Chapter 2: A Kiss and Some Conflict

"Kyoko-chan!" Yashiro called out. She was sitting in one of the carved wooden chairs in the cafe, with a tall skinny man sitting across from her. The man had pure white hair gelled to the point that it spiked straight up, he looked to be a few years older than Ren. He wore dark shaded sunglasses, but his impossibly purple eyes were visible from the side. He looked adoringly at Kyoko, who wore a yellow sundress, with white threaded flower embroideries along the skirt that reached just long enough for someone to be convinced it was, in fact, a dress, rather than a shirt. She wore silver earrings with sapphire coloured pieces of quartz embedded in the precious material, paired with a large, titanium necklace with several large obsidian stones encased in the metal.

"Yeah," Kyoko sounded bouncy and joyous, which only made Yashiro more concerned.
"S-So," Yashiro tapped his two index fingers together, suddenly nervous. "We, er I, umm... talked to Sarah, and umm, I think there's been a mistake... she said that uhh, you two," he gestured to the man as well. "Are out on a date,"

Kyoko nodded. "Yeah, is that a problem?"

"Yeah, actually," Ren stepped in. "It kinda is,"

'REN!' Yashiro shouted mentally. 'What the hell do you think you're doing!?'

"And why, pray tell, is that?" Kyoko looked up at Ren, who was standing behind her. She was irritated by the fact that her having a date upset him, and she wasn't one hundred percent sure why.

"Because it is," For one of the few times in his life since he assumed his new identity, Ren didn't know what to say, and was making a fool of himself trying to figure it out.

Kyoko was in a bit of shock, but tried not to show it. This wasn't making any sense, surely it had to be some sort of test, he was trying to trick her, how rude! How could he do that to her? Was it such a problem that she be happy? Honestly, the nerve of him... But he wouldn't be so cruel to her without reason would he? She must have done something to make him angry! 'Nooo!' Kyoko wailed internally, miraculously, not displaying her thoughts on her generally readable visage. 'What did I do! It's not fair! Why doesn't he ever tell me why he's mad! Dammit, I'm so dead!' Kyoko felt the weight of an overly happy aura weighing on her shoulders. 'Really, really dead.'

Kyoko suddenly realised that the eyes of all three men were on her. Crap, even if she hadn't been making weird faces, she'd just been sitting their for the past five minutes, silently.

"How so?" Kyoko tried to recover.

"Come again?" Ren clearly hadn't remembered what he had said last. Though the anger was still prominent in his voice under the mild confusion.

"How is it a problem," Kyoko amended. "Other than the fact that it just is,"

"You know what they say," Ren took a few steps closer, then reached out and grabbed one of Kyoko's hands, leading her out of her chair. He pulled her closer, so she could feel his breath rustling her hair. He tipped her chin and leaned in close,

to kiss her,



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