Harry woke hours later still pressed against Riddick, who had managed to surround Harry in his sleep so every available inch were touching. While a small part of him could only think about how unsafe this was, most of Harry was perfectly content to not move. Minutes later he felt when Riddick woke and tensed against him, and then the warmth of the larger man disappeared.

Harry rolled to his side to watch Riddick pull on his pants lamenting the loss of all that gorgeous tanned flesh. "It really is a shame you have to cover all that up. I marked you for reason."

Riddick chuckled. "I don't want to tempt you. Lots to do."

Harry rolled on to his and positioned himself on display for Riddick. "How about I tempt you, huh? Is that allowed?"

Riddick looked away, "No, it's not."

Harry stood and strutted over to the man, pressing himself against Riddick's body and reaching a hand to caress the bite mark he had left at the back of Riddick's neck. "Are you sure?"

Riddick growled and pressed a fierce kiss to Harry's lips, but when Harry tried to deepen it Riddick grabbed Harry's hips and forced him away. "Yes, I'm sure."

Conceding defeat, Harry moved away and stretched his limbs. "Fine, but I'm going to fuck you so hard you can't move," Harry informed him. "It's been a long time since I've had sex, and even longer since it hurt this good. I think I've come off less hurt after a brawl." In addition to the various bruises and bite marks, Harry's back had been cut up by the stone floor. "Look what you did to my back." Harry turned his back on Riddick so the man could see the marks.

"Hey, your not the only one." Riddick turned and Harry could see the marks his nails had made in Harry's skin. Harry stepped forward and pressed himself against Riddick's back and ran his tongue along a particularly deep scratch, enjoying the shiver it caused in the larger man.

"A sign of a job well done," Harry told him.

"It's been six years since I last had someone to fuck. Just wait until next time, then you can tell me about a job well done," Riddick told him.

Harry stepped away again to find his own clothes. "Try going a couple hundred years and then talk to me. And if you keep talking like that, I'm never going to get dressed," Harry said as he threw a grin at the man over his shoulder while he buckled his pants.

"You know that not really a good threat," Riddick told him.

Harry groaned. "Keep talking. See what happens."

A growl was his only warning as he was spun around, picked up and his bare back shoved against the cool metal of the space ship. Harry wrapped his legs around the jean covered hips pressed against his own and moaned when the movement brought their lower halves in contact.

Riddick still hadn't donned his goggled in the dark hangar, so Harry could see his eyes as the man spoke lowly to him. "You threatening me, Harry?"

Harry leaned closer, pressing his cheek against the larger man's. "If I say yes, will you hurt me?" Harry whispered in Riddick's ear.

"I might," he answered.

"Then yes. Merlin, yes."

The only response was a snarl, and then Riddick dipped his head right over his previous mark and bit hard. Harry screamed in pleasure and pain and Riddick barely broke skin, thrusting his hips up into Riddick searching for friction. Riddick released his skin and ran his tongue up Harry's throat.

"Oh, fuck," Riddick moaned against his skin. "You taste like me. Under the lightning and death, you're marked. You're mine," Riddick finished with a snarl. Riddick captured his mouth with bruising force, and finally started thrusting against him in return, their moments syncing up. Harry could taste the taint of blood on his tongue as he was devoured. He lost himself in the frenzy of movement as he allowed himself to be consumed by the heat of the man moving against him. His arms wrapped around Riddick's neck of their own accord, bringing him as close as possible to the Furyan.

Harry cried out as he came, tearing his mouth away from Riddick. He rode out the waves of pleasure as Riddick continued to thrust against him with his face buried in Harry's neck, chasing his own release until he too came. They stood there, Harry wrapped around Riddick their breath mingling and they panted and tried to return their hearts to normal.

As they calmed Riddick leaned in to press a gentle kiss to Harry's pulse point. "You see? Temptation." Harry laughed and unwound his limbs from Riddick, sliding down the man's body until he feet were on the floor.

An hour later they were completely dressed, and clean thanks to magic. The sun was disappearing along over the planet again and Riddick was powering up the ship for departure. They hadn't had a chance to have their talk yet, as Riddick refused to even be with touching distance of Harry. Harry tried to convince the stubborn man that he wasn't about to pounce, but nothing he said worked. Which was probably just as well since Harry most likely would have jumped him if he had gotten to close.

Harry was using the comfortable silence while Riddick worked to go over in his mind what exactly to tell the man. He already knew he had to come clean about being the Master of Death, but he wasn't sure about telling Riddick his responsibilities with the souls. Harry had never shared or even had the urge to share that much with anyone. In the end he decided to wait until had a chance to speak with Death first before revealing that particular detail.

They sat beside each other in the cockpit of the space ship, Harry watching Riddick check gauges and flip switches. He really had no clue what Riddick was doing, but it was cool to watch.

