K. explained.

As M.K. took a deep breath from talking a lot, she noticed that Nod's mouth and Arrietty's mouth had become agape, which probably meant they were amazed that M.K. knew so much about movies. She wasn't done yet, since there were a few more ratings M.K. wanted to make clear to them.

"If a movie's rated 'PG-13', then it may have scenes that are inappropriate for children under thirteen. If movie's rated 'R', which is short for restricted, then anybody under the age of seventeen requires a parent or an adult guardian to accompany them. Finally, if a movie's rated 'NC-17', that means the movie's only for adults and anybody who's seventeen or under isn't allowed to see it." M.K. finished, before talking another deep breath.

"Wow, M.K., you really know a lot about movies," Arrietty replied. "So I guess we can't see a movie with that last rating, right?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm nineteen, and so is Nod," M.K. said, before turning to have a glimpse at her boyfriend. "I should know that because he told me."

"I'm sixteen and I'm not sure how old is Shawn since he's never told me his age, but I've never had a reason to know." Arrietty revealed.

"Well, I'm fourteen, and just so you all know, I don't mind that Arrietty's older than me, and it's never bothered me either." Shawn added.

"Don't worry, Shawn, I don't find that embarrassing at all. In fact, I used to have a lot of older friends back in high school." M.K. responded.

"Okay, guys, now that we know all the movie ratings and each other's age, maybe we can finally choose a movie to watch." Nod suggested.

Nod was happy to see that everyone else had agreed with him by nodding their head and so they all brought their attention back to the showtime screens. At first, the four teens thought it would take them forever to choose a movie, considering the amount, but to their relief, it only took several minutes. They had managed to pick a Disney movie titled Tomorrowland, since the movie's title alone had captured their interest more than any other movie. Its title hadn't been the only reason, Tomorrowland had a 'G' rating, which meant there weren't any scenes that had inappropriate content. M.K. and Shawn obviously paid for the tickets since they had the money, and fortunately, there was enough to buy a drink for each of them.

"I already know what drink I'm going to have," M.K. said, before turning to face the others. "So what kind of drink do you guys want?" She asked.

"M.K., I'm going to have an iced tea." Shawn answered, then him and M.K. waited for what choice of beverage Arrietty and Nod would tell them.

"I've never gotten tired of having a drink made out of strawberries or other fruit, so I'll have the 'strawberry passion' drink." Arrietty announced.

The only person left to make their choice of beverage known was none other than Nod, who the others assumed was still making a decision, but what they didn't know was that the Leafmen rookie already knew exactly what he wanted for a drink.

"I know what I want, guys, and that's a root beer," Nod declared before he turned to face M.K. "I didn't know your world had drinks with root."

Right after she heard that, M.K. began to giggle, which caused Nod to become confused and wonder what did he say was so funny to his girlfriend.

"Not every drink in my world has root, Nod, but yes, root beer's a soft drink flavored with extracts of certain plant roots and herbs." M.K. explained.

"Wow, I haven't even tasted root beer, but it sounds like it's definitely going to be my new favorite drink." Nod said, making an quick assumption.

Since she now knew what each of them wanted, M.K. paid for her drink and Nod's drink in a medium size, and Shawn did the same for his drink and Arrietty's drink. Even though Nod and Shawn had offered to carry their drinks, Arrietty and M.K. insisted they could do it themselves, but thanked them for the offer.

"So which auditorium are we in, guys?" Arrietty asked curiously, and this caused M.K. and Shawn to take the tickets out from their pockets since they still had them.

"We're in auditorium number seven." M.K. replied, as she led the way, but not before bringing the ticket down from her eyes, but kept it in her hand.

"How long has this movie been in theaters?" Nod inquired, since he felt genuinely interested. "Do you think there'll be enough seats for us, M.K.?"

"I'm sure there will be, Nod, because it's been in theaters for a few weeks now, so that means a lot of people have seen it already." M.K. replied.

"Oh, that's good, so then there won't be too many people in the theater." Nod said in relief as they all came up to an employee who checked tickets.

After their tickets were approved, the four teens made their way into the auditorium and searched for an aisle that had four seats next to each other. Luckily, they had managed to find good seats, and they weren't too close to the screen, but far away enough so they could see the whole screen.

"Arrietty, Nod," M.K. said, while facing them. "You don't have to carry your drink the whole time we're in here, because there's cup holders." She added.

"Great!" Nod and Arrietty exclaimed in unison, and this caused them to glance at one another and laugh for a bit before setting down in their seats.

