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Chapter 1

The girl with long, dark brown hair and blue eyes sat upon the chair trying, without success, to hold back her tears, because of the recent memory that occurred few hours before. She remembered her father yelling at the little boy with glasses, who revealed to be indeed the high school detective, who was forced to swallow the medicine with the weird name that turned him into a first grade boy.

A few hours ago, Ran was preparing a dinner while her father was drinking some alcohol and watching Yoko Okino's television show. She was mad at her dad, because he spent all night in a pub and back in the morning completely drunk and here he was drinking again. She was worry that her father would need to visit a doctor again. She was going to scold her father, when the door opened and the little boy appeared in.

"Conan-kun, you came back. How was the sleepover at the Professor Agasa's house?" Ran asked smiling at Conan

"There is something, I need to tell you, both of you," Conan's voice sounded really seriously.

"What's wrong, Conan-kun?" Ran asked concerned.

"I have no time for you brat! I want to watch Yoko-chan!" Kogoro snarled.

"You will watch it later. Conan-kun has something important to tell us, dad! Besides, you already watched it like hundreds of times," saying that, Ran turned off the television.

"Tch, stupid brat," he muttered under his breath.

Conan's eyes wandered from Ran and Kogoro, before he finally spoke looking straight into Ran's eyes.

"Yours suspicions were right, Ran. I am not Edogawa Conan and I am not a grade school boy. My real name is Kudo Shinichi." He took down his glasses as he revealed his true identity.

Ran looked at Conan with wide open eyes, she tried to say something, but her father spoke first, laughing.

"What are you talking about you brat! This is ridiculous! What this professor gave you to eat that you are telling so dumb stuff!" Kogoro laughed loudly.

"Is it true?" Ran asked quietly but loudly enough for Conan to hear her.


She tried preventing herself from crying, before she shouted at him.

"Why, didn't you tell me, us?! How could you lie to us?!" tears shined in her eyes.

"Come on! Don't tell me you believe this brat?!"

Ran ignored her father and with shaking voice, she demanded Conan to tell them everything.

She listened to his story with her heart beating fast. She found out how, he followed one of men in black from the roller coaster and how he witnessed illegal transaction and how he was hit from behind by other man in black and was forced to swallow the poison that supposed to kill him but instead it shrank his body back to elementary school boy.

He then told how Professor Agasa forbade him telling anyone about his true identity, since those men in black didn't know about the effect of the poison and it would also put great danger on anyone around him and that he sent him to the Mouri's detective agency in hope that some cases, he was getting, would bring him to those men in black.

He said how Professor created him the gadgets to help him in his investigation and how he used Kogoro to solve cases with help of these gadgets. He also used Sonoko and Inspector Yamamura and the Professor, though he was aware of Conan solving the cases.

He then told them about everything what he found out about the black organization.

Conan also revealed all truth about Haibara Ai and her connection to the organization and that she was the one who created the drug. He also mentioned about her sister and her tragic fate and the fact that both Ran and Kogoro met her already. He told that Ai was shot and that she is in the hospital right now, though her condition was in good state now.

He then described in details FBI's and CIA's involvement. Conan even said that Sharon Vineyard and Chris Vineyard was the same person and that she disguised herself as the serial killer, when he and Ran visited New York two years ago. He also mentioned about how Kogoro almost was assassinated, which made Ran and Kogoro terrified that he could be dead by now.

Conan also revealed that Subaru Okiya was actually FBI's agent, Shuichi Akai, who faked his death and he disguised himself with the help of his mom and that Ran met him before and also, that Sera was his sister.

Finally, he revealed that Tooru Amuro was the black organization's member, though he was the one who confessed everything to the police and about Conan and FBI's action against the black organization. Conan said how inspector Megure called him and he demanded FBI to explain themselves.

Afterwards, he, the police's first division, FBI, Mizunashi Rena, Hattori Heiji whom Conan called, and his parents made an ambush for the black organization with the information provided by Amuro. They successfully arrest all of them along with their boss, who turned out to be the old crazy man, who believed that the immortality can be gained. However, Vermouth was able to escape, though she helped them during the ambush.

