New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 2: Introduction

I don't really watch the Naruto anime anymore because every time I came back to it, it was usually just another filler. I know that's a bit biased but when I saw the Retrieval team fight against the Sound Four again I really didn't know what to think.

But then I saw 'I'm in Hell'. That was a good episode. And the new ending focusing on Tobi. Rainbow. That is an awesome song and ending.

I'm gonna be honest, when I released the first chapter it was so I could jump on the popularity wagon it was going through. I didn't totally think through about my characters and my approach to events and stories. Which is why I've been using these last few weeks to think about what I could do.

I'm gonna use these first few chapters to establish my Issei character while giving a view into my Naruto. After that, I'll delve deeper into his character.


Naruto always knew he never really was much of a morning person. Sometimes he would have gotten up early for training but if he had a choice between getting up or sleeping in, he would take sleeping in hands down.

But now it seems like he wasn't interested in the idea of getting up during the morning or afternoon now either.

Just standing in the light of the sun felt like he had 1-ton boulders hooked onto his arms, legs and eyelids. He was sluggish all the way to work, feeling like he was dragging his limbs around. And at work, Gramps said that he was acting more sluggish and scatterbrained than usual.

And now, for some odd reason, he felt like he had more energy while walking down the street to his apartment. He felt like he could run a few marathons and not even get winded. And everything was so bright that he couldn't tell the difference between whether something was under the moon light or in the shadows of the buildings around him.

He thought about all the different explanations for these sudden bursts in energy. Perhaps he just didn't get enough sleep last night and now that the sun was down he was feeling more awake. Or maybe someone slipped him something in his drink and now he's going through the side-effects.

Yet all his mind could think about was that pretty crimson-haired woman he found himself in bed with last night. And that no matter how much he tried to ignore it, the words she said to him last night had left an impression.

"You're a Devil now too."

Naruto sighed and tried to shake his head free of the bad thoughts. All he wanted to do right now was go home, lay on the crappy futon and try to shut his eyes.

Naruto passed a taller man in a black tench coat and fedora on the street. As the blond man walked further past him, the tall man lifted his hand and a blue light started to form.

He spun on his feet and threw the Spear of Light at the back of the retreating boy. The man saw the burning hot Light pierce through the cloth of his target and...

There was no body.

The man watched as the white apron he had pierced started to burn into nothing but ash. He looked up from that spot to see the whiskered blond man standing a meter away from the burning cloth after dodging his attack.

Naruto looked down to see the Spear of Light evaporate into little particles, leaving a seared through hole in the ground. He looked up at the strange man across from him, "That's my second one in two days. I need to pay for those you know."

"Well...don't worry about it..." The older man said as a similar pair of large black feathery wings popped out of his back and stretched out to their fullest length, "You won't need to worry about anything after I'm done with you little Devil."

Naruto stepped back a little when he saw the man reveal his true nature. He looked the man over, "Sooo~...what are you supposed to be anyway? Are you supposed to be a 'Devil hunting other Devils'?"

The tall man raised an eyebrow at his condescending tone and shook his head, "Awww, that's cute. He doesn't even know the pre-school basics." He shook his head negatively, "No, I'm not a filthy Devil like you." He said in a tone that wasn't venomous but just like he was stating general knowledge, "I'm a Fallen Angel."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at his title, "Okay...what exactly does that mean?"

The large man just looked at him in confusion. And when he saw the completely serious look on the blond's face, he realized that he really wasn't joking about this, "Oh. Okay. You really don't know. Wow, I must be dealing with a 'fresh out of the crib' kind of brat here. No matter."

Two large spears formed in his hands and he raised them over his head, "I'll just have to finish this quicker than I thought."

He threw the Spears of Light at the blond and watched as he dove out of the way from its strike zone. Naruto landed on the ground and looked up to watch as the 'Fallen Angel' created more and more of his spears.

The 'Fallen Angel' sent his Spears of Light soaring at the young blond man as he sprinted through the streets. Naruto still wasn't certain about how much damage these things could do if they even just scratched his skin, but since he didn't want to end up like he did yesterday he opted to keep as far away from them as he could.

