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Chapter 2
How the curse was being broken...

Her sister finally broke the curse. Not that it was unexpected for her, but, let's face it, Cass wasn't exactly prepared for what was going to happen after that. Especially with the fact that almost a week prior she had a vision of Henry's 'sleeping curse' and she couldn't do anything about it. She tried, but, as always, no one was able to believe her. Not even Henry.
Cass felt terrible and she even tried to convince Regina to change her plans about the poisoned apple. Nevertheless, The Evil Queen stuck to her scheme and she even tried to make excuses about Emma supposedly being a threat to Storybrooke. Cassandra always believed that Regina wasn't as bad as she seemed, but it didn't change the fact that The Queen was also as stubborn as a mule if she wanted something.
Just before the upcoming disaster Cass tried to look for help from the one man she really shouldn't have.
"Mr Gold," she started, entering his shop, "I believe you're my last hope."
He looked amused, seeing the younger Swan girl in such distress. She looked rather desperate. Rumplestiltskin smirked almost imperceptibly. "How may I be of service to you, Miss Swan?"
He knew she knew who he was. The main problem with this girl was, she didn't owe him absolutely nothing. Apparently, it was about to change.
For some time now he was wondering if she was also aware that her visions she had because of that magic trick he made not long before the time she was born, sharing with her the burden of the seercraft (making his life a lot easier). Obviously she wasn't, because then she would know for sure that he also cast this little curse on her, making that no one ever believed in her visions. That made him the only one knowing when she was telling the truth. Certainly, that knowledge already proved useful and it was also a great source of amusement - to see her, always so distressed about the fact that she was left alone again and others laughed about her warnings.
It could also make him her greatest enemy if she tried to seek revenge for what he made her endure. He wouldn't be able to blackmail The Queen to help him, she would, obviously, always take her side (something he still had a problem to understand why).
That little Swan girl caused much trouble from the moment she and her sister arrived in town. She didn't want to rent any of his properties, she bought that warehouse for herself. She saved the Sheriff from the death of The Queen's hand, making him remember The Enchanted Forest at the same time. She was the one to find David Nolan's wife, making it impossible to charge Mary Margaret or David for her murder. But all of this meant nothing comparing to the fact that she kept many secrets, knew so much about all the Storybrooke residents, but he still had nothing on her.
He just knew that this girl, this little mouse, was actually a personification of trouble. There was something about her that made him think she was the force to be reckoned with. Her sister may be The Savior, but she was not nearly as problematic as that little one, The Seer. Both, being the products of True Love, were dangerous, to say at least.
He thought she would be in debt to him, but, unfortunately, he couldn't help her this time. He, himself, was, at least for now, deprived of his magic, so he couldn't see the future anymore. The fact that she could, in this land without magic, spoke louder than anything.

With no one able to help her, Cassandra tried to warn her nephew, but this boy could be just as stubborn as his two mothers. Finally, feeling over stressed, helpless and just exhausted, she took her climbing equipment, packed it up into her, recently bought, blue 4-wheel-drive Mini Cooper and she drove to Baxter State Park to spend next few hours climbing.
She remained worried about her loved ones, but even when she told her sister to listen to her just this once it didn't work out. She couldn't count on Graham either - not long ago he and her sister had a fight (about this whole 'murder' thing) and she even wouldn't listen to him.
Cassandra started to practice rock climbing in college, just because her roommate, Lydia, was a huge extreme sports enthusiast. If not for her, surely, Cass would spend all her weekends in her dorm or at her adoptive parents house. Lydia was the one to convince her to try climbing with her. After just one time Cass fell in love with it. The same thing with Krav Maga classes - she insisted that Cass had to go with her, that she had to learn how to defense herself if necessary. What she said exactly then? Oh, it was "You can no longer count on your big sister to kick somebody's ass for you". Lydia was right.
That's why this time Cass knew she had to forget about all the Storybrooke drama - at least for a few hours. From the very beginning she found rock climbing relaxing - you just had to focus on where to put your arms and feet next.
The thing was, every time she had a vision or a gut feeling and no one believed her it was getting more and more ridiculous. All she did was telling them the truth. Was the problem in her, or maybe in the others?
Reliving all those weird reactions to her warnings made her slip and she nearly fell. That brought her back to reality. It wasn't the time for that. She came there to forget about it, and if she wanted to live through this climb, she had to focus.
Focus, Cass. Focus!