"This is so comfortable," Arrietty voiced, and let out a sigh of relief. "Hey, M.K., what's the difference between these red seats and the black ones?"

"The red seats we're sitting in are D-BOX, and they make seeing a movie much more fun by literally moving to what's happening in the movie. It's kind of like being in a ride at a theme park, only we don't go around a track or anything, we just stay in the same place." M.K. explained.

"M.K., what about these buttons here?" Nod asked, while pointing to a control pad located on the right side of M.K.'s seat. "What are they for?"

"Those are the selection buttons, Nod. They help raise and lower the level of motion in your seat. Would you like it to be higher?" M.K. asked.

When her boyfriend gave a nod, M.K. pointed to the button which had a symbol of an arrow going up, and Nod knew what that meant right away. Nod brought his eyes to the control pad that was connected to his own seat and he pressed the up button until it was at the highest level possible.

"Thanks for the help, M.K.," Nod said, as he turned to face her and gave a smile, but what happened next really took him by surprise.

M.K. had leaned forward to give her boyfriend a peck on the cheek, which caused Nod's eyes to widen and also his cheeks to turn red.

"Your welcome," M.K. whispered in his ear before moving back to sit in her seat, while Nod was still feeling speechless for a short time.

"I thought you said that I couldn't get a kiss until the date was over," Nod reminded, as he brought a hand up to the spot where M.K. kissed him.

"A kiss on the lips, if I hadn't been more specific earlier, and you've waited for quite a while now, so I thought you earned one." M.K. explained.

"When you say "one", M.K., do you mean just one kiss, or one for each cheek?" Nod asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face too.

"Alright, now you're pushing it." M.K. responded, and hearing this caused Nod to change his expression into a mix between a frown and a pout.

"You can make that face as long as you want, but it's not going to change my mind, and when I said one kiss, I meant just one." M.K. declared.

"Sorry." Nod whispered, before turning to face the screen, and only a few seconds passed before Nod spoke up again. "I'll behave, I promise."

M.K. couldn't really tell if Nod was being either serious or sarcastic, but he did make a promise to her, so M.K. considered that to be a good thing. Since she didn't want Nod to think she was upset with him, M.K. brought her right hand over Nod's left hand before lacing her fingers with his own. Nod seemed to get the message loud and clear when he glanced at the display of affection M.K. was giving him and a smile had come to his face.

"Hey, Shawn, look at those lovebirds! Aren't they cute?" Arrietty teased, and hearing this caused M.K. and Nod to let go of each other's hands.

Even though Arrietty only meant to whisper to Shawn, she had unfortunately been loud enough for the other couple to hear what she just said. Obviously, both Nod and M.K. felt quite embarrassed, since they got caught up in the moment and had forgotten that Arrietty and Shawn were nearby. However, both the Leafmen rookie and his significant other actually felt grateful, because if Arrietty hadn't said anything, then they probably wouldn't have brought their attention back to the movie screen. It seemed like Arrietty was right to speak up at the time, because each and every bright light in the theater had begun to dim until they were completely off, and all of the teens became a lot more excited too. Since Tomorrowland was a Disney movie, they got to see several previews of movies which were clearly for kids, from the Despicable Me spin-off, Minions, the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out, and finally, the new Peanuts movie.

"That movie was so awesome!" Nod exclaimed while pumping a fist as him and M.K., along with Shawn and Arrietty walked out of the auditorium.

M.K. couldn't help but let out a few giggles from seeing her boyfriend's enthusiasm, but made sure to cover her mouth so that Nod wouldn't hear.

"Well, Nod, I'm glad to hear you liked it." M.K. replied before turning to face the Borrower and her friend. "So, what did you two think of it?" She asked.

"I thought Tomorrowland looked amazing and I wish it was a real place!" Arrietty answered with delight before keeping quiet so Shawn could speak.

"I enjoyed the movie very much, and if anyone asked me what movie they should see, I'd definitely recommend Tomorrowland to them." Shawn said.

"Guys, we should really do this again sometime," Arrietty suggested, while feeling hopeful that she could spend more time with M.K. and Nod in the future.

"As much as that would be great, Arrietty, I doubt the Queen of Moonhaven will keep using her powers just so we can have more double dates." M.K. replied.

The smile on Arrietty's face had begun to be replaced with a frown as she let the information sink in, and Shawn was the first to notice the change in his best friend's expression.

