Hope you are excited for this epic finale! This finale is going to be a 3 parter and will turn into a huge crossover between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings! Get hyped as we kick it up a couple hundred notches in this finale! Would also like to thank my other good buddy, fellow fanfic user, Laker Dragon, for helping me and Gazorscreen in writing this fanfic and coming up with so many great ideas! Anyways, enjoy and R&R!

"This season on Total Drama Kingdom, we had 14 brand new competitors battle it out for the big prize of one million dollars! This has been one epic season! People were injured, people were flung, people were tortured, and even some people paid for their crimes! We had some amazing challenges too! From playing an old school game of 'capture-the-flag' to getting swallowed by a Kraken and even battling Sauron, these were some of the best challenges me and Chef planned out! And let's not forget all those sweet pie gags and sweet revenge against she-who-must-not-be-named! However, in the end, 12 contestants ultimately took the Fling of Shame, leaving 2 contestants to battle it out in the finale! It's Lyell VS Brianna! Who will win the mil? It all comes down to this! In the epic season finale of Total...Drama...Kingdom!"

*cut to intern's tent*

Macy, Michael, and Soonchan were still fast asleep in their beds. Michael was snoring loudly, Macy was all curled up peacefully under her blanket with her eyes shut tight. Soonchan was snoring and drooling a lot all over his pillow. All of a sudden, Macy woke up and started itching herself all over.

"Hey...why the hell am I so itchy?!" Macy wondered as she kept scratching herself. She then lifted the bedsheets and saw a huge swarm of red ants all over her. "AAAAAAAHHHHH! GET THEM OFF! GET THEM OFF!" she screamed as she ran around in a frenzy in the tent.

"Where the hell did these things come from?!" Michael yelled as he saw red ants all over his bed.

"It's probably my hot babe's doing again! Almost reminds me of the time when I let loose a swarm of yellow jackets inside Laura's bed room. Good times!" Soonchan said.

"Are you seriously talking about this now?!" Macy irritatingly asked.

"Uhh, yeah! You got a problem with that?" Soonchan defended.

"So, Soonchan! Do you admit that you were the one who brought red ants to my beautiful bedroom?!" Chris said as he entered the tent.

"It's probably Blaineley again!" Soonchan said.


*in confessional* Chris: This prank war has been going on for too long! It's time to do something so bad and so demented that Blaineley is gonna beg for mercy and give up!


*cut to McClean Spa Manor*

Lyell let out a mighty yawn and stretched his arms and legs out, having just woken up from a restful night. He stared at the ceiling for a long time and was in deep thought for a while.


*in confessional* Lyell: Well, this is it. I'm officially a finalist. All I can say is that I'm pretty stoked about it! It's been an awesome game and I can't wait to see all my buds again! At the same time, I'm excited to finish this game strong and see if I actually win the mil! Even if I don't, it'll still be okay. But if I do, that would be so awesome!


*back to spa*

Brianna sat at the dining table, chowing down her boysenberry pie hungrily. She seemed to eat a bit faster than usual.


*in confessional* Brianna: Whoa...just whoa...I'm in the final 2! This is unbelievable! Like I said before, I never expected to make it this far. While I'm pretty surprised, I'm totally psyched as well! Seniors, if you're watching, I, your class president, am going to do whatever it takes to win and come out on top in the end! And I'll probably spend the money for our awesome senior events and making our school a better place! And I'll also donate some to charity and for an awesome after-party at my house! *sigh* So many possibilities... But of course, I have to win the money first and then see what happens... *thinks for a bit*


*back to spa*

"Hey Bri!" Lyell greeted as he entered the dining hall.

"Oh, good morning Lyell!" Brianna greeted back, smiling.

"Soooo...feeling psyched about the finale?" Lyell asked.

"Oh yeah, definitely!" Brianna replied. "What are you going to do with the money if you win?"

Lyell then said, "I'm not too sure actually. I'll probably keep it in one of my bank accounts and see what I can do with it from there. Or I'll split it with my besties and my girlfriend. I still need some time to think about it. How about you?"

