"You win a beating! I like this one!" Lynn Loud of the Loud sisters of the Loud House was suddenly beaten up and thrown outside the tent by Madame Grunty.

"Oh, that must of literally hurt!" Lori Loud gasped.

"Yeah no kidding!" Lynn groaned.

"You ok sis?" Luna Loud asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine." Lynn replied.

"Well apparently going in this tent runs the risk of getting the loss of winning a beating." Lisa Loud stated.

"I'm confused, if it's a bad thing to win a beating, then isn't that called losing?" Leni Loud wondered.

"Well, yeah. Obviously." Lisa stated.

"Me next." Lucy walked into the tent, scaring the other sisters.

"You win free pizza!" Grunty stated, with Lucy walking out holding a box of pizza and a smile on her otherwise blank face.

"Hey, if she gets free pizza, then I want free pizza!" Lola pointed to the pizza box.

"Yeah, share it!" Lana added.

"Gasp." Lucy was bombarded by the other sisters, creating another sibling scrap of punches, kicks, beatings, and farts, the 10 girls covering themselves in cheese as the scrap cloud went into Madame Grunty's tent, causing it to collapse, revealing Madame Grunty who of course had the appearance of a skeletal Gruntilda.

"Poo poo!" Lily giggled as she went behind the tent curtains, much to the other Loud girls' dismay as Lily wasn't wearing her diaper, which was ripped apart in the scrap.

"Interesting." Lisa stated as she pulled out a clipboard and recorded stuff for her poop study, glancing at Lily's little accident.

"Come on, girls. Let's beat this pop stand, or rather, let's beat this poop stand!" Luan joked, laughing. "Get it? That's a double pun shot for Luan!"

The other girls shrugged, deciding to tolerate Luan's puns given he situation as Luan picked up Lily and covered her up in some tent rags, leaving Madame Grunty alone with her destroyed tent and Lily's fecal accident.

"Uhhh…..Madame Grunty's is closed for refurbishment!" Madame Grunty announced.