Rated T for language, but it could be considered K plus if you don't read the author's notes.

This story is written for the 'First Date Challenge'


Rule #1: Cannot be a "fake" date or a LoveMe assignment

Rule #2: Feelings must be established from at least one side, i.e. at least one of them has to have confessed to the other (doesn't need to have happened in the fic, but bonus points if you include it!)

Rule #3: There must be some sort of kissing (doesn't matter when)

Rule #4: You must incorporate a love rival into the story (we need drama/conflict! use any existing character you like, no matter how minor)

Rule #5: Must end with Kyoko/Ren!

Wait, wait, wait, What? The love rival has to be an existing character? No O.C's? You know what?: Fuck it, Fuck you, Fuck your rules. (I don't mean it!) I guess I lost the challenge, because this character doesn't exist, unless you count from my other fanfics. (Which I'm sure you don't) Sorry I couldn't compete, it seems like an excellent challenge.

Chapter 1: Love Rival & A Date

"Come on Ren!" Yashiro whined. "Why won't you go see Kyoko? You have time!"

"Just because I don't have work to do, doesn't mean that she won't," Ren reasoned. "She's busy, and it would be petty and childish to interrupt her work just because I can."

"It's not 'Just because you can'" Yashiro shot back. "It's because you love her!" his knees buckled slightly under the weight of Ren's death-glare, but he continued. "You know Ren, if you don't make a move soon, some other guy might just come and sweep her off her feet."

"Nobody's coming to sweep her off her feet." Ren moved right into the matter at hand, having long since given up on arguing to Yashiro that he did not love Kyoko Mogami. "Keep in mind: She is Love-Me number one."

As if from nowhere, Kyoko's friend Sarah jumped in front of the two men, with a cheshire cat grin plastered across her face. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, and I'm afraid I have some bad news for you two"

"What is it?" Yashiro asked cautiously. He didn't trust that girl.

"Do you know where the 'Love-Me number one' is right now?" Her face turned from something sweet, to that of a super villain.

"No?" Ren raised an inquisitive (And suspicious) eyebrow that prompted her to continue.

Both of the two men's jaws dropped to the floor when they found out the reason Sarah was acting so devious, as she told a sentence neither of the two men expected to hear describing the whereabouts of Kyoko.

"She's on a date,"


Eh? But it's just the beginning, how can there be a love rival all ready? Damn it I suck. Not to mention the author's notes and rules took up so much room that I really cheated my 500 words per chapter minimum rule. Oh well. I guess it's just an author's way of flipping off the people that can't see them. :3