Naruto continued to evade the attacks before one of them impacted against the fire hydrant in front of him. He jumped back and guarded himself as the metal protection measure exploded and covered the area in a spray of steam and water.

The large man smiled as he was certain that he had finally started to break the young man down. But in the large spray of water he saw a trash can being thrown at him with impeccable aim. He swiped upward and shattered the plastic container like it was nothing. But after he destroyed the can all of the garbage contents inside of it scattered and pelted him in trash.

He opened his eyes again and they widened when he saw the drenched blond appear in front of him. He furrowed his eyes intensely and planted a solid fist into the older man's face.

He stumbled back a bit and felt a drop of blood escape from his gums. He licked up the minuscule bit of blood and swallowed it before it escaped his lips. He smiled at the young man that now stood a foot away from him and looked down at the arm that punched him. He smiled at the blood dripping down it, "Well, it looks as if you didn't come out as unharmed as you would have like to, huh?"

Naruto looked down at the metal shrapnel that pierced his arms at different intervals. He kept the wound out of sight to try and ignore the settling pain in his limbs. He gave a cheeky grin and said in a playful tone, "Big talk from a guy with a banana peel on his head."

The 'Fallen Angel's' smile started to fade and he reached up for the peel on his fedora. He tossed it to the side and wiped his hand on his jacket with a laugh. He looked at the blond, "Okay. You are more fun than I anticipated. I should let you know my name is Dohnaseek."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Okay. Does that mean you want to know my name too?"

"That's not needed. See I told you my name out of courtesy..." He had a wicked grin grow on his face as Spears of Light formed in both hands and he gripped them tightly, "You should at least know the name of the last man you will ever see, don't you think?"

Naruto snarled his teeth and lowered into a fighting stance. The 'Fallen Angel' lifted his spear up to-

A column of black and red energy covered the back of the spear and reduced it to nothing. Dohnaseek and Naruto stared at it in surprise before they looked up towards the sound of approaching footsteps. A ball of the mysterious power illuminated the darkness and revealed to be in the palm of the oncoming person.

"I'd like it if you refrained from attacking my new servent." The gorgeous young woman with the deep red-hair appeared with a calm and collected smile on her lovely face. She dispersed the black power in her hand and placed it to rest on her hip, "I haven't even gotten the chance to break him in yet."

Dohnaseek looked the young woman over before sighing and letting his Light weapon dissipate in his hand. He fixed his fedora, "And here I thought he was just a little stray walking around at night. I never would have thought he was a part of the esteemed Gremory family."

Rias smiled and tilted her head with a mischievous look, "He's new."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and felt his brow twitch. She was giving them a cheeky smile and he had metal lodged in his arms. How was that fair?

Dohnaseek smiled and tilted his hat towards the young woman, "Well I would hate to cause anymore of a stir than what's already happened. So I shall take my leave for the day. But..." He turned around and sent a malicious grin towards the blond man standing away from him, "I'd suggest you keep your new toys on a short leash. Who knows what might happen to him if he was walking home alone at night. We wouldn't want any unfortunate events to occur, do we?"

Naruto took the threat he offered and gave a lopsided grin, "I'll keep that in mind in case I have to look over my shoulder."

Dohnaseek placed his fedora back on and he was shrouded in a blanket of feathers. He disappeared and black crow feathers floated down to the ground. Rias flicked her hair out of her face and walked over to the taller blond, "I'm sorry about that. You left so quickly this morning that I forgot to tell you about others that might come after you."

"It would come in handy if you remember important stuff like that first." Naruto mumbled as he ran his hands through his hair to throw off the water droplets.

"Yes but it looks like you were able to hold firm even though a Fallen Angel stood in front of you." She finally walked up to him and tilted her head with a smile, "It must come with being 'The #1 Delinquent of Kuoh Academy', huh?"

She giggled a little when she saw him sigh tiredly at her joke. Until she saw the injuries and blood seeping through the sleeves of his wet shirt. She gripped his arms and tried to look at them, "Looks like you got a few scratches. We should take care of that before they get infected."

