Kagome sat in the branches of the got tree and stared at the cloudy sky in thought. "Kagome, Dinners' ready!" Ku-loon called.

"Coming Mama!" She replied back. Jumping from the tree, she headed inside to eat.

When she arrived at the kitchen, she saw that the cat was out of the bag...Sota had figured out who Terry was and was attacking him with dozens of questions. The nervous and pained look the Wolf of Southtown wore made Kagome take pity on him. "Sota, Give Terry some space! Save the hero worship for InuYasha." Then mumbles under her breath. "Not that he needs a bigger head..."

Terry tried to hide his smirk and knew all too well what a large ego can do. Ku-loon then severed up dinner and the young fighter watched Kagome start chanting. "Oden, oden, Delicious oden!" Her childish antics made him laugh a bit, which earned him a half-hearted glare.

Soon enough everyone was sitting down and eating dinner. Ku-loon, wanting to know more about the man she was entrusted her daughter's well being with, decided to ask a few questions. "So tell me, Terry, what do you do other than fighting?" She asked in a teasing voice.

Terry being asked a question about something, other than the KOF, gladly answered. "I mostly do odd jobs at construction sites and the occasional body guarding."

"Really? Kagome, doesn't your cousin Maki have a friend in construction?" She asked.

Kagome sighed. "Mom, she's trying to stay away from fighting. Tsukino Taketsugu is a fighter. Besides, Maki's also a street fighter." Terry's interest peeked. 'It seems that fighting s in the blood.'

"What do you mean by street fighter?" He asked. Thinking of his friend Ryu. Kagome sat down her chop sticks and replied. "Here in Japan, there's a fighting league similar to the King of Fighters in the US. It's known as the Fukamichi Rankings. It's consists of the world's greatest fighters and martial artists.

'The Rankings fights are held for many reasons, firstly, many fighters wish to test themselves, achieving the highest rank possible and stretching themselves to their physical limits.

'However, there is also a corporate side to the Fukamichi Rankings, with many viewers around the world eager to watch the fights no matter the brutality to them. Each rank is paid the respective amount of money for winning a match.

'But you don't sign up for these rankings, if you're good enough, they'll find you. They'll hand you a watch like an object that will lead you to your opponent." Terry should have known that the KOF wasn't the only worldwide fighting match. He'd have to tell Joe about these. He inquired. "You said your cousin's a street fighter, what is the style she uses?"

She grinned. "Shiro Saeki is a four-time winning pro champion Fighter, whose Maki's father. When she was younger, she did gymnastics. Now she uses them in her fighting style. She's known in Japan and the Air Master. They say that as she gets so into a fight, that she won't even notice when she uses ki, which ends up making her float." Terry really wanted to meet her now. But that was for another time.

Then he got to thinking, her ki... it was different but he didn't know why... so he asked. "Kagome, earlier when I was feeling the God Tree's ki, I felt yours too. I've been wondering why it felt different?"

Kagome looked to her mother in silent question. She merely smiled and said. "It's fine dear. Your Grandmother wouldn't mind."

"Then would you mind explaining them, mama? I'm still learning them." She replied sheepishly.

Ku-loon gave a nod and turned to Terry and said. "Now the human body contains three energies: Douki (Physical energy), Shinki (Mental Energy) and Reiki (Spiritual Energy)."

Kagome being curious asked. "What about Youkai?"

"Demons also possess Douki and Shinki, but instead of Reiki they possess Youki (Demonic Energy)," answered her mother. Kagome gave a nod in understanding.

Ku-loon continued as both young adults listened while Sota left to go to bed. "Now as I was saying, humans sub consciously combine Douki, which is energy collected from the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise, and Shinki, which is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience, in order to create Chakra."

Kagome's eyes grew in delight. "Like Kakashi-nii?" Ku-loon laughed. "Yes, like Kakashi." Terry being lost asked. "Who's Kakashi?" Kagome replied. "Kakashi Hakate is my older half brother who lives in the Elemental Nation off the coast of Western Japan. Where he lives shinobi are real and they use chakra instead of Ki." The Wolf gave a nod and motioned for Kane to continue.