"I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you. If you were known about their existence, you would be their target. Trust me, everything what I did, was to protect you," Conan explained his reasons of hiding the truth but Kogoro wasn't pleased with his explanation and he started to yell at him.

"Protect my ass! I was almost killed and you also allowed that skunk, Amuro to hang out around me and my daughter! He could kill us at any moment! Did you think about it?! No! You didn't, so get out! Get out from this house! I don't wanna see yours face ever again!"

Ran never saw her father so angry and she wasn't even surprised. All that information was just too much for her dad and it didn't help that he was drunk. The alcohol just raised his anger.

She noticed Conan or rather Shinichi's eyes on her, however, she turned away her sight from him. Ran also felt betrayed and angry. She could understand Shinichi's reasons for lying but like her father said, they still could be killed, even without knowing about that black organization. She wasn't sure if she would be able to trust him again.

After, Conan left, Ran turned to her dad.

"I'm so sorry, dad. I had suspicions about Conan being Shinichi and I should tell you," she said with her tears flowing down her face.

"It's not your fault, Ran. I am the guilty one. If I would not be deceived, we wouldn't be in this situation. How could I be so stupid?! I was just a damn puppet!"

"Please, dad, it's not your fault. There was no way for you to figure it out. Shinichi's situation is beyond human's imagination, so please, don't feel guilty dad." Ran hugged her father. She felt so sorry to him. She hoped that he would be back on his feet, but she knew her dad would need time to do that.

Kogoro let go of his daughter and he went toward the door.

"Where are you going, dad? You are still drunk."

"I'm leaving. I need to shake off everything, though I'm not sure, if I ever be able to." He then left, before Ran could object more.

It passed few hours, after her dad left. She was worry about him but she knew; he would be fine. He probably went play mah-jong or to the bar, though Ran hoped that an alcohol would not sell to her dad, considering how much drunk her dad was.

She then started to think of Shinichi again. She hated him for all these lies and what effect it has on her dad, but she still loved him. Part of her wished to just run to him and saying her feelings back to him, but her reasonable side told her that Shinichi hurt her and her dad too much for her to do that.

Ran also had this weird feeling that there is something else that Shinichi didn't tell her. Even though, he looked straight into her eyes at first, he was looking away, when he was telling his story. However, Ran couldn't imagine Shinichi hiding anything more.

She also was worried about Ai. She hoped that she would soon leave the hospital. Ran felt sorry for her, even though, she was involved in all these, as well.

"How are you feeling?" Conan asked the reddish brown girl lying on the hospital bed.

"Not bad. Luckily, it was just one shot and it wasn't in critical part. Doctors want me to stay for two weeks to recover at least, but I'm planning to leave this hospital in few days anyway, so don't worry, I will soon make the antidote for you" Haibara promised

"Don't worry about that. You need to recover first. Besides, the professor already started to go through all the drug data. Also, I'm not sure if I would need it, considering that Ran hates me now."

"She told you that?"

"She didn't have to? However, she would hate me more, if she found out the truth," Conan explained. He felt very guilty.

"You cannot tell her the truth! It would only break her heart!"

"I know, you have no idea, how much guilty, I feel. I don't even feel that I deserve Ran's love."

They both remained silent. After few long seconds, Ai asked.

"What about Kogoro-san?"

"He's a mess and it's my fault," he responded

"It's not your fault, Kudo-kun," Ai comforted him.

"It is. You know that I didn't even consider how Kogoro-san would feel. I was just a selfish jerk."

"Don't say that. You did what you thought was right in that situation and the most important fact is that they both are alive."

Conan slightly smiled at her.

"You are the only person that I can truly talk to. I hope you will return back to your original age."

"I," Haibara started.

"Please, do it for me," he looked straight into her dark blue eyes, impatiently waiting for her answer.

"I will," she replied as she smiled at him.