Chapter 03: Silent No More

Amanda was scared! The Bigot Perv was breaking into her house. She tried to stay calm. Running downstairs Amanda quickly locked the front door, just as that scary pervo was grabbing the doorknob! Running around to the back, Amanda locked that door as well. Just as she was satisfied that he couldn't get in, she heard the sound of keys at the front door. 'Hah! You'd need the right keys to get in, freak!' Amanda thought to herself. She was amazed to see the front door open from whatever ket the pervo had used. Her next thought was both unlady-like and unprintable!

Amanda tried to run away. She dashed up the stairs, but the man was upon her from behind, before she could close her bedroom door! With a scream of utter terror, Amanda cried out "KURT! HELP ME!" Within moments, the ether-soaked rag was over her face. Moments after that, Amanda was losing consciousness.

When she awoke, Amanda found herself strapped to a chair, in a padded, even posh room. She couldn't get free, as the chair had built-in restraints. There was also an odd helmet thing just above her head. Mr. Sisko, that Bigoted Pervo, was there. Amanda was relieved that she still had on all of her clothes. Mr. Sisko was adjusting some sort of equipment that was connected to the helmet. Mr. Bigot looked at Amanda with a dirty leer. He greatred her with "Amanda. My dear sweet little darling. Don't think that anyone is comming to take you away from your salvation. After all, this is a 'Deprogramming Center' where cult members and and others who need to be straightened out are brought. Your parents are very concerned, Amanda. Being in love at your age is NOT the problem, it it WHAT you have fallen for. I am going to save you from your evil mutant master, and incidentally have you 'decide' to fall in love with your rescuer-Me! I do not normally do this, but I need another girl. My last one has had too many kids to keep that girlish figure, but you'll replace her nicely." Amanda was horrified! First this disgusting bigot would violate her free will, then her body! She cried out "You have NO right! I will tell my father about this! He'll kick your ass so hard, that you'll taste his shoe forever!"

Mr. Bigoted Pervo laughed "No. You will not, because I will re-order your mind so that this is what you wanted! As to your Daddy, I had convinced him to make sure that he had taken your cell phone and lock it up, the fool. If you had tried to use the house phone, then you know that I had disconnected the line. That means noone can find us, before we're done. I can hardly wait until you throw yourself at me for the first time! You are VERY pretty. Now we'll get started." Amanda could still feel her tiny, new cellphone sitting in her pocket.

Amanda wanted to stall him, like anyone would. She asked "Wait! What will happen to the girl that I'm supposed to replace?" Mr. Sisko looked at Amanda and said "I don't consider myself a monster! I'll simply re-adjust her memories and she'll believe that she was simply a promiscuous girl who drinks too much at parties and winds up with another baby from a stranger she cannot recall. I would NEVER actually hurt a girl. I simply want to help the human race by out-breeding the mutants. Personally." The chuckle from Mr. Sisko was utterly chilling. She realized that this rationalization was how he could live with himself! Now she thought of Mr. Sisko, as Mr. Sicko!

Mr. Sicko began to place the helmet on Amanda's head, as she squirmed, desperately to avoid this horrible fate! To no avail. After securing the straps, Mr. Sicko began to power up the device, even as Amanda screamed for help! There were indistinct sounds from Mr. Sicko. Suddenly the power to the helmet cut out. The lights inside faded almost instantly! Amanda wondered if it was an accident, or possibly he changed his mind. Then she heard a most welcome voice: Kurt's voice! "Amanda? Can you hear me? Ve followed ze GPS from ze new zellphone you have." Amanda called out in joy as the helmet was unstrapped and taken off. Kurt Wagner never looked so good! Crying with joy, Amanda was teleported right out of the chair, and into the waiting X-Van. Before she was telported, she saw Mr. Sicko unconsious on the floor. Then she was surounded by X-Men. Well, the girls, anyway. Rogue, Amara and Boom Boom were there, she guessed, to guard her. Kurt was still holding Amanda's hands lovingly. "Amanda? I vas zo vorried! Are you OK?" Amanda replied by kissing Kurt on the lips and saying "I am now! Kurt, I love you so much! I'd do anything to get away from those bigots, and stay with you! Please don't bring me back home! I have to tell you what happened!" Kurt wisely shut up, and Amanda told the X-Men, who had all reassembled in the X-Van, what happened and what Mr. Sicko had said-ALL of it. Kitty appeared and said "We got the whole thing on DVD. Mr. Pervert, was recording it all." Amanda repeated this to the Professor when the X-Men took her to the Institute. Having waited for a while as the Professor had called Mr. Sefton's work place, Amanda was gently held by her loving, fuzzy, blue elf. An hour later, Mr. and Mrs. Sefton had arrived and seen the video from the DVD. By the time the had finished, Mr. Sefton was actually ready to kill ! Literally, and had to be calmed by the X-Men.