"Can you raise the door from here, or do we have to do it manually?" Riddick asked Harry, looking to him for an answer. Harry missed being able to see Riddick's eyes, but knew the goggles were necessary.

"I can do it. Just tell me when," Harry confirmed.

"We'll be taking off in a minute so you might want to get them settled," Riddick told him.

Harry nodded and moved to the back of the ship where Spike and the two cubs were huddled. He had chosen a large empty crate to be their temporary home. After placing Sticking Charms and Cushioning Charms on the crate to ensure it wouldn't move in take off, Harry motioned for Spike to jump inside and lifted both cubs inside after him. Harry stayed with them for a moment to ensure they were comfortable, then moved back to the front and buckled in.

"All ready?"

Riddick nodded and gripped the controls, while Harry raised the hangar door. The ship began to move forward into the once again dark runway. Having never rode in a space ship in this universe, Harry was amazed at how fast it went. They were off the planet just minutes after the doors opened, and within ten they were out of the atmosphere and on their way to Helion Prime.


"I'm setting the controls to auto. It'll take us 36 hours to get to Prime. I should say that's plenty of time to finish your story, don't you?" Riddick had been waiting for the rest of this story and was watching Harry's face closely.

Harry rotated his chair so he was facing Riddick, and the larger man did the same. "Sounds fair. Where did I leave off?"

"You died."

"Ah, yes. My favorite part. So, I'm sure you figured out that I was the boy in that story." Riddick nodded. "Alright, so I had a piece of his souls stuck in my head and the only way for it to be removed so he could be killed was for me to be killed by him. Like I said, I was young and naive at the time. I willfully walked to my death, knowing that I was giving the world the chance to truly defeat Tom. He shot the curse, the same one he used when I was a baby, and I died. Only I didn't, and when I woke up again I was able to finish him myself."

"Why didn't you stay dead? I'm guessing it's the same reason you survived a blast to the chest?"

"Excellent question. In the wizarding world there was a tale called the Deathly Hallows. Three powerful and unrivaled gifts from Death handed over to three brothers. The first was a wand, which is what most wizards used to focus magic. It had more power than any other, and was given to the first brother. The second gift was the Resurrection Stone, which had the ability to bring back the souls of the dead The stone was gifted to the second brother, who was Tom Riddle's ancestor. The final gift was a Cloak of Invisibility which was presented to the youngest brother, who happened to be my ancestor. It can make anyone wearing it completely invisible to anyone or anything."

"When the brothers died, the gifts traveled through the ages being passed along until the origins were forgotten. The Wand passed from vanquished to victor and earned a reputation in itself for bloodshed. Eventually it made it's own name for itself and was called the Death Stick, with no connection to the Deathly Hallows. The Stone was unknowingly made into a ring, and passed down the second brothers line as a simple family heirloom. The Cloak was also a family heirloom that I received my 11th birthday, but like the Stone no one remembered exactly what it had been."

"I'm guessing this all has a point?" Riddick asked.

"Of course. So Tom Riddle had turned his own family heirloom into a soul container, which I had in my possession after the soul had been destroyed. I had my own cloak with me to help in my journey. Tom had collected the Elder Wand in order to defeat me but, through a complete accident, it owed its loyalty to me instead of him. So when I faced him, willing to accept my fate, I had in my possession two of the Deathly Hallows and the third owed me it's allegiance. The legend had it that when all three were combined by one person, that person would become the Master of Death. "

Riddick watched warily as Harry unbuttoned and removed his shirt revealing both the brand over his heart and the numerous marks from their earlier mating. What really caught Riddick's eye were the hand shaped bruises decorating Harry's narrow hips, rising from the top of Harry's jeans. While the view was appreciated, a lot, he didn't really think it was the right time and rose an eye brow in question. "Patience Riddick. I'm not trying to seduce you...unless it's working," he finished with a wink. Harry held his hands out and a small pile of objects appeared in them. Harry set them on his lap and gestured to his chest which was now bare of the mark Death had left there, and he had seen just moments ago.

Harry held up a small ring in his palm. "The Resurrection Stone." The ring faded from his palm, and a small circle reappeared on his chest. Harry held up the stick, "The Elder Wand." Again Riddick watched as the wand faded from view, and a line appeared through the ring. "And last but not least, The Cloak of Invisibility." Like the rest, the fabric disappeared from Harry's hands and a triangle encompassed the two previous shapes. "They are bonded to me, and they stay in my magic unless I call them out."

"So the answer to your original question, which was to explain why I smell like life and death, how I smell old and look young and why I smell powerful is this. I am the Master of Death. I am immortal, over two thousand years old, but haven't aged since the Hallows first bonded with me, which is also the reason I am so powerful. Their magic enhanced my own a considerable amount."

