Amanda's Voice

Chapter 01: Big Mouth, Big Trouble

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Amanda Sefton was just yelled at by her parents. She had just been ordered to break up with Kurt Wagner, because he is a Mutant, and the Seftons are not. It did not help that when Amanda's parents met Kurt, another Mutant called Toad, jumped into the house to steal Kurt's Image Inducer. The Inducer is a high tech hologram projector. It allows Kurt to look human. In fighting to keep the inducer, so as to look human, Kurt and Toad wrecked a portion of the Sefton's house. The Inducer had been turned off repeatedly during the fighting, and Toad had successfully made off with the Inducer, leaving behind an concerned girlfriend, a wrecked house, an undisguised Mutant, and two very upset parents!

Mr. Sefton was standing beside his wife, Mrs. Sefton as they were 'talking to' Amanda, who was sitting on the couch. Kurt had gone back to the Mansion fifteen minutes ago. Mr. Sefton was getting angry with Amanda "What did you say? What do you mean 'No'? Maybe you did not hear me clearly young lady, but it was NOT a question! I am TELLING you that you will break up with that, that THING!" Amanda was shocked, horrified, but was slowly becoming angry. Very, very angry! With a deceptively quiet voice, Amanda looked her father in the eyes, and said with a cold-as-the-Arctic tone "No, I will not." Mr. and Mrs. Sefton were floored. Amanda NEVER talked back like that before! Mrs. Sefton said "See! That kind of back talk comes from hanging around the wrong crowd. Now, sweety, I know that you really don't mean to be like this. You just have been mislead by that awful Kurt creature. Once you have spent some time apart, you'll understand, dear." Mr. Sefton was nodding his head, as if in wisdom, in agreement with his wife.

Amanda knew better than to fall such garbage, and repeated "No. You are both being needlessly judgemental. The damage was because Kurt was robbed here in the house, and, like any guy any of of have ever heard of, Kurt faught back. That is what caused the damage. Are you really going to tell me, Dad, that if you were a teenage guy and someone broke into the home of your girl, that you'd NEVER fight back? Really?" Mr. Sefton did not answer that charge, instead he said "That is NOT the point! The point is that you will not see that decietful creature anymore, young lady!" Amanda was now standing up, her hands were trembling. Not trembling with fear, but with growing RAGE! "You refuse to see past your own BIGOTRY! Bigots! The blind pair of you! How dare you judge Kurt based on his looks, or his X-Gene! That is clearly the work of bigotry!" Amanda was about to continue, however her mother cut in, yeling "AMANDA SEFTON, YOU BE QUIET! SIT DOWN, MISSY!" Mr. Sefton took up right after his wife in yelling at Amanda "WE ARE NOTY THE ONES INTROUBLE YOUNG LADY! NOW SIT!" Amanda was so mad she was nearly in tears, but she screamed "I AM NOT A DOG! DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO SIT! YOU CAN SIT ON THE BIGOT WAGON!" Amanda ran past her angry, but shocked parents. Running up into her room, Amanda *SLAMMED* the bedroom door closed, then locked it. Then, so enraged that she had the strength to push her heavy dresser in front of her door, preventing it from opening! Flinging herself upon her bed, Amanda cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, Amanda's alarm clock rang, awakening her. Disorientated for a few moments, Amanda didn't remember sliding the dresser in front of the door. Then she remembered. She remembered the whole horrible mess. Getting up, and dispiritedly tugging at the dresser, eventually moved it enough to allow her to get out after unlocking nher door. Going directly to the shower, the right back into her room, Amanda avoided seeing her parents until she had to go through the kitchen to go outside to school. Mr. and Mrs. Sefton were waiting for her.

"Amanda, honey. We love you, and only want what's best for you!" Started Mrs. Sefton. "Honey, we just want you to know that this is the only reason why you are going to break up with Kurt. Understand?" Amanda did not answer. She stared at her parents. HARD. Then she said "Mind your OWN love lives! Not mine! I don't need bigots to rule my heart!"

Mr. Sefton exploded in anger at Amanda "AMANDA SEFTON! YOU WILL NOT SPEAK ANOTHER WORD TO EITHER OF US UNTIL YOU AGREE TO APOLOGIZE TO US! WE ARE YOUR PARENTS!" Amanda shut up. She also grabbed her bookbag, and walked out to the bus stop as the bus approached. Tears were flowing down her face. Her parents were too busy arguing to stop her.

