It seemed to be a very dark day at Malchoir Island. The skies were a bright orange and dark gray clouds covered the entire sky, hiding the red sun and its light. The dragons were still rapidly flying over Mount Doom with our beloved finalists appearing to be dead. The entire peanut gallery and all of the interns said nothing as they continued to stare at the silent Mount Doom. Some contestants were crying, some were angry, but most people did not know what to say. They just stared quietly after what had just happened.

"Do you think they're going to be okay?" Olivia asked Colin as they hugged each other tightly.

"I hope so, sweetheart" Colin responded, sighing loudly.

"Oh guys! Never leave me like that!" Sierra moaned as she clung onto both Cameron and Cody.

"I don't think we would be able to anyway..." Cameron said as he started to choke at Sierra's powerful grasp.

"Unfortunately..." Cody added, coughing.

"I hope they didn't die..." Lindsay said. "Do you think they survived, Hermes?"

Tyler angrily sighed and yelled out, "It's Tyler! And to be honest, it looked pretty bad. So, I'm afraid not..."

Suddenly, before anyone could say anything else, a big brown hand grabbed the edge of Mount Doom. The peanut gallery went closer to see who it was. Everyone clapped and cheered to see that Lyell managed to climb back up to the top, free. He also grabbed Brianna by the hand and pulled her up to the top too. Colin and Olivia, Mike and Zoey, Geoff and Bridgette, Katie and Sadie, and Lindsay and Beth all hugged each other upon seeing them make it out alive and everyone else high-fived each other and cheered.

"Awesome! I knew they would make it out alive!" Daniel happily said.

"Okay, guys! Get back on your dragons! It's time for the final showdown!" Chris said impatiently. "Now that Voldemort and Sauron are out of the way, we decided to add in a replacement to make things a bit more interesting! Remember Chef's meatball bazooka?"

"Oh no..." they both said together.

"That's right! You guys will have to dodge the meat AND fight at the same time! Whoever manages to knock the other person out wins the million dollars! It's as simple as that! Now, get down on it!" Chris announced.

Brianna then turned to Lyell and said, "Looks like it's game on!"

"You betcha! Time to win my million!" Lyell responded.

Brianna then taunted, "Haha! You wish!"

They both hopped onto their dragons and were ready to battle it out once again. Chef filled up his bazooka with ammo and shot at both Lyell and Brianna. Instead of watching what her opponent was doing, Brianna instead focused on where Chef's bazooka was positioned and proceeded to avoid all the meat that came flying at her. As she jumped and flipped over the pile of meat, "Expelliarmus!" Lyell casted the disarming spell on Brianna and her wizard's staff went flying all the way down below Mount Doom.

Then, before she knew it, "Flipendo!" Lyell casted another spell and Chef shot out another big pile of meat at her. Brianna tried jumping over the meat, but it ended up getting caught all over her cheerleading boots. She fell onto her dragon and was flipped off of Mount Doom and into the lava by Lyell's spell. She screamed so loudly that Lyell felt really sorry for her and for what he did.


*in confessional* Lyell: Oh man...I didn't mean to get her down so hard...I hope she isn't too mad at me...


*back to Mount Doom*

As Brianna was about to meet her doom in the depths of lava, a high-pitched Tarzan yell echoed in the mountain. All of a sudden, a crazy girl with orange hair and a green bikini swung on a vine and caught Brianna by the hair before she could fall in the lava.

"Ow, ow, ow! Watch the hair!" Brianna yelled as Izzy pulled her up and climbed out of Mount Doom.

"Hey, just doing my job!" Izzy replied as they continued to climb up the vine and up to the top of Mount Doom safely. The entire peanut gallery and the interns all gathered around to congratulate the new winner of Total Drama Kingdom. They applauded and cheered loudly at Lyell's victory.

"And Lyell takes home the million dollars!" Chris excitedly shouted as he handed the million over to Lyell.

"WOO HOO!" Lyell cheered as he held the million dollar case up in the air for everyone to see. He then came up to Brianna and said, "Hey, sorry about almost killing you back there. I hope you're not too mad at me..."

Brianna then gave him a hug and said, "I'm not mad at all! After all, it's all fun and games, right? Congratulations to you! I'm so proud of you and you should definitely be proud of yourself! You worked hard to get this far and you deserve it!"


*in confessional* Brianna: Lyell's right! It's all only a game! And like they always say, if you have fun, you won! And I can safely say that I had a lot of fun! I can't wait to get back home and tell my friends about everything I've done on my stay at Malchoir Island!