"Now Chakra can be altered and manipulated through different exercises and techniques to create what you Shinobi have labeled Jutsu. Reiki, and to a lesser extent Youki, is formed through a person's spirit, or soul, and is strengthened not by any training, but from will and desire. Unlike chakra, which is altered, spirit energy is used directly, shaped and molded by the user's will. A good comparison between the two would be sculpting using either clay or stone.

'Chakra is similar to clay; you make it by combining two things, in Clay's case sediment and water and in chakra's case Douki and Shinki, and then molding it in order to create a final result. Reiki is similar to stone, taking a raw form and merely altering it to fit your desires.

'Both Chakra and spirit energy have three measures. Chakra is measured by Reserves, Control, and Perception, and spirit energy is measured by Potency, Awareness, and Adaptability. Follow me so far?" She asked. They both gave a nod. "Good! Now The Ki you felt from Kagome is known as Mako-ki, it has the attributes of all the main energies. If she trained with her grandmother or even from her older brother, she could do the attacks from them.

'But unlike Chakra or Reiki, Miko-ki can heal the gravest of wounds, and if advanced enough in heal, can regenerate limbs. That's not the only thing it can do. Miko-ki can also purify demons and anything evil." She finished with.

Soon enough dinner was finished and Kagome got the dishes together and began to help wash them. 'Should I call him? I know it's been a couple of years but... we may need his help.' With a sigh, Kagome continued washing. Finally, she asks, "Mama? Do, do you think I should call Yu-nii?"

Ku-loon looked at her daughter and knew she was worried if she wanted to call him. "If you think it is best sweat heart. Though, I had already asked Terry to go with you." She answered.

Kagome froze. "Nani? Did you just say-?"

Kane finished. "That I asked Terry to go with you into the past? Yes." Ku-loon replied with a casual tone.


"I've already explained everything to him." She replied.

Kagome tries to argue. "Mom-"

"Kagome, you're my only daughter out of four children. Both of your older brothers are either training or in the middle of a civil war. You can call Yu-chan, but I doubt he'll be able to go with you. He has a duty there too." She stated.

With a sigh of defeat, Kagome said. "Okay mama... well I best see if he has any questions about tomorrow..."

Ku-loon smiled. "I'll send up dessert for you two."

"Mama~ we're not kids anymore." She argued. "True, but I don't know if I'll see you again, so I want to spoil you while i can. Is that so bad?" Ku-loon countered.

Kagome felt a knot of guilt in the pit of her stomach. She could die, back there, and her mother would never know, neither would the rest of her family. Yu-nii didn't have much of a family. Maki had lost her mother and she refused to speak to her father. Kakashi has lost so much. He would most likely turn towards the bottle if she died. Kagome then made a split second decision. "Mama, if I'm not back in a year's time, then..." She trailed off. "You know." She added quickly enough. Ku-loon gave a nod. Kagome turns away and went up stairs.

Terry was thinking over what Ku-loon had told him before dinner. 'Time traveling; Demons; Magical Jewels? First fighting gods now this... gee Terry, you just can't stay away from trouble...' He thought as he lay on the bed.

Kagome knocked on the door frame as she stood at the entrance. "Hey Terry, mom told me that you knew." She stated.

He gave a nod as he sat up. "I've got some questions." He said.

She smirked. "And I have answers." She paused. "Can I come in?" She asked.

He gave another nod and she walked in and sat in the desk chair. "What's your first question?" Terry thought for a moment and asked. "What are the people who you travel with like?"

Kagome sat back with a smile on her face. "Hmm~ let's see, there are five people I travel with. First, there's Sango; she's a demon slayer. Because of our enemy, her whole village was wiped out. Her brothers' being controlled by the bastard as we speak. She's very loyal and protective of us." Kagome stated then added. "But she did try to kill one of our friends, when we first met." She giggled at his expression.

"Then there's Miroku, A Buddhist monk, with great spiritual power. He was also cursed by our enemy. His right hand is like a black hole. He's also a pervert." She added lastly with a huff.

Terry chuckled. "Is that so?"

She retorts. "Yes! When we first met, he asked me to bare his children!" Terry was so startled at this that he fell off the bed.

