Mahou Shoujo Kaleido Amethyst Prologue: 'It was a small prank…'

{Author's Note: I do not own anything in this story. There will be lesbian and futanari sexual content in later chapters. Viewer discretion is advised. This story diverges from Fate's Gamble at the beginning of Fate's Gamble 46. This was made with permission from Lupine Horror.}

Harry frowned, looking at her reflection in the mirror. 'It doesn't look right.' Holly complained. The transformed boy turned around, looking at her back. 'I agree. This just doesn't look like us.' He replied mentally. They were looking at the results of Zelretch's little prank. Oh, the girl in the mirror was beautiful, there was no denying that. However, the pair's merged body felt wrong to them.

She looked like a dancer. Harry's new form had waist-length brown hair and matching eyes. Her face had softened. Her body was willowy and delicate. Harry's figure was good, but scant. All in all, she looked like an attractive, athletic teenage girl. Holly wasn't too pleased with the body. 'What happened to my boobs!? Most of my ass is gone, too!' Harry stifled a laugh at that. Still, he had to agree. The overall look wasn't too bad, but just didn't feel like them.

Neither of them cared too much for the outfit the old vampire gave them. A skimpy, tight dress came down to mid-thigh. A purple cape was slung over her shoulder, contrasting with the black dress. The bottom skirt portion of the dress was purple as well. Heeled boots ran up to her knees. Elbow-length gloves covered her frail hands. She looked like a dark Sailor Moon cosplayer in the outfit.

Harry sighed despondently. 'I'll talk to Grandpa about fixing the body and outfit. I'll ask if we can reform the body ourselves rather than have him do it.' 'Good. Let's end the merge. I don't know what he did to make us look like this, but it feels wrong.'

(Early Morning, Harry's House, Beginning of Fate's Gamble 46)

Harry and Zelretch looked at the completed staff sitting on the table. Harry hefted the staff, twirling it experimentally. He smiled. "It feels good. The balance is still right. Hmm, still channels magic right. I'll put it to the test later today, but I think it's finished."

Zelretch smiled at Harry. Pride welled up in his chest, looking at his grandson. "Do you have a name for it?"

Harry nodded. "Yes. Its name is Prismakreuz."

The vampire snickered. "'Prism-cross'? That's what you're going to call it? Well, I guess I don't have room to talk", Zelretch said. "I named my creations things like 'Kaleidostick' and 'Jeweled Sword of Zelretch'." He grinned, masterfully holding back a laugh. "Are you going to go all the way and test your staff while merged with Holly?"

Harry gave him a frown. "So it was you who set that up. I wanted to talk to you about that."

Zelretch smiled at him. "So you've transformed already, then? What a pity. I wanted to catch your first change on film where everyone could see it." He sighed. "It would have been a great prank. 'Magical Girl Kaleido Amethyst'. Can you imagine how your school friends would have reacted? Or Rin's reaction? Ruby had a ball with her." Zelretch shrugged the matter off. "I'll fix Holly in a bit. A joke's no fun when you're ready for it."

"About that…" Harry trailed off. He gathered his thoughts. "Instead of removing the spell, we want you to modify it."

Zelretch shot him a surprised look. Harry wanted the gender-switch modified instead of removed? 'Odd, most people didn't react to forcibly switching sexes like that', the vampire thought. He asked his grandson, "What do you mean by modify?"

Harry shifted in his seat. "I didn't really care one way or the other about switching genders. Holly likes it, though, and it's her body as well. The issue is the body itself. It just doesn't feel right to us. It's like it's not the way our body should be. The clothes have got to go, as well. I'm a magus, not a Magical Girl!"

The old vampire was lost in thought for a minute. He looked back at Harry. "You want me to reform the body, then?"

Harry nodded in affirmation. "Can you let Holly reshape the body and clothes herself? We already decided on a look."

Zelretch nodded absently. "I'll fix her up after breakfast. Now about your plans to test your staff…"

(Isolated Location)

Harry wiped the sweat from his brow, surveying the result of the Kaleido Breaker's full power test. He frowned and turned to Zelretch. "Just like I thought; I can't control that much power even with Prismakreuz for any real length of time. I just can't hold a full-powered Kaleido Breaker together well enough yet. What do you think?"

The Wizard Marshall looked Harry up and down, noticing signs strain throughout his whole body. "Perhaps you're right. It's easy for me to forget you're just 13. It'll be a while before you can handle that much prana without straining your body."