*in confessional* Lyell: True, I had a lot of fun. But I actually can't believe I won the money! I'm not too sure what to do with all of it, but I'll definitely give some to Erin and a couple of my friends. And then maybe save the rest for a wild party and invite everyone!


*back to Mount Doom*

As everyone was cheering Lyell on for his victory, Soonchan noticed Blaineley amongst the crowd. He then ran over to her, picked her up bridal style, and started making out with her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Blaineley suddenly pushed him away in shock, threw up a big pool of vomit that caused everyone to move away from her, and pushed Soonchan in the depths of Mount Doom. Everyone gasped at what Blaineley had done, especially Chris.

"Whoa...I never knew Blaineley killed people for a living..." Chris said, snickering as he started fidgeting with his phone.

All of a sudden, Soonchan was spurted out from Mount Doom and he landed right on top of Blaineley. Blaineley could not handle Soonchan's heavy weight as she struggled to get him off. "I don't get it! How did you get out of there so fast without getting burnt up?!" Blaineley yelled.

"I'm resistant to the lava! I can't help it!" Soonchan grinned. "Now, it's time for our first date!" He then tied her up tightly with some rope that he found, grabbed the million dollar case from Lyell's hands, and jumped off of Mount Doom, running through Malchoir Forest and right through the shores of Malchoir to escape on Blaineley's private jet.

"Hey! Gimme back my money!" Lyell shouted as he jumped on top of his Hungarian Horntail dragon and followed Blaineley and Soonchan. "Right that way, bro! We gotta get my money back!"

Soonchan then saw the dragon from a distance as he got into the pilot's seat of the jet. He put Blaineley in the passenger seat, started the plane engine, and they took off into the sky in a high-speed chase.

"So, Blaineley, now that you're officially mine and that we're both millionaires, what do you want to do for our first date? See a movie? Have some dinner? Get married? Head straight to the bedroom? My options are open!" Soonchan said, winking.

"UGH! LET ME GO FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!" Blaineley yelled at the top of her lungs as she struggled to get out of the rope. "I DON'T LIKE YOU, OKAY? I NEVER LIKED YOU TO BEGIN WITH AND I NEVER WILL! YOU'RE THE MOST ANNOYING, OBNOXIOUS FATASS I'VE EVER MET!"

"Aww, thank you! I love you too!" he grinned, planting a big wet kiss on her cheek. Blaineley groaned in disgust and struggled to wipe it away.

"Hey, Chef? Are you recording this? This chase scene is just priceless!" Chris laughed as he took pictures of the chase scene from the shores of Malchoir. It had Lyell on top of his dragon shouting and the private jet flying off in the distance with beautiful orange skies and gray clouds to cover the bright red sun.

"I'm totally putting this on my Instagram!" Chris laughed, looking at the picture. "And I'll also make this the cover photo for the Total Drama Facebook and Twitter pages!"

"Well, I'm recording this right now! And the quality is great!" Chef proudly said. "Check out that sharp turn that that dude's making! Is he just going around the island or what?"

"Beats me! After all, he did mention that he has TERRIBLE driving skills!" Chris chuckled.

*cut to jet*

"Ugh! You're a terrible driver! How did you even get your license that way?!" Blaineley complained.

"I did a great job bribing the driving tester! I bombed all the parts of the driving test so bad and I bribed her with some extra mulah to help me pass! Along with begging for mercy too! Man, that really paid off in the end!" Soonchan proudly said.

"Whatever...just please land somewhere and put me down! I can't stand your terrible driving skills anymore!" she snapped.

"For your information, my driving skills AND my flying skills are in tip-top-" he was cut off by a sharp crash and violent brushing of tree branches. He looked at the front window and saw that they had crashed into a nice, tall tree. "Uh-oh..." he said.

All of a sudden, the plane came crashing down to the ground. Soonchan then grabbed Blaineley and the million dollars and jumped off the plane and ran away from the tree to avoid the huge explosion that occurred throughout Malchoir Forest. They then came back to notice that several trees were on fire. On top of that, Lyell had already landed his dragon and had a very stern look indeed.

"This one is for Erin!" he firmly said. "COWABUNGA!" he yelled as he did a powerful powerhouse kick that knocked out Soonchan instantly and sent the million dollars flying out of his hands. Lyell caught it successfully and the entire peanut gallery arrived at the scene and once again cheered for Lyell's victory. They all picked him up and marched through Malchoir Island to celebrate his victory. Blaineley managed to get out of the ropes and safely escape the island without anyone being around to ruin her life and reputation. Well, at the moment.