She sighs. "Well, then there's little Shippo. He's only a kid, but he's also a fox demon. He tries to act brave around me, and to prove to the others that he's not a burden and only to be protected." Terry listened as she told him all she knew about the kit and he had to say he sounded like a good kid. She sighs. "He shouldn't have to deal with this... he's only a child." Terry saw the look in her eyes. The look Tony's mother had when he had met her.

"You think of him as your son." He stated.

Kagome's head snapped to him with a surprised look that softened to agreement. "Your right, I do. But, I'm afraid that if I ask he would reject me adopting him. I know so much more about Kitsunes now, thanks to Yu-chan's friend. He said he'd even help train Shippo in his demon powers." She whispered in quiet despair.

Terry not knowing what else to do pulled Kagome into an embrace. "Shh. It'll be alright. By how much you've told me about him, he's crazy about you. Just give it a little time, he'll ask you or you'll get the courage up to ask him." He said soothingly.

Kagome stayed in his arms till she was calm enough to talk again. She slowly left Terry's warm embrace. I can't believe I did that! He probably thinks I'm such a weakling now! She frantically thought.

Little did she know that a certain lone wolf, was having similar thoughts... Terry what the hell are you doing? You know better than to get attached! Every girl around you gets killed! She most likely thinks I'm just a muscle bound idiot any ways...

Kagome sat back and was about to tell him more, when Ku-loon walked in with two bowls of dessert. She had a smile on and handed them to Kagome then left.

Confused onto why she didn't hand Terry his bowl, shrugged and handed it to him. He gave a nod of thanks and they both began to eat the ice cream.

After a few minutes she said. "There are two other members of our group left. There's Kirara, a fire Nekomata. She's Sango's companion as well. She's very loyal and protective of everyone in the group. She had twin tails and has two forms. One is a kitten form that she rests mostly in. Then there's her battle form. In this form she resembles a saber tooth tiger. Two maybe three people could rider her, oh! And she can also fly." Kagome saw Terry look at her like he didn't believe her.

She shrugs. "You'll just have to wait till tomorrow evening to belive me."

Terry then asked. "Isn't there another person left?"

He saw how she had a slightly pained look in her eyes but she told him anyways. "The last, but first member I had met in the feudal era, was InuYasha. He's a hanyo, or half demon. He's brash hot headed, and a jerk." She said with conviction. But he saw how her eyes softened, though they still had pained sorrow in them. "He can also be caring and kind. Like everyone else he has his moments."

Terry thought that this guy hurt her. When I meet this guy, I'm going to make him wish he was never born...Wait, why am I so concerned? I'm not her Boyfriend. So why... He looks at her face and saw the sadness and the thirst for love in them. That's why. Looks like I've fallen for the Priestess. With a small sigh of defeat he tried to ease the tension that was showing on her face.

"So, whose going to conduct my brother's Wedding?" He asked.

Kagome was grateful to get off the subject of InuYasha. "Hm? Oh, I'll be conducting the ceremony." She replied.

He blinked, once...twice.. three times before his intelligent reply of, "Huh?"

Kagome giggled at this. "Grampa was the head priest here, but he's too old now. Mama has a job and Souta's too young. So that leaves me, as the Head Priestess."

Terry wondered how she'd look in traditional ware and thought it suited her. She waited for him to get back into reality before she asked. "Any other questions?"

"Anything I should know or bring before tomorrow night?" He inquired.

Kagome thought for a moment and said. "Non-perishables; hygiene things; first aid supplies; and any other things needed for surviving in the wilderness, minus a tent. Those would draw too much attention to us." Terry made a mental note an had most of the things she listed, but the Non perishables.

I'll head to a convenient store to night and then get some sleep before tomorrow... Terry thought to himself. Kagome saw that Terry was in deep thought once more stated. "I'm head off to bed, if you need anything I'm across the way or my mother's down the hall." Just as she was walking away she stopped and turned back to him. "By the way, my Granpa is also coming by tomorrow, he's going to oversee me performing the ceremony. So you'll be meeting him tomorrow as well. Night!" She added.

With a sigh Terry but his vest on and headed out to the store. He got everything that Kagome had stated, and some extra things as well. He got some candy for the kid and a can of tune for the cat demon. He didn't want to be on ether of those two's bad side.

Once back at the shrine, Terry said night to Kane then hit the sack hoping that Joe wouldn't pull and Hentai jokes out during the Wedding...