Riddick was silent in the wake of the new information. He couldn't say he was shocked. It felt like he had just been given the final piece of a puzzle so he could finally see the picture. Harry couldn't die, it explained a lot really.

"Magic. It can do anything?" Riddick wondered aloud.

Harry shook his head. "No, not anything. Being alive so long has helped me learn and to develop that knowledge so that it seems possible, but even I can't do everything. "

Riddick had no way to know for sure exactly what the man in front of him was capable of. He knew, at least for the moment, that Harry was on his side. For what ever reason Harry seemed determined to stay near Riddick, not that he was trying to get rid of the man, but he still didn't know why Harry here. Riddick knew he came from another universe, but not why.

"So, why are you here? Why where you on Crematoria?"

"Ah. A few decades ago everyone on Earth died. There was no one left and in my universe we weren't able to travel to planet like you can here. So I invented a completely new method of travel, which ended me here."


"Yeah over 8 Billion humans went first, then all of the other creatures and finally the plants were starting to die when I was finally able to escape."

"What happened?"

Harry sighed heavily and slouched in his chair a bit. Riddick was slightly distracted by the bunching of the man's muscles on his still bare torso, but ignored the flare of heat. He was finally getting the answers he had been waiting for with no one to interrupt and he has damned if he was going to be the one doing the interrupting. He had to find out all he could about Harry, and maybe an answer to the reason Riddick had broken all the rules he had when it came to dealing with people.

He hadn't been lying to Kyra. Riddick had never traveled with anyone since he first got locked up by the word of a snitch he ran with at the time. Hell, he hadn't even talked as much before Harry. He had learned never to trust anyone but himself, had learned the lessons the hard way and had never ignored them. So he had to know why even before the vision of the Furyan woman, Riddick had decided to join Harry.

When he had smelt himself in Harry earlier every resistance he had been clinging on to since he woke up with the man had broken. Seeing his mark on Harry's body was just right, natural, like it should have always been there. The same instincts that he had always relied on to keep him alive, that had never been wrong, told him this man was his. Even more they told him that he belonged to Harry.

In the back of his mind he had a need to feel again the way he had when Harry had marked him. That part of him wondered what it would feel like if Harry was inside him when he did that again. And that was it. That part of him had no objection, not even a thought that it wouldn't happen. It was like it was a certainty that Riddick would submit, and the question was when, not if.

Riddick had never fought his instincts before, he had always relied on them with absolute certainty. Harry was such a mystery to him, that he just had to know more before he would even think about allowing himself to submit to the man as his body clearly wanted. He was too strong to give in without a fight, though, and Harry would have to prove himself as worthy. The man was clearly as powerful as Riddick, but his complete trust wasn't something Riddick had given anyone before and that's what Harry would need before Riddick would allow himself to submit.

So Riddick listened to Harry's past carefully looking for lies, of which there had been none yet.

"I really don't want to talk about that. Besides the deal was one question. I explained mine, it's your turn," Harry said pointing to the tips of the fingers peeking over the edge of Riddick's top.

Riddick nodded. "Alright, a deals a deal. After you were shot I got hit by one of the percussion weapons those necros had. I was on the ground when the leader came at me, but before he could shoot I had some sort of...vision. I know it sounds crazy, but the proof is here on my chest. It was a Furyan woman standing in a mass graveyard of my people. She said that I was meant to be their champion, and pressed her hand to my chest, right here," Riddick told him, moving the shirt aside so Harry could see the full mark.

" I could see everything that happened when he came to my planet. Burning our cities to the ground with people still screaming in the buildings, killing women and children until there were no one left. She said this mark carried the anger of an entire race, and it was true. I could feel it, and their need for vengeance has become mine. As an Alpha it is my responsibility to protect my people and since I am the last I need to kill those responsible for their extinction. I will not fail," Riddick vowed, feeling the same rush of duty that he had when he first got the mark.

"As the vision faded she told me I had to find the prophecy, that it would help me. The only one I know who heard the prophecy was that elemental woman. They captured her in the city, I need to find her before I find the Lord Marshall," he told Harry.

"Your not going to like it, but I need to speak with the Lord Marshall before you kill him," Harry revealed. Riddick stiffened in response and was a bout to protest when Harry continued. ""I'll help you find the woman, and I will leave the killing to you. You have a greater claim without a doubt, but he is doing something...unnatural. I need to find out what it is and fix it while hopefully making sure it can't happen again."

"What is it you think he is doing?"

"I can't tell you. Not yet, anyway. I need to speak to Death first. It has to do with my responsibilities as the Master of Death."

Riddick conceded. As long as the man died by his hand, his vengeance would be satisfied.

A sudden grin lit Harry's face. "Now that that is all taken care of, I personally think we have too many clothes on. Don't you?"

Riddick rolled his eyes, but reached for his belt anyway. How could he deny his mate?

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