When she finally got back to Storybrooke a few hours later, it was mid-afternoon. She could sense there was something different about the town. She parked her Mini by her warehouse-turned-loft and, after a quick shower, when she put on her jeans, a sleeveless black top, a white leather jacket and her laced, high-heeled boots, she finally took a walk to the town center.
When she got there, she saw a small crowd, gathered by the Granny's. They all looked... Suspiciously happy. No, she should better say 'strangely' happy. And they all looked like that, except for Emma, who looked rather confused. When sucked her little sister she certainly had that expression of panic on her face. It was as if she wanted to scream for help from her.
Cass walked closer to them all, just as confused as her sister. She may have had predicted all of this, but it didn't prepare her for the panic that overwhelmed her, when she saw Mary Margaret and David, embracing Emma, looking happier than ever.
She could've told herself it was understandable, that it was bound to happen. She could've tried to convince herself she knew it and believed in it earlier, but when it all became finally real it made her get all panicky and freaking out. Her legs turned into jelly (funny, it didn't got like that when she nearly died on that rock just a few hours earlier).
Mary Margaret and David turned around and saw her, not more than ten steps behind them. Only this strange, unknown feeling and absolute love she saw in their eyes made her take those last, shaky steps towards them. She suddenly felt their hands taking her hands and pulling her to a group hug, with Emma and with Henry.
"You found us..." She heard Mary Margaret's broken voice, muffled by the hug. It made her feel the tears filling her eyes. She couldn't explain it, she took a deep breath, trying to fight them.
They all stood like that for a while, happy to finally being able to find each other. It didn't stop or even decrease Cass' panic, she was just to overwhelmed to believe in all of this. It was a bit as if it was one of her visions - strange, impossible to just understand, and seen from the outside.
When they finally stood back Hanry said to her: "I told you, auntie Cass! She saved them!"
His broad smile made it impossible not to reciprocate. She nodded, though her smile didn't reach her eyes this time. She still felt responsible for what happened and for the fact that she couldn't do anything to prevent this.
Mary Margaret chose that moment to hold her face in her hands. "They both saved all of us".
The look of confusion on Cassandra's face didn't go unnoticed. A moment later Graham showed up and he quickly took his girlfriend to his arms. This time no one cared that the Sheriff and the Deputy Sheriff were kissing on the Main Street of Storybrooke.
Emma still looked just as panicked as her baby sister. The memory of the first five years of her life spent in the Enchanted Forest was very slowly coming back to her. The important thing was, she looked relieved her son was okay - she kept taking a peep at Henry, making sure he was there.
A moment later Leroy and other dwarfs started to ask why didn't they all magically go back to The Enchanted Forest and when they all realized that magic appeared in Storybrooke and then Emma told them it was Rumpelstiltskin. They directed to his shop and they all looked extremely happy that the curse was broken. They were laughing and cheering and only Emma and Cassandra kept quiet for the whole time. The sisters were holding to each other's hand like to dear life.
That was the time their mother chose to ask: "You really want to go to him now? I'm sure you have questions you want to ask..."
Cassandra, freaked out more than ever, squeezed her sister hand and Emma got the message unmistakably. "The only questions we have now are for Mr. Gold: why did he double-crossed me and what did he do to this town?"
Mary Margaret, err, Snow, remained implacable. "Shouldn't we first talk about... It first?"
Cass couldn't help herself. She finally found her voice and asked: "What 'it'?"
But she obviously knew it well. Walking with them like that, she realized she had a vision, a series of images, changing incredibly fast. It was strange though. Those were... Different. As if she were able to see not only future, but also past... She knew they would have to talk.
Snow replied quickly: "Us? Your life? Everything?"
Emma, as always, tried to procrastinate such awkward conversation - as long as possible. "Couldn't we just talk 'everything' later? Like, with a glass of wine or..."
"Or a bottle? Or maybe something even stronger?" Murmured Cass, sure she wouldn't be able to have such talk without a booze. She wouldn't mind gin or tequila this time.
"We know it's a lot to take in... For all of us," said David, seeing his daughters still shocked expressions.
His wife quickly finished his sentence: "And we don't want to push, but we were waiting for this for so long..."
"Yeah, and so have we!" Retorted Emma, stopping abruptly. She pointed out to her baby sister. "She's been thinking about this moment her entire life! I, thanks to that stupid memory erase, have been thinking about this moment my entire life!"
Cass nodded, biting her lip and crossing her arms. "We've been imagining who you may've been..."
"And of all the scenarios that we've concocted... Our parents being..." Emma couldn't end this sentence it was still too crazy to even think about, too impossible to ever happen!
"We just need a little time, that's all..." Cassandra ended for her, looking at her parents pleadingly.
She hardly could stand the thought of herself being some kind a psychic, the idea of her and Emma's parents being Snow White and Prince Charming was definitely too much for now. She finally realized until now she didn't believe Henry in that little thing. She could stand the fact they were some fairy tale characters, but she never accepted this link between them.
That was the moment they all heard the crowd at the other end of the street.
"Snow..." Started David, who was first to notice that.
Dr. Archie Hopper run up to them all, panting. "Oh, there you are... Come with me, I need your help! Dr. Whale's whipped everyone to a frenzy. They're going to Regina's house. They're gonna kill her!"
Cass' eyes immediately were as big as plates, but when Leroy's proposition was to just go there and watch, she sent him a poisonous look.
Fortunately, Jiminy Cricket was also opposed to that idea. "No. No. We cannot stoop to her level. No matter who she is or what she's done, killing her is wrong."
"He's right," said Henry, exchanging looks with his aunt. They agreed on that. Then, he sent a pleading look to his mother. "Please. She's still my mom."
Emma frowned on that, but she had to agree, willingly or not. She exchanged looks with Graham, then looked at her parent. "We have to stop them."
Finally they all agreed to go to Regina's house, most of them more afraid that The Evil Queen had her powers back and he people of Storybrooke would need their help more than her.
Henry, just as Cassandra, didn't want something to happen to his adoptive mother. When they were walking to the Mayor's house, he boy took his auntie's hand and didn't let go of it.

