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"regular speach"


Riddick's run-in with Jack, now Kyra, had been somewhat expected. The hero worshiping child that had followed him around 5 years had grown into a bitter woman. People were all the same, expecting things he had no intention of giving. Riddick had done more than most would and left her safe with the holy man. What had the child thought? That Riddick would take a little girl with him? Ridiculous. Now Kyra thought she could play in the same league as Riddick. Fucking insulting.

Riddick watched as the large beast sprinted at the boy he had seen earlier. The last thing he needed was another pathetic kid following him around. The raw power in the cat was a beautiful as it caught it's prey. Riddick turned away to let the beast enjoy it's easy meal but stopped when he heard a very unexpected sound. Laughter. The boy was laughing as the predator rolled over to present his underbelly to him.

The sound of that laughter shot straight through Riddick. He watched as the boy spoke to the beast and walked over to the convict in the cell. Riddick was stunned as the door was held open and the cat waved inside. The inmates pleads for mercy were completely ignored by Riddick, the boy, and the beast.

Riddick caught his first scent of the boy as he came closer, hips swaying with the grace of the beast now devouring his meal. No, not boy. This was most definitely a man. He smelled of lighting: powerful, untamable, and lethal. He smelled delicious. Bet he tastes better. Riddick's senses were telling more than was what he was seeing. The man looked to be only in his late teens, but he felt different. As the walking contradiction came closer Riddick let his head fall to the side in silent question.

"It's a master thing," the teen replied to the unasked question and made a move as if to walk past. In an instant Riddick shot forward, grabbed the man and pinned him against the stone wall of the cave using his hands to anchor the small wrists to the stone above his head.

Riddick leaned down to the teen's throat for a better chance at that scent and growled into the boys ear. "Been a long time since I smelled beautiful." The man shivered in response, tilting his head away, presenting his neck.

"Does this turn you on, boy?" Riddick whispered against his neck, his lips brushing skin. "Being completely helpless?" Riddick could feel the teens erection digging into his thigh, his own answering hardness pressed against the boys firm stomach. He shifted hips, pressing impossibly closer.

When the teen stiffened and began to shake against him, Riddick assumed fear and was about to back off. He may be a coldblooded killer, but Riddick was no a rapist. Then the man began to laugh again. The man turned his head to face Riddick, amusement shining in his eyes. "Helpless?"

Then the boy disappeared. He did not run, or hide. He simply was gone. Riddick was staring at an empty wall when he sensed movement behind him and went to turn only to to find himself unable to move, his hands stuck to the wall where they had been holding the mans wrists.

"Does this turn you on?" the teen purred from behind him, pressing his body fully against Riddick's back."Being completely helpless?" Unable to move, Riddick could feel the mans hands reach around his waist, one hand sliding under his shirt and up his chest the other dipping just inside the waist of his jeans at his hip. The man firmly dragged his nails down Riddick's chest, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to cause him to moan and lean into the heat behind him.

Then the weight was gone. His hands still bound to the wall, Riddick turned his head to see the boy walking down the passage. Before he was out of sight the boy turned and looked at Riddick. "Oh, and Riddick? Don't call me boy. Name's Harry," and then he was gone. The force holding Riddick to wall vanished, and he dropped to a crouch eyes darting around.

Sensing no one in the area besides the cats meal, Riddick began to relax as he mentally went over what had just happened. He was always in control, always the alpha dog in any pen, so he couldn't understand the reaction he had to being held against the wall by something invisible. And why the fuck am I still hard!

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