Harry sighed. "Having a second mind supporting me could ease the mental strain and lessen leakage. Half the pain I'm feeling is because I had to focus on so many things at once and my grip on the prana slipped. A couple more fully charged Breakers would put me down for days as I am. I guess I need to train more…"

The vampire nodded. "I can see how that might help. Still, you did damn well. Give it a few months and you'll be tough enough to handle it on your own." He grinned. "Are you ready for the next test? Holly's all fixed up, but she wouldn't let me see your new look. Should I be worried?"

Harry smiled in return. "Actually, I think you'll still get a kick out of everyone's reactions."

Seeing Harry and Zelretch turn to face them, the expanded group rushed up. Hermione and Sarah were incomprehensible. They kept talking over each other, trying to get their questions out. Their parents looked from Harry to the crater and back, shock and fear on their pale faces. The Weasley twins danced around in delight from the lightshow. The Gorgons and vampire sisters simply smiled at him, proud of Harry's accomplishment. Rin stood next to a shocked Sakura, Shirou, and Waver. She quietly fumed at seeing the vaunted Second Magic wielded by a young boy. Fran, Len, and Liz rushed up and congratulated him with a group hug. Holly retook her normal perch on the boy's shoulder.

"Can…Can all wizards do…this?" asked Emma.

Sensing her distress, Harry turned to her. "No. No wizard could come anywhere close to the Kaleido Breaker. Aoko and Zelretch could, but they are in a class of their own."

Still confused, she asked "How did you do this?"

"Sorry, trade secret." He returned. Harry continued, "There's no way anyone else could duplicate it without Zelretch's help. Trust me; you don't have to fear some crazy wizard flying around leveling towns."

Rin interjected, "Until I recreate the Jeweled Sword."

Emma turned to the fuming girl. "What do you mean by that?" Rin pulled herself out of her dark thoughts.

She waved her hands at the woman and said "Nothing, nothing. I'm just talking to myself. There's no need for you to worry."

"Are you okay, Harry?" Holly asked her partner.

He gave her a reassuring look. "I'm fine. The Kaleido Breaker is just a bit too much for me to handle on my own. Even with my mental abilities, I can't control a spell that large yet. I'll need your help if I want to use a full-powered Breaker without wearing myself out."

Holly scrunched up her lovely face in thought. She questioned him, "So if we merged, you wouldn't get so tired?"

He smiled sardonically. "Yeah. It seems like Gramps expected something like this."

Holly cocked her head. "What do you mean?" the spirit asked.

The boy shook his head in resignation. "Remember that little 'gift' he left in your body?"

Holly's small body shook with laughter. She said, "Come on, Harry. You have to admit it would have been a good prank."

He sighed. "You've got a point there. This is what I get for recreating things from anime. Oh well, let's see if it actually makes a difference. Ready?" Holly nodded. "Ready!"

Harry backed away from the crowd. He turned to Zelretch. "Think it'll really make a difference, Grandpa?"

The vampire masterfully hid his smirk. He answered confidently, "Of course it will! You're still too young and inexperienced to handle that spell on your own. Until you get more experience under your belt, you'll need Holly's help to keep containing the backlash of channeling so much prana. It's a good piece of work, but I have to warn you: do NOT cast your Kaleido Breaker without Holly's help again. You're still a year short of safely handling something of that magnitude. I don't want you to end up like me", Zelretch elaborated.

Harry thought back to Zelretch's tale of fighting the Crimson Moon. The incredible strain the Wizard Marshall suffered in that battle had aged him decades. Harry shivered, imagining turning into a decrepit old man while fighting off a pissed off Dead Apostle.

He addressed his grandfather. "I understand. I won't use it again without help. Hopefully, I'll never need to use it in a battle."

Zelretch clapped the boy on the back. "Good boy! But enough of the gloom and doom! Let's see if the pair of you can make an even bigger crater!"

"Huh, what's going on?" Hermione asked. Harry shot her a grin. "You should all get back. There's still one more thing to test. Holly?" "Ready when you are."

""Unison In!""

A bright light blinded the audience, and a large cloud of dust wrapped around Harry's body. Regaining their sight, everyone focused on the unusual silhouette in the dust. Harry's staff lashed out, blowing away the cloud. The onlookers stared in shock.

