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Cassandra Swan was a woman of science, of brain. Or so everyone thought. Since she was just a little girl, she knew there was something seriously wrong with her.
She dreamed. And not some nice, colorful, happy dreams, but those of the things she could see around her, real things. The ones that would happen in the near future.
She remembered all of her dreams, even if she didn't want to. But usually, when she woke up crying, she would find her big sister, Emma, next to her, trying to calm her down.
They were moved from one foster family to another since the moment they were found on a side of the high road in the state of Maine, with Emma being five and Cassandra being just a newborn. Luckily, they remained together.

Cass always tried to warn her sister, if one of her dreams told her that something bad would happen. Although her predictions almost every single time were true, Emma never believed her. One would think that she should, since Cass was usually right. But then, it was true that no one, ever, believed her.
Sometimes, when she happened to be right about something bad, their foster parents would go mad and they would make them go away, to another family.

And then, turning five herself, Cass decided she would never tell others about her dreams anymore, because people, and especially other kids, started to call her crazy and that usually made Emma punch them in their faces. Cassandra didn't want her sister to get into trouble because of her, so she stopped.

To forget about her bad dreams, she focused her attention on something different: computers. At the beginning she used them at school, just like the other kids, rather as toys than something else. Then, her inquisitive mind would make her learn how to build computers from the old, unused parts.
As a eight-year-old, she focused on the software and then on the net. The first time when she broke into the school's server was when she was ten and she changed her sister's grades in the system. Since then, she's never been caught on her hacking. By anyone.
Computers became her life. They were reliable, understandable, unlike her weird, strangely probable dreams.

When Emma turned seventeen and she couldn't stand anymore their foster family, Cass told her to leave her behind, but she also warned her to be careful, especially with strangers.
Unfortunately, she knew her sister would make her mistakes anyway. All she could do was keep her tracks on her, make sure she was safe.
When they almost silently said goodbye and Emma gave her the final hug, Cass watched her walk away and couldn't help the tears running down her cheeks for a long time. She sat, with her knees under her chin, and sobbed, at the same time asking herself, why on earth couldn't she go with her. The answer would come some time later.

Six months after Emma left, Cass' IT teacher, Mrs. Greggson, told her she was special and she should be in the accelerated learning program. Her foster parents didn't agree. For them, Cass was only one of their sources of income. One year later Cassandra was already adopted by sixty-year-old Mrs. Greggson and her husband and she already knew what she would be studying in the near future - Computer Science and Engineering on MIT. A few months later her sister gave birth to her son. In a jail. That's also when Cass used her skills to exact revenge on her former 'caretakers' for their behavior towards Emma and her. Not only did she clean all of their accounts, sending their money to some charities, but she also made them forever unable to take care of any kid from the system.
She did what she could about her big sister being in jail, but she knew that even her special skills couldn't help her this time. She knew then that her dreams, her visions, were her curse - usually the only thing she could do about them was to watch it all happen, at the same time feeling useless and powerless.

Her new, adopted parents were good to her. They couldn't have kids, so they started to love her as their own child. They quickly changed they will so that after their death all of their money would go to Cassandra. They believed she was special, they believed she was a genius, they believed in her. When she went to college as a fifteen-year-old, she knew she could always count on them.

It was also the time when Emma went out of jail, so she decided to help her as much as she could. Emma, of course, was to proud to accept any help from her little sister and her caretakers. She just agreed to move to Boston to be near Cass and to remain in contact with her. Not much later Cassandra was the one to invent all the special gadgets and programs her sister used to hunt criminals.

The only time Cassandra broke her promise to herself and tried to warn someone because of her vision, was when Tim - her first, one and only boyfriend in high school - was to go with his parents to Aspen. She tried to make him change this decision since she could see him breaking a leg on a slope. Three weeks later, when he came back from the hospital and showed up in school - on his crutches - he not only broke up with her after a month of dating and accidental kissing (actually, after one week, since three others he spent on his trip with his parents, or in a hospital). He also told all of his friends that she was some kind of a weirdo, not only a geek, but also bad omen, bringing all the bad things on the others.
Cass found dating overrated and she forgot about her love life for good. (Or so she thought).
Actually, she wouldn't have much problem in finding a new boyfriend. She was 5 foot 5 inches tall, had a slender, but curvy figure and her dark brown, long hair contrasted with her delicate features, fair skin and naturally red lips. As a child, she was often compared to Snow White. As a teenager, she could play her, if she wanted. And if she changed her glasses to contacts. That she did in college, though while working with computers she usually switched them again to glasses. And it's not that she wasn't fit, because, somehow, she aced PE.

She stayed in regular contact with her big sister. When she was studying at MIT, not a week would pass by without them seeing each other or at least talking on the phone. However, every time Cass would try to mention Emma's son and maybe share a bit of information about where he is, her sister would quickly change the subject.

The day Henry would find Emma, Cass would be there with her. She instantly had a quick, almost unnoticeable glimpse of what the future held. She didn't understand it, but she knew one thing - she had to go to Storybrooke with them. Luckily, she just finished her master studies and decided she needed to take some time to decide which of many presented job offers should she take.
She took all of her necessary electronics with her (she had to admit, they were like drugs to her), and she took the backseat of Emma's yellow bug.
Henry's visit wasn't a surprise to her. She predicted him coming for weeks prior to that night. But she couldn't help it - all of her attention during the trip was focused on the kid - her nephew. Till now she only knew him from some info found on the internet or her visions. She somehow knew that this day and finally meeting Henry would change her and Emma's life forever.

While in Storybrooke, her visions became even more painful and confusing. She sensed that everything had to eventually fall into place, but she didn't know how exactly it would happen. It irritated her like no other thing. Even a very bad internet access wasn't that infuriating, because with that she could at least do something.
Then, Henry started to tell them those stories about Snow White and Prince Charming, and how they were supposed to be... Her and Emma's lost parents! It couldn't be!
But... Everything was possible. Especially since she was an example of that, with her... Dreams.
Then Henry told her she was Snow and Charming's second daughter, Cassandra, and he somehow... knew. He told her she was gifted with the seercraft, but at the same time cursed, because no one was to believe in her predictions.
When she looked into his eyes and saw how sure he was, how excited by that fact and also how much he believed in his own words, she couldn't deny it anymore.
So, at twenty-three, she was a woman of science, of computers. But also she might have been a woman of magic.
Oh, it looked like she was really screwed.

So, how did it go?

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And if there will be a next chapter, it will contain the story in which Cass helps Emma and Graham to get together (and their happily ever after). We would have Cass & Hook first meeting in the chapter three, after a huge time-jump ;)


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