Last time on Total Drama Kingdom: 14 new contestants, one engaging host, one Chef, one menacing intern, and one new island. Stones were thrown, creatures were terrorizing, bonds were formed, and enemies collided! Ultimately, our Valiant Knights won the quest up Mt. Chrismore, and Brittany of the Devilish Demons was our ultimate loser! Who will rise? Who will fall? Find out on this exciting episode of Total...Drama...Kingdom!

*cut to Chriskaban dungeon*

Nora was lying down on the wooden bench in one of the dungeon cells, texting her friends. She giggled quietly as her phone kept on dinging, signaling that a text message was received. Suddenly, Soonchan popped in and snagged her phone. He giggled evilly as he slipped away.


"No way, wild child! Now that I'm in charge, I can do whatever I please!" Soonchan replied back, snickering.


*confessional* Nora: That Soonchan character is really getting on my nerves. I mean, I can handle his side comments and stuff. But when you mess with my phone and my friends, that's where I draw the line!


*back to dungeon*

Lyell was sleeping soundly on the bench in another cell. His Jamaican summer hat was lying flat on his face. Shamus was still asleep as well, but with his shirt off. Brighton, who was in another cell, had brought his boxing gloves with him and was working on his boxing.


*confessional* Brighton: Nothing like some early morning kick-boxing! It will be good practice when I hunt down the win for the next challenge for dinner. And then, crush Connor for dessert!


*back to dungeon*

Jordan was clinging onto her Mickey Mouse plushie as she snored loudly in one cell. In another cell, Deja was covering her ears tightly to drown out the sounds of her snoring. She got so fed up that she picked up a worn-out boot that was in her cell and threw it at Jordan at the other side. It hit Jordan upside the head, knocking down her glasses. She suddenly woke up, fuming. Her face turned puffy and red and she angrily gritted her teeth as she glared at Deja.

"YOU...YOU! YOU, ARE GOING TO PAY!" Jordan shouted loudly.

Deja just blew a raspberry at her and said, "Or what? You're gonna knock me down with that large weight of yours?"

Jordan snarled loudly at that comment. Deja snarled back at her. All of a sudden, Lyell woke up and calmly said to the two girls, "Hey ladies. Chill out. Let's all relax, because I'm trying to get some shut eye."

"Yeah whatever, party boy", Jordan muttered under her breath.

"He's right! You need to be quiet!", Deja said, laughing.

"Nobody tells me what to do, skinny ninny!" Jordan said, trying to stand up for herself. The two girls both crossed their arms and looked away from each other.

*cuts to McClean Spa Manor*

All the Valiant Knights were feasting on a luxurious breakfast: boysenberry pie along with hash browns and a side of Canadian bacon.

"This boysenberry pie is probably one of the greatest pies that I've ever tasted!" Daniel proudly commented as he took another bite of his pie.

"Agreed! This is why we should always go for the gold and hang out here!" Brant replied.

"Not to mention that it's always wonderful to hear the medieval horns first thing in the morning!" Colin exclaimed as he listened to the horns play an energetic tune. He decided to join the fun and play the harp that he brought with him to the island. Olivia, who was sitting nearby, listened to the music, and could not help but to smile widely. Once the tune was done, she clapped loudly, cheering, "That was amazing! Play another tune! Play another tune!" The medieval band then proceeded to play "Seize the Day" and Olivia could not help but to squeal loudly.


*confessional* Colin: This place is awesome so far! From medieval feasts to medieval music, this place has a lot to offer! Another thing I really like about my experiences so far is Olivia's energy. She's nice...okay, super nice...I think she really likes me...(*starts grinning widely*)


*confessional* Olivia: Colin is really cool and talented. And I think he's kinda cute as well. I know it's too soon to think about this, but I wonder if he would ever ask out someone full of energy like me...


*back to the Spa Manor*

"Pile up the protein, butler! A growing boy like me has to have his protein!" Connor exclaimed as the butler gave him more freshly-cooked bacon.

"Jocks..." Brianna whispered to Tess. They both laughed in response. "Almost all the jocks in my school are like that, and they are oh-so flirty too! I'm!" Tess responded. They both continued giggling as Tess told more stories about her in-school experiences.

Suddenly, a loud cymbal crash was heard in the room. It was so deafening that all the contestants jumped and covered their ears. They turned to see that it was Chris carrying a pair of crash cymbals and wearing ear plugs. Behind him, stood the Devilish Demons, who covered their ears as well and glared annoyingly at Chris.

"Hehehe...get used to it, folks! I'm going to be doing that every morning!" Chris laughed. "Now, it's time to announce today's challenge! Everyone, follow me to the courtyard!" All the contestants followed him to the courtyard to get the instructions for today's challenge.