Harry had vanished. In place of the boy was a beautiful girl, appearing in her late teens. Harry's floor-length purple and black hair was replaced by flowing brown locks, held up with a large bow in a ponytail. Her hair came down to her waist, shimmering in the sunlight. Harry's face softened, with high cheekbones and full, ruby lips. Her eyes had radically altered. They were neither Holly's soft brown eyes nor Harry's unusual Mystic Eyes. Harry's irises were a vibrant purple, glowing with suppressed mirth as she took in the reactions around her.

Her body, too, had changed. She was several inches taller. Harry's slim, androgynous figure bloomed into womanhood. Large, soft breasts sat proudly on her chest. Her hips widened and ass filled out, forming an hourglass shape. Harry's arms and legs lengthened. Toned muscles rippled under soft alabaster skin. Harry looked like a slightly more athletic version of Holly.

An elaborate sleeveless dress covered her body. Heeled boots peeked out under a long, divided violet skirt. The top half of the dress was black, trimmed with silver. It clung tightly to her torso, showcasing her flat stomach and generous bust. The top split at the front of her waist, running down her flanks to terminate below her knees in a V-shape. Detached black sleeves covered her toned arms from her wrists to just below her bared shoulders. A black choker wrapped around her slim neck. A silver pendant, shaped like the head of the staff in her hands, decorated the choker.

Zelretch had whipped out a camera. There was no way he'd pass up the chance to catch everyone with their jaws hanging! 'I can't believe Holly talked Harry into wearing that! Forget Magical Girl, she looks like a full-blown princess!' The vampire was struck by an absent thought. 'Just how much had sharing a body with Holly for a year changed you, Harry?'

"Is something wrong? Why are you all staring?" The woman shifted under the weight of the stares. Harry valiantly ignored the drooling Weasley twins. The odd glimmer in her Familiar and Servants' eyes were far harder to ignore. Altrouge and the Gorgons looked her up and down with interest. Harry ignored the warm feeling building up around her bellybutton the looks from the six generated.

Fred and George were hypnotized by the movement her shifting caused. Harry, irritated by their lecherous leers, fired a weak banishing curse at the twins.

Hermione's words caught in her throat. "Ha-Harry? Is that you?"

The woman shrugged, breasts bouncing slightly in her dress. "More or less. I'm part Harry and part Holly. If you really need a name for me, call me…Amethyst."

The shocked girl stuttered out "Bu-but-but you're a girl!"

The newly-dubbed Amethyst looked down at herself. "I guess I am. Imagine that."

Hermione's mind shut down. She keeled over and fainted. Her family followed her into dreamland.

The Weasley twins turned green, having heard the woman claim to be Harry. They had been perving on another guy! They ran off, desperate to get away from the confusing scene.

Rin fumed with renewed jealousy. "That's not fair, damn it! When I used Ruby, I was humiliated constantly, and dragged into all sorts of messes. Harry just turns into a supermodel! Why don't my breasts get bigger when I use magic!?"

Sakura leaned against a sniggering Shirou, vainly suppressing her own laughter. The 'Kaleido Ruby Incident' last month would never be forgotten. Kotomine would never allow it. He was still trying to clean up the mess the possessed Rin had left behind.

Aruceid just cocked an eyebrow at the transformation. She had to admit to herself, Harry looked incredible like that. 'But why did he, she, ah whatever! Why did Harry give herself a new name? Did her mind change with her body?'

The Gorgon sisters, Len, Fran, and Liz had a very different reaction. They ran forward and surrounded the neo-girl, pinching and prodding at her new body. Euryale grumbled as she fondled the flustered Amethyst's new breasts. "It's not fair! You have bigger boobs than we do!"

The others, looking more closely at the blushing Amethyst, took notice. Len pouted before reaching for the transformed girl's ass.

"Yeoch! Damn it Len, that's sensitive! Don't pinch my butt!"

Liz leaned in for a closer inspection. "What the!? This is real? You even smell like a girl!" Sore and embarrassed at the rather thorough 'inspection', the neo-girl leapt back to stand beside Zelretch.

Fran looked into her Master's eyes. "Harry? Why did you tell Hermione to call you Amethyst?"

The rest of Harry's family also looked curious. The neo-girl sighed. "I'm a different person when Holly and I merge. Remember how I was when she first linked with me, before we got control of the merger?"

Liz nodded. "I remember that. I couldn't tell whether you were Harry or Holly. Is this something similar?"

Amethyst nodded. "We're still two spirits here in my head. We can still talk to each other as separate people. But we're also one being as well. It's a bit hard to notice since we've become so alike over the year, but are thoughts merge together with our bodies. We are Harry, yet we are Holly. We're basically a new person when we're together. Hence the new name for our combined persona; Amethyst."