Naruto lifted his arms out of her hands, "It's nothing. I'll-"

"Nonsense!" Rias interrupted as she grabbed them roughly and used her Destruction ability to degrade the metal shrapnel into nothing. Once the obscenities were gone she deactivated the black energy and started using a low-level healing spell to help his arms, "What kind of master would I be if I just left you alone in pain?"

Naruto stayed silent and just watched as she concentrated on his minor wounds. The light from her hands illuminated her face as he realized he was just staring at her. He looked off to the side, "Thanks again."

She looked up at him, "Huh?"

"For helping. I don't know what that guy's problem was but if you hadn't jumped in things would have gotten messier than they already were."

Rias just smiled and hummed in understanding, "Well you'd be surprised how many times incidents like this happen if you don't take charge. I just had to make sure nothing happened to my two new [Pawns] before I could officially bring you into our group."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her, "Have you been spying on me the whole day?"

"No. But I have a sense on you and the moment that Fallen Angel arrived I thought something bad was going to happen. So I came running." She concentrated on the healing wounds again, "Finding you was a bit harder than I thought though. I couldn't summon you or appear at your side. Must be something wrong with your piece."

"Fallen Angel?" Naruto looked over to where the black-winged man once stood and felt an aversion to wanting to be anywhere near him again, "What exactly does that mean?"

Rias stopped healing him for a moment and looked at him with a confident expression, "If you'd like I can explain everything to you. All you have to do is come to school tomorrow and stay after classes to come to our club."

The whiskered blond looked rather displeased with that condition, "You can't be serious."

"I am." She replied with a firm smile, "In fact I'm going to go visit Hyoudou-kun's house after this to tell him the same thing. What do you think?"

Naruto thought for a moment...until he shook his head, "No thank you. I wanna know what's going on but I'd rather not be sucked into this thing any more than I already am."

"All right then..." Rias reluctantly agreed with a solemn nod of her head. Before she looked up at him a with a wry smile, "Then I think I'll just cash in all these favors you owe me for healing you these last two days."

Naruto froze for a moment as his shaggy hair covered his eyes in a shadow. He mechanically turned his head towards the red-head, "Y-you can't be-"

"Or maybe I'll just follow you everyday after work and keep bothering you until you say yes." She smiled at him innocently, "How does that sound?"

Naruto felt a tick grow in his face as he pulled his arms out of her grasp. She seemed unhappy with that response and glared lightly at him, "I wasn't done."

"This is enough. I can fix the rest of it by myself." Naruto gingerly rubbed his arms, "I'd rather not put myself further in your pocket than I already have."

She pouted up at him before sighing and shaking her head. Rias put her hands on her hips, "Soooo~?"

Naruto stayed silent for a minute before lowering his head in defeat, "I'll think about it."

Rias nodded her head and started walking away, "I'll see you tomorrow then. My Vice-President and I'll will be busy with other matters so I'll send someone to pick you up."

She disappeared in a flash of red light and Naruto was left alone in the street. He looked at the wounds that were close to closing up before he pulled them away. He just kept looking at them like he was expecting something but nothing changed.

He let out a heavy breath and looked very tired, "It used to be a whole lot easier."


The entire room was quiet as all the students were nervous and jittery. Mostly because of the dark and heavy atmosphere revolving around the blond delinquent that surprisingly came to class today. Although for the entire day he just had his face down in his desk and arms. Even the teachers gave up on trying to get him to pay attention during their classes.

"H-hey, did Uzumaki seriously stay the whole day?"

"Two days! In a row! He actually came to class two days in a row! Has that ever happened before?"

"Why's he doing it this time?"

"M-maybe it's an alibi? He's trying to establish somewhere everyone can see him so he can't be accused for a crime he committed?!"


Did these people sleep under tabloid articles or something?

And all of these rumors started because of one woman and his shitty timing.

Naruto was just glad his uniform sleeves were covering up the bandages all over his arms or else he would never hear the end of it.

So far he hadn't seen head or tail of the Gremory girl or any other member of her little group. Just when the day had started to end, it looked like he was in the clear...

And now all he wanted to do was take a quick nap...



Naruto groaned and dug himself further into the desk.


