Chapter III, for Coming Home

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I see Fire

Her body felt heavy and her eyes refused to listen to her silent pleads. They felt heavy and it was the heaviness of everything that left her feeling drained.

Several minutes later she managed to open her eyes, tired emeralds tried to take in her surroundings and only after rubbing over them, the blurs came back into focus, the outlines sharp and clear again.

The room was a different one and her memories were fuzzy at best, while her head hurt like hell.

Her heavy limbs needed more effort in moving, but her will helped not too lose her focus for the task at hand.

Aurora managed to sit up at least and willed herself to stay conscious, even if that was a feat in itself at the moment.

A slight breeze let her shiver which let her realize that she was in a state of undress or at least, that she only was in her underwear, which left the rest of her clothing missing.

Her cheeks flushed, and the cover was raised higher, protectively all the way up, while trying to figure out what the hell had happened.

Her hazy memories left her growling under her breath.

"This wasn't good and this just wouldn't do!" she thought.

It was an unconscious movement but her fingers were searching, hoping to find something that would help bring some light into the darkness that were her thoughts and memories of what seemed, to be the last hours at best and days in the worst case.

Her nimble fingers froze at the soft clicking sound that managed to pierce through the silence and her head whipped around sharply, that she feared the backlash it would give her, but she didn't want to be any more vulnerable, than she already was thank you very much.

Auroras vision was filled with a tall figure and her blood boiled.

"You.." she accused only to turn the volume of her own voice down, after the sharp pain pierced through her skull and left her cradling her head in her hands shortly afterwards.

It felt like thousand needles piercing through her skin and her head seemed to split into two.

The memories came back to her and assaulted Aurora like a tidal wave.

A whimper escaped her lips and even her state of undress was forgotten in favour to stop the pain that the flood of images brought her. She was getting sick and the nausea was almost testable on her tongue.

If only the pain would stop, the memories were beginning to overwhelm and consume her, she barely was able to recognize where hers started, ended or where the foreign one blurred with her own.

They were intense and not all were from the last twenty-four or forty-eight hours or however long she had been unconscious.

They seemed older and most of them had this man in them, sometimes others as well but most were of him and after a long time, that felt like eternity to her, blissful darkness surrounded her again.

It only had taken seconds after Eric had opened the door to the bedroom where he kept the woman he had kidnapped in a way, and he had already been insulted with the simple word "you" that managed to lift the corners of his lips into a smirk.

But his smirk had vanished as fast as it came.

He was by Auroras side in an instant and tried to bring her closer to him but the electric spark that followed the contact after his skin had come into contact with hers, was enough to stop his efforts for the time being.

The blonde knew that he had important matters to oversee and that he should be in the club, but he couldn't and wouldn't leave the woman's side at all.

Even if he wouldn't show such a kind of weakness in front of his underlings, he didn't like the word weakness nor the feeling it would accompany, but he wouldn't leave Auroras side at least not now.

His mobile was in his hand shortly afterwards and after a view moments, where he hesitated he had made his choice and used it to inform Pam, that he would be absent this night, only to shut it down after he had left his message.

His Childe would know why, and even if she would tease him for his reason, she at least knew where the boundaries were and that it was better for her not to overstep them too much.

It took several hours before his "guest" showed signs of waking up again, but it was enough to relax his grim features a little.

The sparks that had managed to harm him the first time started to decrease and the colour came back into her pale body, the ragged breathing had evened out and her eyelids began to flutter.

Brilliant Emerald Eyes bored into blue ones and once again glared up at the Vampire that had dared to do this to her.

"You stupid git..." she growled under her breath and tried sitting up.

"When I'm able to move freely again I will kick your ass...I will just wait.."she mumbled and with the words and thread on her lips, she fell asleep again.

Eric's lips were parted and he had his crooked smile back on them, his customary smirk that told volumes about the fact that he found her threat amusing at best.

"Kitten, don't try..."he purred into her ear and watched how she shivered under his voice and put a kiss on those lips of hers, to silence any more words, and even if it only was a slow and sensual one, he broke it after she was unconscious again and lost in Morpheus arms.

Aurora managed to awake early the next day and was glad to find clothes on the bed.