"Don't be upset, Arrietty, the four of us will still get to hang out together. You and Nod just won't be the same size as me and M.K anymore." Shawn said.

"I know, Shawn, but it's just for the past few hours, we didn't have to think about that, but it's now going to be a constant reminder again." Arrietty responded.

"Arrietty, I never considered your size to be a problem ever since I met you, and I didn't let that stop me from being friends with you either." Shawn confessed.

Since what Shawn said just now did make her feel better, a smile made its way onto Arrietty's face, and when she faced Shawn, he smiled right back at her.

"You know, guys, when I'm back in Moonhaven, I could ask the Queen if she'd use her powers for us more often, but I doubt she'll say yes." Nod informed.

"It's okay, Nod, you don't have to ask the Queen. If her powers were meant to be used for only the forest, then it should stay that way." Arrietty said.

"Are you sure, because I could suggest for the Queen to use her powers for us at least once a month, so it wouldn't be too many times." Nod replied.

Arrietty was about to shake her head and say no when she started thinking about Nod's suggestion for a moment before deciding it was a good idea. She wouldn't have to always make a wish that her and Nod could be bigger occasionally, and besides, once a month would be more than enough for her.

"On second thought, Nod, it wouldn't hurt to ask the Queen, because even if she does say no, then at least we would have an answer." Arrietty said.

All of the other teens soon had a smile on their face, since they were glad to see that Arrietty wasn't feeling so sad and she was much more positive. Suddenly, M.K. remembered Larry and she realized they weren't any closer to the theater's entrance, but were standing just outside the auditorium.

"C'mon, guys, we shouldn't keep Larry waiting any longer for us, considering he already had to wait almost two hours by now." M.K. reminded.

"Really? He didn't bother to come in here to see a movie like we did and just sat in his taxi outside for the whole time?" Nod asked sarcastically.

"Well, Larry did say that it's against the law to leave a taxi without a driver, or at least I think that's what he meant at the time." M.K. answered.

"Whoa, the guy must be pretty dedicated to his job if he's willing to stay in a car that has only a radio to keep himself busy." Nod responded.

M.K. simply gave a nod in agreement to her boyfriend before leading both him and her friends outside the theater, and to their surprise, Larry's taxi wasn't parked close by.

"Don't worry, guys, I'm sure that the reason we don't see Larry right now is because he had to go find an actual parking spot." M.K. assured.

Nod, Arrietty, and Shawn all felt a little more relaxed after they heard this, and the sight of a familiar taxi approaching certainly helped as well. When the taxi finally did come up in front of the theater, M.K. and everyone else could notice that Larry had an anxious expression on his face.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't parked right here for you kids. It's just that vehicles can only park here to drop people off or pick them up." Larry claimed.

"You don't have to apologize, Larry. We weren't really waiting that long, we came out of the theater just a few minutes ago." M.K. reassured.

Larry heaved a huge sigh of relief as each of the teens got into the taxi, but not before showing Larry they weren't upset with a genuine smile.

"Back to your house, then?" Larry asked, while looking back at M.K., who nodded, and he waited until everyone had on their seatbelt before driving off.

"So tell me, how was the movie?" Larry inquired, and that's when his young passengers took a turn to gush about the movie, with the girls going first.

By the time that they finished, Larry was silent for a moment, but the teens figured that he was just taking some time to process everything he heard.

"Sounds like it was great! I guess I'll make sure to see that movie when I have the time." Larry informed, as he kept his eyes on the road in front of him.

The remainder of the taxi ride back to M.K.'s house was quiet, mostly due to the fact that the teens didn't have something else to talk about with Larry. Although there was the topic of whether or not the Queen of Moonhaven would use her powers for Arrietty and Nod again in the future, it wasn't such a happy topic to discuss, not to mention that Larry didn't know about Nod and Arrietty's regular sizes. The only thing that the teens could do at the moment was hope that the Queen would say yes, but if she didn't, then they'll still accept her answer.

M.K. and the others were already grateful for the hours they got to spend together without having to worry about Arrietty and Nod getting stomped on. However, if they were granted the chance to experience a lot more nights with the four of them being the same size, then they'd be undoubtedly elated. It wasn't until the sight of M.K.'s house that caused the redhead, her boyfriend, and both of their friends to change the expression on their faces.

"Larry, thank you so much for being our driver," M.K. said, before she got out the taxi and walked over to his window. "We really appreciate it." She added.

"It was my pleasure, and I'd be happy to drive you kids again." Larry replied, as everyone else exited the vehicle. "Just let me know when and where."