"Oh, there are a ton of possibilities! I was strongly considering donating some of it to charity, some for my college tuitions, some for a couple of awesome parties that I'm throwing as soon as I get back, and then some to my school! So, I'll have plenty of mula to give around, along with some for myself!" Brianna said.

"That's some smart spending right there!" Lyell complimented. They both grinned at each other and continued to eat their breakfast in peace. Both didn't seem too nervous about the finale this time.

"LYELL AND BRIANNA! MEET CHEF AT THE BATTLEFIELD! HE'S GOING TO TAKE YOU TO OUR SPECIAL FINALE LOCATION!" Chris yelled through the megaphone. Lyell and Brianna both nodded at each other and urgently left the dining hall to meet Chef.

*cut to battlefield*

Lyell and Brianna walked to the battlefield. A complete silence echoed throughout the battlefield and there was no one in sight. They seemed confused, as Chef was not there. All of a sudden, a big red dragon landed loudly on the ground right in front of them, almost crushing them. They both recognized the dragon as the same dragon that they were on at the beginning of the season. Chef was on top of the dragon.

"Hurry up and get on already! I don't have all day!" Chef impatiently said. The two finalists then hopped aboard the dragon and they were off.

"Where are we going?" Brianna asked.

"I can't tell you! It's a surprise!" Chef said.

Lyell then said, "Well, we sure do love surprises!" He then noticed a huge volcano that they were approaching. "Is our finale going to be near a volcano?!"

"Maybe..." Chef responded. Before they could say anything else, they had already landed on the ground. This time, they were at another field that was by a huge volcano. Also at the field was a huge peanut gallery filled with all the eliminated contestants along with all the Total Drama Island and Total Drama Revenge of the Island contestants! They all grinned at the finalists and applauded as they landed safely. Soonchan, Macy, and Michael were also there, cleaning the field.

"Congrats on making it to the finale! I hope you are all very excited, because this final challenge is going to be so vicious, so dangerous, so deadly, and so epic! Both of your lives are at risk and it's very likely that one or both of you may die! However, before we introduce the challenge, let's say hello to all of your buddies at the Total Drama Peanut Gallery! Starting with your friends from Total Drama Kingdom!" Chris announced, pointing to the Total Drama Kingdom cast.

"We've got our biggest loser, Brittany!" Brittany then looked around worriedly and wondered, "Who said my name? Are you a ghost?"

"Our arrogant, big-mouthed city girl, Jordan!" Jordan then yelled, "Chris McClean said your name, you loon! No wonder you were the first one eliminated!"

Brittany then said, "Loon? I'm not a duck!" Jordan face palmed herself in frustration.

"Our devious diva, Deja!" Deja glared angrily at the finalists and said, "That should be me in the final two!"

"Our clever strategist, Brant!" Brant then told Deja, "You didn't win. You lost fair and square. Let it go already!" Angered at what he said, Deja hit him across the head. Brant rubbed his head in pain.

"Our smart guy, Daniel!" Daniel waved to the camera and then said, "I don't know who to root for! They're both awesome finalists! Go Lyell! Go Bri!"

"Our lovebirds, Colin and Olivia!" The two of them waved to the camera and then turned towards each other, looking lovingly at each other.

"It sure is a beautiful day, isn't it?" Olivia told Colin.

"Yeah, but not as beautiful as you..." Colin flirted, winking.

Olivia 'awwed' at his comment and kissed his cheek. Colin turned slightly red and he broke into a wide grin.

"Our chatterbox, Tess and our wild child, Nora!" Tess and Nora were both texting people when their names were called.

"Hey, wanna take a selfie?!" Nora enthusiastically asked Tess.

"Oh my gosh, for sure!" Tess squealed. She then leaned towards Nora's camera and Nora then took the selfie.

"Let's see...I'll send it to Alex...Christine...Tiffany...Nathan...pretty much everyone!" Nora said as she was going through her Snapchat list.

"I adore Snapchat! During pretty much every one of my classes, me and my friends would have the most hilarious Snapchat fights! The teacher never even caught us!" Tess said, going about one of her hilarious stories once again.

