The second time at the Congress was a charm.

The press liaison lady did not even look at her application. Tory was worried that she might wave her out, but instead, she showed her the way in herself, escorting her all the way to Congressman Yeager's offices.

The truth was that she was glad that she did not get to work on political journalism. She was waiting to hear from a political journal when she got the job offer at the small paparazzi magazine. It was not a difficult decision. As a true fan of the Scout Legion, she literally jumped at the opportunity to cover her beloved heroes in person for the rest of her life. But sometimes she regretted her decision when things got tough and life became difficult.

But the walk through the capitol hill completely changed her mind and showed her how lucky she was. The place was like a labyrinth. She would never be able to find her way through this place by herself-staking out across the street from the headquarter at the Hange-Rivaille group seemed much more pleasant than being shoved and pushed by all the people rushing their way around.

To her surprise, Congressman Yeager's office looked more like a crowded summer camp than the official quarters of a political dignity. Couches and cots were spreaded all over the place. Paperwork were left everywhere. People rushed in and out. Big white boards thrusted against the walls with stickies of all colors pinned up.

The man welcomed her into the office had to shove some paperwork on one of the couches to the floor so they could sit down.

'Sorry for the mess. There are several filibusters going on and we are also in the campaign mode.' the man scratched his head, which was shaved in the military style. 'The name is Connie Springer. You can just call me Connie. I am the head of the staff here,' he took Tory's hand and gave her a warm and wholehearted hand-shake.

So Connie worked as the head of the staff for Eren now? Not Armin? When she did not see Armin at Erwin's side, she guessed that he might have been here. At Eren's campaign. Where his best friend and childhood lover needed him the most. Working on strategies and schemes to guarantee his win.

So she was really surprised when Armin was nowhere to be found and Connie came forward and announced he was the head honcho of the camp.

This was really big news. Tory quickly jotted that down in her notebook.

Why Connie? It was not that Connie was not good. They were all great heroes. But Connie was no great strategist, not someone up to Armin's caliber. This was very suspicious. Something was going on here. Eren and Connie?

Then it was her Aha moment.

Eren and Connie? How could it be? Life did not only resemble art-life was definitely a lot more exciting than art.

Eren and Connie.

This was absolutely new territory. Completely off her list. But as a true journalist, she was up to the challenge and ready to improvise. She would start with the usual questions, like casually asked Connie what color of panties he would like to see Eren in. She could not wait to see his face when such a bomb was dropped on top of his head. She was sure that he could not help but blurting out the truth, no matter how many years he had squaddled around in politics.

But unfortunately, she was not able to squeeze in any questions. Connie tried very hard to give her his full attention. But the office staff and the campaign aids just came busting in and asked him this question and that question. Signing on this document. Reading up on this press release. The Senator of Hermnia was on the line. The Congressman from Trost had just sent him a note and wanted his response back asap. Eren himself was on the floor putting in the last efforts to get his social reform bill passed. Aids rushing in and out, updating them with the latest news on the main floor.

It was an absolute mess. By the end of the day, everybody was so tired and they just crashed on the couches and cots. But Eren was not done yet. He rushed into the office, grabbed some cold sandwich, waved his hands to Tory, and rushed back out there-to catch up with some senior members of the Economy Committee before they called it a day.

Tory was sound asleep when the press liaison came around to shake her awake. 'Wake up, Miss Ragnar,' the lady apologized, 'everybody had left except Eren, Connie, and some senior members of the staff. They are having a strategy meeting now over there in the conference room. Sorry for your waiting, but I think it is time for you to leave now. It will take these guys couple of more hours to wrap up, and it is already getting too late.'

That was the end of Tory's very long day at the Capitol Hill. When she got back home, it was already in the small hours of the early morning. She should be tired but she was so excited. She immediately pulled out some papers and started to work on her new story for the next issue: the story on Eren and Connie.

How they stood back to back to take on the new Titans, the old crinkled up monsters of the Capitol Hill. Their long and despairing battle. The only thing that kept them going was their love for each other.

She was sure all her readers would be in tears when they read the story just like she was now.