Deja and Jordan continued to glare at each other, Colin and Olivia were walking together and talking, Tess and Brianna were chatting, Daniel and Brant were scheming about the competition, Shamus was flirting with Nora while Nora continued to ignore him, Brighton and Connor were racing to see who would get to the courtyard first (ended up in a tie!), and Lyell was just listening to his music and strutting. They finally arrived at the courtyard where Chris was waiting. They took their seats on the small thrones.

"Good morning contestants! Hope you all had a quote-on-quote 'restful night'!" Chris said. The Valiant Knights said nothing while the Devilish Demons rolled their eyes at him.

"Whatever...Okay, now it's time to introduce today's challenge! Do you guys remember the game Capture the Flag?"

Shamus raised his hand and said, "I love that game! Me and my friends used to play this all the time at birthday parties and stuff!"

Connor and Brighton both raised their hands and both yelled out at the same time, "I was a team player at that game! We were always the ones to win for our team and get the flag first!" They both glared at each other and yelled to each other, "I was a better team player than you!" They both clenched their fists together and were about to get in another fight when two interns broke them up. One intern was female with long blond hair and sunglasses and the other intern was male with his red hat backwards and tan hair. They were about the same height and were wearing red uniforms.

"Ay, who invited these two here?" Soonchan asked as he walked by.

"Oh, Soonchan, you will be working with them for the duration of the season! This is Macy and this is Michael!" Soonchan gave them a confused look and turned away. He suddenly had an idea. When nobody was watching, he picked up a slimy slug from the dirt and put it on Macy's hair. Macy screamed in horror as she felt the slug moving all over her head.

"AHHH! GROSS! GET IT OFF!" she screamed as she ran around in a frenzy. Michael tackled her to the ground and gently took the slug out of her hair. Macy scrunched her eyebrows slightly at Michael and said, "You could have done that without tackling me, you know!"

"Hey, at least I helped!" Michael replied, shrugging. He and Soonchan then bumped fists and he whispered, "Hey, that was pretty good man!"

Soonchan replied, "Thanks bro! Can't wait to find that other hot blondie!" He suddenly glanced at Blaineley, who was standing behind Chris and was about to give him a swift kick in the butt with her high heel. He ran over to Blaineley while making kissy faces. Suddenly, he ended up tackling Chris by accident and accidentally giving him a kiss on the cheek. Chris screamed in horror and Soonchan kept staring at Chris, surprised that he made that move. Fortunately, that gave Blaineley enough time to escape. Soonchan quickly got off of Chris and tried to find Blaineley, but to no avail. He then made his way towards Macy and Michael, feeling slightly embarrassed and once again, pretty mad that his crush ran away. When he wasn't looking, Nora snuck behind him, took her phone back, and snuck back towards the other contestants. The contestants snickered at what Soonchan had done, but Chris then glared at them, causing them to stop.

"Anyways..." Chris said as he turned his head to all sides, making sure that there were no forthcoming interruptions. "For those who do not know how to play Capture the Flag, you guys obviously have to capture the other team's flag. The other team's flag happens to hold the symbol of your own team. So, your goal is to get the flag without getting caught by the other team. Each of you will elect two members of your team to be the guards of your flag. Two members will guard the flag to prevent the members of the other team from taking it. Another member will guard the jail to make sure that no one escapes. The rest of the members will set out to search for the flag. If a person gets tapped by a guard, they will go to jail. If another member of the team taps the jailbird, they are set free and they can continue their search for the flag. The person who gets the other team's flag will then be required to go to their respective team's tower and hang the flag. The first team to do so wins and will savor a luxurious stay at the McClean Spa Manor. The losing team will stay at the Chriskaban Dungeon with Soonchan and one of their teammates will be eliminated. Any questions?"

After a couple of minutes of silence, Chris finally spoke up, "This game will take place all over the island! And I would like to thank former Total Drama competitor, Lightning, for designing the course and for doing the honors of hiding the team flags! Lightning, where are you?"

"SHA-BAM!" Lightning jumped from one of the trees, doing a series of flips, and flexing his biceps.

"Okay Lightning! Now, show each of the teams the flags that they will be guarding and make sure that there aren't any spies hiding about! Soonchan, that includes you!" Chris said.

"Sha-Lightning would be happy to sha-show everyone to their flags!" Lightning proudly said as he kissed his biceps.

"Uhhh...doesn't Lightning ever sha-shut up?" Daniel asked Brant. Brant, who was a bit annoyed as well, just shrugged.