"Haha, I agree!" Nora replied, laughing hard.

"Moving on..." Chris irritatingly said. "We have our bitter rivals, Brighton and Connor!"

Brighton and Connor were having an epic thumb wrestling competition and it was getting very competitive up to this point.

"Give up! I will win this! After all, I made it farther than you this season!" Brighton said as he attempted to crush Connor's thumb.

"Umm, I wouldn't count on that! Now that I'm out of the hospital and all my bandages are off, I feel as tough as ever!" Connor haughtily said as he managed to crush Brighton's thumb.

"Oww, that hurt!" Brighton complained.

"I told you that you shouldn't have counted on that!" Connor laughed, blowing a raspberry at him.

"And last but not least, we have our ladies' man, Shamus!" Shamus flexed his muscles to the camera and flirted, "Hey, ladies! You want some?"

"Not now Shamus! Nobody wants some!" Chris replied, pushing him away. "Now, let's introduce the veterans of the last couple of seasons!"

"Let's start off with last season's finalists! We've got the lovebirds, Mike and Zoey!" Mike and Zoey both grinned and waved at the camera, saying 'hi' to the camera.

"This finale is gonna be so epic, Zoe!" Mike said, literally sitting at the edge of his seat.

"I know! I can't wait! I hope it's almost as good or even better than Total Warriors 2!" Zoey replied, grinning at Mike.

"Our crazy girl, Izzy! Also known as E-Scope and Explosivo!" Izzy then waved to the camera and said in a Spanish accent, "Explosivo is really loco for boom boom today! Me wants something muy muy caliente!" She then took out a red chili pepper out of nowhere, ate it, and breathed fire on Mike and Zoey. Luckily, they slipped out of the way just in time and were holding each other tightly after what had happened.

"Our bubble boy and nerdy guy, Cameron and Cody!" Cameron and Cody both waved at the camera.

"Hi everyone!" Cameron shyly said. "I'm not in my bubble today!"

"Helllooo ladies!" Cody smoothly said, shooting his fingers out at the camera. "If any of you want to go out with me, call me maybe?"

"EEEEEEE!" There was a high pitch squeal between Cameron and Cody. They both groaned loudly. They knew what was coming. Right between Cameron and Cody, Sierra emerged and hugged the life out of both of the boys. "CAMMY! CODY! I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE BOTH OF YOU!"

"And we have our crazy fangirl, Sierra!" Sierra then glared at Chris and said, "That's Camsierraody!"

"Whatever. Moving along, we have our other set of lovebirds, Geoff and Bridgette! Who are making out...as usual!" Geoff and Bridgette broke from their make-out session and hollered together, "HEY DUDES!" They then continued to their make-out session.

"Well, that was brief. Now we have our sweet BFFLs, Katie and Sadie!" Katie and Sadie were sitting together and watching Geoff and Bridgette make out.

"Oh my gosh! Aren't Geoff and Bridgette just the cutest?" Katie asked Sadie.

"Oh totally! But do you know who's the cutest of all?" Sadie responded.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Katie asked.

Sadie then turned to the other side, pointed to the person sitting next to her, and said, "Justin..."

"Oh my gosh, you are so right! If only he could be mine..." Katie dreamily said, admiring Justin.

"Our hot male model, Justin!" Justin was admiring himself in the mirror and grinning, showing all his white sparkly teeth. All of a sudden, a slob of dirt was thrown on his face.

"Nooooo! My face! My beautiful face!" Justin moaned as he rubbed some of the dirt off his face.

"We also have our farm boy, Scott!" Scott was sitting right next to Justin and laughing while holding a big pile of dirt. "Oops!" he said, laughing his heart out. He then took some dirt off Justin's face and ate it. "Nothing like my homemade dirt pie for breakfast!"

"Our uptight, overachieving CIT, Courtney and our rebellious bad boy, Duncan!" Courtney gave a disgusted look and Scott and asked, "So, is this what you like doing in your free time? Eating dirt off of people's faces?"

"Hey, I'm a farmer! You got a problem with that?" Scott defended.