He scratched his scalp and went back to trying to sleep.


The blond man realized he wasn't going to be able to ignore this little pointy thing poking his head. So he slowly lifted his head up to see who was trying to get his attention.

He was looking a small, almost doll-like little girl with fluffy white hair all around her delicate face. She was wearing their school uniform but she didn't look old enough to be out of middle school. She had a little kitten hair-clip on her bang and her solid yellow eyes were completely focused on the blond she was staring at. She didn't even have a proper expression on her face; she was just staring at Naruto blankly.

And to be honest...he was so caught off guard by this girl's sudden appearance that he was just staying silent for a moment.

"Oh my gooooooooodddddddd! It's Koneko-chan! She's sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!"

"W-w-w-what's our darling little angel doing here?"

"And why is she talking to that brute?!"

"Maybe he's blackmailing her or something! He turned Koneko-chan into his little errand-girl!"

"Ahhhhh! Bastard! Making her his gopher like that!"

"I want her to be my gopher too!"

He didn't even do anything yet and the accusations were already flying around!

He blinked a few times and placed his head on his folded arms, "Hi."

"Hello." She responded in a quiet little voice.

"Who are you supposed to be?"

"I am Koneko Toujou. I am a First-Year student here." She bowed her head towards the sitting blond, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Naruto bowed his head lightly in a return to her respectful gesture, "What can I help you with?"

"I'm here to show you to our clubhouse."

Naruto was completely silent for a moment. He slowly blinked his eyes and rubbed the sand out of them, "Wait...are you..."

"I'm a part of Rias Gremory-Buchou's 'Group'." Koneko stayed silent for a moment before leaning in to whisper to him, "She said to use that exact terminology to convince you. And that if you tried to trick me or run away at any point; I should sweep your legs and drag you there by your feet."

Naruto had a lazy look on his face before he planted his head into the desk. He grumbled some muffled obscenities before standing up and grabbing his bag, "All right. Show me the way."

The odd sight of the tall blond senior and the petite white-haired freshman was talked about by everyone in the halls. Words were said. Rumors were spread. And whispers were hush.

After a few minutes of following the short girl around they finally left the main building and were heading towards the large building outside that he knew as the old school building. He looked down at the girl in front of him, "Is this it?"

"Hai." She looked over her shoulder, "This is the base of the Occult Research Club."


Naruto and Koneko stepped into the main room of the building and were met with an extravagant interior design. The room was dimly lit, purposefully giving it an eerie look that went well with the concept of the occult. There were two couches opposite of each other with a small coffee table in between. And in the corner...

A bath...and it was currently being used...

A door off to the side creaked open and a beautiful ponytail-wearing woman walked in through it. She was holding a silver tray with a tea kettle and an assortment of sweets over it. She looked over to the two people who had just walked in and gave them a lovely smile, "Oh, hello Koneko-chan. It wasn't too much trouble picking him up, right?"

Koneko shook her head, "No. It was fine Akeno-senpai. There wasn't any trouble at all." She took a seat on the couch and had an interested look at the snacks in front of her. She looked up to the senior student, "May I?"

"Of course you can." She watched as the little girl started to delicately eat the chocolate sweets and smiled at her. She looked up to see the blond man looking at her with a dry, unpleasant expression, "Hello Naruto Uzumaki-San. It's nice to see you again."

"Akeno Himejima. You're a part of this?" He sighed as he placed his bag to the side and sat on the empty couch. He looked up at the lovely woman, "We have a bunch of classes together and it wasn't you that decided to drag me along?"

"If it was me you would probably do whatever you could to escape before I reached you." She tilted her head with a closed-eyed smile like that of an angel, "But if we sent someone adorable like Koneko-chan, you wouldn't have been able argue to her face. She's surprisingly convincing when she wants to be."

The whiskered blond looked over to the young girl that had barely spoken 20 words to him in one sentence and just sighed.

"Oh! Akeno, I heard someone else! Did Koneko come back with Naruto? Or did Yuuto arrive with Issei?" The woman in the shower asked loudly over the sound of rushing water.

"It's Koneko-chan, Buchou!"

"Did the plan work?!"