"I will, Larry, and once again, thank you," M.K. responded, then she lent out a hand for Larry, who brought out his own hand and shook M.K.'s firmly.

Once they finished with their handshake, M.K. took a few steps back while Larry rolled up his window before driving off, but not before waving goodbye.

"Hey, M.K.," Arrietty asked, and she waited until M.K. was facing her before speaking again. "Do you know exactly when me and Nod will change back?"

"No, Arrietty, I'm not sure, but it's pretty dark out now, so we should probably go inside the house before we start to catch a cold." M.K. suggested.

Arrietty nodded and then she let M.K. lead the way into her house, with Nod and Shawn following not far behind and one of them closing the door.

"Dad?" M.K. said out loud, wondering if her father was still awake, but when she didn't get a reply, M.K. knew that her father had gone off to bed.

"Just so you guys know, my dad's asleep, so we have to be very quiet, but that doesn't mean we still can't talk to each other, though." M.K. informed.

Shawn, Nod, and Arrietty did exactly what M.K. had told them and they tried to be as silent as possible while they walked into the living room. To their relief, the room didn't stay dark for long since M.K. turned on a lamp, so now they'd be able to see the person they wanted to talk to. M.K. and Nod sat together on a couch, while Arrietty and Shawn did the same on another, and a few seconds went by before Shawn spoke up.

"So, Nod, when you talked to the Queen earlier, did she tell you how much longer the magic will last for you and Arrietty?" Shawn asked curiously.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Shawn, but Queen Mari didn't tell me, only that every time she does use her magic, it takes a lot of energy out of her." Nod replied.

All of a sudden, M.K. started to panic because she remembered telling Nod that she wouldn't kiss him on the lips until the end of their double date. Neither of them had any idea when him and Arrietty would shrink back, so M.K. grabbed her boyfriend by his shirt and brought her lips to his own. Obviously, Nod was taken by surprise from this happening, and the same went for Arrietty and Shawn, since they didn't expect it to happen either.

Nevertheless, it was a kiss, so Nod didn't bother with pushing away M.K. and soon, it became a lot more passionate when they used their tongues. What the couple playing tonsil hockey didn't notice was that they were making Arrietty and Shawn so uncomfortable to the point of leaving the room. At first, the borrower and her friend thought it was cute seeing M.K. and Nod kissing, but now, it seemed a little gross with how long it was going on.

"Ahem!" Shawn cleared his throat as loud as he could, but when Nod and M.K. still continued their make-out session, it was time to literally separate them.

Just as Shawn got off the couch, his eyes widened as Nod finally began to shrink and Shawn turned to see that the same thing was happening to Arrietty. Coincidentally, this had caused M.K. and Nod to stop kissing, and a sad frown to quickly come onto M.K.'s face as she saw Nod return to his regular size. If there's one thing that Shawn and M.K. got from this, it's the Queen didn't have to be around people to change their size, she could just use her mind. Eventually, Shawn took his own mind away from Arrietty's size and thought of how he would return home, since his parents were probably asleep by now.

"M.K.?" Shawn said, and hearing her name had gotten M.K. to slowly turn her head and face Shawn. "Could you please give me Larry's number?" He asked.

The redhead was about to ask why he needed it, when M.K. realized that Shawn didn't have a ride home, so she looked for a pen and a piece of paper. Once she had Larry's phone number written on a post-it note, she gave it to Shawn, who went over to the house's telephone and dialed the number. M.K. sat down quietly on the couch where Arrietty was, and Nod watched as she brought the palm of her left hand down and in front of the borrower, who didn't hesitate to step onto M.K's palm, and then M.K. raised her palm up closer to her face.

"Arrietty, it was such a pleasure to not only meet you, but to spend time with you, and I hope this won't be the last time we'll see each other." M.K. said.

"I hope so too, M.K." Arrietty replied, but not before giving a bright smile to M.K.. who smiled back and lowered her palm, so that Arrietty could step off safely and return to standing on the couch.

When she heard the sound of footsteps, M.K. turned around to see Shawn approaching, and she assumed that he either just finished his call, or somehow, he wasn't able to reach Larry on the end of the line.

"Larry isn't that far away, so he'll be back in a few minutes." Shawn revealed, which meant the answer to M.K.'s assumption was the former and not the latter.

"That's good," M.K. responded, before looking at Arrietty and Nod. "I don't know why I feel so sad about this. We knew this was going to happen." She added.