"Why can't you be more civilized like Duncan?" Courtney asked, pointing to Duncan.

"Civilized? Who's civilized? Babe, I don't follow the rules. I break 'em like a rebel! 'Cause that's what I do!" Duncan proudly said.

Courtney rolled her eyes and thought to herself, "I wish I had better taste in men. But then again, bad boys are really hot!"

"We've also got our cool musician, Trent and our loner goth girl, Gwen!" Trent had his arm around Gwen and Gwen was looking at him, grinning.

"So, Gwen, looking forward to the finale?" Trent asked, smirking at Gwen.

"Oh totally! I'm looking forward to watching all the action and stuff! Maybe even some body parts!" she responded, laughing. Trent was a bit creeped out at the part about the 'body parts', but he laughed anyway.

"We've got Hermes!" Tyler then looked at Chris in shock and angrily yelled, "IT'S TYLER! How did you even know my middle name is Hermes?!"

"Oopsy! Sorry Tyler!" Sierra called from the peanut gallery.

"Oh man...I sure hope Lindsay recognizes me!" Tyler said worriedly. He turned to see Lindsay right next to him.

"We also have our lovable lame brain, Lindsay and our nerdy girl, Beth!" Lindsay turned to Tyler and greeted, "Hi Hermes!"

"My name is Tyler!" Tyler groaned.

"No it's not, silly! Everyone says it's Hermes! You silly willy!" Lindsay giggled, pinching both of his cheeks.

"Lindsay! You should recognize your own boyfriend, just like how I recognize my Brady! Here, this will help you out!" Beth said, showing a picture of Lindsay and Tyler together.

Lindsay looked at the picture and nodded. "Ohhhh, now I remember! Hi Tyler!" she squealed, grinning widely at Tyler.

"Finally!" Tyler said, sighing with relief. He then put his arm around Lindsay and they both relaxed.

"Our awesome fat guy, Owen and our sarcastic know-it-all, Noah!" Owen was eating a big mutton drumstick and chatting with Noah.

"So, big Owe, how's the mutton?" Noah asked, looking up from his 'Game of Thrones' book.

"Mutton-tastic! Want some?" Owen asked, showing him the drumstick.

"Uhh...no thanks" Noah said, feeling uncomfortable of seeing all the bites and drool on the meat.

"Our annoying liar, Staci!" Staci then came up to Noah and said, "My great great great uncle George invented Game of Thrones! Before him-"

She was then cut off by a strong slap to the head and a voice that cracked, "Shut the hell up! I don't want to hear it from you!" That person happened to be Jo, who was really tired of listening to Staci's lies. Noah laughed a little and went back to reading his book.

"Our bossy bruiser, Jo!" Jo did the bolt pose at the camera, but then started coughing as Anne Maria was spraying herself with hair spray as usual.

"And we have our Jersey Shore reject, Anne Maria!" Jo glared at Anne Maria and yelled, "Can't you spray your hair somewhere else?!"

Anne Maria glared back and sprayed Jo in the eyes, causing her to yell in pain. She snapped, "I can't spray wherever I want to! You ain't tellin' me what to do!"

"You bitch!" Jo yelled as she tackled Anne Maria to the ground and started fighting with her.

"Our rage-aholic, Eva!" Eva saw Jo and Anne Maria fighting and rolled her eyes, saying, "What babies..."

Staci heard what she said and then said, "Yah, my great great great aunt Irene invented babies!"

"SHUT UP! I DIDN'T ASK YOU!" Eva yelled, causing Staci to cringe in fear and sit back in her seat, turning away from Eva.

"Our lovable momma's boy, DJ!" DJ waved to the camera and said, "Hi momma! I miss you and I guarantee you that my curse is over!"

"We also have our gamer, Sam and our fame-monger, Dakota, who have recently been engaged to be married!" Sam and Dakota were taking selfies and making the creepiest and funniest of faces in doing so.

"Gosh, taking selfies is awesome! It doesn't beat video games, but it's still awesome!" Sam said.

"Yeah, especially if you're taking them with your fiancé!" Dakota said, winking.

