"Freddie Benson to the Principal's office now."

The intercom buzzed with the voice of Ridgeway's cranky old secretary calling someone else to Principal Franklin's office. Only this time, it was me. I racked my brain for every possible reason Principal Franklin would want to see me. I was a straight A student, never got into any trouble...so what other reasons were possible. I panicked the whole walk there.

I pushed the door to his office open and the was Principal Franklin waiting for me patiently at his desk. "Freddie! Good to see you!" he said happily.

"Thanks...good to see you too." I answer awkwardly, a puzzled look on my face.

"You're probably wondering what this is about. Well I'll start off by saying you're not in trouble."

I couldn't help but sigh with relief at that

"How have you been doing ok living with Carly and Spencer?"

I nodded.

A couple months ago, my mom had taken off and left without telling me why. It was hard to understand at first, and even though I still don't know why, I'm still trying to deal with the fact that now both my parents left me. Don't get me wrong, Carly and Spencer were so nice to let me stay with them, but now they just act so different around me, like I'm some sort of disabled freak that needed special treatment. I hoped I didn't have to live with them for too much longer.

"I see..." the Principal said, sensing his dishonesty. "Freddie, there's something I feel obligated to tell you. Your mother...well, she didn't leave for no reason. She was forced to leave...to fight a battle and keep you safe." he began uneasily.

"Um...you feeling ok, Principal Franklin?"

"I'm fine, Freddie. I just need you to know this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it. Your mother was a witch and you are wizard."

"Was a witch?"

"The witches and wizards who fought along side her have a reason to believe she might not have made it. I'm sorry, Freddie."

It wasn't the fact that my mom was a witch that really surprised me, I'd always had my suspicions. But my mom, dead? It couldn't be.

"We're not exactly sure if she is dead, but no one has seen her for weeks. She should have come home to you a long time ago."

I started tugging on my hair in frustration. How could he possibly think I would take this well?

"However, I also have good news. We've found your father, Freddie, and he's ready to meet you."

"My father?" I repeated in disbelief. "Geez, where are you getting all this crazy information?"

The deep voiced man chuckled. "I'm a part of the Wizarding community. Well technically I'm a squib, born to magical parents but can't do magic myself."

"Is my father a squib too?"

"No, your father's name is Remus Lupin, a great wizard from England."

"England?" This story just kept getting more and more unbelievable.

"Yes. He's in the United States now though, at a Wizard School in New York. Where you'll be going."

It took a moment for me to fully understand what he was trying to say. "So...I have to move to New York?"

He nodded. "Immediately."

"But what about Carly and Sam? What about iCarly?"

"I'm afraid your safety is more important that a web show, Mr. Benson."

Great. This was just great. I was going to live at a school for magic people with my recently discovered father. What else could possibly be worse than that?

The fireplace errupted with green flames- wait, since when was there a fireplace in Principal Franklin's office?

I had no time to ask before I was dragged into fireplace, the words "Hogwarts' Camp for Endangered Wizards' were the last thing I heard before I fell unconscious.