Naruto just shook his head sadly and laid on the couch, hoping to catch some rest before whatever was going to happen started.

"UUUUWWWWOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! KONEKO-CHAN! THE ACADEMY'S FAVORITE LOLITA FIRST-YEAR! SHES A PART OF THE DEVIL GROUP TOO!" An enthusiastic, very excited teenage voice yelled as someone entered through the Clubroom door. The young man looked over to the other woman, "A-A-A-Akeno Himejima-San! The 'Great Onee-sama' of Kuoh Academy! The last woman to be able to pull off a pony-tail in the 21st century! Uwwwoooohhhhh, so amazing! It's great! It's-"

"SHUT UP!" Issei was silenced when a heavy school bag beaned him directly in the nose. He fell on his butt and rolled around on the ground in pain. Naruto had stark white eye and a vein on his forehead in anger, "I'M TRYIN' TO SLEEP HERE BUT YOUR YELLING IS PISSING ME OFF!"

Issei Hyoudou wiped the teardrop forming in his eyes from the stinging pain before he looked at his attacker. He pointed in disbelief, "Eh?! Naruto-senpai?! What are you doing here?!"

Naruto shot up and stood on the couch, "I'm here because of a certain idiot I thought I could help but instead I got killed because he wanted to get laid!"


"DON'T WASTE MY LIFE FOR YOUR USELESS REASONS YOU PRICK!" Naruto yelled angrily as he used all his willpower not to punch this brat into the ground. Although he had to hand it to him for having a sex drive rivaling that old pervert.

Yuuto Kiba, 'The Prince of Kuoh', gave his usual smile at the scene of their two newest members arguing so intently. He chuckled a little, "Well, our club hasn't been this exciting in a while now, huh?"

Koneko just absentmindedly nodded her head in agreement as Akeno placed a hand to her cheek and said 'Ara Ara'.

"All right boys, that's enough."

The commotion in the room stopped as they all looked over towards the crimson-haired woman as she walked out in her school uniform. She flicked her hair and smiled at them, "It's time for a history lesson."


Issei was walking down the sidewalk back to his house. The lively young pervert's mind was currently filtering and filing through all the strange events that had happened over the last few days.

The first thing he thought should be noted was the fact he had died...and then immediately resurrected as a Devil.

Up next...he was now an official member of the Occult Research Club. Which in his personal opinion was somehow a black hole for all of the hottest and most attractive people in school to flock to.

Rias Gremory was the president in charge of the club (he got her permission to call her Buchou.). Then there was the vice-president, Akeno Himejima (Akeno-San was so pretty! And those sweater melons!). And for regular members, there was Koneko Toujou (KONEKO-CHAN!). And Kiba...

He really didn't care for that handsome bastard.

But as it turns out it wasn't just a hotspot for the hotties to come to. It was really just a clever little cover for their real group activities...

As Devils.

Apparently Rias Gremory was actually a high-ranking Devil and every member of the ORC was a part of her group. And despite the menacing title of Devil, all they really did so far was hand out pamphlets to people for wishes and talk in the old school building.

Which was a real relief for him because he really didn't want to do the whole reaping souls, boiling flesh and drinking blood thing he saw in the movies and shows.

Apparently, he had something inside his body called a Sacred Gear that was very valuable to her group. When Issei was asked to summon it (by way of shooting out a Kamehameha and totally embarrassing himself in front of his new club) his left arm glowed with an unnatural light and a bulky red gauntlet formed from his elbow down.

He wasn't ashamed to say it looked totally badass.

Also, the reason why he was attacked by the girl that he formally knew as Yuuma Amano was because she was part of an opposing group to the Devils. A member of the Fallen Angels. And they had killed him because they were frightened that his Sacred Gear could be used against them.

Buchou warned him to stay away from Fallen Angels by any means necessary.

And right beside him in the inauguration to the ORC was Naruto Uzumaki-senpai. And he didn't seem at all surprised or intrigued by the entire concept of Devils and the supernatural.

In fact, that was the last time Issei had seen Naruto at the club. Or even at school in general. He didn't want to be a part of their group in the slightest. And even when Buchou was calling to him to stay, he said...