"Our dork, Harold and our lucious, Leshawna!" Harold smirked a little and put his arm around Leshawna. "Heyyy, Leshawna..." he said in a deep, flirtatious tone.

"Sorry, string bean! Things between us aren't meant to be!" Leshawna responded.

"I'll win you over someday! I love you!" he said in a determined tone.

"Looks like he's still not over me..." Leshawna said to herself, sighing.

"Our athletic and arrogant jock, Lightning!" Lightning flexed his muscles at Leshawna and hooted, "Sha-bam! Sha-Lightning thinks that you are sha-lucious! How do you like my sha-muscles?!"

Leshawna angrily pushed him away and yelled out, "Nuh-uh! Don't you go flirting with me! Find someone else!"

Lightning fell and landed on Brick. Brick helped him up to his feet and they both sat down. "We also have our loyal brickhouse, Brick!" Brick then stood up straight, gave a firm salute, and said, "Private Brick McArthur, reporting for duty!" He then sat down.

"We also have our moonchild, Dawn!" Dawn was sitting in the lotus position and had her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and said, "Hello friends! It is great to see all of you!"

"Our silent guy, Beverly!" B angrily glared at Chris and rolled his eyes. Dawn then put her hand on his arm and said, "Don't be angry, B. Beverly is a nice name and you shouldn't be ashamed by it!" B smiled a little, but was still a bit mad at Chris.

"Our hot Latino, Alejandro and our bossy queenbee, Heather!" Alejandro stood up and shook his hips, letting out a sexy sneer. Heather rolled her eyes and said, "Oh c'mon! You're not the best looking person on the planet, you know!"

"Admit it, Heather! You love me and you know that you think the opposite of what you just said!" Alejandro snickered.

"Okay, okay. It's true..." Heather said.

"I knew!" Alejandro happily said as he picked Heather up bridal style and made out with her.

"And last, but certainly not least, our favorite homeschooled kid, Ezekiel!" Ezekiel was wearing black sunglasses and a golden necklace with the word 'Z' on it.

"Yo yo yo, peeps! The Zeke is in the house, eh! And I'm too cool for school!" he said.

"And those are all the members of the Total Drama Peanut Gallery!" Chris announced. He then thought to himself, "I wonder where Blaineley is..."

"C'mon! Can we speed this up?! I'm getting really bored here!" Deja impatiently yelled.

"Whatever! Anyways, congrats to the two of you on making it to the finale! We have a very special challenge in store for you guys! Are you guys ready to hear what the theme for this challenge is?!" Chris excitedly hyped up.

"What is it?" Lyell and Brianna both asked.

"Does it have anything to do with pie?" Daniel asked excitedly from the peanut gallery. Everyone looked at him strangely and he said, "Hey, I'm in the mood for some pie right now! Give me a break!"

"Even better, Daniel! An epic dragon battle over Mount Doom!" Chris bellowed.


*in confessional* Brianna: A dragon battle over a volcano?! There's no way I'm going to make it out alive after this challenge!


*in confessional* Lyell: Wow...I have no idea what to say.


*back to Mount Doom*

"What kind of dragons are we going to use?" Lyell asked.

"We have a special guest who will remove the cloaks from each of the cages to reveal the dragons you will be using! And that special guest is...Harry Potter!"

The entire peanut gallery gasped in awe and applauded as Harry Potter came to the field with 4 big cages. Harry was wearing a black cloak with the Gryffindor symbol on the front. He also had his trademark black glasses and the scar on his head along with shaggy dark brown hair. One by one, he took down each of the cloaks off the cages and revealed vicious dragons in each of them.

"Good morning everyone! Before you guys select the dragons, let me tell you about some of them" Harry said. He pointed to the largest dragon of the group that was green. It had dark eyes and very sharp teeth.

"As you guys may have encountered in the past, this is the Hungarian Horntail. This is, in fact, the most dangerous dragon of the group and the hardest to tame. If you do pick this dragon, you're going to need a lot of help!"

Harry then pointed to the smallest dragon in the group. It was red and had very sharp scales on its back. "This is the Peruvian Vipertooth. Although the smallest of the group, it is very fast and is known to be the most venomous of the dragons. This one is pretty tame."

