Madame Grunty's Seaside Hill Tent

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus gave me permission to write this fanfic. Sorry it took so long.

Toadette was heading to Waluigi's Taco Stand minding her own business, when she noticed Madame Grunty's tent beside her.

"Oh wow! It's Madame Grunty's tent from Witchyworld!" Toadette stated.

"The very same! To Seaside Hill I came!" Madame Grunty rhymed from inside the tent. "Come inside, don't be late! And I will choose your fate!"

Toadette gawked, slowly approaching the tent, going inside.

"Ah, Welcome! I will now choose your fate." Madame Grunty stated, phrasing her dialogue from the game.


"You win free tacos!" Madame Grunty decided, Toadette stepping out of the tent with several tacos in her hands.

"Oh wow!" Toadette cheered, taking a bite out of one of the tacos. "Wait 'till Wally finds out about this!"

As Toadette continued heading towards Waluigi's Taco Stand, Rosalina with her yellow Luma walked into the tent, feeling curious.

"Welcome, Space Princess! I will now choose your fate." Madame Grunty told her.


"You win a beating! I like this one!"

Loud beating sounds were heard from outside the tent, with Rosalina screaming in pain as she was literally thrown out of tent, which closed shortly afterward.

"Madame Grunty's tent is closed temporarily for refurbishment." Madame Grunty stated, once again phrasing some of her dialogue from the game.