"I'm grateful for what you've done for me, really. But I don't want to be a part of a war that doesn't involve me. I promise if I meet anymore of those Fallen Angel guys I won't say anything about your club. See ya."

And he walked out the front door. Buchou seemed a little miffed at that but she shrugged her shoulders and just said she would figure a way to persuade him into their group later on.

But Issei already found his persuasion!

If he worked hard enough, gained some experience and proved himself worthy, he could make a Devil peerage of his own. And then he could finally realize his true dream...

His own personal harem filled with beautiful, big-breasted women!

So now he didn't care at all about blond delinquent upperclassmen or Fallen Angels! All he cared about was passing out these fliers and getting closer to making his own harem!

Issei was so giddy that he creepily chuckled while walking down the sidewalk. And while he was distracted with his perverted dreams-


He looked over to see a girl in a simple green habit and veil covering her face had tripped over. She moaned and she sat back up and rubbed her face. Issei blinked in surprise before he walked over to the young lady and offered his hand, "Are you all right?"

"Huh?" She looked up at the young man that asked her the question and saw that he was reaching down to help her. She smiled nervously and took his hand to stand back up, "O-oh, thank you. I was-"

A strong wind passed by for a moment and the girl's nun cap was blown off her head. Her long golden locks were free for the world to see and her emerald eyes looked up at the man in front of her.

Issei's eyes met with the beautiful foreigner's for what felt like hours. And all that came to mind was...


"O-oh! I-I so sorry about my fall! I don't know where I going and-um-I-" The golden-haired young lady nervously sputtered in rough Japanese as she tried to apologize and thank the man that had helped her. She was probably speaking in a rough accent as she tried to use a language she had only recently started to learn.

Thank goodness one of the perks to being a devil was the ability to understand other languages so easily.

"I-it's all right. You don't need to apologize." He reassured the young blonde girl. She perked up when she heard him talk and had a hopeful smile on her face.

"Y-you speak Italian! Oh that's wonderful! I was having such a hard time adjusting around here because I couldn't properly communicate with anyone!" She grabbed his hands and looked up at him with a beautiful, kind smile. She nodded her head, "Thank you for helping me!"

Issei felt a blush run over his face when the beautiful stranger was showing her gratitude. He chuckled and scratched the back of his head, "I-it was nothing, really."

"But still, thank you. You're the first person I've met since coming here that I-" She stopped in the middle of her sentence and touched the top of her head. Her eyes widened and she yelped before covering her mouth in shock.

Issei blinked in shock, "What's wrong?"

"M-my cap! It was blown off by the wind! I-I was so distracted that I didn't even notice." She got on her hands and knees and started to look around the sidewalk for any signs of her nun cap. She seemed worried, "I-if I lose it I would have failed the church in my duties."

Issei heard the concern in her voice and felt bad if he just left. He looked around in the immediate area and saw the little white cap resting on top of a bush. He smiled and picked it out of the twigs, "Found it!"

The girl stood back up and saw the man she had just met holding her cap and wiping some leaves out of it. She had a huge smile and clapped her hands together, "Oh thank you! I don't know what I would have done if I had lost it."

"Hehe, it's no problem." He held it out for her as she took it from his hand. They looked to each other and Issei felt a sense of ease settle between them. He smiled, "I'm Issei Hyoudou."

The girl blinked and nodded her head, "My name is Asia Argento. It's very nice to meet you Issei-San."


"Aw man." Naruto groaned as he looked at the third apron he had bought from his boss in the last few days. It was night time again and Naruto was taking his usual route through the park to get back home. He sighed, "I'm giving that old man all the money I've got already, now he's just taking it out of my reserves." He shrugged his shoulders and lost all signs of annoyance, "Oh well, as long as it goes to the same goal then whatever."


Naruto froze in place as a small sense of dread started to build up inside him. He turned his neck so slowly and painfully that the clicks of his neck could actually be heard from the underclassmen.

Issei was looking at him in surprise as he walked his bike over to the taller blond. He questioned, "This is the second time I've met you here. Do you always take this route home?"