Harry then walked over to another dragon that looked quite similar to the Hungarian Horntail. This dragon was green and had black scales on its back. It was quite big, but didn't look as vicious as the Hungarian Horntail.

"You may recognize this dragon as Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, which was raised by Hagrid. This dragon is very tame and can be a very strong one to fight with."

He then walked over to the final dragon, which was very red in color, had small eyes, and looked very aggressive. "This, right here, is the Chinese Fireball, which is also known as the Lion Dragon. This is a very fast and clever dragon that can spur very hot flames and even eat humans..."

"And those are all the dragons! You may now choose which one you want to fight with."

"Hmm...I guess I'll go with the Peruvian Vipertooth" Brianna shrugged as she made her decision.

"Good choice!" Harry said.

"I'll stick with the Hungarian Horntail" Lyell said as he made his decision.

"All right! Looks like we are good to go!" Harry said.

"Now, before you guys can get this bloodbath started, you're going to need some help in getting on these dragons, because they haven't eaten for days and they're starving and they're pretty unstable! You guys will select which two eliminated contestants will help you out with a pie-in-the-face challenge! You will be blind-folded and you will have to throw pies at two eliminated contestants. You guys will take turns so that no one gets confused!" Chris excitedly said. Chris then gave Lyell and Brianna some custard pies to throw at their teammates and Chef blindfolded each of them.

"Lyell, you're up first!" Lyell threw a pie at the peanut gallery and one pie hit Connor square in the face.

"Looks like you have Connor as one helper! And you will need one more!" Chris announced. Lyell threw the last pie and it hit Olivia. "And Olivia's the last one! Have fun with your teammates!"

"Brianna, you're next!" Brianna threw a pie and it hit Jordan in the face.

"Jordan's your first helper! Who's your last one?" Brianna threw the last pie and coincidentally, it hit Brighton. "And Brighton's your last helper! Okay then, you guys may now prepare to get on your dragons! Feel free to use the dragon saddles near the cages. While you guys do that, I'm gonna put my General Zod costume back on!" Chris then went behind a nearby tree and put on his black uniform and cape and used some paint for a fake mustache and beard.

"Kneel before General Zod!" Chris ordered to Chef.

"In your dreams!" Chef snapped back as he walked away.

"Oh, and one more thing! Once the helpers are done getting the saddles on the dragons, they will have to wander around the side of Mount Doom to find weapons for you guys! Until then, use the dragons to your advantage! And for the helpers, watch out for orcs! There aren't too many, but they haven't been tamed! So, they're very dangerous and that's enough to make your challenge interesting! Don't forget the volcano! Hehehehe..." The helpers groaned while the finalists were angered by Chris's cheapness.

Harry carefully took the Hungarian Horntail and the Peruvian Vipertooth out of their cages and chained them up tightly to aid the finalists in getting on the dragons. He then took the other two dragons away, as they would not be using them in the challenge. Connor and Olivia took the saddle, carefully climbed up the Hungarian Horntail's back, and managed to put the saddle on safely. Jordan and Brighton took the saddle and put it on the Peruvian Vipertooth, but after doing so, it growled loudly at Jordan and attempted to bite her.

"Don't you bite me you damn lizard!" Jordan yelled as she kicked the dragon in the nose. All of a sudden, the dragon broke loose from the chain and roared loudly. This caused the Hungarian Horntail to roar as well. They both flew up in the air and breathed fire all over the field and towards the peanut gallery. The members of the peanut gallery all ran away, yelling, screaming, and holding one another's hands to run away from the chaos that was going on.

"Ohh man! This is not going well for our contestants so far! Will we ever get control of these dragons? Or will the dragons win and destroy the entire island and our contestants? Find out when we return to Total...Drama...Kingdom!" The dragons then came running towards Chris and he ran for his life.

End of Part 1 of the finale! Who do you think is going to win the finale, if there is a winner that is? Who will die and who will live? R&R your thoughts, predictions, and other comments! Stay tuned for Part 2, coming out tomorrow!