A day later the Institute received a call. "Hello? Is Kurt there, please?" Scott had answered the phone and called out "Kurt! Phone! Amanda!" *Bamf * Kurt teleported directly to the phone and spoke to Amanda for at least half an hour. Soon Kurt received permission for a visit to the Sefton House. Arriving at the appointed time, Kurt stepped out of Scott's car, and shook Scott's hand. "Just be yourself, Kurt." Kurt smiled at his friend and answered "Ja. I vill."

Kurt walked up to the door, and wondered if he should have used his image inducer. "Nien. Zat vould not really help. Zay accept me, or zay don't." he said to himself. Then he pushed the doorbell. *Ding Dong, Ding Dong* A moment later Kurt saw Mr. Sefton standing there at the, now open, door. "Mr. Wagner. Please, do come in." Mr. Sefton stepped aside to allow kurt inside. Kurt was nervous, but seeing Amanda waiting for him inside, banished all fear. Mrs. Sefton was just walking out of the kitchen and into the living room with a tray of drinks. Kurt was stil surprised to see any smiles coming from Amanda's parents, yet, Mrs. Sefton was indeed smiling at him.

Kurt was dressed nicely. His black dress pants were tailored to fit his tail, and his shoes were special as well, to fit his unique feet. The classy white shirt went well with everything, and that included his formal new pants. Mr. and Mrs. Sefton sat across from Amanda, and she was on the couch made for two. In fact, Amanda gently patted the empty spot beside herself. Kurt hesitated a moment while he looked at Amanda's parents, but they seemed fine with the seating arrangements. After a moment, Mrs. Sefton asked "Would either of you like some hot chocolate?" Both Amanda and Kurt happily took a steaming coffee mug full of the sweet beverage, and found marshmallows on the side, to add if they wanted. Mr. and Mrs. Sefton sat up a bit more, and Mr. Sefton said "First, I wanted to say, thank you for coming over, Kurt. It takes a lot of guts to come back to a place that you've tossed out of before, even with the invitation. Second, and even more importantly...We owe you both an apology. We are sorry. We allowed our fears to guide our decisions, instead of our love." Mrs. Sefton cut in quickly with "Can either of you forgive us? Please?" Kurt was floored, but with a quick look at Amanda, who was smiling, he nodded a yes. "Ja, Mrs. Sefton. I hold no bad feelings in zis. I happen to know zomezing about forgiveness." Amanda was just about on cloud nine, as she said to her Dad "Mom, Dad? We just want a chance. That's all we're asking for. Just like normal teenagers." Mr. and Mrs. Sefton smiled at their beloved daughter and Mr. Sefton said "We can certainly do that. Although, I'm rather glad that your boyfriend is more competent than most teens could ever be at saving lovely daughters." Amanda started giggling. When everyone looked at her, Amanda explained "When Mr. Sisko was ranting at me, he did say one thing right...that I'd fall for my rescuer!" Kurt and Amanda held hands and thus Kurt Wagner won permission, and approval from his girlfriend's parents, to date her.

The End