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The Star In The Darkness

Chapter 1: Meeting with the Darker Half

(Yusei's P.O.V)

Why? I asked. Why was I made to suffer? Why was I made to be the one to risk my life for others? I keep asking myself as these thoughts repeat in my head over and over.

I stood there alone in the darkness wondering if this was a dream or a nightmare?

It had been one week since I defeated Z-ONE and saved Neo Domino from being destroyed.

Though I did not do it alone since I had my friends with me our bonds made me strong in order to defeat Z-ONE.

By using the power of the crimson dragon and my friends' dragons I was able to achieve Over The Top Clear Mind.

With it I was able to perform Limiter Over Accel Synchro to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon. The dragon was the strength of our bonds and our power.

But suddenly after Z-One's defeat I began to feel empty, I didn't know why maybe it was because I felt that my friends would have been better off without me. That all this time there was never really any bonds between us.

But that was a lie my friends care about me, they were worried when they thought I had died in the Arc Cradle. I was the one that brought them together, and because of that we were able to beat anything that came at us.

Not only were we signers but we were a team, we became Team 5D's and we were proud of it. We had faced many challenges from The Dark Signers to WRGP then The Ylliasters we conquered them all. I care deeply for my friends and her...Aki.

Aki, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in all my life and one of my closest friends. She was very special not only to the group but to me, back then she used to be a feared psychic duelist known as the Black Rose Witch. Who had the power to inflict real damage and made monsters real in duels. And it was because of her powers that she was treated differently.

Ever since we met I always had a desire to help her because she had been shunned all her life. Funny I have shared that feeling before. But I was able to help her and took away all her pain away and reunited her with her parents and because of that she was happy and blossomed into a wonderful person.

Jack and Crow would sometimes tease me or ask me when I would ask her out? Back then I wasn't sure what I felt for her? I didn't know if I wanted to just be her friend or something more?

I noticed that she had feelings for me and so have I for her but there been always an obstacle in the way. Even though she has changed into a wonderful woman, there are some that still think of her as a monster.

I hated how the people treated her and called her a monster or a witch, I hated how she used to have been with Divine the bastard that only wanted to use her, manipulate her and make her a solider for his army of psychics in order to rule the world.

I was glad when that bastard died served him right for what he did, funny I never thought I would think like this? Even though I had a dislike for him I could never think such thoughts.

But why do I feel so alone? And why was I thinking this way? Why is it that I always have to end up being miserable?

"It doesn't make sense?" I asked myself while I walked in an endless void of darkness.

"Nothing makes sense." A voice came out of nowhere as I stopped. "Who said that?" I asked loudly.

"Someone who knows you very well." The voice replied back as I later heard a dark chuckle.

"Who are you?" I asked. "And how do you know me?"

"Lets just say we are the same." The voice responded although it sounded just like mine except it sounded darker. "I have always been here with you, watching you. Seeing how much you had gone through over the past years." I heard a hallow chuckle again.

"Alright, Show yourself!" I demanded.

"As you wish." I saw something or someone coming out of the shadows appearing towards me. My eyes widen in shock as a saw the figures appearance I could not believe my eyes. The same way I was shocked when Z-one relieved his identity behind his mask. But this was something else something that made me froze in fear.

The figure looked just like me except he looked different. He was wearing the same jacket as me except it was black with red gems on the shoulders that were colored like blood. Dark jeans and knee-pads that were the same on his shoulders.

He had dark grey gloves as well as dark grey riding boots, his shirt was black with the same symbols as mine except they were dark blue.

And his face was like mine except his eyes were red that gave a sinister malicious glare to them. Those cold blood red eyes that stared at me, his eyes were similar to that of Placido and Aporia.

His skin color looked pale compared to my slightly tanned skin color. His hair was more darker shade of black than mine, it looked char-coaled. And what surprised me was his criminal mark was black instead of yellow and his streaks on his hair were dark red.

"Who or what the hell are you?" I asked in a terrified yet surprised voice.

He smirked evilly at me. "Why, I am you of course." He said. "I am the darkness that is inside you."

I froze at what he said, my body couldn't move as I looked at him just smiling evilly at me and staring at me with those cold sinister eyes of his. Is this really the darkness inside my heart?

"Why are you here?" I asked. He simply chuckled by my question as he still looked at me.

"Why am I here, you ask." He said. "Simple, I'm here because I want to help you."

I got confused. Why would he want to help me? Just who is he? Why does he look like me? What does he want from me? Just what kind of person is he?

"Why is that? Are...Are you some kind of Dark Signer?" I spoke wanting to know what or who he really is?

He laughed at my question just hearing that sinister laugh of his send chills to my bones.

"What so funny?" I asked wanting to know what he find amusing?

'Please you really think I'm like one of those deadbeats?' he chuckled. 'I'm sorta like them only far more worse and far more powerful than they were'

So if he is not a Dark Signer then what is he then? Is this person or creature really suppose to me? This makes no sense.

"I know what your thinking." He spoke. "You ask so many questions. Yet you don't realize the truth."

The truth? What does he mean by the truth? I don't understand? I kept staring at him, still smirking at me.

"What Truth?" I demanded.

"Fudo Yusei you have done so much for Neo Domino city, its people and your friends." He said. "However, was it worth saving the city? Was it worth risking your life for the sake of others?"

Each word made me froze and confused. Sure I would risk my life for others even those who are closes to me. I value my friends the most; my friends are everything to me. I care about them and they care about me too.

"You think your friends care about you?" His expression then changed to anger as my darker half said in a voice that sounded full of hate. "You think they would care if you were dead or perhaps disappear from this world?"

I had just about enough of this. "My friends care about me! As much as I care about them!" I said angrily.

"Oh really?" He smirked at me. "Tell me, how many times did you had to risk your neck for them? How many times did you have to win your duels for them? How many times did they have to relay on you to get the job done?"

I froze again by his questions. What he said made me wonder what if I was being used like a tool? What if my friends only wanted me because they couldn't handle their own business? What if our bond was all just a lie? No I can't be thinking this.

"Search your feelings you know its true." He spoke. "There will come a time when they would turn their back on you and would leave you like mere trash."

"That is not true!" I shouted not believing a word he said. I gripped my head as I was on my knees I wanted this to stop. But why was I alone? Why was I the only one suffering?

"Trust me." He said. "Only I can help you. Only I can be your closes ally. You will feel the sting of their betrayal and when they do you'll turn to me."

I looked at him his eyes were showing such anger and hatred. Was it my anger and hatred for my friends? My anger and hatred for everyone?

"Join me, and together we will make them pay." He spoke in a voice filled with hatred. "Together we will punish everyone for ever trying to use us."

Then I began to see visions of me hurting my friends, torturing them, beating them to death. Their cries and screams of pain echoed in my head as I saw myself laughing manically at them being in pain. As if I was enjoying their suffering.

And I could see her face…Aki's. Her eyes showed sadness and pain as tears run down her eyes. I then saw blood on my hands, the blood of my friends. No this isn't real that's not me!

"STOP!" I screamed. Then I woke up. I back at my room the apartment that me, Jack and Crow owned. I didn't know what I saw. Maybe it was just a bad dream, but it felt so real. My body was sweating as I got out of bed and looked outside the window. The cities lights were shining brightly.

I don't know what just happened but it's over now. But I have a feeling that worst has yet to come.

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