Hi, Shadmé here!

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Not yet. You'll be here later.

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Anyway, welcome to the story! …Uh, yeah. It's about how I found myself in Skyworld, Pit's home, conveniently around the time the Underworld Army decided to make its return. Together we set off on an adventure to stop it!

Pit: Ahem...

Oh, yeah. It will be from my point of view (first person) as well as Pit's (third person). There might also be another third person perspective focusing on another character, usually changing, but currently, they're only on later chapters. I may add them to earlier ones if I get time. The point of view switches when you see our name written in bold.

Pit: Yeah! Onto the story! Shadmé's first, though.


I woke up on a platform, comfortable despite the fact the floor was being squished into my face. The sun above warmed my back. Though I felt serene, I thought that maybe I shouldn't lay here to cook like roadkill. Once the harsh tingling pain in my back eased slightly, I began to observe the platform as it was, planted in front of my eyes. It was quite fancy, for a simple thing, decorated with ornate patterns along the edges which appeared to dance before my blurry vision. I stayed patient a few moments, waiting for the details on the platform to stand still. I had to focus.

I didn't remember anything. That's why I needed to latch onto something, in hopes of recollecting some inkling or meaning of my arrival here. Groaning, I rolled over so I could see the sky.

It struck me like lightning. I was IN the sky. Mind blank, not quite comprehending, I attempted to stand up and look around. The platform was surrounded by clouds, wispy and intangible, the sky around me a deep blue, a blue pure and untouched by those that dwelled below.

I had no clue where I was or how long I'd been up here. Was I dead?

Somehow, in the back of my mind, I remembered my mother telling me that when a person perished, she went to a heavenly place, and that she would get to meet her deceased family and companions and be at peace. But there was nobody around to welcome me.

As soon as I had managed to rise, pain laced through my back and I groaned again, wobbling. What was the cause of my unbalance? My voice echoed through the empty area, which caused me to flinch. I didn't like making sound in such a tranquil place. Though I wanted someone to tell me what was going on, I had a feeling this cloud land was not to be disturbed.

A little disoriented, I tried to remember anything. I knew for sure my name was…Shadmé? I frowned. That wasn't what I'd meant to think. Was that a nickname, maybe? Another name had seemed to evaporate from my mind as soon as I wondered. Was it a past life? Who was I, anyway?

Looking down at myself, I realized I was wearing a red shirt and loose black pants. Simple enough, I decided with satisfaction. No fancy stuff for me!

One thing I recognized on myself was a phoenix medallion. I had no idea why it was special to me, but I was glad to have it. A black cape was still being held in place by the golden piece. I also had my black-and-red fingerless gloves. I must have weird fashion sense or something, I thought. I kind of pictured the heavenly world above to have a…more divine and ancient theme. My clothes looked quite out of place.

Whatever. As long as the outfit serves its purpose, I am fine.

Running a hand over my black hair, I wondered if the red stripes had been kept intact. After a moment, I realized I didn't understand how I knew this much about my casual wear, especially since I didn't remember anything else. How helpful, too. I'd have to inform the first person I saw of my appearance. That totally wasn't obvious enough.

Feeling a piece fall naturally in front of my right eye, I decided that now was an okay time to explore. I tentatively stepped on the cloud to see if I could walk on it. I didn't know why I tried. Sure, I had no memory, but common sense should have been an instinctive thing!

I cringed as soon as this occurred to me. Pain laced through my back again at the motion. My back was still tender, it seemed. But thankfully enough for me, nothing happened, so I continued forward, ignoring the pain.

After a while, I noticed something. A few more of the small platforms- similar to the one I had awakened on- were arranged like stairs, going up to the sky. Shrugging to myself, I stepped onto the first one. As soon as I did, a bluish circular thing appeared. Stepping on it (cause y'know, that's the logical thing to do when you don't recognize something), it launched me to the next platform, and I almost fell off, surprised. Another "bounce pad" appeared, along with others on the other platforms. I smiled and jumped on the pad, ready for the big launch. I then ran to the next one after and bounced up. I was getting the hang of this!

Once the initial excitement of something new had faded, I soon realized that I was being followed. I had a theory that I'd gone on adventures before this, hence the idea of feeling something important had been forgotten. With this, I felt somewhat encouraged, and in hopes to redevelop those survival skills, began looking in all directions. Immediately after this conclusion, I heard a zapping sound and instinctively whirled around. A blue ball, electrified, was floating towards my face. I quickly jolted away from it. The ball just whooshed along, away from the platform in a straight line. I watched, transfixed, as the ball zipped to another platform and made contact.

A slight explosion occurred, but the platform wasn't destroyed.

I deduced that the ball was some sort of ranged attack that had missed. Absently, my thoughts drifted away into space. Was someone trying to hurt me? Who was it? Why did they fire an attack at me when they knew (they must've known...) it would miss? And where were they now?

Snapping out of my stupor, I ran to the other side of the platform and looked down. Shouldn't have done that. Not only did I find nothing, but I realized I was really, really far into the air. I mean no duh, but it terrified me for a moment. With a wobbly step back and head spinning, I accidentally reached the next bounce pad. It launched me into the air and I landed on the next platform with a thump.

"At least I'm not dead..." I mumbled.

Suddenly, something came to mind. Where were these platforms leading to? I had started climbing in hopes I would find some sign of humanity, but it seemed like nobody was around. I shivered as I realized that I could very well be the only person alive! Well, besides the person who attacked me...

