Say It One More Time

Please say it again Lightning, I can't hear you. I'm trying to not focus on the Light, I'm trying to focus on you, my Light, my Claire.

Please, say it one more time. Tell me that you love me. Please, I'm dying, and that is my final wish.

Yea, I know, heroes always die young, and I should have tried another approach, but Claire, this is the grief talking. If you were in the right mind, you'd be congratulating me, telling me that I died honorably, but I didn't want to die honorably. I wanted to have a life with you. I wanted to grow old with you. I wanted the normal life. But that wasn't my calling, our calling. We were destined to travel the path of the lonely warriors, far from each other.

I can feel your lips on mine, trying to magically revive me. Don't kind yourself, I know that you can't heal. I can heard you scream at Cloud as he tries to pull you away. Claire, live YOUR dreams, for yourself, for me, for us. Please Claire, get out of here now. I'll always be with you, watching over you.

Finally, I see a light so bright, it almost outshines you.


I am aware of the final kisses you place of my lips, and I smile. Lightning, I love you. Finally, I let myself drift into the Light, the very last moments of my life clinging to you.

Dammit, this is so sad ;A; I'M SORRY I CAN'T SEEM TO WRITE HAPPY THINGS! This is Puppytime, crying in the corner.

The Final Fantasy Cast: MERRY CHRISTMAS!