As the day went on Amanda calmed a little, but came to the decision that she would obey her parents, whether they liked it or not! Taking a 3x5 ruled card, and a black marker, from her school supplies as she started to write, even as the other students were working on the Mathematics lesson. Amanda hardly talked to anyone until lunch. Sitting with Kurt, Amanda cried her heart out. Kurt, not knowing what else to do, just held her in his arms. His Inducer keeping his secret. After ten minutes, Amanda was able to tell Kurt, and the other X-Men at the table what had happened. She also told them her decision. She even showed Kurt the 3x5 cards she had written upon. She retold the part about telling her parents that they can 'sit on the bigot wagon!'. That got a laugh out of Kurt, Kitty and even Rogue snorted in laughter once!

Holding Kurt's hand, Amanda looked into his eys and declared "I love you, Kurt Wagner! No one can order another's heart like a soldier, and I'll NEVER stop loving you!" Kurt was suprised, and happy at the same time. Still, he felt guilty for getting Amanda in more trouble. Kurt looked into Amanda's eyes and said "Ja, Amanda, I'm in love vith you too. I'm sorry that you got into trouble vith your parentz. Maybe ve should stop see-Eep!" Amanda stopped Kurt from finishing that statement by giving him THAT look! "Kurt Wagner! Do you love me? Yes or no?" Kurt took a moment to collect himself, and looked Amanda in the eyes again saying "Yes, Amanda. Yes, a million times yes!" Amanda replied "Then enough of any talk about giving in to bigots and bullies! We'll fight for our love! Right?" Kurt, heartened greatly smiled as he agreed "Ja! Ve vill, Amanda!" He held her close throughout the rest of lunch and recess, romantically feeding her his candy bar a bit at a time, as he comforted her.

After school. Amanda went ho,e as normal. As soon as she was inside, with her coat hung up, she began her homework. Her 3x5 cards were already out and ready to use. After her mother arrived, Amanda simply kept on task with her homework. Since it was obvious that Amanda was actually doing her homework, her mother left her to it, as supper was being prepared. It even seemed like a normal evening, if you didn't notice the deathly lack of conversation. Amanda, however really was getting her school work done. Her mother was soon too busy to really have a conversation, anyway. Soon Amanda was done with her school work, and packed it all up. On her way up the stairs, Amanda heard her mother call to her "Amanda, dear, don't forget to wash your hands, and come set the table." Amanda obeyed but did so without a word.

As she finished setting the table just right, her father pulled into the driveway. Her mother smiled at Amanda who did not smile back. Instead, Amanda simply kept her face neutral. No smile, but no frown either. Mrs. Sefton did a double-take when she realized that Amanda did not return her usual smile. No words were spoken as Mr. Sefton walked inside, and hugged his wife. "Good to be home, sweetheart! How are you?" he asked his wife. Mrs. Sefton gave her husband a worried look, then looked at Amanda. It took him only a moment to realize that this means that she has not stopped seeing that Mutant.

Mr. Sefton walked over to Amanda as she was just sitting down. "Amanda? Why can't you just listen? We are your parents, and only want what's best for you." Mr. Sefton waited as Amanda just looked at him. She did not speak, but she was looking at him, and thus, not ignoring him. "Amanda, just think about are plenty of good, handsome young men out there. Why not give one of them a call, instead? OK? Amanda? Amanda, answer me!" Mr. Sefton was getting angry again. "Amanda Sefton answer me right now!" He stopped when she took out the first 3x5 index card. Written upon it was the following: "You forbade me to speak too you, until I am ready to apologize." Mr. Sefton said "Young lady, do NOT get smart with me! You know that was intended only to stop your rude back talk! Now tell your Mother and I that you're sorry."


"Amanda Sefton! Answer us!" Cried Mrs. Sefton. Amanda simply held up another card. Annoyed, Mr. Sefton took it and read it aloud "I am on a verbal strike. I refuse to speak to either of you until I am allowed to date Kurt again. I do NOT speak to bigots." Mr. Sefton was quickly loosing patience "Amanda! Go to your room until you are ready to be civil! And NO TV, GAMES, or COMPUTER!" Amanda had an idea that this would happen and calmly got up, and with great dignity, walked to her room. Going inside she closed the door fully, yet not slamming it. She did, however, lock it. She could easily hear the dicussion turn into an argument, because her mother wanted to bring her supper up to her. Amanda began contemplating refusing to eat food here. She wasn't sure that it was a good idea, and figured that she'd see how the silent treatment worked, first.