"Maybe because you wish that it didn't have to be this way all the time, so it wouldn't be an issue whenever you and Nod are together." Shawn responded.

M.K. looked at Shawn in astonishment, since that's exactly how she was feeling, and she couldn't help but wonder if Shawn felt that way about his friendship with Arrietty.

"Well, Nod's going to ask the Queen if she can use her powers for us more often, so all we can do is just hope that she'll say yes." M.K. reminded.

Shawn was about to say something when him and the others teens all heard the sound of a car horn, which must have meant that Larry had arrived.

"Hey, Shawn, are you sure that Larry said 'a few minutes' or 'a few seconds?" M.K. asked, and this joke caused the two of them to laugh for a moment.

M.K. got up from the couch and hugged Shawn, but not before waiting for him to come forward so that it was okay and she didn't take him by surprise.

"It was great to see you again, M.K.," Shawn said, as they remained in their embrace for no longer than less than ten sounds before they pulled away.

Shawn walked over to the couch and he did exactly what M.K. had done not so long ago by bringing a hand down for Arrietty to step onto and stand on. Using his other hand, Shawn tried to unbutton his shirt pocket, and he chuckled when he looked down to see that the pocket didn't have any buttons. Shawn brought his left hand right up to his shirt pocket so that Arrietty could jump in without having a chance of falling and getting herself hurt badly.

"Goodnight, M.K.," Arrietty and Shawn said in unison, but when they realized what just happened, the two giggled quietly, since they knew that M.K.'s father was sleeping.

"Goodnight, guys, and I don't mean to rush you out, but you should probably go now before Larry honks his horn again and my dad wakes up." M.K. suggested.

Shawn and Arrietty both a gave a nod to M.K. before the boy walked over to the front door, which he opened slowly and closed without making much noise at all. Not even thirty seconds had passed when M.K. heard the sound of Larry's taxi driving off once more, and she brought her attention back to her miniature boyfriend.

"I guess it's time for you to return home." M.K. declared, as she looked down at Nod for a moment before going to her father's office, where he kept his equipment.

M.K. put on one of Professor Bomba's tricked-out helmets to help her see and hear Nod better, but not before she turned on a lamp first so that she'd be able to find it easily. She walked back into the living room and then went to the couch that Nod was currently standing on, and she did the same routine of getting a tiny person onto her palm. Now that Nod was sitting comfortably on top of her left shoulder, M.K. tiptoed across the house until she was outside, where the girl moved herself closer to the forest. It seemed like M.K. didn't have to walk all the way through the forest to find Moonhaven when Nod made a loud whistle sound, which caused a hummingbird to arrive.

This had M.K. feeling very impressed, since Moonhaven was a long distance away from her house, and yet, a hummingbird managed to show up in less than a single minute. M.K. watched as Nod stood up carefully and mounted the hummingbird, but before leaving, he flew up and gave a peck on his girlfriend's cheek which left M.K. feeling flushed. Even though she saw that Nod had flown off into the forest, M.K. stood right where she was for about a few seconds before turning around and heading back into her house. M.K. was almost going to take off her father's helmet, put it back in his office, and head straight for bed when she remembered Nod's important suggestion for the Queen.

Nod would probably come right back to tell her the news, and M.K. didn't want to wait or miss it either, so she sat down at a computer in her father's office and turned it on. M.K. didn't think the computer's beep sound would wake up her father, even if it did echo through the house, since it was only made three times before an image appeared. Perhaps her father was listening to bat calls or some other animal on his mp3 player, or he was borrowing her iPod, which M.K. left behind at home instead of taking it with her. Unfortunately, M.K. didn't get a chance to think about that more when she heard a beep sound go off, which caused M.K. to yelp in surprise, and get her heart beating faster. M.K. closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself down before bringing her attention back to the computer, which now had an image of Nod flying his hummingbird.

"She said yes, M.K.! She said yes!" Nod exclaimed, while pumping a fist in the air, and a big grin quickly came onto M.K.'s face from what she just heard her boyfriend tell her.

"By the way, thanks for the kiss!" Nod shouted, before flying away, and that's when M.K. turned off the computer, took off her father's helmet, and felt her cheeks flush again.

Since it was the middle of the night, M.K. would wait until tomorrow to tell Shawn and Arrietty the good news, but for now, it was time for M.K. to go to bed and get some rest. After going up to her bedroom, M.K changed into her pajamas and went to sleep with a smile on her face, knowing that her and Nod would get to have a lot more double dates in the future.