Eventually, I noticed something new. There was a platform above my head that was smaller and thicker. I stood on tiptoe and peered up at the platform. A hunched, black-cloaked figure was walking away with its back to me. Words burst out of my mouth before I could think, probably because I was so relieved at thought of seeing someone, anyone else. And that was my mistake.

"Hey, sir! Could you tell me where I am?"

He whirled around, and I gasped, stumbling backward. The figure had bright yellow eyes, and a thin face and fingers. He was carrying a giant scythe with red stains. The creature flailed around once it made eye contact, and I thought he was going at me, full force until something was ringing in my ears. An 8-bit theme?

I forced myself to look up, where two ghostlike mini-me versions of the creature were swooping from the sky. Their eyes glinted as they aimed for me. I was almost frozen, and I couldn't utter a word as I rolled across the platform automatically, dodging the small being's attack. But there was more to come. The figure which had apparently summoned his minions made a small jump off of his platform and raised his scythe menacingly.

"Uh, we can talk about this," I squeaked, edging away from it. "You don't have to, ah, kill me?"

It ignored my feeble attempts at halting it and loomed closer. I took a deep breath, seeing no option other than leaping off platform, when suddenly...


Pit took a deep breath as he flew. Flying! He spent most of his days on the ground, being a flightless angel and all, but treasured every moment Lady Palutena granted to him in the sky.

"Lady Palutena!" he cried. "This is amazing!"

He was sure she was smiling. "It never gets old to you, does it?" she asked through telepathy. "One day, Pit, we shall figure out how you can fly on your own."

Pit lighted down beside the temple and grinned. "Take as long as you need. I enjoy having you beside me as I fly."

It was a true statement. Though he'd give up nearly anything to fly on his own- all angels felt at home in the sky- nothing could ever replace the thirty or so odd years he'd spent with his goddess in Palutena's Temple. He could feel it in his bones that serving Lady Palutena was his purpose in life. It guided every swipe of the blade, every word he spoke, every wing-beat. He was endlessly loyal to Lady Palutena,

"I'm glad to hear that," she spoke with a hint of gratitude. Moving the conversation along, she continued. "Alright, so here's today's mission. I ripped it right off the list of chores hanging on the refrigerator. Today we're going to sweep the stairs that lead towards the Overworld. Are you up for it?"

Pit shrugged. "Sweeping? Lady Palutena, I know I said I'd do anything for you, but you know how the stairs usually are. They're all shiny and pristine and stuff! I don't think there's that much to sweep up."

"Oh, sorry about that. I meant sweep as in fly by. Investigate. Check up on. Patrol."

"Now we're talking!" Pit grinned ecstatically. "Anytime a mission involves flight, I'm ready for it!" In response, Lady Palutena snapped her fingers, causing his wings glowed blue, a sign of the Power of Flight. Pit took a running leap off the platform, and immediately floated up. I've had dreams of me jumping recklessly off the side of the floating island before, but it only resulted in me plummeting towards the ground, he thought in wonder. Thank you, Lady Palutena, for not making me a pancake.

"Wait, Pit!"

He tried to stop in midair, but ended up doing a somersault unintentionally. Blushing, the angel turned around and asked, "What is it, Lady Palutena?"

"Don't forget to take a weapon. You never know what might happen. Underworlders, belligerent humans, sneak attacks, rabies-"

"Underworlders?" Pit chuckled. "You say that every time! It's been seven years since we defeated Hades and there's been no sign of the monsters leaving the Underworld."

"Now Pit, don't get cocky. It's not like they'd throw a party in the sky that we'd have to crash if they return."

"Right. I'd rather not clean up a 'festive little bloodbath' anyway," Pit responded, referencing the revived Medusa, one of their more recent enemies.

"As I was saying," Lady Palutena added, "I have a weapon here that has your name on it. Here you go!"

Pit's heart was still beating from the flip, and it beat even faster when his favorite bow materialized in front of him. Palutena's Bow! As he gripped it, two golden rings appeared on his left wrist. They allowed Pit to shoot endlessly. "If I'm not mistaken," the angel corrected, "I think it technically has your name on it."

"An acute observation. However! I was expecting a thank-you."

"Oh. Er, well, thanks," Pit stammered.

"You're welcome, Pit!" Lady Palutena replied cheerfully. "Now off we go!"

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Pit flapped his wings and soared away, high in the sky, with his faithful mentor guiding him.

Pit swooped and dived, enjoying the feeling of wind rushing past his face. Laughing, he flew through a cloud. Of course, Pit had been in the air before, but it always felt like a new experience. He flew high, and looked down at Palutena's Temple. Some Centurions were constructing an additional area in the back. "Hey guys!" he waved as he flew by. They looked up and, as soon as they recognized him, cheered. A big smile stretched across Pit's face as he flew away. It felt so good to be recognized as an equal, instead of torn down by his enemies...

...Like Hades. Pit shook his head, as if trying to shake away his memory. When Pit would go on his adventures seven years ago, Hades would appear and taunt him almost every time. The other gods had advised Pit to ignore him. But he was so annoying! And destructive! He guessed that was why Hades was a god of the Underworld. Lady Palutena was convinced that he wasn't completely gone, but Pit didn't want to waste the seven years of peace that Skyworld had after he had defeated him by worrying. Setting his sights on the territory ahead, he surged forward, eager to see what kind of adventures he'd have today.

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