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Chapter 3: Sudden Movements & Runaways

No one ever really thought much about Yashiro, he blended into the background awfully well, no one knew much about him. He was quick, he saw things that happened so fast others had no chance of catching him. It was because of this that in an entire crowd of people, Yahiro was the only one who saw what happened. In an instant, Ren leaned in to kiss Kyoko, Jonathan (the man Kyoko was on a date with) reached to grab Ren and get him off of Kyoko kneed Ren in the stomach, Ren fell to his knees in reaction to the sharp pain, and Kyoko grabbed Jonathan's arm and ran off..

Yashiro would've been asked repeatedly to retell the scene, had anyone known he'd seen it, maybe it was best he kept his talent to himself.

Ren stayed in place, stunned by whatever had just occurred, and he wasn't sure what that was it all went by in a flash, but he was in far too much pain to catch Kyoko and figure it out. 'Damn that girl packs a powerful punch!' He thought. 'That was her that hit me, right?' After a few seconds he realised that he was just sitting in the middle of the floor of a cafe. He stood up and started to walk in the direction he thought Kyoko was, unfortunately though, he couldn't find her. 'Damn it all!' He cursed himself for doing something so reckless. 'She's never going to speak to me again, can't talk my way out of this one.

Kyoko and Jonathan slowed down to a walking pace, Kyoko out of breath, Jonathan still perfectly fine. "Are you alright?" He questioned. "you ran off awful suddenly"

Kyoko nodded, and waited a few seconds before speaking, making sure to fully catch her breath. "It's because I needed to get out of there awful suddenly," She explained. "Oh my god he's gonna kill me, I'm gonna get killed, I'm good as dead, sweet Jesus I may as well be dead already."

"Calm down," Jonathan cooed. "He can't be that angry, if he was so upset that we're dating that means he must care for you at least enough to look out for you. He probably just needs time to cool down" Kyoko took comfort in the words and rested her head on Jonathan's shoulder. "But," He continued, "Maybe you should make an effort to run from him until then"


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