Lightning then showed each of the teams the flags that they were going to be guarding. After sometime, Chris played a medieval horn, signalling the beginning of the challenge. For the Valiant Knights, Connor and Brianna were the guards of the flag while Tess stayed behind to keep watch over the jail. For the Devilish Demons, Lyell guarded the jail while Shamus and Jordan guarded the flag. Before Shamus could make a move on Jordan, Jordan kicked dust in his eyes and said, "Don't even think about it, shrimp!" Shamus hung his head in failure.


*confessional* Shamus: Two days and I still haven't found a girl (*sighs*)


*back to island*

Brighton was jogging around the island in search of the flag. Deja decided to tag along with him. "Are you sure you know where you're going?" Deja asked Brighton.

"Lady, you're talking to a jock who's been playing sports all his life! I was into all that cross country and football! I know EXACTLY what I'm doing!" Brighton haughtily claimed.

"If you say so..." Deja mumbled. From a distance, they both saw Brianna and Connor, who were against a tree.

"This is it. The flag must be around there!" Brighton said, pointing at the tree.

Deja and Brighton ran over to the tree. As they did, Connor and Brianna ran towards them. Brianna ran as fast as she could and tapped Deja before she even touched the tree. "Darn it!" Deja yelled. "Well, it's up to you now, Brighton!"

"I'll win it! I'm a team player!" Brighton confidently said as he climbed up the tree. Connor climbed up the tree as well, trying to catch him. Brighton then reached the top of the tree and found the flag. "May the Devilish Demons win!" he hollered. He suddenly saw Lightning at the top and bumped fists with him. All of a sudden, Connor reached the tree and pulled Brighton by the leg. Suddenly, they both came falling down the tree, crashing into branch after branch. Connor fell flat on his back while Brighton stood up and used Connor to break his fall. However, both of his feet hit Connor in the groin, causing him to squirm and squeal in pain.

Lightning suddenly shouted from the tree, "He still caught you! So, it's off to the clink for you!"

Brighton threw down the flag in anger and yelled out, "Damn it!" He stomped over the the jail that Tess was guarding.

"Sha-Lightning's work here is done!" Lightning proudly proclaimed as he jumped off the tree and ran to the shores to swim back home.


*confessional* Brighton: Damn you, Connor!


*back to island*

Tess, meanwhile, was chatting to Deja actively. "So anyway, here's my new prom dress that I bought at Macy's recently. Isn't it beautiful?" Deja rolled her eyes and muttered, "'s pretty..." "Ugh...don't tell me I had to go to jail for this..." she thought.

Suddenly, Brighton came into jail with her and said, "I see that you're here as well".

Deja replied, "Yeah, how about that? This is sooooo fun..." Tess continued to bother Brighton and Deja with her chitter-chatter. In fact, she was so engrossed in it that she did not see Nora come from behind Brighton and Deja and tap them both behind the backs.

"Well, I guess we'll go now! Come on Brighton, let's go!" Deja yelled out as she grabbed Brighton by the arm and escaped from jail.

"Okay, good luck you guys!" Tess said as she waved good-bye to the two demons. "Tess...sorry to burst your bubble...but you were supposed to be watching the jailbirds and not let them escape..." Brianna told Tess. "Oh...sorry girl...guess I got too distracted, huh?" Tess said as she hung her head in shame.

Meanwhile, Olivia was running around the island in search of the flag. From a distance, she noticed a pile of stones and Shamus and Jordan happened to be in front of the stones. Shamus noticed Olivia and flipped his hair back, saying, "Hey babe. What's the matter? Feeling too hot? Need me to cool you down?"

Olivia widened her eyes in horror as she saw Shamus and Jordan running towards her. She tried going around them and attempting to dodge them, but it did not do no good. Before they could catch her, Colin suddenly jumped in front of her and Shamus and Jordan both tackled him.

"Colin!" Olivia yelled out worriedly. Colin slowly opened his eyes but appeared to be dizzy. Before she could say anything else, Jordan and Shamus both dragged him to jail. Colin pointed his finger as if he were beckoning Olivia to go get the flag. Olivia nodded and pulled out the flag from the pile of stones, but Shamus caught her from behind when she wasn't looking and took her to jail as well.

"Colin! Are you okay?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just feel a bit dizzy, that's all", Colin replied. Olivia sighed with relief and patted Colin on the shoulder.

Daniel and Brant then saw the flag near the pile of rocks, but saw Shamus and Jordan standing in their way. Brant pulled Daniel aside and said, "Alright, here's the game plan. You distract them and I'll go get the flag while they're busy. Understand?"