"And that wraps up another awesome season of Total Drama! Thanks for watching this epic season and I hope that you had an amazing time in doing so, especially through the hilarious jokes and the intense drama and action throughout! And with our winner Lyell, I bid you adieu! Until next time! I'm Chris McClean and it's been a great season of Total...Drama...Kingdom!" he announced, signing off the show.

*sometime later*

*cut to battlefield*

Three mysterious interns were out on the battlefield, cleaning up all the trash, ashes, and other messes that were on the island. Chris had hired them as the special interns and thought that they would be perfect for the job. They see the camera turn to them and they all wave to say hi.

"What's up, peeps? I'm GoGoGadget831!" one intern said.

"And I'm Gazorscreen!" another one said.

"Yo, bros! I'm Laker Dragon!" the last one said.

They then turn away from the camera and continue to clean up the messes that all the contestants made.


Blaineley was back in her house, relaxing in her nice jacuzzi. She was also taking a mud bath, had a pink towel around her head, and had no care in the world. It was finally good to be away from Total Drama and back in the comforts of her own home. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She picked it up and calmly said, "Hello?"

"Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran! This is Josh Simon, an agent of the CIA. You have been caught for committing some very serious crimes and the most recent one that you have done was the most sinister one yet! In addition, you have been roaming around with a fake identity when your real name is actually Ana Dremlim, according to your REAL identity! And that is in fact, the name of a real criminal! You have been caught and the police are on their way to arrest you!"

"What?! That is ridiculous?! I do not even know who the f*** this Dremlim character is!" Blaineley snapped.

"The CIA files say it all. And they never lie! You might as well just give it up and turn yourself in!" Chris replied.

"What made you guys come up with this bullcrap assumption anyway?!" she yelled.

"Total Drama host, Chris McClean has leaked all of this information to the CIA! You've definitely crossed the line this time, Miss O'Halloran!" the agent firmly said.

"Who gives a damn about what you have to say, anyway?" Blaineley yelled as she hung up on the agent and threw down the phone. "It's time to take down the CIA once and for all!"

*cut to CIA headquarters*

Blaineley drove up to the CIA in her fancy-schmancy red limo, disguised as a CIA agent. She let herself in as soon as she saw an agent entering the doors and she saw that nobody was there currently. "Now, it's time to destroy these files once and for all for me and for my career!" she said to herself. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a red time bomb. She put it in the center of the floor and set it off. She ran out of the building and 30 seconds later, the entire CIA headquarters exploded before her very eyes and the entire building went crashing down on the floor into ashes, broken glass, broken wood, and fire. The police quickly arrived at the scene and noticed that Blaineley was the only person who was at the scene. They immediately hand-cuffed her and dragged her into the car and straight to court.

*cut to court*

The judge looked at everyone on the trial and said, "Ms. Ana Dremlim has officially been convicted of possessing a fake identity, for committing a large number of murders in the past, and for federal property damage! She will now be sentenced for life in prison!" The police then carried her off and took her to the clink. She sighed loudly as they were doing so. "I will be back...mark my words..." she mumbled to herself.

*cut to Chris and Chef*

As Chef was cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Chris walked in as he was reading the newspaper. The latest headline read, "Ana Dremlim finally caught, sentenced to life in prison".

"Well, Chef, we did it! We finally gave that bitch what was coming to her!" Chris happily cheered. "How should we celebrate?"

Chef then pushed a button and a disco ball appeared above and the entire room was pitch dark with only the ball's flashing lights. Some 70s music also accompanied the room's details.

"Disco dancing?!" Great idea!" Chris laughed as he and Chef went all 70s.

*five years later*

Soonchan was waiting at a restaurant for his first blind date. He had lost a lot of weight, grown a bit taller, and his afro was shaven off. His hair now looked cleaner and he had a small goatee on his chin. He was also dressed in a black suit with a red tie and looked very handsome indeed.

"I'm here" a voice called to Soonchan. Soonchan looked to see who it was and it was indeed, his blind date. She had very pale skin, long black hair, and was dressed in a black evening gown. He knew right off the bat who it was. "My name is Morticia Lovegood."

"Hello gorgeous! Remember me?" he said in an excited tone. "You know, Blaineley, you look hotter than you ever did back in Total Drama Kingdom! We gotta pick it up where we left off!" he continued, picking her up bridal style and attempting to kiss her.

"Oh no...not him again..." Morticia groaned as she realized who she was going to date. "I wish I was still in jail..."

And that wraps up Total Drama Kingdom! Thank you so much for reading this fanfic! I appreciate all the support! Would also like to thank Gazorscreen and Laker Dragon for helping me write this fanfic and for coming up with so many clever ideas that really worked out well in the end! I hope you all enjoyed reading this medieval take on Total Drama and stay tuned for a possible sequel!