Finally, they locked up Regina, at the same time saving her from he townspeople fury. She remained calm all this time, strangely calm.
She finally spoke, when Graham locked the door. "So I'm a prisoner now..."
This time Cassandra crossed her arms and couldn't stop smirking. Here's good old Regina. "Don't be a Drama Queen, Reggie..."
The Evil Queen just sent her a murderous look. She hated when Cass called her like that. She still couldn't understand why the younger Swan girl seemed to... Genuinely like her - despite all she knew about her. Despite the fact she tried to kill her sister.
Oh, she should expect a word from Cassandra for that... She had to be furious that this time she didn't listen to her and in turn risked Henry's life...
Snow and Charming looked at their younger daughter, and she could clearly see their expressions of utter shock. She didn't have to explain that now. The truth was, she was a grown-up, she didn't have to explain anything. If she wanted to be friends with The Evil Queen, she just was friends with her. She didn't mind a fight with Emma about it from time to time.
Finally, David found the words to ask his enemy: "If the curse is broken, why didn't we go back?"
The Queen couldn't stop the amusement to appear on her face. "Because there's nothing to go back to," she replied, in an absolutely calm voice. "That land is gone."
"We should get to Gold." Snow, sure, that Regina was laying, told her husband.
They all agreed and left The Sheriff's Station, but Cass, before she closed the door behind her, sent Regina a reassuring look, seeing the way The Mayor was observing her son - there was an aura of desperation about her - almost unnoticeable, but Cassandra long time ago learned to look for the signals in the eyes of the people she spoke with.
"I'll take care of him, don't worry," she said to her soundlessly.
The only thing Regina did was nod in agreement.

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