Naruto grumbled and looked away from the younger man, "Yeah. It's a straight way home and it's the fastest to go through. What of it?"

"Why haven't you come back to the club yet? Are you really not grateful to Buchou for what she did for us?"

"There's a difference between being grateful and running into a war you know nothing about." He looked back to the brunette and raised an eyebrow, "Have you found something to risk your life for like that since I left?"

"OF COURSE I HAVE!" Issei proclaimed loudly as manly tears streamed down his face and he clenched his fist, "I WILL RANK UP IN THE DEVIL WORLD! I WILL GAIN FOLLOWERS OF MY OWN! AND THEN, ONLY THEN, CAN I FULFILL MY DREAM OF HAVING A HAREM OF BEAUTIES BY MY SIDE!"

Naruto just gave an unamused look at the man and blinked slowly. He walked over to Issei and patted his shoulder, "Congrats kid. You are now in the running for 'Biggest Pervert I've Ever Met'." He gave him a sagely nod and started to walk away again, "That's a very hard list to get into at such a young age. You have some great 'Ero-skill'."

"Oh thank you. Yeah I try really hard and-WAIT! Stop misdirecting me, dammit!" He pointed at the slightly taller blond with a burning passion in his eyes, "I won't just let you waste Buchou's gift like this!"

Naruto stopped walking away and stayed silent for a moment. He turned around and looked back at Issei, "Look kid-"

"I'm not a kid! Dammit man I told you I was only a year younger than you! I'm Issei you bastard!"

"Then Issei! Kid! Pervert! Fuck-face! Whatever!-"

"Don't call me Fuck-face, asshole!"

"Listen!" Naruto exclaimed as he threw out his hand and stopped their argument before it started spinning out of control. He lowered his hand as his face took on a more serious visage, "Has it hit you yet?"

Issei blinked in confusion and tilted his head like an innocent animal. He looked at Naruto, "H-has what hit me?"

"Well, you've probably thought about it a little."

"About what?" Issei asked more directly as he was anxious to hear what the upperclassman had to say.

"We died."

Issei tried to hide the fear that threatened to show on his face as he gulped. A cold sweat ran down the back of his neck and he nervously laughed, "Y-yeah, we did. B-but we were brought back as Devils. So it's all right-"

"You're a shitty liar." Naruto interrupted as he pointed at the boy's face, "You went all pale and you're sweating like a politician under oath. Even if we were brought back, that ain't something we can just throw off as a small inconvenience. Some people can walk off near-death experiences if they are strong enough...but dealing with real death and then coming back is a whole other matter. That's terrifying."

Issei shook his head and gave a weak smile, "So what? People die every day. We were lucky enough to be brought back."

"And we came back from it. That doesn't mean we just forget it." He looked to Issei, "We all have our own ways of dealing with something like that Issei. You can try to ignore it and work towards that Harem dream for now, but you'll have to deal with it at some point. And trust me, the sooner the better."

Issei took a moment to consider what the blond man had said and felt a fear start forming in the back of his mind. As much as he wanted to say otherwise, he knew Naruto was right. Sometimes the memories of Yuuma's smile and her soundless talking as the light faded out of his eyes started reemerging in his mind. He was working in the club and doing all these requests as a chance to distract his thoughts.

Because he felt like if he stopped for a moment...he would start spiraling.

Naruto started to walk back home but one last call from Issei stopped him, "Wait. How come you are so cool with all of this?"

Naruto looked back to him and shrugged his shoulders, "Because I've already accepted it. Once before."

Issei was left alone in the park as the weird blond man walked away. He lowered his head in worry before his eyes momentarily looked off to the side where he was slain by Yuuma. He shuddered a little before jumping back on his bike and riding towards his next destination.



These will be pretty short chapters compared to my usual bulk. But hopefully I'll get a few chapters out this month to make up for the delay.

I added the view on death because I was writing it and I thought that when Issei died and was resurrected as a devil, he took that way too well compared to how most would probably acted if they were...well...killed and brought back. So I wanted to give a point about what something like that could do to a person. Issei will try to deal with his trauma while Naruto's pass of it will be explained later on.


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