The memories still tried to overwhelm her and in combination with her own ones weren't as easy to stomach as she thought they would be.

She knew something had shifted, but it was impossible to put her finger on the part that made the difference.

She sighed and a cleaning charm later found her dressed and ready to go again.

It was clear that she would leave this house, at least she hoped it was a house and not a cave or god knows what.

She had only managed to reach the door and when she met resistance in form of a woman.

"Oh no, sorry sweetie but I'm not overly concerned to what he says about me leaving and what not. So I'd appreciate it if you would be a sweet little girl and let me pass." she purred and her magic was crackling and burning just underneath her skin.

The dark haired woman knew fairly well, that she wouldn't cause as much trouble to an innocent but these Fangbangers got on her nerves, most of them were stupid and she was glad that the people back home held more value for their lives.

Aurora hated the fact that she would need to use an unforgivable if she wanted to leave without much trouble, but she wanted out and that was her only way to go and achieve her goal.

"Imperio.."she whispered dangerously low and almost purring.

"Good girl... Obliviate." she had patted her head and with the spell she stole the memory of her escape from the fangbanger that was left to guard her.

Her breathing was uneven, after she had used her powers and she tried to slow it down by controlled breathing. She breathed in and out, she felt weak but that was to be expected if she was honest.

Aurora was glad that Salazar had insisted that she learned some new spells, and that he had been a harsh task master as well, because it had helped her to escape with her important belongings safely on her person again.

With a dark look she looked down at the white Fangtasia Shirt, her flats and the dark jeans.

She wasn't troubled by the jeans or the flats, she was troubled by the shirt, but that was all she had managed to find in the short time, because no way in hell would she wear the clothes that had been left out for her by the Sheriff. They had been far to revealing for her taste and so she had to search for new ones after her escape had been successful.

She tried to even out her breathing after she had left the bar and took a good look around.

The sun was blazing down and she still needed to get away as long as the sun was out, but in the middle of the day she couldn't perform magic nor shift.

Right now she hated this blond Vampire more than ever, because he had put her in this situation to begin with.

Okay maybe not him, because it had started with Godric, but in the end it had been the blond Viking that had brought her in the trouble and situation she found herself in now.

With that in mind she started walking, because she wanted to get to Bon Tempes as fast as possible and look for a house, a house were, she would make sure she would be safe from unwanted visitors and were her friends could come and go as they pleased. The wards that came to her mind would make sure of that.

Her feet brought her deep into the woods and she was glad for the nature that surrounded her, because that way she was shielded from view and from prying eyes, away from humans or muggles for the moment and she could run, could enhance her speed with magic, could even shift if she dared to let her magic take over.

But unbeknownst to her she was watched.

A pair of golden eyes watched as she shifted. Watched her leap and land on soft paws, four strong paws that belonged to a pure black wolf, watched as the former woman now wolf started her run and vanished through the thick foliage from his eyes.

Alaude whistled softly under his breath.

"That was one smooth transformation and she made it look effortless I think I'm impressed little wolf..."he murmured before shifting as well... to start the chase, because his blood was humming, wanted to chase this new wolf, and his instincts were tingling with joy...

She didn't shift often these days and even if the wolf she had shifted to had a good nose and knew normally if it was being followed today her senses were dimmed.

Had Aurora known that she was being followed she would have stopped immediately but she didn't and so her paws brought her back, back to Bon Tempes, back to a town where she hopped to purchase a property at its outskirts just to be safe and not sorry.

Shifting back wasn't hard, it was a smooth process and she was glad for it to be that way. Less pain was a definitely plus in her opinion.

Her dark tresses flowed freely down her back and the emerald eyes, she had even in the form of the black wolf took a look around and settled on the Sign of Merlotte's and a small smile graced her lips, with long strides Aurora reached the door before she vanished inside the bar.

The golden eyes that had followed her form vanishing, never left the entrance out of their sight and after a short while where once a wolf had been stood now a man.

His dark hair was wavy and he looked handsome in a dark way. With a smirk he turned around and strode back into the woods, but his thoughts lingered on the woman, on the new wolf and he promised to come back, too follow her scent again because it was intoxicating to him.

That and his curiosity was spiked.

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