Daniel hesitantly nodded and they were off. Daniel ran towards Shamus and Jordan while Brant stood on another side and waited until their backs were turned towards him. Once they were, Brant jumped on the pile of rocks and captured their flag. Daniel tapped Colin and Olivia, freeing them from jail. Before they could flee, Daniel was tackled hard to the floor by Jordan.

"Save yourselves!" Daniel called to Colin and Olivia. He groaned in frustration as Jordan hoisted him by the shirt and dragged him to jail. "Way to ditch me, Brant!" Daniel said angrily.

"Hey bro. What's happening?" Lyell asked Daniel as soon as he arrived in jail.

"Very little..." Daniel muttered.

"Hey man. It's all good. In the end, it's all fun and games. I don't think of this game as a competition. I just think of it as a fun little game where we can make new friends and just have a good time!" Lyell calmly said.

"I guess you're right. But after all, this is a game show..." Daniel said.

"True true. But there are lots of things to look forward to. You're a good kid and you've got a lot going for you". Lyell said. Daniel grinned at his statement.


*confessional* Daniel: It would be nice to show everyone that I've got the skills and the smarts to win this season. But I guess in a way, Lyell is right. I'm still pissed at Brant for ditching me though! (*sighs*)


*back to the island*

Colin, Olivia, and Brant are running to their tower. "Now that we've got the flag, we can stay at the spa again!" Brant proudly said as he thought about living another day in luxury again. As they got to their tower, he saw that the Devilish Demons were already at the tower and their flag had already been hoisted up the flag pole.

"And the Devilish Demons win this challenge!" Chris announced. The Devilish Demons cheered. Nora cheered while texting her friends proudly. Shamus took his shirt off and waved it all over. Jordan whacked Deja across the head proudly while Deja tackled her to the ground and started fighting with her. Brighton cheered and taunted the unconscious Connor, who was lying in a hospital bed, whimpering in pain and holding his kiwis. Lyell threw his Jamaican summer hat in the air and caught it proudly. All the Valiant Knights groaned in failure.

"The Devilish Demons now get the pleasure of staying at the McClean Spa Manor! The Valiant Knights will meet me at the courtyard tonight to vote off one of your teammates!" Chris continued.

*cut to McClean Spa Manor*

Lyell sat on one of the thrones, sipping on his boysenberry juice while one of the beautiful mistresses fed him some grapes. "This is the life..." Lyell proudly said. Jordan and Deja were eating dinner and sitting at far corners of the dining table, away from each other. Nora was sitting at the table as well, texting her friends. She was happy that Soonchan wasn't there to take away her phone. Shamus was chilling at the spa in the next room, enjoying a nice back massage. Brighton was swimming some power-laps in the pool.

"Hey guys! Want to see what a real party is like?" Lyell asked. He then took out his music box and blasted the music. He turned down all the lights and hopped onto the dining table. "PARTY ON EVERYBODY!" Lyell shouted excitedly.

"Did someone say 'party'?" Shamus asked as he came out of the spa. "WOO HOO!" he cheered as he broke dance on the floor. Everyone else started dancing and having a good time. It was a good day for the Devilish Demons.

*cut to courtyard*

All the Valiant Knights gathered around the bonfire to anxiously await their status in the game. Chris arrived with 6 bronze dubloons. "Alright, since this is your first bonfire ceremony, here's how it works. The safe competitors all get bronze dubloons. The loser will immediately be forced to take the Fling of Shame and may never return...ever!"

"The first dubloon goes to...Brant!"

Brant pumped his fist in victory and took his dubloon.


She smiled and picked up her dubloon.


She grinned and picked up her dubloon.


He walked over and took his dubloon.


Chris threw it to Connor, but it flew and hit his eye.

"My eye!" Connor cried as he held his eye in pain.

"And the final dubloon goes to...















Daniel sighed in relief as he picked up his dubloon. "Sorry, Tess. Though you're a very bubbly person and enjoyable to have around, your chatty nature got in the way of the game. So, it's time to take the Fling of Shame!"

Tess sighed and said to her teammates, "Oh well...I'll see you all around!" She waved to everyone and they all waved back.

*cut to Fling of Shame*

"So, any last words?" Chris asked as Tess sat in the Fling of Shame, waiting to be flinged.

"Well..." Tess began. "Oops, time's up!" Chris said, looking at his watch and he signaled Chef to fling her. He pushed the button and Tess was sent flying. From a distance, she was singing, "I believe I can fly!"

Chris then concluded the episode, "2 down and 12 to go! What drama is in store for our competitors next? Find out next time! On Total...Drama...Kingdom!"

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed that chapter! I'm sorry to say that I'm going on a month hiatus from writing fanfics, but once AP Exams are over, I'll be back and back to writing! See you all around!