"Master Raenef!" Eclipse called down the empty hallway. "Master Raenef!" Silence met his calls, only causing him to grow even more anxious. It had been over an hour since anything bad had happened which wasn't a good sign. He would usually have thought his master was sleeping or eating but, alas, Raenef's room and the kitchen were deserted except for a few demon servants scurrying about here and there. He had asked a few of them if they had seen Raenef anywhere but they had all denied it. He had even asked that damned knight Erutis, but no luck there. He glanced outside and frowned. The storm was getting worse. No longer was the rain a soft drum but instead loud crashes on the walls. A door slammed in the distance and he would have thought nothing of it if it weren't for one thought calling out to him.

"Eclipse!" It called in the one voice he had wanted to hear for a long time. He rushed to the source.

"Master Raenef!" He cried in relief. Raenef was in the doorway, sopping wet as he carried his wadded up ball of a coat in his arms. "Why aren't you wearing your coat in this terrible storm?" He demanded.

"B-because I- I di-didn't w- want her to g- get w- wet." Raenef chattered.

Eclipse frowned. "'Her?'"

Raenef nodded. "The kitten." He pulled the coat apart a bit to show a dry, sleeping cat that was curled up comfortably.

Eclipse sighed heavily. "Master Raenef-" He began.

"I know, I know." Raenef shook his head. "I shouldn't have. But I couldn't, Eclipse. I couldn't just leave her." Raenef's eyes filled with tears and Eclipse softened.

"I was merely going to say that you should have called for me." He murmured.

Raenef brightened. "So she can stay?"

"If that is what you wish." Eclipse nodded. "What shall you name her?" He inquired.

Raenef glanced down at the raven black kitten as she opened her dark eyes. "Luna." He announced.

Eclipse smiled. "Luna it is." He walked over and stroked the kitten's cheek, causing her to purr.

Raenef hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Eclipse! I love you!"

Eclipse softened once more and he kissed the top of Raenef's head. "You're most welcome, Master Raenef."

Raenef stared up at him. "And?" He prompted and Eclipse chuckled.

"I love you as well."