So this is probably going to be a one chapter thing unless you guys like it so, Enjoy! Harry Potter movie 5, Spiderman movie 2. Btw Harry
O is The Goblin.

Harry Potter was in his Potions class, with the one and only Professor. Snape. Harry didn't really enjoy his potion class then again who did
except Hermione Granger, that was one of his best friends. Ron Weasly was his other friend. Ever since they both kinda saved Hermione's
life by sticking Harry's wand up a Trolls nose. Long story. Harry was on the verge of falling asleep

Meanwhile Spider-man was battling the new Green Goblin/ Harry Osbourne. Harry was his best friend, well ever since he was convinced
Peter/Spider-man killed his father Norman Osbourne. After Peter had tripped his friend up a bomb, which was hand made, was fired
towards his direction, Peter spun a web and slung it back in the Goblins direction. It exploded in Harry's face, it knocked Peter's friend
out. Peter didn't know that he wasn't just knocked out but unconcious.

Harry Potter had just finished class and went outside to look for his owl. Finding a strange mechanical object he moved one of the joy-
sticks. He fell into a deep black hole. And landed next to two strange men. One dressed in a red and blue suit with a black spider on it and
the other dressed in complete black and had a bleeding face. He also saw a hover-craft. "Wh-Who are you?" Harry stuttered.
"Well I am Peter Parker and this is Harry Osbourne. I am a super hero is a somewhat enemy of mine. I am also known as Spiderman. Who
are you?"
"Nice to meet you. I am Harry Potter. Oh dear! You two are muggles! I can't talk to you two I'm a wizard." He said with a worried look on
his face. "It's okay. I can't talk to you, you know my secret identity." He replied. The Goblin was finally concious and was aware of the
two arguing about something. "Hey, Pete." Harry said.
"Hi, Harry."
"He has the same name as me!" Harry Potter said.
"Who's he Peter?"
"Well. He is Harry Potter, he is a wizard and I dont know how he got here. How did you get here then?"
"To be honest. I'm not to sure I saw this machine thing and moved the joy-stick and POOF! I'm here talking to you guys."
"Pete, Harry. That was my time machine. I visited there when I was looking for my father. Whenever you teleport there it leaves the
machine where it was before you teleported." Harry O. said
"How did you get back then?" Peter asked
"I have two. Duh!" The Goblin said.
Suddenly white smoke appeared behind the Wizard."Um. Pete, someone is teleporting here. Everyone hide!"
The ducked behind a large bin, Harry P. used his Invisibility Cloak to hide so he could sya what was happening. Then a dark figure
appeared right next to where the Wizard was. Harry P shivered and gulped at the sight of a tall man. He ran to where Peter was hiding and
whispered "Guys I know who it is."

And you guys have to wait/ persuade me to carry on!