Tales Form EarthSea - Light & Shadow

A new moon rises to the top of the sky as two people shift the balance, with light and dark waiting to unite. As the forest grows it's shadows, the sea grows it's light waves.


Note: "I hate these prolouge but first time for everything. :) Yes its about Cob. If you don't like don't read. ^_^ Thank You!"

Story Prolouge:

After Cob's death as is well. Arron went to repent for what he did and became SparrowHawk's apprentise. Teru and Tennar hold down the fort at the farm, waiting for the men to return. Of course they do and life continues on.. However they fail to notice a change in the balance. There is a strange light coming from the sea one night, just as there are shadows growing in the forests on that moon-less night. A wild slave girl must survive in a new, strange and ever darkening world. A man with no memory must now help her through his darkness and right the people he has wronged. How will he help a wild young woman, the people he has wronged and all with no memory. With both only relying on instinct and many battles a head, will they survive or will they kill eachother?

And what about SparrowHank and tennar's wedding? Teru and Arron's relationship? Can they still manage against this individuals or will that peace be just a dream?