This was the way it was the next morning. Amanda knew she had an advantage in that her parents could not keep her home on a school day as a punishment. Even though she refused to talk to either of them, Amanda did otherwise obey her parents. once at school, she told Kurt all about last night. including how her father would not send her supper until ten o'clock. It took that long for her mother to convince Mr. Sefton to allow it. Amanda had otherwise only been allowed out to use the bathroom. Kurt was amazed at how strong Amanda was, inside! He was proud of how Amanda was fighting for him! Kurt also was worried for her. "I think zat you should bring zome really good books to read for when you get home, Amanda. Then you vill have something to do, so you don't go crazy in your room, vith out anything else to do, ja?" Amanda looked at her sweet, loving and attentive boyfriend. After a moment she smiled even more at him saying "Kurt, that's a great idea. I'm going to need several special books from the town library. The school library doesn't carry the kind of books I want. Will you help me?" Kurt replied "Ja! Of course, Amanda. What about doing your homeverk when you get home?" Amanda smiled a cunning grin and answered "Without anything else to do, I'll have all night to do that. This afternoon, we need to get to the town library. So, we have a Library Date?" Kurt almost felt like doing his happy dance. "I'll teleport you zere as soon as ve walk off ze school grounds!"

After a thorough search, Amanda had checked out the books she felt that she needed. She had Kurt teleport her near her house, but not closer than down the street. That was just in case her parents were lying in wait for her as she got home. It also kept the neighbors from knowing anything to be used against Kurt. Her parents were not home, but she was glad of the precaution anyway. Setting up in her room, Amanda began with her homework, and was done just before her mother got home. She kept her new books covered with school books.

Amanda's mother did arrive, and came looking for Amanda. Seeing her daughter working on some text books, Mrs. Sefton believed that Amanda was doing school work. "Amanda, honey? Please wash your hands and come set the table." Amanda obeyed, but without a word spoken in return. What happened as Mrs. Sefton made supper, was that Mrs. Sefton did all the talking. Mrs. Sefton talked about her day at work, and how she was sorry she was, that Mr. Sefton made Amanda wait until ten o'clock before allowing Amanda supper.


This was obviously really bothering her mother, who pretended it wasn't. by the time Mr. Sefton was sitting down for supper, the tensiion in the room could be cut with a knife. Amanda still said nothing to either of her parents. Mr. Sefton ate fairly normally. That is, until he asked Amanda how her day was. The sly look on his face was not seen by Amanda, as he was too quick to put on a more bland face, but Mrs. Sefton realised that her husband hoped to draw their daughter out with a seemingly normal question. To trick Amanda into answering like she always did.


Mr. Sefton was not happy, but had expected as much. To his wife, he asked how her day was. Mrs. Sefton told her husband the same things that she had already told Amanda. At the end of supper, Mr.s Sefton told Amanda "Stay put until I say otherwise. I'm going to remove the temptations from your room. I'll put the TV, Sound System and Computer, in the locked storage closet until you chose to be mature enough to behave yourself." With that, Mr. Sefton indeed took away all of Amanda's electronics, except her phone. That about to be next. When he had emptied Amanda's room, Mr. Sefton called Amanda upstairs. When she got there, he said :Now, if you need to use a comptuer for schoolwork, let us know, and one of us will allow you to use the one in my den. In the mean time, get your phone out. You're going to to put it in my hands. You'll get it backm when this is over. In the mean time, you are grounded, young lady. No going out, except the library, and no dances either. You are not required to stay in your room, but you may NOT use the TV or entertainment center in the living room. Am I understood?" Amanda's face noticable hardend in expression, but she nodded, as she took out her cell phone, locked it, turned it off and handed it to her father. Mr. Sefton locked it away with all the rest He looked at Amanda and quietly asked her "Why wouln't you just give it up, sweety? You'll only prolong the punishment this way. You know that you cannot win in the end, right?" Amanda set her jaw to avoid any verbal response. She was also glaring daggers at her father. Seeing this continued defiance, he sighed and said "Get washed up for bed, then go to your room." Amanda, of course, had only one answer.