Altrouge looked slightly confused. "Does this mean you'll be staying like this?"

Amethyst shrugged in answer. "I don't know. As Holly, I love being in this form. As Harry, I don't really care what gender I am. So in answer: not all the time, but pretty regularly. Do you get what I mean?"

Altrouge nodded in understanding. She smiled softly as a thought struck her. "You really will do anything for someone you love, huh Harry?"

Amethyst beamed at her. "You all are the most important things in existence to me. I'd do anything for any of you, even share my body."

Liz stepped up to Amethyst, licking her lips lecherously. "You'd share your body with us, mistress? I'd be delighted to take you up on that offer…"

Fran and Len joined in the teasing, wrapping their arms around Amethyst's waist. She flushed spectacularly at the double meaning and the lithe bodies pressed against her.

"I-I-I-um…" she stuttered out, overwhelmed.

"All right, all right, you can all jump your Mistress later. Come on, 'Amethyst', let's see how much of a difference merging really makes", Zelretch interjected. The old vampire was torn between worry and laughter as he watched his grandson (or is it granddaughter, now?) falter under the teasing.

The Wizard Marshall as jarred from his thoughts by Amethyst charging up another Kaleido Breaker. He scrutinized the spell work, nodding in satisfaction. 'Looks like my hunch was right. It's much more stable than his first attempt. He (or is it she right now?) isn't leaking anywhere near as much prana as before. He could use that spell 3 times as often as he could on his own without permanent damage. I do good work, if I say so myself!' Zelretch patted himself on the back. Not only did he keep his grandson from crippling himself, but got a great laugh out of it.

(That Evening, Fuyuki, Harry's Home)

"Zelretch sat alone in the living room, thinking.

"A penny for your thoughts?"

Zelretch jolted in his seat. He turned to look at the approaching Altrouge. He took a moment to gather his thought. "I'm concerned about Harry."

Altrouge shifted, looking at the man in worry. "Is something wrong with him?"

Zelretch shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. I had left a little prank in Holly for Harry when they first merged. Harry's reaction was damned odd, though. It would have made him look like a stereotypical Magic Girl. You know, to poke fun at his creation of Prismakreuz. Do you know how he reacted?"

Altrouge shook her head. "I don't know." She paused a second. "Wait a minute. You said they were supposed to look like a Magical Girl cosplayer or something?"

The Wizard Marshall nodded, confirming her suspicions. "That's right; their only reaction was a request to reform the body and clothes to something they agreed on. He didn't care about the gender-switch at all. It just… seems off."

Altrouge shrugged in return. "Harry's never been normal. Like I said earlier, we're the most important things in his life. If he has to share a body with one of us for some reason, he'd do it in a heartbeat. I think he goes along with it because it makes Holly happy."

Altrouge smirked, remembering how Fran, Len, and Liz reacted. "I don't think his girls care what sex he is, either. I know I don't. Harry is Harry, whether he's Harry or Amethyst."

Zelretch waggled his eyebrows at his companion. "So you don't care whether Harry becomes your husband or your wife?"

Altrouge froze in thought. Hesitantly, she answered. "You know, I really don't think I care…"

(Harry's Room)

Amethyst sat at her desk, adding rune arrays to the outfit Holly had designed. Her left sleeve sat on the desk, half-finished. The neo-girl hummed quietly as she worked. Amethyst looked up, hearing her bedroom door open.

"…" Len stared into her purple eyes. The succubus padded into the room, staring at her transformed Master. Amethyst pushed away from her desk, turning to face Len.

"Is something wrong, Len?" She softly asked.

"…" Len stalked closer. She stood in front of Amethyst, drinking in her appearance. The succubus took Amethyst's face in her small hands. She leaned in, pulling her Mistress into a gentle, lingering kiss.

"Hm! Mnnn…" Amethyst was surprised, but pleased, by the gesture. When Len released her, she asked, "So you don't mind if I walk around as a girl sometimes, Len?"

Len shook her head, and climbed onto Amethyst's lap. She turned around, taking her customary seat on the neo-girl's lap. The succubus rested her head on her Mistress's breasts. The transformed girl stared at the top of Len's head for a moment. Shaking her head, she returned to her work, the familiar warmth of her Familiar comforting her.

Alright! The revised prologue of MSKA is finished. Don't expect me to write chapters as long as Lupine does, people. Amethyst's dress is based off of Archetype: Earth's dress from Melty Blood.